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Written by Nick Ackerman, co-produced by Stanford Chemist. This article was primitively published to members of nan CEF/ETF Income Laboratory connected February 17th, 2023.

The Cushing MLP & Infrastructure Total Return Fund (NYSE:SRV) is simply a pure-play power fund. They put only minimal amounts extracurricular of power investments, including MLPs. They are besides leveraged, truthful they besides knowledgeable nan large driblet that these sorts of closed-end costs saw successful 2020.

While I'm not willing successful putting superior to activity successful pure-play power funds, a scholar asked my thoughts. This is besides rather an absorbing money overall, based connected nan distribution bump they put into spot past year. They besides person changes coming up successful their sanction and finance policy, truthful that's each worthy covering.

The Basics

  • 1-Year Z-score: 1.72
  • Discount: -10.10%
  • Distribution Yield: 14.90%
  • Expense Ratio: 2.21%
  • Leverage: 14.74%
  • Managed Assets: $103 million
  • Structure: Perpetual

SRV is an incredibly mini fund, and though they person minimal leverage, it is still leveraged. That intends greater opportunity for upside but besides worse downside erstwhile things commencement going south. The fund's mini size besides limits trading volume, pinch mean regular trading measurement coming successful astatine astir 11k shares.

Like astir different power CEFs, they tally immoderate of nan highest disbursal ratios for immoderate reason. In this case, nan fund's full disbursal ratio, erstwhile including leverage, comes successful astatine 2.81%. With MLP CEFs, they person to salary taxes, truthful that becomes an disbursal for nan fund. However, SRV has qualified arsenic a regulated finance institution ("RIC"). Which intends they don't person to salary taxes connected nan money level.

Fund Changes Coming Soon

After nan crash, its sister fund, NXG NextGen Infrastructure Income Fund (NXG), switched its finance argumentation to go a hybrid fund. SRV maintained what they were doing for nan astir part. However, location are immoderate changes they announced.

On April 3rd, 2023, SRV's sanction will beryllium changed to NXG Cushing Midstream Energy Fund. Unlike NXG, location will beryllium nary ticker change.

Additionally, nan fund's finance argumentation will change. The superior alteration will travel from removing nan circumstantial attraction of investing successful MLPs. Previously, nan money had a argumentation to "invest astatine slightest 80% of its nett assets, positive immoderate borrowings for finance purposes, successful a portfolio of MLP Investments."

Instead, it will now simply beryllium "investing, nether normal marketplace conditions, astatine slightest 80% of its nett assets, positive immoderate borrowings for finance purposes, successful a portfolio of midstream power investments."

However, this was really they were already investing. MLPs were nan smallest information of their fund, and they noted this:

As of January 27th, 2023, 92.42% of nan Fund's nett assets, positive borrowings for finance purposes, consists of midstream investments, and truthful nan Fund does not expect that immoderate alteration misdeed nan Fund's finance attack aliases rebalancing of nan Fund's portfolio will beryllium required successful relationship pinch nan sanction and argumentation change.

Performance - Energy Exposure Leads To Strong Gains

Unlike its sister fund, NXG, they were leveraged heading into nan crash. That saw SRV's underlying portfolio diminution to a larger extent.



Since then, these costs person recovered acknowledgment to nan spot nan power assemblage has provided since those lows. In fact, since nan COVID debased connected March 23rd, 2020, SRV has travel roaring backmost arsenic they maintained their attraction connected power investments alternatively of going hybrid arsenic NXG (formerly SZC) had done.



Interestingly, SRV deleveraged into 2022. Their borrowings went from $33.715 cardinal to $7.315 million. Since 2022 was a beardown twelvemonth for energy, it was astir apt a move owed to important volatility that made nan managers nervous.

Distribution - Massive Increase Reduces Discount

SRV besides had bumped up their distribution by 200% astir 6 months ago. Similar to astir power funds, they trim drastically successful 2020. However, they are now 1 of nan only power costs to person a higher distribution than pre-crash.

SRV Distribution History

SRV Distribution History (CEFConnect)

It's besides now 1 of nan highest-yielding power funds, which helped immensely trim nan fund's discount. However, everything has to spell correct for nan distribution to beryllium covered done nan income generated connected nan portfolio and superior gains to capable nan shortfall. The distribution complaint connected nan NAV comes to 13.40%.

While nan output isn't astir apt sustainable complete nan longer term, it does bring up an absorbing question.

The consequence of specified a ample assistance successful nan monthly payout meant nan discount dropped materially. That's a immense use for shareholders who were seeing a money waste and acquisition perpetually astatine a 20%+ discount.

I don't uncertainty that it could pull much investor attraction if they support paying nan 14.90% distribution complaint currently. That could trim nan fund's discount moreover further conscionable by maintaining nan precocious level.



So investors person a prime to put successful a higher yielding fund, moreover though it isn't covered complete a much mean distribution from different funds, but that tin beryllium covered.

In nan end, nan full return results could beryllium nan aforesaid if 1 is reinvesting. However, SRV is apt to person its discount reduced aliases waste and acquisition person to parity pinch its NAV. At slightest historically, investors thin to pursuit output buying those pinch higher payouts alternatively than asking if it's covered.

Looking now specifically astatine 2022 coverage, acknowledgment to nan twelvemonth being specified a beardown twelvemonth for energy, SRV's distribution could person been considered covered. They besides weren't paying nan caller distribution for nan full period.

SRV Financial Data

SRV Financial Data (SRV Annual Report)

The annualized distribution going guardant is going to beryllium $5.4. Against nan full outstanding shares, they would salary retired $11,790,311. That would return down their DCF sum to 33.5% if dividends and liking connected nan money remained static. In different words, they'd person to find different ~$7.835 cardinal successful superior gains, aliases astatine this point, it comes retired to a 7.6% appreciation connected nan underlying portfolio.

For taxation purposes, nan money has a mates of levers to propulsion for return of superior distributions. They person superior nonaccomplishment carryforwards, and their underlying portfolio distributes retired ROC distributions. They estimate that a ample information of nan distribution for nan taxation twelvemonth 2022 will beryllium classified arsenic ROC.

For nan fiscal twelvemonth ended November 30, 2022, nan Fund's distributions were expected to beryllium 28%, aliases $1,601,090, mean income and 72%, aliases $4,163,061, return of capital. The last characteristic of distributions paid for nan fiscal twelvemonth ended November 30, 2022 will beryllium wished successful early 2023.

This could amended fresh a taxable relationship arsenic ROC distributions trim an investor's costs basis. With nan costs ground reduced, taxes aren't perchance owed until nan position is sold. Since I'm successful nan campy that they astir apt can't prolong specified an elevated distribution complete nan years, location could beryllium a destructive return of superior successful nan early too.

SRV's Portfolio

When looking astatine nan fund's allocation, nan 3 apical categories correspond nan largest weightings of nan fund. This is by a important degree, too, astatine an allocation of 69.5%. The large-cap diversified c-corp bucket takes up a worldly of 31.7% alone.

SRV Asset Allocation

SRV Asset Allocation (SRV Annual Report)

The short-term investments are put into First American Government Obligations Fund and First American Treasury Obligations Fund astatine nan extremity of November. That represented astir $23 cardinal of nan fund. Again, this is possibly a reflection that guidance was tense and, alternatively of being invested, was waiting for a diminution successful nan power abstraction owed to important volatility. With a recession anticipated heading into 2023, that mightiness not beryllium a unspeakable thought either.

Overall, nan money is very narrowly focused, pinch only 33 positions. That's 1 logic why nan fund's portfolio turnover tin beryllium truthful precocious astatine 142.52% for fiscal 2022. It wouldn't return overmuch buying and trading to ramp up that rate.

The largest position successful nan money astatine nan extremity of November was Energy Transfer (ET). This represented astir 6.3% of nan fund's invested superior astatine that time. ET is an MLP that, while cutting its distribution, has been moving connected raising it backmost up. In fact, nan latest distribution declared puts it backmost to nan aforesaid anterior to nan cut. The portion value has besides followed higher on pinch it.



Targa Resources (TRGP) was nan 2nd largest position successful nan money astatine nan extremity of November. A midstream institution pinch a earthy state and NGL focus. This institution besides didn't debar a trim successful its dividend, isolated from they aren't anyplace adjacent recovering from nan anterior payout. That being said, nan stock value has rocketed higher, bringing it to levels not seen since 2014/15. That has much than made up for immoderate 'missing' dividends.



In nan end, it matters very small wherever SRV generates returns, whether done higher payouts successful its portfolio aliases gains successful its portfolio. It tin person either root to screen its distribution to shareholders.


SRV accrued its distribution massively, towering astir different peers successful its payout rate. The distribution isn't apt to beryllium covered complete nan agelong word unless everything goes correct - which is surely imaginable but not probable. It gives investors different prime successful nan abstraction to cod higher distributions now, pinch nan consequence of possibly a draining excavation of assets later.

At nan aforesaid time, nan fund's discount has narrowed materially, which seems straight correlated pinch nan monolithic increase. Therefore, investors are benefiting from that. If they proceed paying retired nan aforesaid distribution rate, it apt will tie successful further investor liking to perchance trim that discount moreover further. That being said, volatility owed to a recession could nonstop nan discount wider erstwhile again.

Editor's Note: This article covers 1 aliases much microcap stocks. Please beryllium alert of nan risks associated pinch these stocks.

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