The entire fintech industry is not in distress – here’s who is hiring

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'The buzz and momentum for these companies is dissimilar thing I’ve seen before'

With truthful many fintechs laying disconnected staff, it tin beryllium easy to presume that nan full manufacture is successful distress.

But that’s not nan case. In fact, immoderate companies are uncovering opportunity successful nan masses of layoffs.

Rex Salisbury, founding partner of Cambrian Ventures and formerly connected nan fintech finance squad astatine Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), believes that early-stage fintech founders, peculiarly astatine nan pre-seed and seed stages, “are nan large winners successful nan existent occupation marketplace and are pulling successful apical talent that would person been inaccessible 6 months ago. The buzz and momentum for these companies is dissimilar thing I’ve seen before, it’s incredible.”

And Lee Hower, a co-founder and partner astatine NextView Ventures who was connected nan founding squad of LinkedIn, believes that contempt nan downturn, location stay fintechs that are “thriving.”

“I was an early worker astatine PayPal and we grew during nan dotcom bust and were a uncommon IPO successful 2002,” he told TechCrunch. “The brightest stars successful fintech coming are likewise succeeding contempt nan macro backdrop because they’re solving existent problems that consumers, businesses, and financial institutions are dealing pinch each day.”

Here are immoderate fintech companies that are hiring. Note that this is evidently not a broad list, and that we’ll beryllium search much successful upcoming editions of our fintech newsletter, The Interchange. (Note, it comes retired each Sunday and it’s FREE).

  • Insurance infrastructure startup Lula, which has raised $18 cardinal successful backing from nan likes of NextView Ventures, Founders Fund and Khosla Ventures, is hiring 10 crossed engineering, merchandise and sales.
  • Another infrastructure startup, Unit, is besides hiring — pinch astir a twelve unfastened roles crossed nan U.S. and Israel. The institution past twelvemonth raised closed a $100 cardinal Series C information of funding led by Insight Partners astatine a $1.2 cardinal valuation.
  • Array, a New York-based bringing consumers financial, identity, and privateness protection tools, is hiring 8 engineers for its caller product, Hello Privacy. The institution has raised $67 million from Battery Ventures, NextView Ventures, and General Catalyst.
  • Trading app is hiring 14 crossed engineering, supporting, operations, marketing, merchandise and design. The institution past raised successful 2021 — a $220 cardinal Series D backing round astatine a $1.2 cardinal valuation.
  • Securesave, an emergency savings fintech, is hiring for astatine slightest complete 5 roles complete nan adjacent fewer months crossed income and operations.
  • Setpoint is hiring 5 roles successful sales, finance, operations, and engineering. The institution recently raised a caller $43 million led by Andreesen Horowitz 
  • OatFi, a B2B BNPL which precocious raised an $8 cardinal seed from QED and Rex Salisbury of Cambrian, is hiring for four roles.

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