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Bella Ramsey wields a shotgun in The Last of Us.HBO

A caller video of HBO’s The Last of Us season 2 has been leaked. The footage shows Bella Ramsey and Isabela Merced filming a segment connected a British Columbia, Canada, set.

In The video via @TheLastofUsNews, Ramsey’s Ellie is riding her horse, Shimmer, pinch Dina (Merced) hanging connected to her from behind. Dina is Ellie’s romanticist liking in play 2. After securing a shotgun in her bag, Ellie climbs down from Shimmer and walks away, pinch Dina dismounting soon after.


NEW video of Bella Ramsey (Ellie) and Isabela Merced (Dina) filming scenes for #TheLastofUs Season 2 🎬

— The Last of Us News (@TheLastofUsNews) May 16, 2024

The group video reveals a caller hairstyle, pinch Ellie’s hairsbreadth partially pulled back. In play 1, Ellie predominantly wore a loose ponytail. This is simply a awesome quality from The Last of Us video game, which depicts Ellie pinch shorter hairsbreadth and bangs. The Last of Us Part II is group 5 years aft The first game, truthful this caller hairstyle for Ellie in play 2 apt signals a clip jump. Also, Dina’s agelong hairsbreadth is down in The video, which differs from her bun hairstyle in The game.

On May 15, HBO released new images of Ellie and Pedro Pascal’s Joel from play 2. Joel is sternly looking astatine someone, while Ellie holds a shotgun.

Pedro Pascal and @BellaRamsey in #TheLastOfUs Season 2, now in production.

Coming to @HBO and @StreamOnMax in 2025.

— Max (@StreamOnMax) May 15, 2024

HBO’s The Last of Us is based connected Naughty Dog’s video crippled franchise for The Sony PlayStation. The bid depicts The aftermath of a pandemic caused by a wide fungal infection that ravaged nine and turned contaminated humans into zombie-like creatures. Joel, a weathered smuggler, agrees to escort 14-year-old Ellie retired of The quarantine area and transverse The country. Ellie is immune to The virus, meaning her DNA could beryllium cardinal to creating a vaccine.

Created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us premiered in January 2023, drafting record-breaking ratings for HBO. Season 1 became The network’s most-watched debut for a bid ever.

The Last of Us season 2 will aerial connected HBO and Max in 2025.

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