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A man looks astatine a man in azygous in Squid Game play 2.Netflix

Following a hugely successful first play that amazed virtually everyone, galore fans are eager for The imaginable return of Squid Game. In its first season, The show followed a group of contestants competing against 1 different in a bid of children’s games pinch deadly stakes.

Some of those playing The crippled would die, and The remainder would move connected to The adjacent round. Ultimately, a azygous victor emerged, rewarded pinch an insanely ample rate prize. As galore wonderment astir what play 2 could contain, here’s what we cognize truthful acold astir The hit Netflix show’s future:

What will play 2 of Squid Game beryllium about?

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hwang Dong-hyuk, The show’s creator, has said that he has an outline for The 2nd season. “I do person a basal storyline for play two; it’s each in my head, and I americium presently in The brainstorming stage. It will happen, someday, but arsenic for erstwhile I cannot show you The details,” he told AP News.

In January 2022, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said that The show would beryllium returning for a 2nd season, but astir of The specifications astir that 2nd play are still up in The air.

When we past near Gi-hun, The first play winner, he had discovered The game’s creator, and yet started utilizing The costs he had won. In The show’s last scene, Gi-hun is readying to get connected a formation to Los Angeles to beryllium reunited pinch his girl but sees a man being recruited to play The Squid Game connected his measurement to his plane. He yet tries to observe who is down The crippled by calling The number connected The recruiter’s card, only to beryllium told to get connected his plane. Gi-hun past refuses and returns to The airport.

It seems, then, that Gi-hun is wished to return down whoever is still moving The Squid Game and guarantee that it is not allowed to continue.

When will play 2 beryllium released?

Lee Jung-jae in Squid Game play 2.Netflix

Although The 2023 Hollywood strikes formed an aerial of uncertainty astir 2024’s programming, Squid Game was unaffected. Netflix has announced that Hwang Dong-hyuks’s blockbuster endurance thriller will return this year.

However, nary further specifications astir The timeframe were included in The accouchement. If we had to hazard a guess, a autumn aliases wintertime 2024 premiere whitethorn beryllium in The cards.

Is location a trailer for Squid Game play 2?

Not yet. But location is simply a very speedy preview segment featuring Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) in a very tense speech pinch personification whom he has vowed to find in The aftermath of Squid Game play 1.

Introducing The very first look astatine Season 2 of SQUID GAME. Coming this year.

— Squid Game #오징어게임 (@squidgame) February 1, 2024

Has Netflix released immoderate pictures from Squid Game play 2?

Yes. Along pinch The confirmation that Squid Game play 2 will get in 2024, Netflix shared The pursuing images connected X, The societal media level formerly known arsenic Twitter.


— Squid Game #오징어게임 (@squidgame) February 1, 2024

We request much discourse to decipher what’s happening in each picture. But it looks for illustration The games are expanding in scope.

How agelong will Squid Game play 2 be?

Unknown. The first play was 9 episodes long, and astir 1 hr each, truthful we person to deliberation play 2 will mimic that format and length.

Who has been formed in Squid Game play 2?

A female sweaty and disheveled in a segment from Squid Games.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

It’s not known now who is in The formed of play 2. Lee Jung-jae, The lead prima of The first season, survived The sadistic game, truthful he’s apt to beryllium back.

The mysterious Front Man, played by Lee Byung-hun, is group to beryllium a awesome subordinate in The series, truthful he should besides beryllium back. One of The astir celebrated formed members, HoYeon Jung, astir apt won’t beryllium back, arsenic her character, Kang Sae-byeok, was killed disconnected astatine The extremity of play one.

What needs to beryllium addressed in The 2nd season?

Two men beryllium astatine a array in Squid Game play 2.Netflix

In summation to Gi-hun’s imaginable effort to infiltrate The games to unopen them down, location are a fewer different unresolved plotlines from The show’s first play that fans would for illustration to spot addressed.

One that has caused The astir intrigue is The identities of The masked VIPs who watch The games play retired and stake connected various contestants. Learning who they are whitethorn unravel The full strategy down The games, and it could besides beryllium an other satisfying reveal.

It’s besides imaginable that we’ll spot much from Hwang In Ho, The mysterious Front Man who besides turned retired to beryllium The missing relative of The detective connected The land investigating The games. In Ho changeable his relative astatine The extremity of The first play to protect The games, but really will he consciousness astir that decision? If he has immoderate regrets, that could beryllium fertile crushed for The 2nd play to explore.

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