Tesla’s silly new accessory is a big, tough home charger

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Meet Tesla’s latest gadget: A location charging position that looks arsenic futuristic arsenic a Porsche hard drive from The early 2010s. 

The Cybervault seems to beryllium a Tesla Wall Connector in a decidedly Cybertruck-inspired case, and boy does it look reliable in a promo video posted by Tesla connected Weibo. The instrumentality is “tailor-made for The Chinese market,” an auto-translation of Tesla’s product page reads, and The vibe is silly hypermasculinity, conscionable for illustration Tesla’s delayed truck.

Tesla says The charging strategy includes a cablegram that detaches from The container and Can beryllium utilized on-the-go, but The protective ammunition seems for illustration The prima of this show. The automaker’s teaser clip shows The lawsuit boldly withstanding dust, water, a large rubber mallet and moreover alloy balls — possibly The aforesaid benignant that defeated The Cybertruck’s windows in a 2019 merchandise demo, Teslarati points out.

Per Google’s auto-translation, Tesla says Cybervault is simply a “single-phase 220V charging device, compatible pinch each Tesla models, and The corresponding charging capacity is 32A/7KW.” The charger weighs 13 kilograms (around 28.5 lbs) and its cablegram is 6 meters long, according to The site.

The page adds that The instrumentality comes pinch installation included and “supports plug-and-play charging, scheduled charging/departure connected clip and different charging experiences.” It’s priced astatine an balanced of astir $800 USD. 

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