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Why I rated Disney DIS a Sell successful December 2022

Why I rated Disney (NYSE:DIS) arsenic a Sell successful December 2022 is because of anemic fundamentals, uncertainty surrounding nan return of CEO Bob Iger, competition, and nan highly variable financial capacity of Disney, which is cyclical.

On 12/29/2022, I gave a waste standing to Disney DIS astatine $87.18 based connected this finance theme. However, Disney's banal rallied to a precocious of $118.18 connected 2/9/2022 and closed nan time astatine $110.36.

DIS banal closed astatine $100.45 connected 2/27/2023 connected nan time of writing.

The pursuing catalysts were responsible for nan summation successful Disney's banal value from nan day of my waste standing until 2/9/2023:

  • On 1/11/2023, Disney announced nan assignment of committee personnel Mark Parker, who is besides Nike's executive chairman, arsenic nan caller president of nan board. This news was received favorably by investors.

  • Nelson Peltz, an activistic investor, continued to prosecute pinch and impulse Disney's guidance to undertake restructuring. In nan past, Peltz's engagement has led to affirmative changes successful nan companies he has worked with.

  • Another activistic investor, Dan Loeb, advised Disney, took a liking successful nan company, and pushed for alteration during nan 2nd half of 2022. He yet reached an statement pinch nan Disney Board, which added an state to nan Board.

  • Disney whitethorn besides beryllium engaging pinch different investors, whether activists aliases others, and nan guidance appears to person received nan connection that a strategy for turnaround and sustainability was necessary.

  • Disney announced a restructuring plan, which could perchance consequence successful costs savings of $5.5 billion, and nan institution besides announced nan termination of 7,000 jobs. This will beryllium Iger’s third transformation.

  • In addition, Disney announced coagulated earnings, pinch an summation successful gross and beating EPS estimates for nan fiscal Q1:2023.

  • Finally, Disney made a determination to activity connected its pricing strategy.

Disney CEO Bob Iger (Iger, hereinafter) said, "..... but fto maine besides reside nan pricing side. It’s clear that immoderate of our pricing initiatives were alienating to consumers. I person ever believed by nan way, that accessibility is simply a halfway worth of nan Disney brand. We were not perceived to beryllium arsenic accessible aliases arsenic affordable to galore segments arsenic we astir apt should person been." on Q1:2023 convention telephone connected 2/8/2023.

Thesis for Possible Upside successful DIS successful nan Longer Term:

  1. Iger has nan task of uncovering a caller CEO for Disney wrong nan adjacent 12-18 months. This announcement could beryllium a catalyst for nan DIS banal to find a caller direction, pinch nan anticipation of it being nan azygous astir important facet impacting nan banal value successful nan adjacent 18 months. Some investors whitethorn adopt a wait-and-see approach.

  2. Iger's occurrence successful his erstwhile transformations makes it imaginable for him to win successful his 3rd transformation. This sets nan shape for a semipermanent imagination for nan institution that focuses connected nan streaming business, separator improvement, costs reduction, and strategical reorganization. This translator is focused connected operational efficiency. Disney is presently faced pinch nan mobility of whether these changes tin beryllium made earlier conditions alteration again, and really acold should nan changes go? Iger has already answered nan 2nd mobility by tweaking nan soul building and organizing Disney into 3 halfway business segments arsenic follows:

  • Disney Entertainment: intermezo media and contented businesses globally, including streaming.
  • ESPN: ESPN Networks, ESPN+, and world sports channels.
  • Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products: taxable parks, edifice destinations, and cruise line, Disney's user products, games, and publishing businesses.
  1. Iger has nary plans to waste ESPN and should not waste Hulu.

  2. Iger's biggest spot lies successful his experience, and some Disney unit and investors judge successful him. He has credibility.

  3. Disney intends to trim its debt. "We are intent connected reducing our debt," Iger said connected 2/9/2023 during an question and reply connected CNBC.

Hulu Should Not beryllium Sold

I judge Hulu is simply a strategical fresh and should not beryllium sold. During nan net conference call, Iger implied that he would not waste Hulu. However, nan adjacent day, connected February 9, 2022, he suggested nan anticipation of trading Hulu during an question and reply pinch CNBC. The time before, connected February 8, 2022, he had said:

“When you deliberation astir it, Abbott Elementary airs connected ABC, past it goes to Hulu. The demographic quality successful property is tremendous. It’s for illustration 60-years-old aliases around, estimating connected ABC and past nan 30s connected Hulu. That’s a cleanable illustration really nan linear platforms, while they still person an assemblage and could thief america monetize tin still beryllium utilized effectively, and we person that ability. And truthful we are going to show it very carefully. We are not successful immoderate measurement stepping distant from streaming. It remains our number 1 priority. It is successful galore respects, our future. But we are not going to wantonness nan linear aliases nan accepted platforms while they tin still beryllium a use to america and our shareholders.”

Disney should not divest Hulu because Iger himself has said that Hulu ensures sum of different property groups and broadens nan marketplace for its streaming services. Since nan firm strategy is to proceed focusing connected streaming for sustainable profitability, Hulu is simply a valuable plus that supports this strategy.

“Our priority is nan enduring maturation and profitability of our streaming business. Our existent forecasts bespeak Disney+ will deed profitability by nan extremity of fiscal 2024 and achieving that remains our goal. Since my return, I person drilled down into each facet of nan streaming business to find really to execute some profitability and growth.”

Disney should really get nan remaining portion of Hulu that it does not already ain and should not waste ESPN, arsenic immoderate analysts and activists are pushing. Currently, Disney owns astir 67% of Hulu.

Author's comments successful January 2023.

Author's Comment successful January 2023. (Author's comments successful January 2023. )

Impact of Dividend Reinstatement

If Disney decides to reinstate its dividend, it whitethorn person a minimal effect connected shareholder value. The management's determination to usage rate travel to salary dividends alternatively of paying debts will awesome that its capitalization is adjacent optimum. This move could pull output investors whose instruction is not to bargain stocks pinch nary output to initiate positions.

However, arsenic of 2/27/2023, location are different options for income, specified arsenic CDs yielding 4.5% to 5% and 10-year US Treasuries yielding 3.95%, pinch 1-year yielding 4.75%. Yield investors successful Disney now person much choices for income than conscionable Disney stock.

Historically, Disney's dividend output ranged from 0.6% to 1.6% betwixt 2011 to 2019. This level of output is improbable to pull a important number of caller income investors, and truthful whitethorn not summation nan shareholder guidelines and worth significantly.


Disney Dividend History (

Two Most Recent Emerging Risk

The mobility supra was, whether nan translator activity tin beryllium completed earlier conditions alteration again. It should beryllium noted that conditions person already begun to change.

Netflix (NFLX) is facing accrued world title successful nan streaming wars has precocious trim pricing successful complete 100 markets worldwide arsenic of February 24, 2023. This move whitethorn effect Disney's streaming service, and it remains to beryllium seen really it will impact subscriber acquisition and retention.

Additionally, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a measure connected Monday, February 27, 2023, which gives him power of Walt Disney World's self-governing district. This measurement against nan institution poses a governmental risk, arsenic it whitethorn discarded management's clip and resources. However, this takeover is not expected to effect Disney's rate flow.

Disney is Relatively Overvalued connected Two Common Measures

DIS is comparatively overvalued connected 2 communal measures compared to its competitors. Currently, DIS is trading astatine an EV-to-EBITDA aggregate of 18.46, which is nan highest among its peers. This overvaluation whitethorn beryllium owed to investors' assurance that maturation will summation pursuing Iger's restructuring efforts. Additionally, its guardant PE ratio is nan 3rd highest among its peers, which further suggests that nan banal whitethorn beryllium overvalued.

Disney Relative Valuation (Yahoo Finance: Disney Relative Valuation 2/27/2023)

What should investors look retired for, and really should they position themselves?

Investors should see buying Disney banal if they are consenting to hold for 2 years and cautiously see their opportunity costs and imaginable yields successful different instruments. However, if you are not presently a holder of Disney shares, it whitethorn not beryllium nan champion clip to buy.

If you are already a existent proprietor of Disney shares, it whitethorn beryllium advisable to clasp onto nan banal and springiness Iger's transformative restructuring a chance. There are respective imaginable catalysts that could lead to higher stock prices, including nan announcement of a caller CEO successful nan adjacent 18-24 months (If nan caller CEO has nan aforesaid credibility Iger has), imaginable maturation successful streaming by gaining marketplace share, a rationalized pricing policy, costs cuts, nan occurrence of a caller blockbuster show owed to accrued creativity, little indebtedness levels, keeping ESPN and buying nan remainder of Hulu, and, astir importantly, having activistic managers advising and opinionated down Iger.

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