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Amazon has led The measurement pinch its Kindle lineup erstwhile it comes to reference e-books and interacting digitally pinch our favourite stories. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is 1 of The astir celebrated e-readers connected The marketplace and has been since its release. The best Kindles person a batch to offer, but not everyone wants to spell pinch an Amazon product. If you’re 1 of those group you whitethorn beryllium wondering what The champion Kindle alternatives whitethorn be. There are rather a fewer brands retired location making value e-book readers, and we’ve tested them out. In The process we’ve made our selections for The champion Kindle alternatives.

The champion Kindle alternatives in 2024

  • Buy The if you want The champion Kindle replacement overall.
  • Buy The if you want The champion Kindle replacement for reference ebooks.
  • Buy The if you want The champion premium Kindle alternative.
  • Buy The if you want The champion Kindle replacement for all-purpose use.
  • Buy The if you want The champion Kindle replacement for kids.

Kobo Libra 2

Best Kindle replacement overall

The Kobo Libra 2 being utilized during breakfast.Kobo
Pros Cons
Glare-free display Slow to startup
Ergonomic design
Support for audiobooks

Kobo is simply a Japanese marque that makes high-quality and stylish e-book readers. The Kobo Libra 2 been among our best e-book readers for immoderate time, and Kobo moreover manages to spot different devices connected The list. The Libra 2 comes pinch a accelerated show pinch heavy opposition and speedy page turns. It’s ever glare-free, and it has ComfortLight Pro adjustable brightness and bluish ray simplification exertion to limit oculus strain. The Libra 2 is afloat waterproof, truthful you Can do your e-reading astatine The beach, by The pool, aliases anyplace other you whitethorn prefer.

Display 7-inch touchscreen
Battery life Up to 21 hours

Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight 4e

Best Kindle replacement for reference ebooks

The Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight 4e against a achromatic background.Barnes & Noble
Pros Cons
High solution display Small surface size
Glare and fingerprint resistance
Long artillery life

The Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight 4e is intentionally simple. B&N has near retired a batch of The frills you find in The immoderate of The best tablets in bid to make an affordable e-book reader, and in The process it has made The champion Kindle replacement for reference e-books. This instrumentality isn’t going to beryllium that awesome astatine thing else, but if you simply want to get mislaid in a book for hours astatine a time, this is The Kindle replacement for you.

Display 6-inch touchscreen
Battery life Up to 4 days

Boox Note Air 3

Best premium Kindle alternative

Somebody penning connected The Boox Note Air 3.Boox
Pros Cons
Simulates reference connected paper Expensive
Note-taking functionality
Large 10.3-inch display

If you’re looking to dainty yourself pinch a caller e-reader, The champion premium Kindle replacement is The Boox Note Air 3. It’s sleek and incredibly refined, and it offers a distraction-free reference acquisition pinch exceptional achromatic and achromatic opposition for sharper matter and amended focus. It comes pinch a ton of power, arsenic it features an 8-core processor. This will travel in useful if you scheme to usage The Note Air 3 for things for illustration note-taking aliases marking up documents, arsenic it allows you to constitute connected documents in summation to its capabilities arsenic an e-reader.

Display 10.3-inch touchscreen
Battery life Up to 4 weeks

Apple iPad (10th-gen)

A female useful connected an Apple iPad 2022 pinch an Apple Pencil.Apple

Best Kindle replacement for all-purpose use

Pros Cons
Beautiful display Poor artillery life
Colorful lineup Expensive
Large app ecosystem

If you’re looking for a instrumentality that Can do much than conscionable e-reading, The Apple iPad (10th-gen) is The champion Kindle replacement for all-purpose use. This is overmuch much of a tablet than an e-reader, and arsenic such, you’ll beryllium getting each sorts of further functionality. You’ll person a plethora of apps astatine your disposal, and The beautiful show is arsenic immersive erstwhile watching movies arsenic accepted e-readers Can beryllium erstwhile reference books. Apps disposable see things for illustration The Kindle App and Apple Books, truthful you Can remainder assured you’ll person entree to e-books pinch The iPad.

Display 10.9-inch Liquid Retina touchscreen
Battery life Up to 10 hours

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

Best Kindle replacement for kids

A small boy pinch a worksheet watching video connected a bluish Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet.Amazon
Pros Cons
Robust parental controls Poor artillery life
Access to books, movies, and more
Full HD surface resolution

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is much than a awesome e-reader for kids. It’s besides 1 of The best tablets for kids, and we deliberation it’s The champion Kindle replacement for kids. It’s made for kids ages 6-12 and has entree to thousands of ad-free books, games, videos and apps. It’s besides group up for parents to enactment in power of The device. Kids Can petition apps and e-books, while parents must o.k. purchases and downloads. The web browser has built-in controls to thief select retired inappropriate sites and fto you artifact circumstantial ones. The Amazon Fire HD Kids Pro Can scope up to 12 hours of life connected a azygous charge, and its 10.1-inch show comes in astatine Full HD resolution.

Display 10.1-inch touchscreen
Battery life Up to 12 hours

How we chose these Kindle alternatives

We emotion to publication arsenic overmuch arsenic The adjacent bookworm, and we’ve put a batch of e-book readers to usage because of it. When considering The champion Kindle alternatives we leaned connected our knowledge of The Kindle lineup and what makes it truthful popular. We compared those features to different e-readers, and came distant pinch a The database of The champion Kindle alternatives you’ll find above. We placed a beardown accent connected e-readers we’ve utilized ourselves, pinch a secondary accent connected affordability, surface resolution, and artillery life, arsenic we consciousness these competence in these areas are important erstwhile it comes to getting yourself an e-reader that makes for 1 of The champion Kindle alternatives.

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