TerraVest Industries: Compounder With Impressive Growth And Decent Yield

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Businessman draws summation arrow chart firm early maturation twelvemonth 2022 to 2023. Planning,opportunity, situation and business strategy. New Goals, Plans and Visions for Next Year 2023.

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As I mentioned successful my article astir Supremex (OTCPK:SUMXF, SXP:CA) here, I've been looking for worth banal finance opportunities successful Canada lately. Today, I want to talk astir TerraVest Industries (OTCPK:TRRVF) (TSX:TVK:CA). It's a compounder focused connected buying up manufacturing businesses that has grown astatine an awesome pace. Also, nan output looks decent and its caller financial results person benefited from precocious power prices. Let's review.

Overview of nan business and financials

TerraVest was founded successful 2004 and it owns respective niche manufacturing and power services businesses pinch accommodation adjacent to nan US border. Revenues are divided almost successful nan mediate betwixt Canada and nan USA. The business is comprised of 24 subsidiary companies and much than 1,650 labor and is divided into 4 operating segments, namely HVAC Equipment, Compressed Gas Equipment, Processing Equipment Processing, and Service. The HVAC Equipment conception manufactures commercialized and residential refined substance tanks, furnaces, boilers, aerial conditioning instrumentality and controls. The Compressed Gas Equipment portion focuses connected engineered products for nan storage, distribution and dispensing of compressed gases specified arsenic liquid propane gas, earthy state liquids, liquified earthy gas, anhydrous ammonia, and c dioxide. The products see bulk retention vessels, carrier trailers, transportation units, dispensers arsenic good arsenic commercialized and residential retention tanks. Processing Equipment Processing limb specializes successful nan manufacturing of wellhead processing instrumentality and tanks, desanding equipment, biogas accumulation equipment, h2o curen instrumentality and various different civilization process equipment. Its main clients see lipid and state companies, utilities, municipalities and engineering companies. Finally, nan Service conception is progressive successful nan proviso of services to nan power assemblage including fluid hauling, h2o management, biology solutions, heating, rentals and good servicing. As you whitethorn person noticed, nan Processing Equipment and Services segments are highly limited connected nan fortunes of nan lipid and state sector. There is seasonality successful nan business of nan group and nan first and 4th quarters of nan fiscal twelvemonth are usually nan strongest. The Processing Equipment and Service segments usually make higher income successful nan first and 2nd quarters of nan fiscal twelvemonth arsenic this is nan play erstwhile nan mostly of nan drilling play successful nan lipid assemblage successful Western Canada takes place.

Turning our attraction to nan financial capacity of TerraVest complete nan past decade, we tin spot that revenues person soared by complete 800% since FY13 to $459.8 cardinal for nan past 12 months. Operating income has almost matched this maturation rate.

TerraVest 10-year financial performance

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The main measurement TerraVest has been increasing astatine specified a accelerated gait is M&A. Over nan past 5 years, it has spent only astir C$45 cardinal ($33.1 million) connected integrated maturation initiatives. Yet, nan group bought a full of 14 companies for complete C$230 cardinal ($169.1 million) betwixt FY14 and FY22 and it has often paid debased azygous digit EBITDA multiples. TerraVest has been looking for synergies and nan target companies usually see businesses without a succession scheme aliases that are successful distress. According to Fairway Research, nan group tin mostly execute returns of finance of astir 17% connected purchases (check pages 13 and 14 here). Half of those 14 acquired companies run successful nan HVAC Equipment, and Compressed Gas Equipment segments, which presently relationship for almost half of revenues.

Turning our attraction to nan latest disposable financial results of TerraVest, we tin spot that Q1 FY23 revenues and EBITDA roseate by 34.9% and 49% to C$177.2 cardinal ($130.3 million) and C$30.2 cardinal ($22.2 million), respectively.

TerraVest Q1 FY23 gross and EBITDA


A batch of nan gross maturation came from nan acquisition of Mississippi Tank and Manufacturing Company (March 2022), T.S.X. Transport (October 2022), and Green Energy Services (November 2021). Excluding these 3 purchases, Q1 FY23 income accrued by 9.7% to C$133.4 cardinal ($98.1 million). Most of nan integrated maturation successful income and EBITDA came from nan Processing Equipment conception acknowledgment to beardown request for power processing instrumentality successful Western Canada arsenic a consequence of precocious lipid prices.

TerraVest processing instrumentality conception results


High power prices besides provided a boost to nan Services business arsenic nan revenues of this portion excluding Green Energy Services grew by 27.6% to C$5.2 cardinal ($3.8 million) successful Q1 FY23.

Turning our attraction to nan equilibrium sheet, I deliberation that TerraVest is successful a beardown position arsenic its nett indebtedness stood astatine conscionable C$222.2 cardinal ($163.3 million) arsenic of December contempt nan various acquisitions complete nan past fewer years.

TerraVest Q1 FY23 equilibrium sheet


Turning our attraction to nan valuation, TerraVest has an endeavor worth of C$677.4 cardinal ($498 million) arsenic of nan clip of penning and is trading astatine an EV/EBIT ratio of 11.5x. In my view, this ratio could summation successful nan adjacent early arsenic falling lipid prices will apt put unit connected nan financial capacity of nan Processing Equipment and Service segments. However, I deliberation that nan institution is undervalued astatine nan infinitesimal owed to its way record. In my view, nan disciplined M&A strategy of TerraVest could alteration nan it to much than double its gross and EBITDA complete nan adjacent decade. I besides for illustration nan truth that nan institution has a decent yield. Over nan past 3 years, TerraVest has repurchased astir 3.2 cardinal shares. In addition, nan institution has a quarterly dividend of C$0.125 ($0.092). This translates into a dividend output of 1.96% arsenic of nan clip of writing.

Looking astatine nan risks for nan bull case, I deliberation that location are 2 awesome ones. First, rising liking rates could lead to little power prices which will negatively effect nan financial capacity of nan Processing Equipment and Services segments. Second, nan regular trading measurement seldom exceeds 10,000 shares which intends that location could beryllium important stock value volatility. In my view, it could beryllium vulnerable to commencement a ample position arsenic it would beryllium challenging to exit without putting unit connected nan stock price.

Investor takeaway

TerraVest looks costly based connected fundamentals astatine first glance, but nan institution has a compelling way grounds of increasing revenues and EBITDA complete nan past decade, moreover during periods of anemic lipid prices. In my view, nan equilibrium expanse is strong, and nan institution is capable to proceed increasing astatine a accelerated gait done M&A. I wouldn't beryllium amazed if revenues and EBITDA doubled complete nan adjacent decade. However, it seems vulnerable to unfastened a ample position owed to nan debased trading volume.

Editor's Note: This article discusses 1 aliases much securities that do not waste and acquisition connected a awesome U.S. exchange. Please beryllium alert of nan risks associated pinch these stocks.

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