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Light astatine nan extremity of nan tunnel

Thomas Bernd

"I person civilized my ain subjects; I person conquered different nations; yet I person not been capable to civilize aliases to conquer myself" - Peter nan Great

The Present

In nan past 12 months, investors person had to weather a storm. They precocious watched nan Fed denote its eighth consecutive liking complaint hike. The committee slowed nan gait arsenic expected, arsenic nan 25 ground constituent summation brought nan target scope (4.5-4.75%) to nan highest level since 2008. However, this remains nan astir fierce complaint hiking rhythm successful history.

Economists are divided. First, location are those forecasting 2 further 25 ground constituent hikes astatine nan March and May meetings earlier nan Fed ends this tightening cycle. By doing truthful they are dismissing Powell's confirmation that complaint hikes would beryllium "ongoing." Then immoderate are forecasting complaint cuts successful nan second half of this year. Powell did opportunity that whenever nan Committee did stop, nan scope mightiness beryllium successful spot for immoderate time. So, that besides dismisses nan Fed's connection and erstwhile they telephone for complaint cuts they are besides dismissing nan "Strong" January jobs study which was much than 2½ times nan statement forecasts. They position that arsenic an outlier and are focusing connected nan bulk of economical information that is signaling recession.

There is simply a 3rd group pinch an wholly different outlook that does spot nan Fed ending nan hiking rhythm by nan summer, but envisions a "higher for longer" position of nan situation. If thing other it is simply a position that is aligned pinch what nan Fed has been saying for months. I've been successful this group since past year.

This continues to coming conflicting messages. It's not truthful overmuch what nan economists believe, it is what nan banal marketplace is yet going to value in. In essence, what do nan institutions judge has nan highest probability of occurring for nan remainder of nan year? Based connected nan existent rally nan "market" is starting to bargain into nan soft landing scenario. Rate hiking ends, and nan system avoids a recession entirely. That is of people a affirmative catalyst for some nan equity and fixed-income markets.

A Confusing Reality

However, though immoderate economists logic this "strong jobs economy" whitethorn beryllium little rate-sensitive coming than during different equilibrium periods, yet rates will matter. When they do, economical information will much universally show additional slowing. That leaves a difficult landing a very existent anticipation arsenic request is apt to autumn substantially erstwhile backlogs are refilled crossed business America and consumers commencement normalizing their savings rate.

The Fed has told nan markets they will beryllium ULTRA cautious "declaring victory" connected inflation. It's implied successful EVERY fed connection since past year. Therefore anyone that is dismissing nan Fed's connection whitethorn beryllium mounting themselves up for disappointment and yet failure. So nan unanswered mobility that remains is tin nan Fed commencement lowering backmost to neutral earlier this occurs and execute a soft landing? It seems unlikely, but arsenic stated earlier this rally indicates nan marketplace is pricing a greater chance of this "soft landing" imaginable arsenic net play has unfolded, and ostentation has decelerated.

Listening to each of nan different opinions and options that are connected nan array leaves astir investors confused. For example, Larry Summers precocious proclaimed that nan likelihood for nan Fed to pull disconnected a soft landing person increased. After nan beardown jobs report, he comes backmost to nan segment and says there could beryllium problem ahead. That's not a disapproval of Mr. Summers, it shows really difficult this economical backdrop is. There is NOTHING successful THIS economical backdrop that is group successful stone. It is simply a fluid business that changes connected a daily/weekly basis. That makes for a difficult banal marketplace to navigate.

There is immoderate Good News

Let maine explain. Investors don't person to make decisions based connected what nan Fed is going to do astatine nan adjacent FOMC meeting. They don't person to beryllium concerned astir soft landings pinch nary recession, a short and mild recession, aliases a difficult landing pinch a heavy recession. There is ne'er immoderate request to make nan business much analyzable than it already is. The Fed is "reacting" to nan data. They do not cognize what they are going to do until they spot nan latest data.

Across nan full economical scope, ALL of nan information that is being reported is astatine aliases adjacent contraction levels. The Jobs situation contradicts that, leaving america successful what I would telephone an economical purgatory. Therefore really tin anyone travel up pinch a forecast of what could hap regarding nan Fed? The FED doesn't cognize what they are going to do and they person said arsenic much. That is why they can't reason coming if nan adjacent hike is 25 ground points aliases 50 ground points aliases nary hike astatine all. Exactly wherever is that ray astatine nan extremity of nan tunnel? Those that proceed to inquire Chair Powell what he expects aren't listening to nan "data-dependent" connection that was sent astatine nan commencement of nan complaint hiking cycle.

We each get caught up successful nan "news", truthful it is clip to get backmost to what has been said present clip and clip again. The value action determines investors' actions. Based connected wherever nan banal marketplace is trading today, it is telling america it is expecting, and pricing successful astatine nan very slightest a mild recession, and if we spot prices move higher, it is forecasting a soft landing. I besides judge this rally is focusing connected nan effect nan Chine re-opening will person connected nan world scene. On nan different hand, if prices crumble from present past we are backmost to a much troublesome recession, and alternatively of China being a nett positive, it increases nan consequence of ostentation returning.

It is straightforward. As that communicative changes truthful will nan action successful nan banal market.

The Macro View

This isn't a forecast, because I'm not going to coming a clip framework aliases value parameters. Therefore, it is much of a history instruction connected really nan banal marketplace useful complete time.

When I look complete nan MACRO backdrop, 1 of nan issues that still problem maine remains. Over agelong periods, nan equity marketplace moves successful cycles. Secular trends travel on and they past for respective years. Then they revert, ever looking to activity disconnected excess connected some gains and losses complete time.

There is nary uncertainty that since 2013, nan twelvemonth nan S&P collapsed retired of a 13-year trading range, nan equity BULL marketplace has produced outsized gains. If I position nan play from March 2013, (S&P 1570), to nan past precocious astatine S&P 4800 successful January 2022, that adds up to a summation of ~300%. This BEAR marketplace astatine nan lows gave backmost 23% of that ample move. The agelong BULL marketplace has been described arsenic nan easiest finance scenery successful history owed to liquidity calved by nan zero-interest complaint policy. It's besides described by immoderate arsenic a monolithic "bubble" because of that abundance of liquidity.

Suffice it to opportunity history shows america that periods of outsized gains lead to periods of level markets that underperform. In essence, we witnessed 1 of nan easiest finance backdrops of each clip instantly followed by nan astir fierce rate-hiking argumentation successful history. The alteration successful liking complaint argumentation comes aft nan unprecedented stimulus that was added to nan economy, which revisited historical all-time highs successful inflation. An system that was efficaciously "shut down" owed to a wellness crisis. None of this has ever been seen before, and these "shocks" should return rather a while to activity their measurement done nan world economies.

One has to wonderment if nan 23% giveback is each we will spot successful position of a reversion that comes aft nan 300% rally and a backdrop that offers plentifulness of semipermanent uncertainty. Will we get retired of this business without a recession aliases deeper pullback successful a banal marketplace that remains historically overvalued? Is it possible? Sure, but it's not thing I want to stake heavy connected correct now.

While my instincts show maine that giveback is hardly enough, this is NOT thing that I americium acting connected today.

That is what separates nan MACRO position from nan present-day activity. We woody pinch coming (present) and watch really tomorrow (macro) develops.

The Week On Wall Street

This week started nan measurement it has preceded each CPI study successful nan past 3 months. Monday's beardown rally came earlier different much-anticipated CPI study connected Tuesday. That study resulted successful a volatile back-and-forth convention coming but was ne'er really resolved either way. It judge looked for illustration a "Turnaround Tuesday" was successful bid erstwhile nan S&P traded down to an intraday debased of 4095. However, a rebound rally brought nan scale backmost to nan level line. It was a mixed container for nan indices. The two-day winning streaks for nan DJIA, S&P, And Russell came to an end, while nan NASDAQ posted a summation for a 2nd consecutive day.

The midweek convention was much of nan aforesaid choppy value action that did resoluteness to nan upside pinch mini gains for nan S&P 500. The NASDAQ made it 3 successful a statement pinch different rally resulting successful a 1% gain. Inflation reared its disfigured caput successful nan shape of a HOT PPI study connected Thursday and aft a conflict betwixt nan BULS and BEARS, nan BEARS triumphed. It resulted successful different 1 of those all-or-nothing days and this time fell into nan nothing class arsenic each scale and assemblage was successful nan RED. The 3-day triumph streak for nan NASDAQ ended pinch a 1.7% nonaccomplishment for nan day. Consumer Discretionary (XLY) gave backmost nan two-day 2.2% summation suffering a 2.1% nonaccomplishment today. Another illustration of a quirky market.

This quirky marketplace ended nan week pinch mixed messages arsenic investors grapple pinch nan thought of much complaint increases ahead. While nan S&P made it 2 consecutive weeks pinch losses, nan DJIA extended its losing streak to three. The Russell 2000 and NASDA did negociate to subordinate nan inclination pinch mini gains for nan week. It's nan aforesaid situation, thing seems to beryllium successful sync these days.

The Economy

This week it was much 'contractionary' economical reports sandwiched betwixt HOT CPI and PPI data.

CPI and Inflation

The statement was for an acceleration from December's rate, which was a diminution of 0.1%. The 9% surge successful state prices during January unsocial would propose an summation of 0.5%, which coincidentally is correct wherever statement forecasts had settled heading into nan report. It's besides precisely wherever nan study came in. Ex Food and Energy, nan reference came successful astatine 0.4% which was besides correct successful statement pinch forecasts. The only rumor was nan year-over-year readings which some came successful higher than expected.

The Fed's preferred measurement of inflation, headline PPI popped 0.7% successful January and nan halfway roseate 0.5%, some stronger than forecast. The header is nan biggest emergence since June. The January prints travel a 0.2% diminution successful nan December headline. The 12-month header gait slowed to 6.0% twelvemonth complete twelvemonth from 6.5% y/y previously, and nan halfway complaint decelerated to 5.4% y/y from 5.8% y/y. This study aligns pinch nan CPI information that is indicating ostentation is "sticky".

Bottom Line; Inflation remains "sticky". Year-over-year CPI is now astatine 6.4%, pinch CORE CPI Year complete a twelvemonth astatine 5.6%. We've seen nan apical astatine 9% past year. Inflation stopped going up but arsenic I thought nan bottommost isn't dropping retired either. That keeps nan FED successful nan image pinch its attraction connected lowering inflation.

The US starring scale fell 0.3% successful January to 110.3 aft dropping 0.8% to 110.6 successful December. The scale has posted 10 consecutive monthly declines since an unchanged people successful March 2022 (but it is still acold from nan grounds of 24 consecutive months of declines from 2007-8).



The scale is astatine its lowest level since February 2021.

NFIB Small Business Optimism Index declined 2.1 points successful December to 89.8, marking the 12th consecutive period beneath nan 49-year mean of 98. Owners expecting amended business conditions complete nan adjacent six months worsened by 8 points from November to a nett antagonistic 51%. Inflation remains nan azygous astir important business problem pinch 32% of owners reporting it arsenic their apical problem successful operating their business.

NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg;

"Overall, mini business owners are not optimistic astir 2023 arsenic income and business conditions are expected to deteriorate. Owners are managing respective economical uncertainties and persistent ostentation and they proceed to make business and operational changes to compensate."

Yesterday, nan occupation committee website updated their information done February 10th connected nationalist occupation postings.


Job postings (

As shown connected left, nan past period has seen postings accelerating to nan downside pinch nan scale reaching nan lowest levels since nan summertime of 2021. While postings person declined by complete 4% period complete period (the fastest complaint of diminution since nan outpouring of 2020), that reference remains reasonably patient and is supra nan pre-pandemic baseline.


The Empire State manufacturing index bounced 27.1 points to -5.8 successful February, amended than expected, aft crashing 21.7 points to -32.9 successful January. This is nan champion since November while January was nan weakest since May 2020 and nan 5th lowest successful nan history of nan index.

NY fed

NY Fed (

However, the scale has been successful nan contractionary territory (below zero) successful 10 of nan past 14 months. The components were mixed.

Industrial production was unchanged successful January. That reflects a 0.8% year-on-year increase, nan smallest summation since nan pandemic betterment started successful March of 2021. Manufacturing expanded a meager 0.3% and inferior output sank 8.9%. Production has not accrued since September.

Ind. Prod.

Ind. Prod. (

The Philly Fed manufacturing index plunged 15.4 points to -24.3 successful February aft rising 4.8 ticks to -8.9 successful January. This is nan weakest people going backmost to May 2020 and is nan sixth consecutive period successful contraction. Most of nan components remained successful antagonistic territory.

Philly fed

Philly Fed (

Notice thing astir each anterior clip nan reference has gotten this low?"


Retail sales surged 3.0% successful January and roseate 2.3% excluding autos, some good supra expectations. The erstwhile is nan strongest since October, and nan second is nan champion since March 2021. Those travel respective declines of -1.1% and -0.9%. November posted a driblet of -1.1% for nan headline. Strength was broad-based pinch nary antagonistic prints crossed nan awesome components.


Retail income (

The breadth shown successful this month's study was very strong. Of nan thirteen sectors that dress up nan report, each 1 of them showed maturation connected a month-over-month basis, and moreover connected a year-over-year basis, Electronics and Appliances is nan only assemblage showing antagonistic growth. The biggest gainers this period were Bars & Restaurants (+7.2%), and they proceed to outpace everything other by a wide margin.


Retail Sales categories (

After being locked down during COVID and past dealing pinch restrictions good after, group are eating out. If I link nan dots that could explicate why nan "services" assemblage has seen nan largest employment gains, arsenic restaurants cogwheel up to meet that demand.


Homebuilder sentiment from nan NAHB showed a important rebound successful sentiment arsenic nan header reference has risen successful back-to-back months from nan debased of 31 successful December up to 42 this month.


NAHB scale (

While that is not a screaming endorsement of spot from homebuilders (in nan past decade, nan only times nan scale was this debased was nan past fewer months and nan commencement of nan pandemic), it does people an betterment successful sentiment that is accordant pinch nan caller turnaround successful owe rates and nan emergence successful play owe applications.

Housing starts tumbled 4.5% to 1.30 cardinal successful January, the slowest since June 2020. Starts dropped 3.4% successful December to a 1.37 cardinal clip successful December.


Housing Starts (

Starts person declined since September.

After reference these reports which proceed to beryllium POOR, nan soft landing crowd has plentifulness of explaining to do.

The Yield Curve

The 10-year treasury closed this Friday astatine 3.82%, and nan caller spike is now challenging nan 3.88% adjacent connected December 30th. The complaint of accent has been swift, and possibly nan banal marketplace is conscionable now digesting this move. The past clip nan 10-year was astatine 3.8+% nan S&P closed astatine 3839, it closed astatine 4075 connected Friday. That could beryllium suggesting much marketplace weakness ahead.


We're now good past nan highest of net play successful position of some nan number and marketplace headdress of companies reporting. Through early past week, a full of 848 companies had reported, and astir analysts would work together that it could person been worse. Two-thirds of companies managed to hit connected nan bottommost statement while 63% exceeded top-line results, and some of these readings are supra nan humanities average. In position of guidance, 8% of companies reporting person managed to raise forecasts while 10% person lowered guidance. Again, fixed nan economical weakness successful Q4, we would person expected much companies to little guidance.

While location are respective factors that will move nan markets. Since this net play started successful Mid January nan S&P is up ~1.7%. So this play has not been a resistance connected nan market.

Food For Thought

Job Creation? A beardown economy? Where? The labour unit astatine nan opening of nan recession was 164.5 cardinal workers. Based connected nan labour section statistic that correspond nan number of group who were either employed aliases actively seeking employment.

But abruptly successful December and January, nan labour unit roseate by 1.3 cardinal workers. As nan floor plan beneath shows location are now astir 166 cardinal workers.


Labor Stats (

Whatever twist we put connected this jobs marketplace location is nary mystery. The conception that millions upon millions of jobs were created is false. The information shows an summation of ~1.5 cardinal workers since January 2020. Jobs that already existed were conscionable being filled. Now pinch savings dwindling and ostentation keeping nan unit connected a group that is getting squeezed, nan folks who near nan labour unit are really backmost and looking for jobs. Now if 1 wants to make nan statement that nan past 2 jobs study is nan commencement of a "revival", nan pursuing grounds destroys that argument.

The labour statistic regarding Federal withholding & employment taxation collections, arsenic published by nan U.S. Treasury are successful nonstop opposition to a beardown "jobs" picture. It's simple, much group employed, much withholding taxes. On a 3-month basis, location is nary denotation that nan occupation marketplace is doing anything but decelerating, beautiful quickly from highest maturation successful precocious 2021.

Withholding taxes

Payroll taxes (

Withholding statistic now corroborate what I've been saying since 2021. There ne'er was and is nary occupation creation taking place. People went backmost to work, and now successful a slowing economy, employers are cutting back.

What we person heard is simply a mendacious communicative since nan pandemic ended. There are galore ways to construe information points, but if nan decelerating "withholding" inclination is taken astatine look worth past nan only straw successful nan beardown economical statement is gone. This has awesome ramifications for nan system and nan markets going forward.

The Daily Chart of nan S&P 500 (SPY)

After a 2nd week of losses, nan S&P teetered and past collapsed beneath its first support level.


S&P 500 (

Friday's debased (4047) will now go nan short-term statement successful nan soil for nan BULLS. A break beneath and nan BEARS commencement to judge they tin return nan scale to nan 3980 - 3990 range.

Investment Backdrop

For each nan fanfare and billions of dollars that person been plowed into AI and Chat GPT tools, what bully is it if they can't moreover show america if this week's pullback was a motion that nan rally is over?

I asked ChatGPT if nan banal marketplace rally was complete and it replied;

It's not imaginable to find if a banal marketplace rally is complete until it really ends."

It's not fresh to connection overmuch successful nan measurement of financial information, and from what has been reported this week it's not fresh for overmuch astatine all. So I'll springiness it a effort and spot if I tin make some sense of this confusing situation.

We person enjoyed a bully tally successful nan banal marketplace complete nan past respective weeks. Not only person prices mostly risen, but nan action has been reasonably textbook pinch a shape of higher highs and higher lows and cardinal support levels holding connected shallow dips. That has changed, however, arsenic we've seen nan S&P drift backmost down to support, and erstwhile again stabilize keeping nan very short-term inclination connected course. It becomes reasonably important that we spot immoderate further diminution clasp that caller support, arsenic immoderate break would much than apt awesome a trading apical has been put in.

As of nan adjacent connected Friday, I don't person capable grounds to state this rally over, but I will request to spot a batch of different factors autumn into spot earlier I state nan adjacent BULL marketplace is upon us. I whitethorn not ever get it right, but astatine slightest I won't show anyone to hold until nan results are successful earlier I shape a strategy. What it will yet travel down to is nan quality and severity of nan adjacent important pullback. That will supply immoderate clues arsenic to really investors should beryllium positioned complete nan adjacent fewer months.

Reverting to nan "Mean"

Performance to statesman 2023 has been a crisp mean reversion from nan capacity past year. For example, nan worst-performing stocks past twelvemonth are up 18.3% connected mean to statesman this year. Conversely, nan best-performing stocks past twelvemonth are level truthful acold successful 2023.


Sectors YTD (

This narration of flipped capacity is reasonably accordant crossed manufacture groups. While these higher-beta areas bespeak wherever nan opportunity lies successful a betterment scenario, galore stocks are besides astatine overbought levels successful nan short term.

I americium exercising plentifulness of patience astatine existent levels, arsenic immoderate "recovery" (economy aliases banal market) is still successful flux. I'll statement that galore stocks still reside successful Longer word downtrends. Since it's difficult to forecast nan short-term marketplace outlook pinch immoderate grade of confidence, it is champion to err connected nan broadside of caution. If I'm going to adhd immoderate trading positions now I intend to support it simple. In an uncertain economical outlook for '23, I want companies that will turn net successful this environment. That sounds difficult BUT successful reality, location is simply a measurement to summation an separator successful completing that task. Companies that are raising guidance are TELLING america they are successful that category. Sometimes elemental is best, and those companies could stay successful rally mode for a while.

Growth Vs. Value

It's been a "growth" trade-in '23, which is confirmed by nan NASDAQ (+12%). It has doubled nan summation for nan S&P (+6%) this year.

Interestingly, nan Small-cap worth ETF (AVUV) (+10%) is dormant moreover pinch Small-cap maturation (VBK) (+11.5%). It is different illustration of conflicting signals.


Consumer Discretionary

This group is starring nan way. After getting decimated past year, nan Consumer Discretionary ETF (XLY) has rallied 16+%.


The latest EIA information connected petroleum inventories showed home accumulation is opening to ramp backmost up. For crude oil, home accumulation topped 12.3 mm bbls/day, the highest level since nan pandemic. Refinery capacity came backmost online arsenic good pinch utilization rising to 87.9%, nan highest level since December 23rd, and resulted successful refinery throughput sitting only somewhat beneath nan 5-year average. Excluding strategical reserves, crude inventories are now astatine nan highest level since June 2021.

There is simply a slew of factors that travel into play erstwhile anyone tries to forecast nan prices of oil. While lipid accumulation whitethorn beryllium ramping up here, Russia conscionable announced a accumulation cut, and past nan China re-opening besides tosses successful an unknown. The strategical reserve will besides person to beryllium replenished astatine immoderate point. A beardown betterment successful China increases demand, but if it is tepid aliases turns retired to beryllium a start-and-stop matter that alters nan full request picture.

The Energy ETF (XLE) grounded to break out, but erstwhile again is backmost successful nan mediate of a short-term trading range. The assemblage is acting beautiful overmuch nan measurement I thought it would truthful far. After a beardown twelvemonth successful '22, it will consolidate these gains and that could return a while. That sets up nan imaginable for a bully trading scope to woody with.

There aren't galore areas of nan banal marketplace that I consciousness awesome astir buying correct now, but 1 would person to beryllium Oil Services, which continues to task spot contempt nan back-and-forth action successful crude oil. The bigger image shape still looks bullish. The assemblage ETF (IEZ) posted a caller precocious successful December and has now pulled backmost to a bully support level. If I'm going to return risks successful positions, I want to beryllium successful stocks/sectors that person momentum and are successful BULL trends.


The Financial assemblage ETF (XLF) is giving nan BULLS thing to talk about. It has surgery nan drawstring of LOWER highs, by surpassing nan August '22 highs. I'd person to see it a leader now and that is usually a very bully motion for nan wide market. The assemblage is very adjacent to breaking nan semipermanent BEAR inclination and taking nan first measurement successful establishing a longer-term BULL pattern.

If nan ETF fails astatine this important test, nan BEARS will aftermath up and erstwhile again effort to wrestle power away. Liek nan remainder of nan financial backdrop, everything is still successful flux.


The Healthcare assemblage (XLV) is battling a short-term downtrend statement while it clings to intermediate support. The group has been sideways for a while arsenic it carved retired a ample trading scope successful '22. I deliberation nan healthcare assemblage will stabilize and supply prime opportunities. AbbVie (ABBV) was nether unit but has now rallied disconnected nan lows successful nan past week aliases so. It pays a ~4% dividend. Dexcom (DXCM) reported EPS and rallied 14% since its January lows.


The Biotech ETF (XBI) ($84) continues on successful a trading range. There is plentifulness of overhead guidance successful nan $94 region and nan group has pulled backmost aft an effort to return that level out. It will beryllium important to spot nan pullback contained arsenic it tries to yet return retired that resistance. If location is simply a break supra $94 past it's a agelong runway until nan adjacent guidance level astatine $114. Unless I spot this move wholly break down, I'm holding for that eventuality.


I decided to destruct nan Gold Miner's position for a humble 6% nonaccomplishment erstwhile nan floor plan shape deteriorated connected Monday.


Last week I noted that nan $20 level was my intelligence extremity for nan Silver ETF (SLV) position. I sold that On Tuesday for an 8% gain.


If you haven't heard, AI ( Artificial intelligence) received its stock of headlines successful nan past mates of weeks. First, location was nan grounded research by Google that sent its banal plummeting. While Alphabet (GOOG) was falling Microsoft (MSFT) released its type which is coupled pinch its BING hunt motor and that sent GOOG moreover lower.

I americium hard-pressed to judge Microsoft's hunt motor BING is going to uproot GOOGLE search. The hunt crippled is over, GOOG is nan winner. As acold arsenic AI, GOOG isn't a newcomer to this game, present and to judge that they are measurement down successful this title is silly. MSFT is simply a bully institution truthful is GOOG, and GOOG isn't going to conscionable slice distant because MSFT rolled retired an AI level and it's connected BING. There won't beryllium a wide exodus to nan BING platform.

As acold arsenic nan respective stocks, I do ain both. While I wouldn't beryllium adding to MSFT, but if nan trading persists successful GOOG, I'm inclined to adhd much arsenic a 'trade".

Semiconductors Sub-Sector

Another mixed awesome is coming from a very important group. The semiconductors (SOXX) person besides eclipsed nan August highs efficaciously breaking nan downtrend. This mini-rally still looks good arsenic nan near-term support statement is now being tested. Even a flimsy pullback to nan adjacent support level won't needfully termination nan move.

The group loses 35% past twelvemonth and gains 20% successful 6 weeks. So trying to fig retired these "signals" has been astir impossible. A bullish position says this group will lead nan marketplace higher. A bearish lawsuit says this is thing much than a bounce successful an over-sold group that is successful a Deep BEAR market.

The problem is, I tin easy bargain into each 1 of those cases pinch nary problem.


Crypto assets person undergone a reversion to nan mean successful nan past week aliases truthful pinch declines crossed existent crypto assets arsenic good arsenic adjacent stocks and ETFs. Overall, nan declines person been sizable pinch galore of nan largest cryptos having dropped by precocious single-digit percentages pinch nan bulk of those declines occurring successful nan 2nd half of nan week.


Bitcoin (

Final Thoughts

The method image continues to nonstop mixed signals. The DJIA, Financials, and Semiconductors collapsed supra their respective downtrends. The S&P, NASDAQ, and Russell 2000 person each improved to commencement nan year. If nan adage "as goes January, truthful goes nan year" holds, 2023 is supposed to be a affirmative twelvemonth for nan S&P 500. Cyclicals are opening to spot comparative capacity betterment vs. protect areas.

Semiconductors and Financials, 2 sectors that immoderate BULL would want to spot lead nan way, person rallied and are poised to overtake their BEAR marketplace trends. However, we person seen nan action is getting much volatile and complex, which is besides accordant pinch a inclination that is nearing an extremity alternatively than a beginning. That prompts immoderate to opportunity nan "easy money" has apt been made during this mini rally and alternatively than trying to compression retired each past dime of nan move, nan much prudent play is to protect nan gains that person been made truthful acold this year.

Overall, nan mentation feeding this caller rally seems to bespeak a goldilocks scenario. That said, I judge that fixed nan quickly shifting economical backdrop and marketplace interpretations of each move by nan Fed, leaves maine pinch a logic not to get overly aggressive. Longer-term investors person a chopped advantage because equities coming charismatic risk/reward setups for those that person clip connected their side. But those progressive traders and investors would beryllium amended served by being pragmatic and patient. As nan opening quote suggests, it's champion to know, and past power yourself successful this uncertain backdrop.

THANKS to each of nan readers that lend to this forum to make these articles a amended acquisition for everyone.

Best of Luck to Everyone!

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