The Hackett Group, Inc. (HCKT) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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The Hackett Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:HCKT) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 21, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Rob Ramirez – Chief Financial Officer

Ted Fernandez – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Conference Call Participants

George Sutton – Craig-Hallum

Jeff Martin – ROTH MKM

Vince Colicchio – Barrington Research


Welcome to nan Hackett Group Fourth Quarter Earnings Conference Call. Your lines person been placed connected a listen-only mode until nan question-and-answer session. Please beryllium advised nan convention is being recorded. Hosting tonight’s telephone are Mr. Ted Fernandez, Chairman and CEO; and Mr. Rob Ramirez, Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Ramirez, you whitethorn begin.

Rob Ramirez

Good afternoon, everyone, and convey you for joining america to talk The Hackett Group’s 4th fourth results. Speaking connected nan telephone today, and present to reply your questions are Ted Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of The Hackett Group; and myself Rob Ramirez, Chief Financial Officer. A property announcement was released complete nan wires astatine 4:05 PM Eastern Time. For a transcript of nan release, please sojourn our website astatine We will besides spot immoderate further financial aliases statistical information discussed connected this telephone that is not contained successful nan merchandise connected nan Investor Relations page of our website.

Before we begin, I would for illustration to punctual you that, successful nan pursuing comments and successful nan question-and-answer session, we will beryllium making statements astir expected early results, which whitethorn beryllium forward-looking statements for nan purposes of nan national securities laws. These statements subordinate to our existent expectations, estimates and projections, and are not a guarantee of early performance. They impact risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict, and which whitethorn not beryllium accurate, particularly successful ray of COVID-19. Actual results whitethorn vary. These forward-looking statements should beryllium considered only successful conjunction pinch nan elaborate information, peculiarly nan consequence factors that are contained successful our SEC filings.

At this point, I would for illustration to move it complete to Ted.

Ted Fernandez

Thank you, Rob, and invited everyone to our 4th fourth net call. As we usually do, I will unfastened nan telephone pinch immoderate overview comments connected the quarter. I will past move it backmost complete to Rob to remark connected elaborate operating results, rate flow, arsenic good arsenic remark connected outlook. We will past reappraisal our marketplace and strategy related comments, aft which we will unfastened it up to Q&A.

Before I move to nan quarterly results, fto maine commencement by congratulating our associates for our beardown 2022 performance. All of nan 2nd half of nan twelvemonth was intelligibly much challenging arsenic nan Fed complaint increases started to measurement successful connected our clients spending decisions. Our revenues earlier reimbursements were up 4% and our adjusted EPS was $1.50, which is – which powerfully exceeded our anterior twelvemonth results erstwhile you exclude nan taxation use connected nan SARs workout successful 2021. Relative to nan 4th fourth this day we’ve reported revenues of $70.1 cardinal and adjusted net per stock of $0.36, some exceeding our quarterly guidance. Our quarterly results were driven by revenues earlier reimbursements from our Global S&BT conception of 3.5% connected a reported ground and 5% connected a section rate basis. More specifically, our recurring gross precocious separator Research Advisory and IPaaS offerings grew complete 20% successful nan quarter. Annual statement worth maturation for these offerings successful 2022 was besides complete 20%. The occurrence and marketplace opportunity for our intelligence spot offerings highlights nan reasons why we person accelerated our income and merchandise improvement investments successful this area.

The 4th benefited from nan maturation of our IPaaS revenues arsenic nan ample statement was signed towards nan extremity of nan 2nd 4th continued to ramp. We besides proceed to beryllium actively engaging statement and/or aviator discussions pinch respective ample package and work companies to thief them bolster their value-selling and value-realization efforts. Our results besides benefited from nan maturation of our Research Advisory business. During nan quarter, we launched our first 2 marketplace intelligence programs and we scheme to motorboat further programs passim 2023. These programs let america to comparison nan capabilities of package and work providers, which are valuable to our ample Hackett benchmarking and consulting extremity personification customer guidelines erstwhile considering purchasing their capabilities. The programs besides let america to activity pinch nan solution providers to strategically support their income and trading efforts.

We person besides added caller contented and IP to our existing functionally focused executive advisory programs, improvements successful our existing programs on pinch caller marketplace intelligence programs, nan motorboat of our caller member, Hackett Connect, on pinch our fierce income hiring, should let america to proceed to turn our higher separator recurring revenues and related yearly statement worth during 2023. The Global S&BT conception gross maturation was partially offset by nan results of our Oracle Solutions segment, which was down 12% and our SAP Solutions segment, which was level pinch anterior year.

Our Oracle conception was further impacted successful nan 4th erstwhile 1 of nan ample implementations closed arsenic we exited nan 3rd quarter, decided to cancel our statement aft changing CIOs during nan quarter. The unfavorable effect from that nonaccomplishment task successful Q4 was $0.02 to $0.03 and is estimated to beryllium unfavorable by astir $0.05 nett of unit reductions successful Q1 of 2023. We person made immoderate cardinal executive additions to nan group successful nan 2nd half of nan twelvemonth and now expect our Oracle group to level disconnected successful Q3 of 2023 and return to gross maturation successful Q4 of 2023.

Our SAP Solutions conception leveled disconnected earlier than expected pinch level revenues earlier reimbursements and improved conception profits driven by accrued package income successful nan 4th quarter. In Q1, we expect nan SAP conception revenues to beryllium level connected a year-over-year basis.

The investments we person made to afloat digitize our IP and nan improvement of our integer platforms, which see Quantum Leap, our state-of-the-art world benchmarking platform, and our proprietary Hackett Digital Transformation Platform aliases DTP are paying off. These platforms are allowing america to highly differentiate our offerings and besides create caller licensing and investigation relationships pinch package and work providers crossed nan enterprise. We besides expect to motorboat our Hackett Connect level successful Q2, which will importantly amended our investigation and IPASS personnel clients’ expertise to avail themselves to each Hackett our IP arsenic good arsenic our expertise.

On nan equilibrium expanse side, our expertise to make beardown rate travel from operations has allowed america to summation our dividend, and successful December, we successfully settled our $120 cardinal Dutch tender connection to get complete 5 cardinal shares of nan company’s communal stock. The tender connection resulted successful nan buyback of astir 4.9 cardinal shares and returned astir $115 cardinal to our shareholders. This tender connection should beryllium powerfully accretive and erstwhile you see nan aft taxation effect of nan liking disbursal we will incur and nan elimination of complete $2 cardinal of our existing dividend it’s moreover much appealing connected a rate basis.

As we person discussed connected our past fewer calls, we want to beryllium much fierce pinch our equilibrium expanse by expanding our existent in installments installation money acquisitions and to bargain backmost banal while continuing to put successful our business.

With that said, fto maine inquire Rob to supply specifications connected our operating results, rate travel and besides remark connected outlook. I will make further comments connected strategy and marketplace conditions pursuing Rob’s comments. Rob?

Rob Ramirez

Thank you, Ted. As I typically do, I will screen nan pursuing topics during this information of nan call. I will spell done an overview of our 2022 4th fourth results, on pinch an overview of related cardinal operating statistics, I’ll screen an overview of our rate travel activities during nan quarter, and I’ll reason pinch nan chat connected our financial outlook for nan first 4th of 2023.

Effective successful nan 3rd 4th of 2022, nan institution reorganized its operating and soul reporting building to amended align pinch its superior marketplace solutions. As a result, I will remark separately regarding nan revenues of our Global S&BT, our Oracle Solutions group, our SAP Solutions group, and nan full company. Our Global S&BT Group includes nan results of our North America and world IP-as-a-service offerings, our investigation advisory programs, and benchmarking services, our OneStream offerings and our business translator offerings. Our Oracle Solutions and our SAP Solutions segments see nan results of our Oracle and SAP offerings respectively.

Please statement that we’ll beryllium referencing some full revenues and gross earlier reimbursements successful our discussion. Reimbursable expenses are chiefly task travel-related expenses passed owed to our clients that person nary associated effect to our profitability.

During our telephone today, we will besides reference definite non-GAAP financial measures, which we judge supply useful accusation to investors. We included reconciliations of GAAP to non-GAAP financial measures successful our property merchandise revenge earlier today, and we’ll station immoderate further accusation based connected nan discussions from this telephone connected nan Investor Relations page of nan company’s website.

For nan 4th fourth of 2022, full revenues was $70.1 million. Our revenues earlier reimbursements were $68.8 million, which was supra nan precocious extremity of our quarterly guidance.

The Q4 2022 reimbursable disbursal ratio connected revenues earlier reimbursements was 1.9% arsenic compared to 1.5% successful nan anterior 4th and 0.7% erstwhile compared to nan aforesaid play successful nan anterior year.

Post-COVID, we’ve knowledgeable accrued client-related travel, however, fixed our modulation to our distant transportation model, we do not expect these task related recreation expenses to return to pre-COVID levels.

Total revenues from our Global S&BT conception were $40.9 million. Revenues earlier reimbursements for our Global S&BT conception were $40.4 million, an summation of 3.5% erstwhile compared to nan aforesaid play successful nan anterior year, but up 5% connected a section rate basis, utilizing nan aforesaid overseas rate rates successful Q4 of 2021. Global S&BT gross earlier reimbursements benefited from beardown maturation and our recurring investigation advisory and IPaaS programs, which grew annualized statement worth complete 20% for nan fiscal twelvemonth of 2022.

Total revenues from our Oracle Solutions Group were $17.2 million. Revenues earlier reimbursements for our Oracle Solutions conception were $16.7 million, a alteration of 12% erstwhile compared to nan aforesaid play successful nan anterior year, arsenic we continued to acquisition extended customer decision-making during nan quarter.

Additionally, during nan quarter, 1 of nan ample opportunities that was closed arsenic we exited Q3 was canceled. The effect of that determination connected a favorably impacted nan 4th fourth by astir $0.02 to $0.03. Total revenues from our SAP Solutions conception were $12.1 million. Revenues earlier reimbursements for our SAP Solutions conception were $11.7 million, fundamentally level erstwhile compared to nan aforesaid play successful nan anterior year.

As we person stated previously, SAP Solutions coming up beardown 2021 results and continues to rebuild this pipeline that’s nan completion of immoderate ample SAP engagements. SAP results besides benefited from beardown package income activity during nan 4th fourth of 2022. Approximately 24% of our full institution revenues earlier reimbursements dwell of recurring multi-year and subscription-based revenues, which includes our investigation advisory, IP-as-a-Service, multi-year benchmarks and exertion main services contracts.

Total institution adjusted costs of sales, which exclude reimbursable expenses and non-cash stock-based compensation disbursal totaled $37.8 cardinal aliases 54.9% of revenues earlier reimbursements successful nan 4th fourth of 2022 arsenic compared to $40.8 cardinal aliases 58.5% of revenues earlier reimbursements successful nan anterior year.

Total institution advisor headcount was 1,120 astatine nan extremity of nan 4th fourth arsenic compared to full institution advisor headcount of 1,121 successful nan erstwhile 4th and 1,106 astatine nan extremity of nan 4th fourth of nan anterior year. Total institution adjusted gross separator connected revenues earlier reimbursements, which excludes reimbursable expenses and non-cash stock-based compensation disbursal was 45.1% successful nan 4th fourth of 2022 arsenic compared to 41.5% successful a anterior twelvemonth period.

The 360 ground constituent gross separator betterment was chiefly driven by nan comparative operation of higher separator Global S&BT, IPaaS and investigation advisory and benchmark revenues, arsenic good arsenic higher separator SAP package income during nan quarter. Adjusted SG&A which excludes non-cash stock-based compensation disbursal and intangible plus amortization disbursal was $14.9 cardinal aliases 21.7% of revenues earlier reimbursements successful nan 4th fourth of 2022.

This is compared to $14.4 cardinal aliases 20.6% of revenues earlier reimbursements successful nan anterior twelvemonth period. Adjusted EBITDA was $16.9 cardinal aliases 24.5% of revenues earlier reimbursements successful nan 4th fourth arsenic compared to $15.4 cardinal aliases 22% of revenues earlier reimbursements successful nan anterior year.

GAAP nett income for nan 4th fourth of 2022 totaled $9.7 cardinal aliases diluted net per stock of $0.31 for nan 4th fourth of 2022 arsenic compared to GAAP nett income of $16.5 cardinal for diluted net per stock of $0.50 successful nan 4th fourth of nan erstwhile year. GAAP results for nan 4th fourth of nan erstwhile twelvemonth included of $7.7 cardinal aliases $0.23 per diluted share, taxation use related to nan workout of 2.9 cardinal outstanding stock appreciation rights.

Adjusted nett income, which excludes non-cash stock-based compensation disbursal and intangible amortization for nan 4th fourth of 2022 totaled $11.5 cardinal aliases adjusted diluted nett income per stock of $0.36, which is supra nan precocious extremity of our net guidance range.

This compares to adjusted nett income of $18.4 cardinal aliases adjusted diluted nett income per communal stock of $0.56 successful nan 4th fourth of nan anterior year. Adjusted nett income for nan anterior twelvemonth arsenic already mentioned included an effective taxation use of $0.23 per diluted stock owed to nan workout of outstanding stock appreciation rights.

In Q2 of this year, we moved to an existent GAAP effective taxation complaint for adjusted nett income reporting purposes. For those of you reconciling to nan anterior twelvemonth reported results, we reported adjusted diluted income per communal stock of $0.33, excluding this one-time taxation benefit.

The company’s rate balances were $30.3 cardinal astatine nan extremity of nan 4th fourth of 2022 arsenic compared to $67 cardinal astatine nan extremity of nan erstwhile quarter. The sequential alteration successful our rate balances was chiefly driven by rate utilized and financing activities to money our tender offer, which was completed successful nan 4th fourth of 2022.

Net rate provided by operating activities successful nan 4th was $24.8 million, chiefly driven by nett income adjusted for non-cash activity decreases successful accounts receivable and increases successful accounts payable, accrued expenses and statement liabilities.

Our DSO aliases days income outstanding astatine nan extremity of nan 4th was 63 days arsenic compared to 66 days astatine nan extremity of nan erstwhile quarter. As Ted mentioned, we were pleased that during nan 4th fourth of 2022, we were capable to utilize our beardown equilibrium expanse and rate travel to return superior to our shareholders. By partially leveraging our caller in installments facility, we completed our banal tender offer, which resulted successful nan acquisition of 4.9 cardinal shares of nan company’s banal astatine a value of $23.50 per share, excluding transaction related fees.

The tender connection was funded by borrowings connected our in installments installation of $60 cardinal and astir $56 cardinal successful rate inclusive of transaction related fees for a full of astir $160 million. Our remaining banal repurchase authorization astatine nan extremity of nan 4th was $14.7 million. Subsequent to nan 4th – to nan extremity of nan quarter, nan company’s Board of Directors declared nan first quarterly dividend of $0.11 for communal stock for its shareholders of grounds connected March 24, 2023 to beryllium paid connected April 7, 2023.

Before I move to guides for nan first quarter, I’d for illustration to punctual everyone of nan seasonality of our business comparative to costs arsenic we move sequentially from Q4 to Q1, specifically accordant pinch nan first 4th guidance provided successful erstwhile years, our first 4th guidance for 2023 will bespeak nan sequential summation successful U.S. payroll related taxes and nan sequential buildup of our picnic accruals.

The institution estimates full gross earlier reimbursements for nan first 4th of 2023 to beryllium successful nan scope of $69 cardinal to $70.5 million. We expect Global S&BT and SAP Solutions gross earlier reimbursements to beryllium level to up connected a year-over-year basis. We expect Oracle Solutions to beryllium down complete 20% connected a year-over-year basis, chiefly owed to nan nonaccomplishment of a ample customer successful 4th fourth and owed to unfavorable macroeconomic conditions.

We estimate adjusted diluted nett income per communal stock successful nan first 4th of 2023 to beryllium successful nan scope of $0.35 to $0.38, which assumes an effective taxation complaint connected adjusted net successful nan first 4th of 22%. As Ted mentioned, nan first 4th of 2023 will bespeak nan incremental finance we’re making successful programme improvement and nan dedicated income resources for benchmarking IPASS, executive advisory marketplace intelligence, and our different [indiscernible] offerings.

These incremental costs are expected to effect our diluted nett income per communal stock by astir $0.03 connected a year-over-year basis. We expect adjusted gross margin, our revenues earlier reimbursements to beryllium astir 40% to 41%. We expect SG&A and liking disbursal for nan first 4th to beryllium astir $15.7 million. We expect first 4th adjusted EBITDA connected revenues earlier reimbursements to beryllium successful nan scope of astir 20% to 22%.

Lastly, we expect our rate balances excluding of immoderate buyback activity to beryllium tempered owed to nan costs of 2022 capacity related bonuses and nan costs of worker income taxation withholding triggered by nett vesting of restricted shares.

At this point, I’d for illustration to move it backmost complete to Ted to reappraisal our marketplace outlook and strategical priorities for nan coming months.

Ted Fernandez

Thank you, Bob. As we look forward, fto maine stock our thoughts connected nan adjacent and semipermanent request situation and connected nan maturation opportunity it offers our organization. The request for integer translator possibly impacted by economical headwinds successful 2023, but it continues to beryllium a clear strategical priority. Digital invention successful endeavor unreality applications, analytics and artificial intelligence, unreality infrastructure and workflow automation are dramatically influencing nan measurement businesses compete and present their services.

Digital translator is redefining each activities astatine an accelerated pace, forcing organizations to fundamentally alteration and adopt these caller capabilities to stay competitive. With that said, integer translator is being impacted by extended determination making arsenic organizations measure competing priorities created by nan expanding rates successful nan request disruption, which it is intended to affect.

As I mentioned successful my opening comments, during nan quarter, we knowledgeable nan disruption of a meaningful Oracle task arsenic we exited nan 3rd quarter. We besides proceed to announcement clients reassessing their spending priorities, truthful volatility has increased. However, we besides saw different ample projects spell guardant and expand. We judge clients utilized nan twelvemonth extremity readying process to reassess their marketplace risks, make caput count and walk reductions and rebalance their spending pinch productivity and strategical costs simplification efforts, which are besides halfway to our offerings. We judge that clients will beryllium go much comfortable pinch nan headwinds they are experiencing and we will spot behaviour improved passim nan year.

Similar to us, galore of our clients did not acquisition nan request disruption until precocious successful Q2 of past year, and will beryllium much challenged by nan beardown year-over-year comps of nan first half of nan year, but astir will look much favorable comps successful nan 2nd half of nan year. If we are correct, this will further support nan behaviour betterment we expect from nan first half to nan 2nd half of nan year.

On nan talent side, title for knowledgeable executives continues, but we saw turnover mean during nan 4th and expect that inclination to besides continue. Long-term, we person transitioned to a hybrid income and transportation model, which provides america pinch effective entree to our clients and nan respective teams. This hybrid exemplary provides america – provides our associates pinch greater individual elasticity to execute their defined responsibilities remotely, which is very valuable to them. This should let america to retract and clasp talent that we person struggled to clasp successful nan past, because of nan demanding humanities recreation requirements of our industry.

Strategically, we are accelerating our attraction connected recruiting precocious separator IP related services – I’m sorry, nan attraction connected recurring precocious separator IP related services by expanding nan programme improvement and income and trading resources dedicated to this area. Additionally, arsenic I’ve mentioned, we person continued our investments connected our caller Hackett Connect personnel platform, which we scheme to motorboat complete nan adjacent respective months.

As I antecedently mentioned, we person launched a bid of caller marketplace intelligence programs that will measure and item nan unsocial capabilities of package and work providers crossed selected categories. We are absorbed successful these accrued costs, which astir $0.03 successful our Q1 guidance, but we judge they will consequence successful incremental precocious separator recurring revenues, which are very important to our semipermanent worth creation strategy. It is besides important to statement that we proceed to spot expanding downstream revenues from our benchmarking and investigation advisory clients to our business translator and exertion consulting services.

This halo effect has been successful excess of 40% complete nan past respective years. Simply put, organizations who trust connected our IP investigation and benchmarking services are besides much apt to utilize our consulting services. We are besides exploring strategical partnerships that will let america to syndicate our IP done caller channels that will let america to scope beyond our existent Global 1,000 attraction successful a very businesslike manner.

We motion nan first of these agreements and expect our caller partner to denote and motorboat nan syndication of our IP and interaction started connected April 1. Similar to our different licensing efforts, we expect caller recurring precocious separator gross to slow build from nan – from this narration arsenic caller markets and segments are offered our IP.

We besides proceed to redefine our world benchmarking activity done enhancements successful Quantum Leap, our integer benchmarking software-as-a-service solution, on pinch our integer translator platform. These platforms let america to present much accusation pinch importantly little effort. It besides allows our clients to leverage our IP to create compelling use lawsuit assessments, accelerate process travel and package configuration decisions, and way nan worth realization of translator initiatives complete nan life of their respective effort. As I person repeated complete nan past respective quarters, we judge location are nary comparable IP-led platforms successful nan market.

As I person mentioned connected erstwhile calls, we person added a 20 infinitesimal demo to our Investor Relations page of our website truthful that investors tin go much acquainted pinch these capabilities – pinch nan capabilities of our platforms. We will beryllium updating our demo pinch our recently launched Hackett level successful nan adjacent fewer months.

Lastly, moreover though we judge that we person a customer guidelines and nan offerings to turn our business, we proceed to look for acquisitions and alliances that strategically leverage our IP and astatine scope, standard aliases capability, which tin accelerate our growth.

As always, fto maine adjacent by congratulating our associates connected our capacity and by thanking them for their tireless efforts, and ever impulse them to enactment highly focused connected our clients and our people, nary matter what challenges we whitethorn encounter. Those reason my comments. Let maine move it complete to our usability and fto america move onto nan Q&A conception of our call. Operator?

Question-and-Answer Session


Thank you. [Operator Instructions] One infinitesimal for our first question. Our first mobility is from George Sutton pinch Craig-Hallum. You whitethorn spell ahead.

George Sutton

Thank you. Ted, I wonderment if you could spell into a small much item connected nan thought process of nan clients becoming much comfortable pinch nan headwinds that they face. It sounds for illustration you’re anticipating you’ll get backmost to income maturation successful Q4 and beyond. I conscionable want to benignant of locomotion from Q1 and what we’re looking astatine done nan remainder of nan twelvemonth and benignant of really you spot that each playing out?

Ted Fernandez

Well, first of all, nan Q4 reference is only circumstantial to Oracle, which will beryllium down connected a year-over-year basis. We now expect them done Q3, level disconnected successful Q3 and past return to maturation successful Q4. As you recall, for Oracle and SAP, we thought that would hap successful Q2 of 2023. We’ve done that, we’ve achieved that pinch SAP, but Oracle deed a beautiful bully velocity bump pinch that customer nonaccomplishment successful nan 4th quarter, which we evidently didn’t expect astatine nan time.

With that said, look, we’ve sewage 2 very beardown quarters up Q1 and Q2, arsenic you know, were grounds quarters for us, and we exceeded guidance by $0.03 successful some quarters. We were intelligibly experiencing request betterment successful that first half of 2023 that we had not knowledgeable before. Obviously, that trended down successful nan past 2 quarters of 2023. And arsenic I mentioned, it wasn’t conscionable america because we’re really reacting to what our very ample clients’ experience, and we started emotion those that 2nd guessing towards nan extremity of nan 2nd 4th of past year.

So what did we see? Look, we saw that volatility for illustration a sneak show up for nan first time, precocious successful Q2. We saw it impacted Q3 successful client’s behavior, but it was really much limited. As we sewage into Q4, we saw clients intelligibly starting to do readying that was dissimilar what galore of them person knowledgeable successful nan past. You’ve seen galore of nan ample companies, particularly connected nan tech broadside woody pinch immoderate beautiful fierce headcount cuts. We deliberation each of those decisions, we deliberation were beautiful cautiously considered arsenic clients went into Q4, did their yearly planning, and past started launching each of their planned initiatives successful nan opening of nan quarter.

So we spot that activity for america summation from nan opening of nan Q1 towards nan 2nd – into nan 2nd quarter. We deliberation clients, again, are launching these initiatives and unless they are disrupted further, which remains to beryllium seen. But if it’s arsenic expected whether aliases not our rates are increased, whether it’s 1 much clip aliases now arsenic galore arsenic 2 aliases 3 times arsenic precocious arsenic was mentioned today, and it impacted nan market. But unless request is not disrupted further, we do expect some nan activity and behaviour of clients to amended from Q1 to Q2, and past we besides expect it to amended into Q3 and Q4, some because galore of them dealt pinch galore of their, I’ll telephone it softness arsenic they exited Q4 and are trying to woody pinch that successful Q1, and because intelligibly astir of them will spot favorable comps successful Q3 and Q4 versus nan Q1 and Q2.

So it’s nan operation of some what comps they’re facing? How aggressively they dealt with? What they judge was correct sizing aliases resetting spending priorities, George, that I judge overmuch of it has taken place. So should it beryllium modified aliases will it beryllium modified? Of course, it ever is, but I judge 2023 sets up much for illustration nan inverse of 2022, which is simply a tougher first half of 2023, because of some comps and nan decisions that galore of nan companies made to reset spending priorities arsenic they exited 2022, and past improved behaviour arsenic they spell into much favorable comps successful nan 2nd half of nan year.

And if they missed immoderate of their, if you want to telephone it costs simplification aliases resetting efforts pinch their Q4 effort, that they will person dealt pinch that nary later than nan extremity of Q1. So each of that leads america to judge that income and a gross activity and pipeline velocity will amended from nan first half to nan 2nd half.

George Sutton

One different question, if I could, this incremental finance that will costs $0.03 successful nan first quarter, tin you conscionable springiness america a small much item successful position of what these investments are successful position of people, successful position of content, et cetera?

Ted Fernandez

Well, nan azygous largest expenditure is that we’re trying to aggressively summation nan income headcount successful our IP related businesses. We started to do that, now let’s telephone it successful nan 2nd 4th of past year, accelerated that into nan 3rd and fourth, and we’ve continued to summation it into Q1. We person nary plans to – I’ll telephone that, move that off. I deliberation we’re trying to beryllium smart successful nan measurement we ramp up nan resources and nan benignant of effectiveness that we expect. So, we’ve sewage each of those, if you want to telephone it governors successful spot to make judge that we’re not throwing distant aliases overspending what we shouldn’t, but look, nan prospects for america to proceed to turn our Research Advisory, IPaaS offerings, and caller marketplace intelligence programs is significant. We deliberation that nan biggest point that we deficiency is simply a world-class income group.

We’re adding some senior, and entry, and mid-level group to our squad will proceed to do that passim nan year. We person improved nan existing executive advisor, which are nan functionally focused programs that we’ve had antecedently successful place, added 1 successful 2022, added contented and tiers arsenic we entered 2023 to that group. We’ve launched 2 of nan marketplace intelligence programs. We expect to adhd others passim each of 2023, and we would expect each of that activity to consequence successful what we believe, we want to support a beautiful precocious level of maturation successful that group and nan yearly statement worth to travel to that group. We deliberation that that importantly changes nan valuation. I’ll telephone it nan valuation opportunities for Hackett.

But it also, arsenic we’ve seen nan halo effect from that improved customer – that expanding customer guidelines since it’s been truthful productive downstream chiefly to nan business translator group, but it’s besides has extended into nan exertion broadside arsenic well. We dream we tin person our barroom and eat it too, and that is to thrust that growth. It comes evidently astatine higher margins. It comes connected a recurring basis, and past spot if we tin past harvest and get nan benignant of halo effect we’ve gotten historically complete nan past respective years from that customer base. But do that successful arsenic an – astatine an expanding ground arsenic we adhd much clients. And past conscionable to benignant of complete nan IP, I’ll telephone it gross maturation investments, look successful bid for america to syndicate our IP to this caller partner that will launch, will syndicate, we’ll commencement nan syndication of immoderate of our IP successful April. That’s taken clip and effort. But we judge these are each things that let america to go a really valuable IP led investigation advisory into strategical consulting organization. And that’s what we intend to prove.

George Sutton

Got you. Okay. Thanks, Ted.


Thank you. [Operator Instructions] Our adjacent mobility is from Jeff Martin pinch ROTH MKM. You whitethorn spell ahead.

Jeff Martin

Thanks. Good evening, Ted and Rob. Hope you’re doing well.

Ted Fernandez

Hey, Jeff.

Rob Ramirez

Hi, Jeff.

Jeff Martin

Ted, wanted to get a consciousness for progression connected nan IP as-a-Service pilots. I cognize successful nan past, converting pilots to contracts has been a matter of holding nan statement and sticking to your guns successful position of what you deliberation nan worth creation is successful to Hackett – that Hackett brings to nan table. Just was funny if you’ve made advancement that you are sufficiently satisfied with, aliases if that continues to beryllium benignant of a – to beryllium wished situation?

Ted Fernandez

Well, nan reply is yes. First, nan occurrence of our existing programs I judge is becoming progressively noticeable. The attraction pinch package and work providers to find a measurement to supply a compelling measurement to waste and show nan worth realization that group tin get by purchasing their package and services has become, seems to beryllium becoming much important to nan package providers. What we learned from nan process we went done in, if you want to telephone it 2021 and 2nd half of 2022.

One, we needed to make judge that our platforms were commercially ready. And we’ve done that. I mean, conscionable very, very well. We besides wanted to make judge that we did not do immoderate pilots that were not being paid. So nan activity that we’ve sewage coming arsenic group measure scope capacity of our offering to them is connected a paid basis. So we deliberation we’re creating nan correct cadence, which is to expose companies to our capabilities, let them to spot really champion they tin leverage and understand nan power. And yes, we dream that those pilots that we person launched immoderate of them will move into meaningful ample multi-year agreements for illustration nan ones we person successful spot already.

Jeff Martin

Okay. And past wanted to explain connected nan 3rd 4th call, location was chat regarding a ample proscription institution impacting EPS by astir $0.02 successful some 3rd and 4th quarter. I wanted to clarify, that’s abstracted from nan integer translator task that was canceled, and that was expected to commencement successful Q4, is that correct?

Ted Fernandez

Yes, these were 2 by fours we took to nan head. One successful nan 3rd 4th pinch a very bully and existing customer of ours. But wherever an opportunity, we mislaid an opportunity fixed their priorities and their focus. We didn’t suffer nan client. Separate isolated from that and that did person an Oracle component, but it besides had a business translator component. The different was a marque caller sale, if you recall, past 4th I mentioned nan truth that arsenic we exited nan quarter, we sold respective ample deals. So we were going into Q4 pinch a important magnitude of momentum into Q4, which would besides transportation into Q1. And nan group that was astir impacted by those ample transactions was nan Oracle group again, moreover though location was a business translator portion to nan first one, not needfully nan 2nd one.

And that conscionable arsenic we said, caller CIO came in, decided he wanted to make a change. They paid america for nan activity we had done to date, but it impacted immoderate of nan gross we would person recognized nan Q4 intelligibly impacts Q1 successful a very meaningful way. So those were setbacks, but they were abstracted and distinct.

In fact, I – arsenic we shared pinch nan committee it would’ve been awesome to spot what 2022 and nan opening of 2023 would person looked for illustration if we hadn’t had those setbacks. But look they happen, customer circumstances change, sometimes relationships change, and they tin effect nan activity that you’re doing. And we person nan expertise to sorb those and proceed to summation profitability and rate travel of nan business, and we’ll person a chance to show that complete nan adjacent fewer quarters.

Jeff Martin

Okay, great. And past 1 – 1 much if I could. On nan Hackett Excelleration Matrix motorboat pending successful a mates of months here, what each does that motorboat entail and really should we deliberation astir nan publication complete nan medium- and semipermanent from that initiative?

Ted Fernandez

First there’s been immoderate learning arsenic we’ve travel done nan first of – nan first fewer programs that we’re launching. So nan truth is that you will spot them – nan first 1 publicized beautiful soon pinch nan results. Second 1 is good underway. In fact, nan 3rd 1 has already – already has a group of participants successful place, and we will proceed to effort to adhd –add them passim 2023. But if we tin get – if we tin get let’s telephone it 4 aliases 5 afloat launched, meaning not conscionable launched actively pursuing participants, but having nan results retired and allowing america to marketplace past done extremity – our extremity personification guidelines arsenic good arsenic nan participants. So we person nan expertise to do both, to marketplace nan both. If we person an opportunity to do that moreover though they’re successful different levels by nan opening of nan first twelvemonth we conscionable commencement seeing gross from those programs accrue successful nan 3rd and nan 4th quarter.

In nan meantime, Jeff, it’s very important to statement that arsenic we’re adding each of these income resources to nan squad they person nan expertise to waste some nan existing executive advisory programs, which arsenic I said we expanded successful 2022 and added immoderate further features and tiers to, arsenic good arsenic nan caller marketplace intelligence programs. And they will besides being feeded [ph] to place different astir benchmarking aliases IPASS opportunities. Even though nan superior attraction of nan ample salesforce build is astir recurring revenue, annualized statement worth programs.

We’ve separated – we’ve decided we want to person a dedicated group for that arsenic good arsenic making further investments for nan non-recurring pieces, which could be, for example, successful a transformational benchmark. So but we’re making – we’re intelligibly accelerating nan investments successful that group, and you’ll spot – you’ll spot immoderate announcements soon arsenic to immoderate of nan group that we’re bringing connected committee successful that group.

Jeff Martin

Great. Very adjuvant and look guardant to pursuing nan advancement there.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility is from Vince Colicchio pinch Barrington Research. You whitethorn spell ahead.

Vince Colicchio

Yes, Ted, if I’m correct, I deliberation your marketplace intelligence programme rollout was slower than anticipated. Is that a assets rumor aliases was location immoderate peculiar challenge?

Ted Fernandez

Well it’s both. We’ve been adding resources to that merchandise improvement group. But we were besides recruiting participants and getting nan feedback, backmost from those first first programs. And yes, location was a small learning and betterment that happened arsenic portion of that, but we deliberation it’s resulting successful an exceptional product.

Vince Colicchio

Per your comments on, clients person reset their expectations for spending. And conscionable funny you’re not expecting, maturation successful Oracle successful nan first half – first 3 quarters. Just curious, do you deliberation cancellations and possibly delays are down us? Or is it conscionable truthful reliable to foretell correct now?

Ted Fernandez

I mean, you ne'er really know, but I would opportunity that nan events we’ve faced are intelligibly uncommon to us. I mean, do things happen, things compliance again, alteration priorities, it person to reset of course, my consciousness is that clients had a really bully chance to look successful correct size and reset priorities successful their 2023 readying process, and you’re seeing it arsenic they each denote and reset expectations for their earnings, which has included reductions and reprioritization of initiatives crossed each industries. We’ve seen it and we’ll proceed to spot it arsenic group study and move into nan opening of nan year.

But truthful erstwhile I deliberation that, that process was arsenic thoughtful that they had a beautiful bully consciousness for what nan 2nd half of 2022 brought connected and what they needed to prosecute successful 2023 erstwhile nan marketplace was being truthful clear and penalizing those who were not resetting and right-sizing connected a timely basis. We deliberation that it’s been a beautiful bully shakeout successful that, we will spot clients accelerate their walk passim Q1 and into Q2, and it’ll amended successful nan 2nd half of nan year. That’s what we judge liking complaint increases whitethorn disrupt and request a small spot more. But look, arsenic nan marketplace besides continues to opportunity unrecorded stock of those liking rates increases are successful place. We cognize nan request disruption that it’s created; it’s allowed people, I deliberation to, effort to scheme for 2023 properly. Those who I think, those I conscionable can’t ideate galore that person deferred decisions arsenic they’ve reported Q4 and guided Q1 and spoken to their employees.

Vince Colicchio

Thanks for each nan color. Thanks Ted.


Thank you. And astatine this time, I show nary further questions. I will move nan telephone backmost complete to Mr. Fernandez.

Ted Fernandez

Thank you, Operator and fto maine convey everyone for participating successful our 4th fourth net call. Look guardant to updating you again erstwhile we study nan first quarter.


And that does reason today’s conference. Thank you each for participating. You whitethorn disconnect astatine this time.

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