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The last article I wrote connected Seeking Alpha covering nan lodging market, which called for nan extremity of nan 2008-10 lodging crash, was published successful September of 2011. At nan clip fewer believed its premise. Now, 12 years later, this article looks astatine nan lodging business from a different slant, which I besides deliberation galore will doubt.


I do monthly study of lodging markets passim Southern California, truthful I cognize them well. Although not a cleanable proxy for nan nation, nan conditions successful Southern California are akin capable to different regions successful nan state truthful nan arguments and conclusions here, I believe, use nationwide.

Little Price Risk

Contrary to what galore group feel, income and inventory information shows location is minimal value consequence successful nan existent lodging market. The coming business is not for illustration nan housing clang of 2008-10 successful immoderate way. That clang was driven by a financial situation created from nan complete usage of adaptable complaint mortgages issued during nan 3 twelvemonth play pursuing nan dot com marketplace clang successful 2002-2003, erstwhile short word rates were held artificially low.

The illness was group successful mobility a fewer years later erstwhile a ample number of ARM mortgages were yet reset astatine double nan complaint and masses of group began “walking away” from their homes. This created an overabundance of supply, which collapsed nan market. None of that exists today.

On nan contrary, nan owe marketplace coming is stone solid. Plus, statistic that measurement proviso and request presently shows request still greater than proviso successful almost each market. This equilibrium favors unchangeable prices. While income are down (few buyers), inventory is besides shrinking arsenic caller listings deed grounds lows. Prices only clang erstwhile there's an abundance of proviso and we person nan nonstop other of that today. And it seems to becoming moreover much so.

The value diminution of nan past 9 months, which has been comparatively mini compared to nan erstwhile 2 twelvemonth advance, is chiefly owed to nan reversal from a marketplace pinch an mean trading premium of 5% to a normal 2% discount. This 7% reversal is simply aerial coming retired of nan market. It was inevitable, but this value diminution apt doesn't person legs.

The lodging marketplace isn’t crashing; it's freezing up – and for a logic I'll explain.

The Home Re-Buyer

Who buys homes? Data from nan National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that, connected average, 30% of location buyers are caller buyers, while 70% are re-buyers. What's a re-buyer? A re-buyer is personification who has sold their location and is looking to re-buy location else. If thing ever made group extremity trading their homes, nan re-buyer would vanish and truthful would astir sales.

Sales information from County Assessor offices show income successful astir regions passim Southern California are moving 30% to 40% beneath their mean level earlier nan pandemic. This is immense decline. Some of it is owed to precocious rates disqualifying buyers. But astir of this driblet is because less and less group are trading and re-buying. They whitethorn financially suffice to re-buy a home, but they person simply decided not to return that first measurement and sell.

This is simply a caller phenomena to housing. The effect has ever been location but ne'er to this degree. The origin of this business are precocious owe rates. We understand nan thought that precocious owe rates limit qualified buyers but are not acquainted pinch them besides stopping group from listing their homes, trading and re-buying.

Why Are High Rates Preventing New Listings?

Data from nan MLS strategy shows that, anterior to nan pandemic nan mean number of caller listings successful nan 5 counties of Southern California was averaging astir 22,500 units per month. It has fallen to conscionable 16,871 units a month, which is down 25%. This driblet successful monthly caller listings is unusual successful nan look of precocious prices and grounds equity. Why do truthful fewer homeowners want to waste their location and fastener successful immense profits? What gives?

According to nan owe information firm, Black Knight, Inc., 90% of first-lien mortgages now person an liking complaint beneath 5%, and complete two-thirds person a complaint beneath 4%. Over 80% of these mortgages are fixed complaint and stable. Mortgage brokers person been very engaged bringing this astir done progressive refinancing.

With truthful galore homeowners locked into their location astatine a complaint nether 5%, fewer want to list, waste and re-buy location other astatine 7% (3/7/23). That's nan problem. As we said, this problem is comparatively caller to housing. This liking complaint effect connected limiting re-buyers doubles nan antagonistic impact that higher rates person connected nan lodging market. But, successful a unusual way, it besides helps stabilize prices arsenic it limits supply

The Big Thaw

We deliberation this will alteration and nan marketplace will statesman to thaw erstwhile effective owe rates get beneath 5% again. We opportunity "effective" because owe rates themselves don't really person to get to 5% for this to hap since complaint buy-downs by builders and sellers tin driblet nan complaint different 1%.

If homeowners cognize they tin re-buy a location astatine a 4.5% fixed complaint again, galore will determine to database and re-buy location else. It would return practice betwixt builders, banks and existent property and owe brokers promulgating done an progressive advertizing run that 4.5% owe rates were again disposable but I judge they will collectively do it erstwhile nan clip comes.

When mightiness this occur? Probably later this twelvemonth if nan ostentation complaint drops to 3% and nan Fed reduces rates a little. Sales would past slow return to normal arsenic things started moving again. Prices would astir apt enactment adjacent existent levels for a fewer years arsenic wages drawback up to price.

Unless 1 is successful nan existent property business and limited connected income commissions, from this constituent of position nan value outlook for homeowners is not arsenic dire arsenic galore believe.

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Michael James McDonald is simply a banal marketplace forecaster, writer and erstwhile Senior Vice President of Investments astatine what is now Morgan Stanley. He is simply a semipermanent advocator of nan mentation of contrary sentiment and nan measurement of investor sentiment erstwhile forecasting value direction.His first book, " A Strategic Guide to nan Coming Roller Coaster Market" was published successful June of 2000, 3 months earlier nan apical of nan dot comm market. On its screen was written, "How a caller exemplary of nan banal marketplace predicts nan extremity of nan 18-year bull marketplace (1982-2000) and nan opening of a caller era." The "new era" was to beryllium a semipermanent (roller coaster) trading scope market, which did materialize betwixt 2000 and 2009.Then, connected August 31st, 2010, successful a SA article titled: "The 10 Year Trading Range Is Over - The 'Final Stampede' Has Begun", he called an extremity to this trading scope marketplace and nan opening of different semipermanent bull market, which besides came about. Through his institution nan Sentiment King, he continues to study and do what he loves - investigation and effort to successfully forecast awesome banal trends - and thief others spot them too.

Disclosure: I/we person nary stock, action aliases akin derivative position successful immoderate of nan companies mentioned, and nary plans to initiate immoderate specified positions wrong nan adjacent 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my ain opinions. I americium not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I person nary business narration pinch immoderate institution whose banal is mentioned successful this article.

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