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Although we cognize each of The specifications astir Intel’s Lunar Lake architecture, The processors themselves person been shrouded in mystery. Now, we person our first sensation of what these processors could look like, including a captious spec that Intel has kept nether wraps: powerfulness draw.

Specs for The afloat lineup of Lunar Lake CPUs were shared by VideoCardz citing its ain sources. As usual, it’s important to grip these specs pinch a patient dose of skepticism. According to The outlet, Intel is group to stock much astir The CPUs in The coming weeks, truthful it shouldn’t beryllium agelong until we person confirmed specs.

There are 9 models here, which alteration chiefly in timepiece velocity and representation configuration. Lunar Lake uses 2 clusters of 4 cores, 1 of which uses The businesslike Skymont architecture and The different The uses The performant Lion Cove architecture. According to The report, each of The models will usage this configuration of 8 cores.

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The much absorbing spec is power. According to The report, each of The processors will person a TDP of 17 watts while being Can of boosting up to 30W. The only objection is The Core Ultra 9 288V — reportedly The only Core Ultra 9 exemplary in The lineup — that has a guidelines and boost powerfulness of 30W.

Models (rumored) Base / Turbo Power (rumored) Memory (rumored) P-core / E-core boost timepiece (rumored)
Core Ultra 9 288V 30W / 30W 32GB 5.1GHz / 3.7GHz
Core Ultra 7 268V 17W / 30W 32GB 5GHz / 3.7GHz
Core Ultra 7 266V 17W / 30W 16GB 5GHz / 3.7GHz
Core Ultra 7 258V 17W / 30W 32GB 4.8GHz / 3.7GHz
Core Ultra 7 256V 17W / 30W 16GB 4.8GHz / 3.7GHz
Core Ultra 5 238V 17W / 30W 32GB 4.7GHz / 3.5GHz
Core Ultra 5 236V 17W / 30W 16GB 4.7GHz / 3.5GHz
Core Ultra 5 228V 17W / 30W 32GB 4.5GHz / 3.5GHz
Core Ultra 5 226V 17W / 30W 16GB 4.5GHz / 3.5GHz

Compared to last-gen Meteor Lake CPUs, Intel is splitting The quality connected power. Its Meteor Lake-U bid came pinch a guidelines powerfulness of 15W that boosted up to 57W, arsenic good arsenic models pinch a guidelines powerfulness of 9W that could boost up to 30W. Lunar Lake is settling in between, offering much powerfulness astatine its default powerfulness tie and a little ceiling for its boost.

By The numbers, Intel is coming in beneath The Snapdragon X Elite, which could person immoderate implications for artillery life. There’s much that goes into artillery life than conscionable a powerfulness tie spec, however. If Intel is capable to compete pinch The artillery life we’ve seen from Snapdragon X Elite notebooks, it’ll apt beryllium from The “radical low-power architecture” that Intel says Lunar Lake is.

Outside of power, it looks for illustration Intel is defining a constrictive scope for specs for illustration timepiece speed. The lowest-end processor, The Core Ultra 5 226V, comes pinch a boost timepiece of 4.5GHz, while The highest-end Core Ultra 9 288V goes to 5.1GHz. It will beryllium absorbing to spot really these different chips clasp up in believe fixed The insignificant spec differences betwixt them.

One of The bigger differentiating factors is memory. Lunar Lake is simply a system-on-a-chip (SoC) that includes memory. Intel is utilizing 32GB of LPDDR5X-8533 for astir models, though location are variants that travel pinch little memory. For instance, The Core Ultra 7 266V, Core Ultra 7 256V, and Core Ultra 5 236V are each variants of different processors in The lineup that travel pinch 16GB of memory.

Lunar Lake CPUs aren’t acold away. Intel tells us that they’ll beryllium disposable “in clip for The vacation shopping season,” and The rumor mill seems to pin The merchandise day immoderate clip in September. Intel is holding its Innovation arena connected September 24, which could beryllium erstwhile we spot these CPUs yet move up.

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