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Heya, folks, invited to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s regular newsletter that recaps The past fewer days in tech.

Google’s yearly enterprise-focused dev conference, Google Cloud Next, dominated The headlines — and we had plenty of coverage from The event. But it wasn’t The only point afoot (see: the spectacular eclipse).

Lorenzo wrote astir really hackers stole complete ~340,000 Social Security numbers from authorities consulting patient Greylock McKinnon Associates (GMA). It took GMA 9 months to find The grade of The breach and notify victims; arsenic of yet, it’s unclear why.

Elsewhere, Sarah had The communicative connected Spotify’s personalized AI playlists, which lets users create a playlist based connected written prompts.

And Connie reported connected the decease of entrepreneur Mahbod Moghadam, who roseate to fame arsenic The co-founder of Genius, The online euphony encyclopedia. Moghadam passed distant astatine The property of 41 owing to complications from a recurring encephalon tumor.

Lots other happened. We recap it each in this version of WiR — but first, a reminder to sign up to person The WiR newsletter in your inbox each Saturday.


Tesla value drop: Tesla dropped prices of unsold Model Y SUVs in The U.S. by thousands of dollars in an effort to clear retired an unprecedented inventory backlog.

Snapchat turns disconnected its star system: Snapchat adjusted a characteristic in its app that visualizes really “close” you are to your friends aft reporting revealed that it was adding to teens’ anxiety.

Noninvasive worry treatment: Neurovalens, a startup processing tech to present noninvasive electrical stimulation of The encephalon and tense system, achieved FDA clearance acknowledgment to a 2019 agency norm alteration aimed astatine encouraging innovations targeting insomnia and anxiety.

Llama 3: At an arena in London, Meta confirmed that it plans an first merchandise of Llama 3 — The adjacent procreation of its AI exemplary utilized to powerfulness chatbots and different apps — wrong The month.

Emulators in The store: Apple updated its App Store rules to globally let emulators for retro console games an action for downloading titles.

AT&T breach: AT&T began notifying U.S. authorities authorities and regulators of a information incident aft confirming that millions of customer records posted online last period were authentic.


Web3 and beauty: Kiki World, a beauty marque that uses web3 for customer co-creation and ownership, has closed a $7 cardinal information led by Andreessen Horowitz.


Magnets in keyboards: Frederic writes astir an intriguing improvement in mechanical keyboard design: magnetic switches, which Can quickly alteration The actuation constituent — The constituent during The keypress wherever The move registers a downstroke.

WFH, present to stay: Working from location isn’t going distant — moreover if immoderate CEOs wish it would. Ron writes that astir workers crave elasticity and work-life equilibrium — who knew?


On Equity’s startup-focused Wednesday show, The unit dug into The Multiverse’s acquisition of Searchlight, The latest Guesty round, The Monad Labs transaction and a caller task superior money targeting maturation rounds in Africa.

Meanwhile, Found featured Ben Christensen, The laminitis and CEO of Cambium, a startup that’s reimagining The wood proviso concatenation and reallocating antecedently wasted materials to beryllium utilized in caller building projects.

Bonus round

Microsoft passwords exposed: Security researchers discovered an unfastened and nationalist database hosted connected Microsoft’s Azure unreality work that was storing soul accusation relating to Microsoft’s Bing hunt engine. Microsoft says that it has resolved The lapse.

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