The Williams Companies: Handbrake Still Applied To Dividend Growth

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When past discussing The Williams Companies (NYSE:WMB) backmost successful early 2022, their results for 2021 acold exceeded expectations. However, arsenic my previous article discussed, location was still a handbrake connected dividend growth, metaphorically speaking. Despite erstwhile again seeing amazingly beardown financial capacity during 2022, I still spot nan handbrake applied to their dividend maturation going forwards into 2023.

Coverage Summary & Ratings

Since galore readers are apt short connected time, nan array beneath provides a little summary and ratings for nan superior criteria assessed. If interested, this Google Document provides accusation regarding my standing strategy and, importantly, links to my room of balanced analyses that stock a comparable attack to heighten cross-investment comparability.

The Williams Companies Ratings


Detailed Analysis

The Williams Companies Cash Flows


When I conducted nan erstwhile study early successful 2022, expectations for nan twelvemonth up were not excessively precocious fixed WMB guidance astatine nan clip that only saw adjusted EBITDA maturation of circa 3% year-on-year astatine nan midpoint, arsenic per my antecedently linked article. Well, arsenic clip showed, this yet proved acold excessively conservative, pinch their financial capacity coming successful amazingly beardown and driving their operating rate travel to a consequence of $4.889b.

This represents a very awesome summation of almost 24% year-on-year versus their erstwhile consequence of $3.945b during 2021, arsenic their earthy gas-focused assets benefitted from nan different tragic Russia-Ukraine war, sending commodity prices to levels seldom ever seen. That said, they were still only near pinch free rate travel ("FCF") of $2.279b that only modestly outpaced their accompanying dividend payments of $2.071b. Whilst this sees capable dividend sum of 110.04% that leaves them safe, it does not spot overmuch scope to money higher dividends.

The Williams Companies Operating Cash Flow


After viewing connected a quarterly basis, their reported operating rate flow during 2022 hit their erstwhile results during 2021 during each quarter. Even much importantly, this besides applies to their underlying results that exclude moving superior movements, truthful making for a consistently beardown twelvemonth alternatively of 1 that simply benefitted from a one-off utmost arena during a azygous quarter. When looking up into 2023, it seems nan bully times are group to proceed rolling onwards, but a small disappointingly, not group to support increasing overmuch stronger.

The Williams Companies Guidance For 2023

The Williams Companies Fourth Quarter Of 2022 Results Presentation

If reviewing WMB stock's guidance for 2023, guidance is forecasting their adjusted EBITDA to deed $6.6b astatine nan midpoint, and frankincense circa 3% higher year-on-year versus their consequence of $6.418b during 2022. More disappointingly, their accompanying disposable costs from operations forecast, which is efficaciously a non-GAAP type of operating rate flow, sees nary worldly summation versus 2022. Sure, it is not needfully bad to cement their amazingly beardown financial capacity during 2022 into a further year, but astatine nan aforesaid time, it leaves thing caller connected nan sky to excite shareholders.

Meanwhile, connected nan different extremity of their guidance for 2023, it sees maturation superior expenditure expanding somewhat to $1.55b astatine nan midpoint, whilst their accompanying attraction superior expenditure is forecast to besides summation somewhat to $800m astatine nan midpoint. Depending connected their moving superior movements, this is apt to chew up nan flimsy spot of excess free rate travel aft dividend payments they saw during 2022.

Consequently, I still spot a handbrake placed upon their dividend maturation owed to a deficiency of excess free rate flow, barring different amazingly beardown group of results. Admittedly, yes they look to person scope to money higher dividends if ignoring their maturation superior expenditure but arsenic nan past fewer years person shown, nan paradigm shifted aft nan Covid-19 pandemic whereby it is acold much communal for rate inflows and outflows to beryllium balanced successful nan midstream industry, particularly for those already sporting precocious leverage.

It should beryllium remembered nan section of maturation and attraction superior expenditure tin beryllium somewhat dubious crossed nan mean to agelong term. Say, for example, location is simply a institution pinch 10 cars and they bargain a caller one, which is evidently considered maturation superior expenditure. Although, say, 1 twelvemonth later they scrap different aged car arsenic it reaches nan extremity of its useful life, they are backmost to 10 cars and thus, successful fact, nan eleventh car purchased was successful portion maintenance.

Now, use this aforesaid logic to virtually thousands of assets crossed their monolithic operations and, therefore, successful my eyes, dividend sum should beryllium assessed via free rate travel including some maturation and attraction superior expenditure. Whether their maturation superior expenditure propels their financial capacity higher successful 2024 and beyond remains to beryllium seen but arsenic a reminder, they invested complete $35b during 2011 and 2021, which yet saw only minimal net growth, arsenic per my antecedently linked article.

The Williams Companies Capital Structure


Since their free rate travel only modestly outpaced their dividend payments, location was not overmuch scope to spot their superior building alteration during 2022. Unsurprisingly, their nett indebtedness ended nan twelvemonth astatine $22.402b and frankincense somewhat higher than wherever it ended 2021 astatine $21.955b, which was mostly down to nan $921m spent connected acquisitions nett of divestitures. When looking ahead, their aforementioned guidance for 2023 indicates their nett indebtedness should broadly way sideways successful nan twelvemonth ahead, absent of further acquisitions. That said, they are expecting to adjacent a $1.5b acquisition for MountainWest Pipelines earlier 2023 ends, thereby meaning we should beryllium looking astatine circa $24b of nett indebtedness this clip adjacent year, assuming nary further worldly acquisitions aliases divestitures.

The Williams Companies Leverage


Even though their nett indebtedness edged somewhat higher during 2022, their leverage still dropped noticeably acknowledgment to their amazingly beardown financial capacity pinch their nett debt-to-EBITDA hitting 3.70 versus its erstwhile consequence of 4.19 astatine nan extremity of 2021. More importantly, nan accompanying use to their rate travel capacity saw their nett debt-to-operating rate travel alteration to 4.58 versus its erstwhile consequence of 5.58 crossed these aforesaid 2 points successful time. As a result, it now drops retired of nan very precocious territory and frankincense joins their nett debt-to-EBITDA successful nan precocious territory of betwixt 3.51 and 5.00.

Despite sounding scary aliases concerning, precocious leverage is not problematic for a midstream institution fixed their unchangeable financial performance. Although, it nevertheless cannot safely summation importantly successful nan short-term and thus, it only further tightens nan handbrake placed upon their dividend growth. When looking up into 2023, their mixed outlook for debased net maturation and somewhat higher nett indebtedness intends their leverage is apt to stay immaterially different this clip adjacent year, barring immoderate surprises.

The Williams Companies Debt Serviceability


Similar to their leverage, 2022 was a bully twelvemonth for their indebtedness serviceability arsenic they managed to defy nan further unit from cardinal banks. To this point, their liking sum erstwhile compared against their EBIT accrued to 3.52 versus its erstwhile consequence of 2.89 astatine nan extremity of 2021, whilst their accompanying sum against their operating rate travel besides accrued to 4.26 versus 3.35 crossed nan aforesaid 2 points successful time. Whilst nan second is now wrong nan scope that I see healthy, I for illustration to judge connected nan worse broadside arsenic nan erstwhile is only wrong what I see a capable range. Also likewise to their leverage, this does not airs immoderate threats to their dividends but astatine nan aforesaid time, it surely does not supply wriggle room to easiness nan handbrake connected their dividend growth.

The Williams Companies Liquidity


Due to their cash balance reverting backmost to a hardly visible $152m astatine nan extremity of 2022 versus its erstwhile abnormally ample level of $1.68b astatine nan extremity of 2021, their antecedently beardown liquidity eased successful tandem. As a result, their respective existent and rate ratios are now 0.78 and 0.03 versus their erstwhile respective results of 0.91 and 0.34 astatine nan extremity of 2021. Whilst not needfully a affirmative development, it does not origin immoderate worldly problems fixed they are a ample company, which intends they should person nary issues accessing liquidity from indebtedness markets arsenic required, which besides removes astir risks from indebtedness refinancing, sloppy of wherever monetary argumentation heads.


Despite 2022 proving amazingly strong, location nevertheless is still a handbrake placed upon The Williams Companies, Inc. dividend growth, unless they someway astonishment erstwhile again. Whilst thing is possible, 2022 was an abnormally beardown twelvemonth arsenic Russia invaded Ukraine and sent commodity prices to levels seldom ever seen. This intends a repetition is improbable successful my eyes, and moreover though a mean near-6% dividend output is appealing, I judge this outlook intends that maintaining my clasp standing connected The Williams Companies, Inc. is appropriate.

Notes: Unless specified otherwise, each figures successful this article were taken from The Williams Companies’ SEC Filings, each calculated figures were performed by nan author.

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