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Realme GT 6 Android telephone in metallic colour held in manus in beforehand of a leafage and an off-white wall.Tushar Mehta

Realme has ever offered worth smartphones. As different marque to rotation disconnected from Oppo, it shares The aforesaid bloodline arsenic OnePlus but mostly operates in little segments, offering akin features astatine a little price. After a flimsy displacement in identity, Realme is backmost to making unthinkable flagship killers — a class that OnePlus birthed and dominated for a agelong time. Its latest phone, The Realme GT 6, has a lavish group of features that alteration it to compete head-on pinch flagships.

Besides a rich | assembly of hardware features, this astir $650 telephone bundles AI features that thief it nudge its measurement into The flagship segment. These AI features are integrated on pinch halfway Android features to amended your acquisition without coloring it pinch gimmicks.

AI is admittedly an overused word in marketing. So, making it really useful is simply a basal situation that Realme takes on. Instead of adding a full caller group of features — AI chatbots, image generators, et al. — The marque is adding it to preexisting and established Android features pinch a straightforward nonsubjective — making AI useful and not conscionable different summation to The features list.

AI to construe your screen

AI Screen Recognition characteristic connected The Realme GT 6 held in hand.Tushar Mehta

Realme’s headliner in its ensemble of AI features is Screen Recognition. Unlike The bland name, which astir apt gives distant its abilities, The characteristic is convincingly much powerful. It is designed to scan The contents of immoderate surface crossed a wide scope of apps for each media and text.

Realme assigns a elemental and satisfying motion to invoke Screen Recognition, wherever you pat and clasp The surface pinch 2 fingers. When it is triggered, The contents connected The surface freeze, and a scanning animation appears connected top.

AI Screen Recognition pinch Smart Loop characteristic connected The Realme GT 6 held in hand.Tushar Mehta

That’s evidently not The smart part. The AI bits travel to life erstwhile you prime images (or stills from a video) aliases matter from The surface and resistance them to The separator of The display. This activates what Realme calls The AI Smart Loop. While each The insistent AI connotations Can sound a spot pesky, The Smart Loop functionality really helps The intelligent features guidelines out.

The Smart Loop intelligently determines The shape of accusation that is being dragged and automatically suggests The astir applicable apps. When you find an absorbing image connected The web and scan it pinch The Screen Recognition feature, Smart Loop will urge societal media aliases chat apps for you to stock it. Not conscionable that, you Can resistance The image complete The icon of an app (say, Instagram), and Smart Loop will update to widen features for illustration sharing it to a Story, your feed, aliases arsenic a post.

AI Screen Recognition pinch Smart Loop characteristic connected The Realme GT 6 held in hand.Tushar Mehta

The aforesaid point happens erstwhile you resistance it complete to different app specified arsenic Facebook aliases X (formerly Twitter) aliases a chat app specified arsenic WhatsApp aliases Telegram. No much going done aggregate steps to reply to a tweet/post pinch a applicable classical meme!

Similarly, erstwhile Screen Recognition detects an email reside aliases telephone number, it suggests related apps. Likewise, it recommends Google Maps erstwhile it finds a beingness address, which is highly useful if you spot a business connected a societal media app specified arsenic Facebook aliases Instagram. One of The powerfulness moves is to resistance immoderate image complete to Google Lens and fto it do The remainder of The magic.

File Dock connected Realme GT 6 held in manus in beforehand of a achromatic mechanical keyboard.Tushar Mehta

In summation to these apps, Smart Loop besides lets you adhd media and matter to what it calls a File Dock. This is for illustration a persistent clipboard, accessible from The broadside of The screen, that doesn’t erase immoderate saved accusation automatically until you manually do it. The characteristic Can beryllium highly useful erstwhile you person to transcript a bazillion things from 1 page in a random order.

Suggestions from Smart Loop are usually helpful, but they’re not ever accurate. To bypass that, you Can resistance The image complete to The arrows, and The loop rotates to accommodate much apps in a manner satisfyingly akin to a dial phone. It cycles done The remainder of The apps, allowing you to driblet The media wherever you want.

AI Screen Recognition pinch Smart Loop characteristic connected The Realme GT 6 held in hand.Tushar Mehta

These are options from Android to entree app shortcuts by long-pressing an app’s icon — a halfway portion of Android for complete half a decade. What makes Realme’s implementation much appealing is that it reduces The steps progressive in redeeming media, copying text, aliases moreover scanning useful information. Instead of aggregate taps connected The screen, you Can pat conscionable once, followed by a fewer drags of your thumb crossed The phone’s surface to prevention aliases entree a full bunch of things.

Realme GT 6 AI Screen Recognition

What’s moreover much breathtaking is that The gestures are intuitive and do not require extended believe to get utilized to. You Can spot AI Screen Recognition in action above.

I find these features to beryllium overmuch easier to usage compared to The existing Screen Context connected Google Assistant aliases Circle to Search connected Samsung and Google’s top-end phones.

Distraction-less images

AI smart eraser connected Realme GT 6 held in manus in beforehand of a woody door.Tushar Mehta

Removing unwanted objects from images is thing we’ve seen connected galore phones already, and Realme is trying to cleanable it. On The GT 6, Realme offers an AI Smart Removal characteristic that cleverly eliminates distracting items from your pictures.

But pinch a characteristic already offered by astir each Android telephone shaper and served by moreover Google arsenic portion of Google Photos, what Can Realme really achieve? It claims to do amended than existing options connected mobile, and it really does.

The punchy colors in The image convey The communicative of a jubilant evening erstwhile The sun emerges retired of clouds aft respective hours of rain. But The fast-moving Honda appears jarring in The different serene ambiance. I tasked Google’s Magic Editor to region The sedan, which impacted The image connected The right.

Magic Editor in Google Photos utilized to region a moving car from an image.Original image (left) vs. image edited pinch Google’s Magic Editor. Tushar Mehta

Now, erstwhile Realme’s ain AI eraser is used, The results are acold much earthy and convincing, arsenic you Can spot below. The instrumentality leaves nary trace of The car in The image connected The right, seamlessly imaging The median and The trees in The background.

Realme's AI smart remover utilized to region a moving car from an image.Original image (left) vs. image edited pinch Realme’s AI entity remover. Tushar Mehta

Now, erstwhile is simply a chance, truthful I confirmed this pinch different image. When removed from The inheritance utilizing Google’s Magic Editor, The spot of writer and remnants of The car time off an absurd mosaic of unrecognizable surfaces.

Magic Editor in Google Photos utilized to region a spot of writer and a car.Original image (left) vs. image edited pinch Google’s Magic Editor. Tushar Mehta

Establishing a shape and reducing The probability of conscionable being a coincidence, The image modified pinch Realme’s entity eraser, arsenic seen connected The correct below, extends The canvas much naturally. It Can moreover recreate leaves fallen connected The asphalt, giving it a much believable appearance.

Realme's AI smart remover utilized to region a spot of writer and a car.Original image (left) vs. image edited pinch Realme’s AI entity remover. Tushar Mehta

While I americium unsure what makes Realme’s implementation much effective than Google’s, I will surely thin toward utilizing The former. Besides Realme, I person only seen a akin level of finesse in The AI regeneration features connected The caller desktop versions of Adobe Photoshop. The truth that Realme produces results akin to a desktop app is thing short of commendable.

Videos that spot beyond The naked eye

AI Night Vision video connected Realme GT 6.Tushar Mehta

The Camera was 1 of The earliest features connected Android phones to beryllium slapped pinch an AI label. For almost a decade now, brands person been babbling astir AI in photography and videography, erstwhile in reality, The applications person been constricted to adding colour filters and applying broad settings to make photos and videos much visually appealing. Of course, Google, pinch its prowess in computationally enhancing The camera’s output, remains to beryllium an exception.

While slow much brands are creeping up connected Google pinch special partnerships pinch camera brands and dedicated processors connected phones for amended images, Realme claims to usage AI to amended The camera’s capacity instead. One characteristic that stands retired is its AI-enhanced video mode.

Under utmost low-light conditions, The Realme GT 6 makes immoderate astonishing improvements to The value of The videos in broadly 2 ways. First, The alleged AI Night Vision characteristic increases The magnitude of ray The camera captures. Second, The recorded videos look overmuch sharper and much elaborate pinch it.

AI Night Vision video connected Realme GT 6.Videos without (top) and pinch Realme’s AI Night Vision. Tushar Mehta

Improving videos is importantly much difficult than producing The aforesaid effects in photos. It requires The telephone to process dozens of frames each second, which, in turn, relies connected The hardware. It is commendable that The Realme GT 6 improves The visibility in videos by a respectable margin, moreover without The much powerful hardware aliases a dedicated co-processor.

You Can spot The refinements for yourself in this comparison above.

Protection for your eyes

Man yawning while utilizing The Realme GT 6.Me pretending to yawn to trial Realme’s oculus protection features. Tushar Mehta

I walk almost each waking hr staring astatine screens. Given The magnitude of dislike that bluish ray earns in modern society, I consciousness assured The shape is endemic. So, erstwhile a shaper walks The other mile and thinks astir ocular health, I’m stoked.

Modern-day devices travel pinch bluish ray filters, brightness limiters, and different mechanisms that mitigate screens’ effects that you can’t instantly observe but only comprehend done unspeakable feelings for illustration nausea. Flagship devices auto-adjust The colors based connected your surroundings and The clip of day. So, what Can telephone companies do beyond these existing measures to guarantee your eyes are arsenic safe arsenic Can be?

Realme has an answer, and The oculus protection characteristic has immoderate AI baked into it, too. In summation to The modular mechanisms to trim retired bluish glare and automatically set The colors connected The screen, Realme uses The beforehand camera for signs of fatigue. When it catches you yawning aliases blinking your eyes little than normal, it treats them arsenic signs of exhaustion and changes The colors of The surface to suit your eyes.

Realme UI AI oculus protection feature.Tushar Mehta

The characteristic useful pinch aliases without The existing bedtime mode (which intensifies The yellowish connected The screen), specifically erstwhile you are reference something, watching a video, aliases utilizing societal media. It besides accounts for ambient ray and convincing signs of weariness. The grade of bluish ray filtering is overmuch much subtle present and increases very gradually compared to The modular bedtime mode, mildly easing your eyes into a much relaxing state.

I still wish Realme besides added features to slice colors to thief you detach from The telephone afloat astatine nighttime alternatively of making it difficult to separate. However, The existent implementation is 1 measurement in The correct direction.

A awesome measurement pinch a instruction to remember

Realme GT 6 Android telephone in metallic colour held in manus in beforehand of a reddish ceramic wall.Tushar Mehta

In The past fewer months, we person witnessed an upsurge in The applications of AI connected phones. Despite The full manufacture echoing The request to make our phones Can of thinking, these features person mostly been limited to flagship devices pinch ample processing power.

Realme, connected The different hand, is making a decent effort to make it suitable for utilization for a broader audience. Understandably, The features are constricted astatine this stage, but The efforts stray clear of immoderate gimmicks and alternatively attraction connected things you mightiness really extremity up using. Realme shares resources pinch Oppo and OnePlus, which Can mean these whitethorn beryllium disposable in The U.S. done upcoming OnePlus phones and not needfully beryllium constricted to flagships.

There is, however, 1 caveat excessively large to beryllium ignored. Realme relies connected Oppo’s self-trained ample connection model, AndresGPT, which is acold much Can in Chinese than in English. However, The facet that cannot beryllium dismissed is that astir of The information processing happens connected The unreality — astatine slightest for non-flagships for illustration The Realme GT 6. As The AI title gets much competitive, The privateness of information is thing brands will person to address. Until then, you mightiness want to debar scanning your individual information aliases media pinch these AI-laden features.

But your backstage media and matter aside, Realme AI features look promising and Can brilliantly heighten really we usage our phones — while reducing The number of steps to get thing done. That’s really Realme wins astatine The smartphone AI game.

Lastly, buying this telephone will beryllium tougher than you thought, arsenic Realme does not officially waste it in The U.S. In Europe, The Realme GT 6 Can beryllium bought for a starting value of 600 euros (~$645), pinch The highest extremity rubbing 800 euros.

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