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SUNNYVALE — Authorities connected Thursday arrested 3 group in relationship pinch a shooting that wounded a man much than 2 weeks agone in Sunnyvale.

The shooting, on pinch a car crash, happened astir 10:40 p.m. connected Sept. 12 astatine Arbutus and Hawthorn avenues. Officers arrived to find a man suffering from a gunshot wound.

The man was taken to a hospital, wherever he was initially listed in captious condition.

Detectives identified 3 suspects in The shooting arsenic Destinee Armenta, Elder Caballero-Valencia and Raymond Gantt, The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety said in a connection Friday.

On Thursday, SDPS and Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office SWAT teams arrested Armenta and Caballero-Valencia astatine a residence in Modesto. Gantt was arrested in Sunnyvale.

Detectives besides worked pinch The Stockton Police Department SWAT squad to service a hunt warrant astatine a location in Stockton.

Armenta, Caballero-Valencia and Gantt were booked into Santa Clara County jailhouse connected charges including attempted murder, accessory to attempted execution and conspiracy to perpetrate a crime. Jail records showed each 3 are being held without bail.

Anyone pinch accusation related to The lawsuit Can interaction Detective Nicholas Kakis astatine 408-730-7110.

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