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Fed Chair Jerome Powell prepares for his 2 days successful Congress (March 7 and 8) arsenic investors and traders brace for perchance nasty surprises that could group nan expectations heading into nan Fed's upcoming FOMC meeting.

The market has shrugged disconnected nan pullback done past week from its early February highs (which we cautioned previously), arsenic investors stake that nan worst of nan Fed's hawkish stance could person been priced in.

Interestingly, nan S&P 500 (SPX) (NYSEARCA:SPY) was anemic early past week arsenic investors dealt pinch astir 4 weeks of volatility aft a singular January 2023 recovery.

However, buyers returned precocious into nan week, moreover arsenic Fed officials came retired pinch guns blazing, suggesting that nan marketplace betterment could person gone excessively far.

President of nan San Francisco Fed Mary Daly highlighted past week that "interest rates will apt request to beryllium raised higher and maintained astatine elevated levels for a longer play to combat precocious inflation."

Fed Governor Christopher Waller besides added to nan hawkish commentary, supporting a much hawkish stance to combat elevated ostentation if required by nan data. He stressed that "wishful reasoning is not a substitute for difficult evidence." Notably, Waller added that:

Recent reports show stronger hiring and spending successful January than forecast, on pinch slower advancement connected reducing inflation. Recent information shows user spending isn't slowing arsenic overmuch arsenic anticipated. - WSJ

With Fed officials lending their voices to mitigate nan market's exuberance, why did nan SPY respond positively precocious past week? Are marketplace operators surviving successful nan wishful thinking that they aren't prepared for higher liking rates?

However, liking complaint futures person already adjusted upward, pinch peak rates now expected to beryllium adjacent to 5.5%, supra nan Fed's 5.1% median target complaint for 2023, updated successful December.

Hence, it's beautiful clear that marketplace participants are not ignoring nan risks of a much hawkish Fed by pricing successful higher rates up of nan Fed's adjacent summary of economical projections aliases SEP update.

But isn't that expected to lead nan SPY down further, arsenic investors set to a higher consequence of recession, causing net to crumble? As such, it should lead to a difficult landing, behooving nan marketplace to value successful important worth compression.

The SPX past traded astatine a next-twelve-months aliases NTM normalized P/E of 17.9x, comparative to its 2023 P/E of 18.3x. Both metrics are supra its 10Y average of astir 17.7x. As such, nan marketplace has already moved supra nan below-average valuations astatine nan SPY's October lows.

The bullish statement suggests that nan marketplace had already reflected nan risks of a "rolling recession," arsenic articulated by Edward Yardeni.

In his March 6 commentary, Yardeni emphasized that nan system is successful a rolling recession, highlighting "downturns that impact circumstantial industries aliases regions, but not nan broader economy."

As such, Yardeni based on that a difficult landing could beryllium avoided. Hence, nan astir anticipated recession of caller times should beryllium viewed from nan correct position and not nan last day script painted by nan financial media successful general. Yardeni articulated:

The existent recession whitethorn beryllium a rolling one, pinch different sectors of nan system being affected astatine different times. The single-family lodging marketplace was nan first to beryllium affected, followed by industries that nutrient and administer goods, nan tech industry, and nan agency existent property market. The downturn could beryllium a mild recession alternatively than a bad one, pinch a prolonged "growth recession" hitting different sectors of nan system astatine different times. - Yardeni Research 6 March 2023 greeting brief

Former Fed vice chair Alan Blinder highlighted his optimism successful nan Fed's expertise to "engineer a soft landing to tame ostentation without triggering a recession." He besides doesn't expect nan request for nan Fed to hike rates to 6%, triggering nan last day script that could perchance group disconnected a difficult landing.

As such, we judge that nan marketplace is optimistic but not ignorant of nan risks that a debilitating recession could occur.

However, nan marketplace is forward-looking. As such, it could person priced successful nan risks of a "rolling recession" successful October 2022 erstwhile SPY's valuation fell beneath its 10Y average.

Moreover, it has besides priced successful nan likelihood of a much hawkish Fed, arsenic seen successful nan liking complaint futures. So, really is nan marketplace ignorant of these headwinds?

With nan carnage seen successful nan marketplace since nan Fed went connected a hiking rampage, do investors really deliberation that marketplace operators person not learned? We don't deliberation so.

SPY value floor plan (weekly)

SPY value floor plan (weekly) (TradingView)

Under nan hood, nan SPY has continued to grind higher from its October 2022 lows, forming higher lows, including past week's bottoming process.

Retaking nan SPY's December 2022 and February 2023 highs will beryllium nan market's adjacent captious move. If successful, it should past unfastened up a further upward move to August highs earlier different consolidation is expected to shingle retired immoderate precocious FOMO buyers.

The SPY's value action is besides supported by nan broadening of nan caller advance, arsenic risk-on assemblage ETFs person outperformed nan protect ones.

Accordingly, "defensive sectors are driving nan description successful nan percent of 1 and three-month lows" past week, higher than nan lows seen successful sectors for illustration user discretionary.

Based connected backtesting humanities information points, it augurs good for nan betterment thesis, pinch nan "S&P 500 [showing] a beardown inclination to rally complete nan adjacent fewer months."

Hence, investors who took advantage of nan caller pullback done past week should beryllium assured and not fearfulness nan punishment and gloom portrayed successful nan financial media.

Members of our work person besides been taking advantage of nan caller pullback, arsenic we picked up nan pieces from investors who decided to bail retired arsenic they feared different heavy retracement.

Rating: Buy (Revised from Hold).

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