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The Starforge Navigator PC sitting connected a java table.

Starforge Systems Navigator

MSRP $1,900.00

“The Starforge Systems Navigator makes a compelling statement for prebuilt gaming PCs.”


  • Excellent build quality
  • No bloatware
  • Solid performance
  • Two-year warranty


  • A spot expensive
  • No other powerfulness proviso cables

Names for illustration Asmongold, Emiru, MoistCr1TiKaL, and Sodapoppin should beryllium acquainted to you if you linger connected Twitch time aft day. Outside of being immoderate of The astir successful streamers connected The platform, they each stock thing other in communal — a resounding endorsement of gaming PCs built by Starforge Systems.

Get your play teardown of The tech down PC gaming

Starforge Systems is an absorbing anomaly in The world of prebuilt gaming PCs. It’s not conscionable a matter of successful Twitch streamers putting their seal of support connected a portion of hardware. According to Starforge, these creators really ain The company, aliases astatine slightest a information of it.

I received The Navigator, which is in The mediate of The heap of The 15 different configurations that Starforge Systems presently offers. It hits a saccharine spot in position of value and performance, and moreover among a oversea of rival PC builders, The Starforge Navigator feels for illustration a PC worthy of The names that backmost it.

Specs and pricing

RAM wrong The Starforge Navigator.Jacob Roach

But let’s meet The Navigator. It’s a $1,900 PC that features beautiful coagulated specs for The price. You’re getting an RTX 4070 GPU, 1TB of PCIe 4.0 storage, 32GB of DDR5-6000 memory, a 240mm liquid cooler from DeepCool, and a coagulated branded motherboard and powerfulness proviso from MSI.

One point I admit astir Starforge is that it lists The circumstantial components you’re getting in The build — a batch of builders switch parts retired depending connected availability, meaning you mightiness get thing you weren’t expecting in The mail.

The only objection is The graphics card. The Navigator comes pinch an RTX 4070, and Starforge has an MSI exemplary pictured connected its merchandise page. I received a PNY model. GPUs are volatile, and it’s unreasonable to presume Starforge would support inventory of a circumstantial exemplary of graphics card, truthful it gets a walk here.

CPU AMD Ryzen 5 7600X
CPU Cooler Starforge Custom DeepCool LT520 240mm Liquid Cooler
Memory Teamgroup Delta RGB 32GB DDR5-6000 (2x16GB)
GPU Nvidia RTX 4070
Motherboard MSI Pro B650-P Wi-Fi
Storage 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD
Power supply MSI MAG A750GL PCIe 5.0
Case XPG Invader X

If you return each of The components present and value them out, it comes retired to astir $1,450, positive a fewer further fans and a Windows key. Starforge is charging $1,900, which is simply a very reasonable price. It’s astir $400 for The build fee, and for that, you get a two-year parts and labour warranty. The existent boon for Starforge, however, is that you Can spot what you’re really getting earlier you bargain it. There isn’t a database of generic specs, and I wasn’t amazed to spot The last merchandise erstwhile it showed up connected my doorstep.

I’m reviewing The Navigator, but location are a batch of different options. The Horizon II is The cheapest build astatine $1,050, and it comes pinch an AMD RX 6650 XT and Intel Core i5-12400F. At The apical end, you Can driblet $4,600 connected The Voyager II Elite, which comes kitted retired pinch an Intel Core i9-14900K and Nvidia RTX 4090.

Inside The Starforge Navigator

The Starforge Navigator PC pinch The broadside sheet removed.Jacob Roach

Unboxing The Navigator was a breeze. Unlike The CLX Hathor aliases Origin Neuron, you don’t person to contend pinch a costly woody shipping crate to get to your PC. It’s a cardboard box, fresh pinch immoderate bubble wrap to support The PC safe. Starforge uses expandable foam wrong The PC to support The graphics paper and different soul components, and everything showed up astatine my doorway in cleanable condition.

Starforge is simply a spot dense connected The fans, apt for artistic reasons, but it makes The PC louder than it needs to be. The fans ramp up erstwhile The PC is nether load, arsenic expected, but there’s a changeless hum coming from The rig owed to The 7 fans in The comparatively mini case.

Still, The fans are configured in a smart measurement here. There are 4 intakes, 3 connected The broadside and 1 connected The bottom, and 3 exhausts, 1 astatine The rear and 2 connected apical done The liquid cooler. The XPG lawsuit Starforge uses includes particulate filters for each of The intakes, truthful keeping The PC cleanable shouldn’t beryllium a hassle.

The accessories container for The Starforge Navigator PC.Jacob Roach

In summation to The PC, you get an accessories case, a powerfulness cable, and a speedy commencement guide. The commencement guideline is helpful, though it should statement The integrative that covers The liquid cooler. There’s a bladed furniture of integrative complete The liquid cooler, and it’d beryllium easy to miss in The unreserved of mounting up a caller gaming PC.

The accessories container held a suite of goodies that were included pinch The XPG case, including a vertical GPU mount, other screws, cablegram ties, and moreover a GPU support. Starforge oddly doesn’t see immoderate other powerfulness proviso cables, however. Someone acquainted pinch PCs could abstracted what’s what here, but a spot of archiving for newcomers would beryllium adjuvant pinch a suite of disparate parts for illustration this.

The wrong of The PC is simply a dream. Starforge has fantabulous cablegram management, and it includes immoderate comforts for illustration cablegram combs to support The beforehand bay looking tidy. This is overmuch amended attraction to item than you get pinch thing for illustration The MSI Aegis RS 12, and a bully statement for a strategy integrator complete a mainstream brand.

Cable comb wrong The Starforge Navigator PC.Jacob Roach

I Can only speak for The PC I reviewed. I’ve seen a fistful of different reviews that person spotted issues for illustration The SSD power descend sticker still being applied and connectors not being seated fully. These problems person been showcased by monolithic names for illustration Gamers Nexus and Linus Tech Tips, and further amplified by The streamers serving arsenic a look for Starforge Systems.

In short, I judge Starforge is alert of The attraction paid to its PCs fixed its star-studded slate of owners, and I don’t judge oversights for illustration this will beryllium communal aliases widespread.

Warranty and support

The CPU cooler wrong The Starforge Navigator PC.Jacob Roach

Starforge includes a two-year warranty connected each caller PCs, covering hardware and labour for The “core computer.” The institution defines that arsenic The original hardware in The PC, short of immoderate typical requests aliases monitors ordered alongside The PC. If you person a valid claim, Starforge says it will switch aliases repair your PC nether The warranty.

One objection to this warranty is modification. If you alteration thing in The PC aliases different tinker inside, there’s a bully chance your warranty declare will beryllium denied. Thankfully, Starforge doesn’t spot immoderate warranty stickers astatine captious introduction points, truthful arsenic agelong arsenic you’re not breaking thing erstwhile opening The PC, you should beryllium safe nether The warranty — I won’t show if you won’t.

In summation to The warranty, you get 30 days to return The strategy for a refund. Shipping isn’t included in The refund, unless The return was owed to The strategy being damaged during transit. Beyond that point, Starforge still accepts returns, but you’ll beryllium charged a 15% restocking fee, arsenic good arsenic a “rental fee” of $75 per time beyond The return window.

Bloatware and configuration

Starforge makes a beardown statement for going pinch a smaller strategy integrator alternatively than a mainstream marque for illustration HP, Asus, aliases Lenovo. A large logic why is software. The Navigator doesn’t travel bogged down pinch a barrage of software, pinch Starforge alternatively opting for a fewer useful apps, which intends you Can dive in and commencement utilizing your PC correct away.

There’s nary bloatware here. Starforge preinstalled Google Chrome and The Nvidia App connected my reappraisal unit, some of which are apps I instantly scope for pinch a caller PC. The BIOS looked bully arsenic well, pinch some Resizable BAR enabled and The overclocking floor plan for The representation selected.


The GeForce RTX 4070 wrong The Starforge Navigator PC.Jacob Roach

The Starforge Navigator uses off-the-shelf components. The extremity pinch it is to lucifer The capacity you Can get pinch these parts if you built The PC yourself, and The Navigator meets that standard. I ran it done a bid of benchmarks, testing against The results I saw erstwhile testing The Ryzen 5 7600X and RTX 4070 individually.

Starforge Navigator Ryzen 5 7600X reference PC
Cinebench R23 multi-core 14,751 15,366
Cinebnehc R23 azygous core 1,948 1,965

The Ryzen 5 7600X is simply a six-core CPU, which is simply a spot underpowered for productivity use. It’s a bully spot to trim erstwhile building a focused gaming rig, however. In Cinebench, The Ryzen 5 7600X was a spot down The multi-core people I achieved pinch The banal part, though it managed to lucifer The velocity in The single-core benchmark.

It’s not excessively large of a trade-off, and apt down to variance betwixt The CPUs themselves. The much absorbing benchmarks are for The GPU. Starforge says this a rig for “1080p Ultra” gaming, though that’s trading it short. The RTX 4070, arsenic you Can publication in our RTX 4070 review, is squarely a 1440p graphics paper pinch aspirations for 4K.

Starforge Navigator RTX 4070 reference PC
Horizon Zero Dawn 4K 78 fps 78 fps
Cyberpunk 2077 4K 27 fps 31 fps
Cyberpunk 2077 4K ray tracing 17 fps 18 fps
Cyberpunk 2077 4K ray tracing w/ DLSS 3 61 fps 73 fps
Returnal 4K 50 fps 52 fps
Returnal 4K ray tracing 39 fps 41 fps
Returnal 4K ray tracing w/ DLSS 3 88 fps N/A
Red Dead Redemption 2 63 fps 65 fps

Starting pinch The 4K benchmarks, The Starforge Navigator is correct in statement pinch what I expect to spot from The RTX 4070. There are immoderate places wherever The reference PC is ahead, astir notably in Cyberpunk 2077 with DLSS 3 enabled, but you’re consistently getting complete 60 frames per 2nd (fps) in demanding games astatine this resolution, either natively aliases done immoderate operation of upscaling and framework generation.

Starforge Navigator RTX 4070 reference PC
Horizon Zero Dawn 1440p 142 fps 146 fps
Cyberpunk 2077 1440p 74 fps 72 fps
Cyberpunk 2077 1440p ray tracing 37 fps 39 fps
Cyberpunk 2077 1440p ray tracing w/ DLSS 3 120 fps 121 fps
Returnal 1440p 89 fps 90 fps
Returnal 1440p ray tracing 75 fps 76 fps
Returnal 1440p ray tracing w/ DLSS 3 154 fps N/A
Red Dead Redemption 2 99 fps 99 fps

Things are much comfortable astatine 1440p, pinch games like Horizon Zero Dawn shooting good supra 100 fps. Once again, Starforge is wrong a framework of my reference PC in astir games, showcasing that location aren’t excessively galore bottlenecks present for The GPU.

The main drawback present for gaming is The CPU. The Ryzen 5 7600X is simply a coagulated gaming CPU, but a faster CPU could make a large quality for games that Can standard up connected The processor, specified arsenic Cyberpunk 2077. In this build, The Ryzen 7 7800X3D seems for illustration an evident prime for a high-end rig, truthful a fewer options to switch retired The CPU would thief tailor The PC for The different components inside.

Should you bargain The Starforge Systems Navigator?

The Starforge Navigator PC pinch The broadside sheet removed.Jacob Roach

There are a batch of strategy integrators connected The market. Some of them build coagulated PCs, and others are truthful problematic you could telephone them a scam. Thankfully, Starforge Systems fits into The erstwhile category. There’s still a humble build interest present of astir $400, but that’s adjacent considering The attraction to item wrong The PC.

Cable guidance is excellent, and capacity lined up pinch my expectations. The PC is simply a spot large owed to being stuffed pinch fans, and you don’t person a ton of options for a GPU upgrade without other powerfulness proviso cables, but for a PC that’s built good and runs well, you could do a batch worse.

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