Sprout Social, Inc. (SPT) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Sprout Social, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPT) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 21, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Jason Rechel - VP, IR & Corporate Development

Justyn Howard - Founder and CEO

Ryan Barretto - President

Joseph Del Preto - CFO

Conference Call Participants

Raimo Lenschow - Barclays

Arjun Bhatia - William Blair

Elizabeth Porter - Morgan Stanley

Matthew Kikkert - Stifel Financial Corp

Michael Turits - KeyBanc

Clarke Jeffries - Piper Sandler

David Hynes - Canaccord Genuity

Matthew VanVliet - BTIG

Brett Knoblauch - Cantor Fitzgerald

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Good time and invited to nan Sprout Social Fourth Quarter 2022 Financial Results Call. Today's telephone is being recorded. [Operator Instructions] Thank you.

And now I'd for illustration to move nan convention complete to Jason Rechel, Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Development. Please spell ahead.

Jason Rechel

Thank you, operator. Welcome to Sprout Social's Fourth Quarter 2022 Earnings Call. We'll beryllium discussing nan results announced successful our property merchandise issued aft marketplace closed coming and person besides released an updated investor presentation, which tin beryllium recovered connected our website. With maine are Sprout Social's CEO, Justyn Howard; CFO, Joe Del Preto; and President, Ryan Barretto.

Today's telephone will incorporate forward-looking statements, which are made pursuant to nan safe harbor provisions of nan Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements include, among others, statements concerning financial business and customer trends, our expected early business, financial capacity and financial condition, capacity against our multiyear financial framework, our marketplace size and opportunity, our plans, objectives and expected results from our early operations, growth, products, investments, initiatives, pricing aliases strategies, and our guidance for nan first 4th of 2023 and nan afloat twelvemonth 2023 and tin beryllium identified by words specified arsenic expect, anticipate, intend, plan, believe, activity aliases will.

These statements bespeak our views arsenic of coming only, should not beryllium relied upon arsenic representing our views astatine immoderate consequent date, and we do not undertake immoderate work to update these statements. Forward-looking statements reside matters that are taxable to risks and uncertainties that could origin existent results to disagree materially. For a chat of nan risks and different important factors that could impact our existent results, please mention to our yearly study connected Form 10-K for nan fiscal twelvemonth ended December 31, 2022, to beryllium revenge pinch nan Securities and Exchange Commission arsenic good arsenic early quarterly and existent reports that we record pinch nan SEC.

During nan call, we'll talk non-GAAP financial measures, which are not prepared successful accordance pinch mostly accepted accounting principles. In particular, references to profitability mention to non-GAAP operating income, non-GAAP nett income and non-GAAP net per share. Definitions of these non-GAAP financial measures, on pinch reconciliations to nan astir straight comparable GAAP financial measures, are included successful our net property release, which has been furnished to nan SEC and is disposable connected our website astatine

With that, fto maine move nan telephone complete to Justyn. Justyn?

Justyn Howard

Thank you, Jason, and bully afternoon, everyone. Thank you, arsenic always, for joining us. We had a remarkably beardown 4th quarter, and I'm incredibly proud of our squad for nan results that we'll beryllium sharing pinch you today.

Despite a challenging environment, Sprout delivered grounds nett caller ARR successful Q4 and an acceleration crossed our business. Social continues to summation criticality, and our beardown execution puts america successful a favorable position coming to guideline towards profitable accelerating ARR maturation successful 2023. We're building a durable business that we judge will specify our category, and we admit your support arsenic we proceed connected this journey.

I'll statesman coming pinch our notable breakout successful nett caller ARR. We judge respective multiyear trends are opening to return style successful our business, including a clear prioritization of customer finance successful social, further meaning of our activity successful nan enterprise, very beardown business momentum and a awesome execution connected our pricing changes.

With quickly expanding woody sizes, we delivered 35% year-over-year maturation successful customers paying america $10,000 aliases much successful ARR and 59% year-over-year maturation successful customers paying america $50,000 aliases much successful ARR.

Exceptional caller business spot successful nan endeavor and nan early benefits of our pricing changes delivered meaningful acceleration successful our complaint of ACV growth, alongside a grounds quarterly non-GAAP operating profit. Taken pinch better-than-expected retention, top-of-funnel value and conversion information nether our caller pricing plans, and we are readying to present profitable and accelerating ARR maturation this year.

Our original thesis connected social's domiciled successful business translator has ne'er been much applicable than it is today. We judge powerfully from nan opening that societal was going to go nan epicenter of nan customer relationship, and we saw societal pinch horizontal, captious to nan full enterprise, fast-moving and highly disruptive to nan measurement that brands attract, engage, work and clasp customers.

We were committed to a azygous codification guidelines that could present invention astatine nan velocity of social, coupled pinch an elegant UI, to empower customer take and success. We maintained a stubborn attraction connected nan halfway problem solve, while others became distracted. And we were observant not to pursuit easy gross astatine nan disbursal of our imagination aliases early method debt.

Now societal is nan preferred connection transmission for consumers, and it has go captious for business success. Across marketing, customer care, support, sales, operations, HR, business intelligence and merchandise teams, customers trust connected Sprout time successful and time retired to meet their objectives and succeed.

Our committedness to our group and civilization has besides ne'er been much important. We judge that being a awesome spot to activity and a awesome spot to beryllium a customer are profoundly connected. We were precocious honored to beryllium named Glassdoor's 2023 Best Places to Work database for nan 4th consecutive year.

Our deliberate and methodical gait of hiring, ongoing investments successful our group and culture, and committedness to our values person allowed america to aggressively prosecute our objectives while building a profession destination for our group to turn and thrive.

The operation of our thesis connected nan marketplace and nan spot of our squad person prepared america for nan breakout opportunity we spot coming and person afforded america nan expertise to proceed our finance successful our product, invention and group successful immoderate environment. We judge Sprout is now uniquely positioned to propulsion distant successful 2023.

Entering nan year, we judge our afloat pricing, product, go-to-market and customer strategies are aligned to nan astir productive parts of our marketplace wherever we're already winning and we are champion positioned to supply outsized worth to our customers wrong our platform.

Another beardown reinforcement of our strategy, our upmarket momentum and nan occurrence of our pricing changes is nan spot we saw this 4th successful our premium products. In Q4, we saw astir 40% much caller customers purchasing premium analytics than immoderate anterior quarter. More than 2.3x much existing customers adding premium analytics than immoderate anterior quarter, and successful total, crossed caller business and description added much than 80% nett caller analytics ARR than immoderate anterior quarter.

Total premium analytics ARR astir doubled year-over-year, and our societal listening module grew greater than 50% year-over-year.

Beyond nan beardown execution against our pricing changes, different item was a bid of caller business wins successful Q4 that service to validate our emerging activity astatine nan precocious extremity of nan enterprise. The usability of our platform, mixed pinch powerful blase endeavor functionality, is resonating astatine nan precocious extremity of nan marketplace much than ever.

We're besides very excited to bring our caller acquisition of Repustate into this mix. Repustate will let america to accelerate aggregate dimensions of our merchandise roadworthy representation and societal listening and widen AI and instrumentality learning crossed our level to societal customer care, publishing, messaging and worker engagement. We judge our meaningful investments successful AI and ML will fortify nan worth we present to our customers, and we'll unlock aggregate caller monetization paths from this exertion complete nan adjacent 12 to 18 months.

Our priorities and attraction for 2023 are clear. We're going to proceed to execute connected our compelling merchandise roadworthy map, proceed to execute connected our pricing improvement and momentum upmarket and proceed to [indiscernible] our competitory advantages to make Sprout nan clear class winner.

As we proceed to prosecute crossed nan statement and put successful nan astir productive parts of our business, we're excited to equilibrium beardown maturation pinch profitability for nan first time. We are fortunate to beryllium operating from a unsocial position of strength, and we judge we're connected nan way to recognize our afloat imaginable successful nan years to come.

With that, and for much connected nan occurrence of nan quarter, I'll move nan telephone complete to Ryan.

Ryan Barretto

Thanks, Justyn. I'm grateful for our customers who proceed to spot much worth successful our level and for our teams who proceed to execute.

The exertion manufacture is intelligibly undergoing change. And arsenic Justyn highlighted, nan thoughtful quality of our organizational planning, mixed pinch nan durability of request for our software, has positioned america to accelerate ARR maturation done 2023.

Our competitors person spent nan past 6 months distracted and pulling backmost connected investments, which has and will proceed to effect nan merchandise roadworthy representation and customer support. They're struggling pinch structural business challenges, and we've begun to spot an inflection constituent successful migrations distant from our competitors to nan Sprout platform. This migration spans each marketplace segments and reinforces assurance that Sprout is building a category-defining company.

Earlier this month, Sprout was recognized by G2's Annual Best Software Award for nan seventh consecutive year. We are featured successful 7 categories, including Best Global Software Companies and is simply a apical 20 package merchandise for enterprise. We're nan only societal media guidance package recognized successful nan apical endeavor package class and nan only societal media guidance package correct crossed SMB, mid-market and enterprise.

As I told nan squad successful our 2023 kickoff, it's winning time. I'm proud that we are building a institution wherever labor are aligned and rally astir opportunity. It's done this lens that we've executed truthful good connected our precocious implemented pricing changes and our accrued attraction astir our astir precocious customers. Work for illustration this is why group take to subordinate and build their profession astatine Sprout.

The execution from our teams is being led pinch an urgency to move quickly, excitement to activity alongside our Idea customers and empathy successful putting nan customer first.

I want to stock pricing feedback from nan section arsenic changes went into effect during nan period of December. We had astir 200 much customers canceled successful December arsenic compared to nan anterior 6-month rolling average. The smallest 100 of our customers that canceled had an mean ACV of $936. And nan mean ACV of nan 200 smallest customers that canceled successful December was $1,056. Across nan full customer base, our dollar-based nett retention complaint shifted materially higher than nan rolling 6-month mean arsenic nan first uplift much than offset debased worth logo cancellation.

Anecdotal feedback was moreover much encouraging. Many customers person begun to usage pricing increases arsenic an opportunity to upgrade their plan, adhd users aliases adhd premium modules arsenic they reprioritize their finance successful social. These trends person truthful acold resulted successful better-than-expected ARR capacity wrong a customer base.

Our caller business will statesman pinch our lowest ACV customers. In our monthly paying customer cohort, we added little than half nan number of logos during December arsenic compared to nan trailing 6-month average, but added 5% much caller business ARR. And our largest 100 caller business lands successful nan period of December averaged 63,000 ACV, much than 7x our full mean ACV and much than 60x nan mean ACV of nan smallest 100 customers to cancel.

Overall, caller business ACV much than doubled year-over-year. We're maintaining our era of maturation astatine nan lowest paying tier of our marketplace pinch acold less logos. And now we're accelerating our monetization wrong nan saccharine spot of nan marketplace wherever our level delivers tremendous business value. The customers we're landing coming are higher value crossed nan board, creating NDR benefits that we judge will compound for a very agelong time.

Some of nan larger logos are attributable to nan awesome activity we're doing pinch Salesforce. We announced our integration pinch work unreality astatine Dreamforce successful September, and this highly differentiated integration went unrecorded successful Q4. Also during Q4, we introduced our integration pinch Tableau that will empower our customers to fortify their position of nan customer pinch societal data, peculiarly successful nan enterprise. A 360-degree position of nan customer now, including Sprout, has ne'er been much important.

Last quarter, I talked astir momentum coming retired of Dreamforce and nan grounds pipeline. I'm proud to study that we added 175 caller logos from our business during Q4, bringing our 2022 full to much than 250 logos. As we proceed to bring our products person together pinch differentiated and out-of-the-box integrations and to accelerate our trading and income playbook, we expect a very beardown narration to proceed to build good into 2023.

To this point, we presently person a larger pipeline than we did 90 days ago. And we're focused connected ensuring that our income capacity matches demand.

The broader group of customers that we grew pinch skews up marketplace and includes notable brands for illustration Hormel Foods, Six Flags Entertainment, Synopsys, Visteon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Carrier, Square, Standard Insurance, The University of Michigan, Sotheby’s, The University of Kentucky, Vitamin Shoppe, Orangetheory Fitness, Q2 Holdings and Louisiana State University. The taxable from larger organizations that are selecting Sprout is that they are upgrading, which we judge is suggestive of nan truth that nan marketplace is moving successful our direction.

Now communicative comes from physics creation firm, Synopsys. "We're excited to up-level our societal programme this 4th pinch Sprout," said Michael Lopes, Head of Social Media astatine Synopsys. It is simply a cardinal constituent of our 2023 strategy, and we look guardant to having it further our publishing, listening and reporting capabilities.

We're excited to up-level our societal strategy by moving pinch Sprout, said Lori Remis [ph], Director of Global Brand and Communications astatine Visteon Corp. We person a caller imagination for societal centered connected building broader marque consciousness and improving talent acquisition crossed our world footprint that includes much than 10,000 employees. The usability of societal publishing, listening and advancing analytics from our azygous level gives america nan devices we request to widen Visteon's marque equity arsenic we alteration nan early of integer mobility.

I'm proud of nan measurement we're delivering done an uncertain time, and obscurity connected nan way to unlock our afloat potential. Our partnerships person beardown momentum. Our pricing changes are resonating wrong nan market. New merchandise enhancements are delivering tremendous worth to our customers. And our competitory positioning has ne'er been stronger.

We're recruiting and hiring astonishing endeavor income talent, and we're focused connected nan astir successful tiers of our market. We're excited for nan activity up arsenic we proceed to standard a category-defining company.

And pinch that, I'll move it complete to Joe to tally done nan financials. Joe?

Joseph Del Preto

Thanks, Ryan. I'll now locomotion you done our 4th fourth results successful item earlier moving into guidance for nan first 4th and afloat twelvemonth 2023. We're pleased to present grounds nett caller ARR, wide maturation and affirmative free rate travel for nan eighth consecutive quarter. We expect to outperform our medium-term financial goals successful 2023 and present accelerating maturation pinch non-GAAP profitability.

Revenue for nan 4th fourth was $69.7 million, representing 31% year-over-year growth. Subscription gross was $69.2 million, up 31% year-over-year and nicely up of our plan. However, we knowledgeable materially greater-than-expected inflection successful business request and connection pre-implementation and onboarding for each 175 Social Studio customers during Q4. This resulted successful a $0.8 cardinal to $1.2 cardinal shortfall successful services gross comparative to our plan.

We've adjusted our forecast methodology and expect services gross to beryllium little than 2022 levels moving guardant to nan anticipation that will proceed this playbook. ARR arsenic successful Q4 was $296.6 million, up 32% year-over-year. Enterprise caller business was exceptionally beardown successful Q4.

We group a nett caller ARR grounds astatine endeavor and mid-market, while SMB and agency each accelerated successful nan period of December arsenic pricing changes went into effect.

We had 132 nett caller customers successful Q4 to decorativeness nan 4th pinch 34,390 customers, up 8% year-over-year. The number of customers contributing much than $10,000 successful ARR reached 6,652, up 35% from a twelvemonth ago. The number of customers contributing much than $50,000 successful ARR reached 972, up 59% from a twelvemonth ago. Quarterly 10,000 and 50,000 nett customer adds were successful statement pinch our anterior quarterly precocious watermark, moreover astatine materially higher value points and pinch quickly expanding full woody size.

Q4 ACV maturation of 22% year-over-year began to accelerate driven by endeavor caller business momentum and nan first publication from pricing changes. Non-GAAP gross profit was $54.8 million, representing a non-GAAP gross separator of 78.7%. This is up 300 ground points compared to a non-GAAP gross separator of 75.7% a twelvemonth ago. We proceed to standard favorably into our business exemplary and use from a typically debased services publication this quarter.

Non-GAAP income and trading expenses for Q4 were $28.6 cardinal aliases 41% of revenue, up from 39% a twelvemonth ago. We are fortunate to prosecute good passim nan 4th and proceed to make meaningful investments successful our future, peculiarly successful endeavor and customer maturation roles.

Non-GAAP investigation and improvement expenses for Q4 were $13.3 cardinal aliases 90% of revenue, down from 20% a twelvemonth ago. We've continued to make transportive R&D investments to support nan early improvement of our platform. Non-GAAP wide and administrative expenses for Q4 were $12.3 cardinal aliases 18% of revenue, down from 21% a twelvemonth ago. We expect to present accordant G&A leverage arsenic a percent of gross moving forward.

Non-GAAP operating income for Q4 was $0.6 cardinal aliases a affirmative 0.8% non-GAAP operating margin, betterment of much than 550 ground points year-over-year. We are pleased pinch nan ongoing ratio improvements arsenic we scale, moreover arsenic we prioritize maturation investments successful nan business.

Non-GAAP nett income for Q4 was $1.8 cardinal aliases a nett income of $0.03 per stock based connected 55.2 cardinal weighted mean shares of communal banal outstanding compared to a non-GAAP nett nonaccomplishment of $2.7 cardinal and $0.05 per stock a twelvemonth ago.

Turning to nan equilibrium expanse and rate flow. We ended Q4 pinch $185.8 cardinal successful cash, rate equivalents and marketable securities from $181.9 cardinal astatine nan extremity of Q3.

Deferred gross astatine nan extremity of nan 4th was $96.2 million. Looking astatine some our billed and unbilled contracts, our remaining capacity obligations, aliases RPO, totaled astir $163.1 million, up from $136.9 cardinal arsenic successful Q3, a grounds sequential summation and up 51% year-over-year. We expect to admit astir 75% aliases $122 cardinal of full RPO's gross complete nan adjacent 12 months.

I do want to telephone retired a emblematic invoicing pattern. Approximately $10 cardinal of customer contracts were signed during Q4 but not invoiced to nan customer until January. [indiscernible] successful accounting rules, this $10 cardinal was captured an RPO but not deferred gross connected our year-end equilibrium sheet. We estimate our normalized billings maturation complaint to beryllium betwixt 35% and 40% complete some Q4 and Q1.

Operating rate travel successful Q4 was affirmative $3.0 cardinal compared to $2.5 cardinal a twelvemonth ago. Free rate travel was affirmative $2.6 cardinal aliases a affirmative 3.7% free rate travel separator up of our expectations. For nan afloat twelvemonth 2022, free rate was $8.8 cardinal aliases 3.5% free rate travel margin.

In summation to beardown efficiency, nan ongoing displacement to yearly and multiyear contracts continues to person a affirmative effect connected our free rate travel arsenic we grow.

In 2022, our wide dollar-based nett retention complaint was 109%, down from 112% successful 2021. Our dollar-based nett retention rate, excluding SMB customers, was 116% successful 2022 compared pinch 118% successful 2021. Lower description activity successful our SMB and agency segments weighed connected nett description activity, chiefly amongst our lowest worth customers.

However, we judge our quickly changing operation towards mid-market and enterprise, pricing changes and nan strategical alignment astir our astir blase customers put Sprout connected a tangible way to amended dollar-based nett retention northbound of 120% by 2025.

Shifting to general guidance; for nan first 4th of fiscal 2023, we expect gross successful nan scope of $75.0 cardinal to $75.1 cardinal aliases a maturation complaint of 31%. We expect services gross to diminution year-over-year. We expect non-GAAP operating nonaccomplishment successful nan scope of $0.7 cardinal to $0.5 million. This represents an anticipated non-GAAP operating separator of antagonistic 0.8%. We expect a non-GAAP nett nonaccomplishment per stock of astir $0.01, assuming 55.4 cardinal weighted mean basal shares of communal banal outstanding.

For nan afloat twelvemonth fiscal 2023, we expect full gross successful nan scope of $332 cardinal to $333 million. This is expected wide reported maturation complaint of 31%. We expect services gross will beryllium little than 2022 levels.

For nan afloat twelvemonth fiscal 2023, we expect full ARR to turn astatine slightest 200 ground points faster than reported revenue, implying afloat twelvemonth ARR maturation of astatine slightest 33%. We judge that year-over-year ARR maturation will accelerate successful 2023 and turn faster than reported gross owed to a increasing operation of our endeavor and mid-market segments, tailwinds from our pricing changes and extracurricular publication from our partnerships.

We do not intend to guideline ARR each twelvemonth while 2023 will beryllium unique. Our installed guidelines pricing changes will furniture into our financial exemplary complete nan people of nan year, providing a use to 2023 ARR and partial use to gross successful some 2023 and 2024. For 2023, we expect non-GAAP operating income successful nan scope of $1.6 cardinal to $2.0 million.

This implies yearly non-GAAP operating separator betterment of 210 ground points to 220 ground points for nan afloat twelvemonth of non-GAAP profitability for nan first time. We're pleased to amended our complaint of non-GAAP operating separator description and expect to present durable, profitable maturation connected a non-GAAP basis. We expect non-GAAP nett income per stock betwixt $0.03 and $0.04, assuming astir 56.0 cardinal weighted mean basal shares of communal banal outstanding.

Finally, I'll grow connected Ryan's comments regarding pricing changes. Both caller business and existing customer pricing changes were communicated successful early November, making nan period of December nan first period of effective pricing changes. As such, Q4 saw a partial and early contribution.

In nan installed base, wide feedback has been receptive, knowing some nan worth we present to our customers and enhanced invention that we person delivered since astir customers began their subscriptions pinch us. Low return was higher than normal by astir 200 logos successful nan period of December. However, these are weighted to low-value logos and mean ACVs of nan 200 mini logos churn was 1,056.

As Ryan shared, nan mean ACV of nan 100 mini logos that canceled nan period of December had an ACV of $936 compared pinch an mean ACV of $63,000 for 100 largest caller business logos successful nan period of December.

We saw fewer-than-normal customer upgrade successful December arsenic compared to nan anterior six-month rolling average. We saw galore customers grow seats aliases adopt incremental premium modules arsenic a intends to grow pinch america alternatively than absorbing a axenic value increase. In fact, nan connect complaint of customers having purchased a premium module accrued by 160 ground points sequentially from Q3, astir double nan cadence complete nan anterior 4 quarters.

December nett dollar retention group a monthly record. December, full caller business ARR group a monthly record. Gross and logos were little than anterior inclination line, accordant pinch our expectation. And caller business ACVs successful December much than doubled connected a year-over-year basis. We expect these trends to each continue.

In 2023 compared to nan anterior period, we expect to adhd a little measurement of customers that will beryllium stickier and higher worth and expect to move a modestly higher measurement of very low-value customers. The trade-up is simply a meaningful tailwind to ARR growth, ACVs, rate travel and NDR. We expect caller business ACV to proceed to beryllium materially higher than anterior levels. In total, our customer maturation successful 2023 will apt beryllium beneath humanities inclination lines, but ACV maturation will further and much meaningfully accelerate from our Q4 exit rate.

In conclusion, we're very proud of nan execution from our teams, which underscores nan resiliency of our business exemplary and worth of our software. Social has ne'er been much important aliases much valuable to our customers, and we judge we're successful a unsocial position to propulsion distant from our competitory group and look arsenic a category-defining institution successful a $100 cardinal market. Now we expect to present that maturation pinch profitability arsenic we proceed to scale.

With that, Justyn, Ryan and I are happy to return immoderate of your questions. Operator?

Question-and-Answer Session


[Operator Instructions] We'll return our first mobility from Raimo Lenschow pinch Barclays.

Raimo Lenschow

Two speedy ones, if I may. First of all, nan customer wins you pointed retired for illustration Synopsys, Square are benignant of successful nan group that I historically would person ne'er benignant of imagined for Sprout Social because it benignant of seems higher up successful nan market. Can you talk a small spot astir nan pipeline activity that you spot successful that benignant of cohort, it seems for illustration much connected nan higher extremity to wherever you played historically and really that's benignant of evolving?

And past 1 for Joe. Like NRR benignant of ticked down some for, like, nan total, but besides look astatine somewhat higher. Can you talk a small spot astir nan moving pieces that are -- that we should see location arsenic we deliberation astir that number?

Ryan Barretto

Thanks, Raimo. This is Ryan. I'll commencement disconnected connected nan first mobility astir nan customer wins successful nan ample enterprise. And this is -- this has been a immense opportunity for america and thing that we've seen a batch of occurrence with, frankincense far, and I deliberation it conscionable continues to go much pronounced each quarter.

There's a fewer things that are really tailwinds for america here. I deliberation 1 has conscionable been nan humanities occurrence from those endeavor customers. And I deliberation we shared earlier 1 of nan things that has really differentiated america is nan measurement that we built this product. It's incredibly intuitive, but it's besides incredibly sophisticated.

And successful erstwhile quarters, we've shared immoderate astonishing wins from immoderate Fortune 500 and Fortune 10 that person been successful that group. And successful these accounts, they typically person ample populations of users that are accessing nan product. And that tin beryllium crossed trading and attraction and income and crossed nan full organization. That usability becomes incredibly important work.

You furniture connected apical of that, that we've built these unthinkable products crossed our analytics and societal listening and advocacy, and these are products that our customers want, and they want them each successful 1 place. They don't want to bargain it from multi vendors. They want it successful 1 suite and platform. And they emotion that they are getting it pinch nan aforesaid UI and nan aforesaid UX. And truthful that integrated build that we person present pinch that azygous codification guidelines has really differentiated us.

The last portion that I'll conscionable item is that our teams person done an astonishing occupation some driving consciousness successful nan enterprise, but besides executing really good against these opportunities, going retired and building pipeline pinch these accounts, taking awesome attraction of these customers done nan information process arsenic good arsenic erstwhile we triumph them and making judge that they get implemented quickly and that they're getting awesome personification adoption.

So each those things are really contributing to nan occurrence that we're continuing to spot successful nan enterprise. And I deliberation it really stands retired erstwhile you commencement to look astatine nan 50,000 wins, which are now astatine 59% maturation year-over-year.

Joseph Del Preto

And then, Raimo, connected nan MDR front, puts and takes, we talked astir this before. Where we saw unit passim nan twelvemonth was connected nan SMB, low-end SMB and past debased extremity connected nan agency side. If you look astatine our mid-market enterprise, actually, nan nett dollar retention connected that is good supra nan 1 60 number we gave ex SMB because that factors successful nan agency. And if we deliberation astir wherever nan business is shifting, we deliberation astir nan move up successful nan mid-market enterprise, we do expect upside to these numbers done successful 2023.

And past we besides expect, for illustration we talked astir to get to 120% wide by 2025, and early indications of what we're seeing, particularly up successful nan mid-market, endeavor pinch nan pricing changes pinch nan caller logos that we're landing, they're conscionable higher quality. And truthful nan wide customer base, we believe, complete nan adjacent mates of years is -- nan value of it is going to wholly change. And truthful it gives america a batch of assurance arsenic we move forward.


We'll return our adjacent mobility from Arjun Bhatia pinch William Blair.

Arjun Bhatia

Congrats connected nan quarter. I want to commencement pinch nan -- I think, Justyn, you mentioned that customers are progressively prioritizing social. And it seems for illustration it's coming done your endeavor numbers. But pinch nan nett caller customers that you're seeing travel in, peculiarly possibly successful December, what differences are you noticing successful position of nan scope of their Sprout deployment? Are location immoderate peculiar usage cases aliases departments that are much involved, little progressive than you've seen historically? Maybe conscionable immoderate colour connected that would beryllium helpful.

Ryan Barretto

Thanks, I'll commencement there. It's Ryan. I deliberation each of this is portion and parcel of nan really focused mobility that we person into blase customers, which thin to skew surely successful nan mid-market and enterprise. Those customers coming that we're seeing travel in, they're prioritizing social. They recognize that it's a captious portion of their business strategy.

They spot it beyond trading into things for illustration customer service, customer care. They spot it contributing to nan gross maturation from a income perspective. And they really, really want to seizure nan information that beryllium successful societal and leverage it to make business decisions.

So erstwhile I deliberation astir nan specifics of what we're seeing pinch those customers today, it's usually crossed aggregate departments. So surely successful nan trading section and customer care. But moreover extracurricular of that, they're trying to deliberation astir really they tin devour that information to thief them pinch making decisions, grabbing insights from that societal data, which could lend to which products they request to germinate aliases possibly present which markets they want to spell into, really they want to compete.

And truthful we're seeing this besides manifest itself successful aggregate products. So those lands are bigger. They're coming successful for nan halfway usage cases crossed trading and customer care, but past they're besides adding successful things for illustration our societal listening and analytics. So generally, we're getting crossed a larger population. They're much blase users pinch deeper demands. And Again, they want to spot each these solutions successful 1 spot because I deliberation it's really important fixed nan horizontal quality of societal that their squad has adjacent entree to nan exertion and nan data.

Justyn Howard

Arjun, this is Justyn. One point I'll adhd location is conscionable I deliberation zooming retired a bit, what we're seeing is conscionable a emergence successful nan beforehand extremity of nan maturity curve, right? We've sewage customers who person been investing successful societal for a varying magnitude of time. We've sewage organizations that are astatine different stages successful position of their investment, their sophistication.

And their maturity was social. And truthful we're seeing much and much companies travel into nan chimney pinch much blase demands. They've proven usage cases wrong their organizations. They're looking to operationalize societal successful ways that has conscionable continuously climbed year-over-year for nan past respective years arsenic that maturity climbs.

And truthful we're seeing much of those. We're seeing them astatine a higher -- surely a higher size, but conscionable a higher level of maturity engagement crossed nan statement overall. And I deliberation that, that's going to beryllium a inclination that we're going to proceed to spot because we're still very early, I believe, broadly successful societal take wrong these organizations.

Arjun Bhatia

That is helpful. And past different 1 -- I want to touch connected Salesforce. It seems for illustration you sewage immoderate beautiful bully traction location successful Q4. But I deliberation you pointed retired nan Social Studio customers, but obviously, nan opportunity successful Salesforce is overmuch larger, right, beyond nan halfway Social Studio customers. Can you talk a small spot astir what you're seeing successful nan remainder of nan Salesforce space, possibly those halfway work customers that weren't utilizing Social Studio before. How are you reasoning astir penetrating that base? And wherever are we successful that process today?

Ryan Barretto

Yes. I'd opportunity we're really early successful that process today. We're incredibly excited astir nan business that we person and really it's continued to create and mature. As you mentioned, nan work unreality piece, that work unreality integration went unrecorded successful Q4, alongside of Tableau, which went unrecorded successful Q4. And we added those to nan integrations that already beryllium pinch nan income unreality and pinch Slack. And truthful that's really each contributing to Sprout being nan champion prime for immoderate customer that's really invested successful Salesforce CRM. And truthful each of that has really helped.

I deliberation nan different portion is from a go-to-market perspective, we're seeing tremendous support from nan Salesforce income teams successful nan field, getting successful beforehand of nan customers. So galore of nan logos that we said astir were associated income wherever we had a chance to spell successful pinch that Salesforce AE and partner pinch that customer. And from a work unreality perspective, moreover nan customers that are not connected Social Studio that are moving complete that are awesome work unreality users, they're reasoning astir societal data.

They're reasoning astir that 360-degree position of nan customer and really societal information taps into that. And Sprout has intelligibly go nan champion action for those companies to beryllium capable to merge these platforms together and to leverage that information to make amended decisions for their customer base.

So it's a great, awesome business crossed nan merchandise and go-to-market teams. And again, I'd opportunity we're early. We deliberation we person a tremendous opportunity present successful partnering pinch Salesforce for years to come, not conscionable against nan Social Studio opportunity, but nan full customer base.


We'll return our adjacent mobility from Elizabeth Porter pinch Morgan Stanley.

Elizabeth Elliott

I conscionable wanted to understand immoderate of nan creation of nan grounds precocious nett caller ARR a small spot more. I cognize you deed connected immoderate of nan drivers, but was location immoderate outsized publication from either benignant of nan caller customers landing astatine higher prices, existing astatine higher renewals aliases conscionable closing of much of those Salesforce deals pursuing momentum retired of Dreamforce? And I'm conscionable trying to get a amended consciousness for really durable nan nett caller ARR added successful Q4, and what drivers could mean aliases moreover accelerate into 2023?

Ryan Barretto

Thanks, Elizabeth. It's Ryan. I'll commencement disconnected there. I deliberation from a durable nature, 1 of nan things that we're really proud of is conscionable nan consistency of execution crossed our teams. And truthful we surely person seen nan caller business plans arsenic good arsenic our existent customer guidelines summation successful size, which you tin spot successful nan 10,000 and 50,000.

But I deliberation what other is really important present is that location isn't a melodramatic attraction successful 1 azygous relationship aliases a mates of accounts that skewed this full number successful 1 direction. There's a batch of consistency successful position of conscionable nan summation successful mean ACVs crossed each of these customers.

I deliberation I'd astir apt spell backmost to thing I commented connected conscionable a fewer minutes agone conscionable successful position of nan creation is we're seeing these blase customers coming successful pinch needs that are much than what mightiness person been nan halfway usage lawsuit a fewer years ago, right? They're reasoning astir this crossed marketing, customer care. They're reasoning astir nan worth of societal information arsenic it relates to our analytics merchandise and our societal listening product.

So nan main points are that we're seeing it crossed galore customers, which you tin spot successful nan measurement successful nan 10,000 and 50,000. And we're seeing it crossed our halfway usage cases arsenic good arsenic nan add-ons. So that, for us, conscionable reinstates nan assurance we person and nan durability of this.

Joseph Del Preto

Yes. The only point I'll telephone out, Liz, pinch you now is for illustration connected nan axenic number itself, Q4 is ever going to beryllium -- and consistently has been a precocious watermark nett caller ARR quarter. So I deliberation that is accordant pinch what we've seen successful nan past mates of years. All those factors are decidedly going to lead into 2023, but conscionable calling retired that we decidedly spot outsized benignant of momentum, particularly upmarket successful Q4 extracurricular versus nan remainder of nan year.

Elizabeth Elliott

Yes. Got that. And past conscionable a follow-up connected nan margins. Great to spot nan 210 positive bps of separator description . I cognize successful statement -- mostly successful statement pinch nan first target for 100 to 300 that you provided earlier nan pricing change. So conscionable wanted to understand now that there's a pricing change, would location different beryllium immoderate benignant of upside to profitability? And are you offsetting that pinch accelerating investments elsewhere successful nan business?

Joseph Del Preto

Yes. So that's a awesome question, Liz. I deliberation correct now, obviously, conscionable being 60 days into nan pricing changes. We want to make judge we get a small spot much accusation earlier we commencement benignant of adjusting our investments. But to nan grade that we proceed to spot nan occurrence we saw towards nan extremity of Q4 and into Q1, and we commencement outperforming owed to nan pricing changes, I do deliberation that's a much businesslike group of gross that we're going to acquire.

And past astatine that point, we benignant of look astatine do we reset nan model, do we look astatine investments. Outside of making incremental investments, we would expect to outperform nan separator guidance we gave, assuming we outperformed nan gross number because of nan pricing changes. But obviously, we want to make judge that there's not different opportunities to put successful nan business earlier we make those types of decisions.


We'll return our adjacent mobility from Parker Lane pinch Stifel.

Matthew Kikkert

This is Matthew Kikkert connected for Parker. To commencement off, erstwhile you're looking astatine nan apical statement maturation outlook for 2023, really overmuch of that maturation would you property to those pricing changes that you announced past year?

Joseph Del Preto

Yes. So Matt, we're astir apt not calling those retired specifically, what's nan effect of nan pricing change? I deliberation erstwhile we deliberation astir nan guidance that we gave coming into this year, we contemplated each of that. We contemplated, hey, what's nan momentum we're seeing successful Salesforce, what's nan momentum we're seeing successful pricing changes connected existing customers, what is nan caller pricing connected nan website?

So I deliberation each of that was factored into nan guidance we gave. When we talked astir this fall, we'd for illustration to travel into nan twelvemonth giving guidance astatine a really precocious assurance level. And truthful to nan grade that these things proceed from what we saw precocious past year, we consciousness beautiful bully astir nan guidance, but not thing that we specifically would telephone for illustration x percent coming from value changes. That's not thing historically that we've done.

Matthew Kikkert

Got it. And past changing gait a small bit. As you look crossed nan base, what stock of your customers would you opportunity afloat clasp TikTok arsenic a societal channel? And really large of a differentiator is your support for that transmission successful societal media?

Justyn Howard

Yes. Great question. This is Justyn. So I deliberation that we're still -- and we've seen akin benignant of take curves pinch different networks successful nan past. I deliberation we're still beautiful early. Certainly, there's a batch of power and excitement astir TikTok. I deliberation nan number of organizations that person embraced it nan aforesaid measurement that they've embraced immoderate of nan different societal networks is -- we're still connected nan early broadside there.

I deliberation our functionality is class leading. I deliberation we've sewage a batch of momentum pinch our first merchandise that we talked astir a fewer quarters ago, releasing TikTok functionality crossed nan full level successful 1 go. We've seen awesome take there. We've sewage a roadworthy representation of things that we want to proceed to build. We're besides seeing a batch of really breathtaking things from that squad successful position of nan capabilities that they're turning connected arsenic they make much finance successful their partners, their APIs, et cetera. So emotion awesome astir that.

I deliberation that we've sewage -- I wouldn't want to handicap what nan take curve looks like. I deliberation it's faster than astir efforts that we've seen historically, but I'd still put america comparatively early from a really do we operationalize this crossed nan statement beyond benignant of nan first usage cases. So we'll spot that develop. I deliberation astir apt a batch of activity location successful 2023.


We'll return our adjacent mobility from Michael Turits pinch KeyBanc.

Michael Turits

I conscionable -- this whitethorn person been asked before, I'm not sure, but possibly you could talk astir immoderate of these things successful position of forward-looking indicators that springiness you nan astir assurance a coagulated quarter, but evidently a reliable situation and a very bully guide. So level of assurance successful that guideline and what are nan things that springiness you nan astir assurance there?

Joseph Del Preto

Yes. Michael, bully question. So I deliberation for us, there's a mates of things. One is if we look astatine -- first of all, Ryan talked astir arsenic we deliberation astir nan momentum we're seeing pinch nan value changes connected existing customers, let's commencement there. We've seen very small pushback. The only areas that pushback are connected nan really debased extremity of nan market. And truthful overall, we consciousness really bully astir our strategy to rotation retired those value increases crossed 2023 because we conscionable haven't seen a batch of churn from that.

Then you furniture successful what we saw connected nan caller pricing connected nan website truthful far. I cognize it's early 60 days successful what we talked about, we doubled our caller business ACV doubled successful December from -- connected a year-over-year basis. We for illustration nan momentum that we're seeing successful nan mid-market enterprise. We talked astir nan connect -- nan summation successful nan premium connect rates.

And truthful we're conscionable seeing a batch of momentum successful what we see nan healthiest portion of our business. And past you furniture successful nan occurrence that we're seeing pinch nan Salesforce relationship, and we still deliberation -- for illustration Ryan said, I deliberation we're really early and that opportunity, not only pinch nan Salesforce Studio customers, but nan customers crossed each of nan Salesforce benignant of ecosystem pinch nan work unreality integration.

So there's a mates of things there. Now obviously, we're early successful nan year, and we spot a batch of momentum correct now, but those are benignant of nan cardinal things, Michael, that we're seeing that benignant of springiness america assurance going into 2023.

Michael Turits

Thanks, Joe. I springiness a 2nd 1 aliases a follow-up. There's not needfully quantitative question, which is ACV 8,000-ish, 9,000 rounded, it's not that I want america show wherever that's going to spell agelong term, but really do you deliberation astir that agelong word successful position of your opportunity, whether you springiness nan bid of magnitude aliases conscionable telling you wherever you're addressing nan market? But obviously, that's 1 of nan places you look astatine nan exemplary and spot like, hey, this could beryllium thing really different.

Justyn Howard

Yes. So -- this is Justyn. A mates of things that I deliberation are really powerful arsenic we deliberation astir wherever ACVs go, wherever woody sizes and conscionable our customer investments spell agelong word arsenic we're adding much value. Really travel from nan past for us.

So erstwhile we look astatine mean woody sizes respective years backmost and nan accordant inclination statement that we've seen since time 1 of those continuing decline, erstwhile we look astatine nan dollar worth of our apical decile 5 years ago, being smaller than our mean customer size is today, erstwhile we spot numbers for illustration we talked astir earlier of nan apical 100 customers, and nan mean is there, there's nary script wherever -- that we contemplate wherever we don't proceed to spot accordant maturation successful nan ACV. Some of that is owed to our execution.

Some of that is owed to conscionable nan continued finance and wherever we are successful nan maturity curve that I mentioned earlier and nan worth of societal to these businesses. So if we were to extrapolate immoderate of what's happened successful nan past, erstwhile we look astatine our apical decile versus our mean and really that's grown into -- 1 has grown into nan other, we deliberation that there's a batch of headroom successful wherever these things go.

And nan different point I'll constituent to is conscionable if we look astatine nan growth, 10,000 and 50,000 and what nan trajectory of that has looked like, and certainly, galore customers eclipsing that by a bully deal. That inclination statement for america is very reliable. And arsenic we mentioned successful nan prepared remarks, thing that we deliberation accelerates successful 2023.


We'll return our adjacent mobility from Matt VanVliet pinch BTIG. And proceeding nary response, move connected to Clarke Jeffries pinch Piper Sandler.

Clarke Jeffries

First mobility is you've established a beautiful awesome cadence present successful Social Studio conversions, 25, 50 and 75, but still very early there, single-digit percent of nan fewer 1000 imaginable customers. Do you person a consciousness connected what that -- those numbers look for illustration successful 2023? Or possibly springiness america a consciousness connected really overmuch larger nan pipeline of progressive conversations are compared to that 250?

Ryan Barretto

Yes. Happy to. Thanks, Clark. This is Ryan here. We proceed to spot rather a spot of momentum. I deliberation successful nan prepared remarks there, we conscionable shared that nan pipeline heading into this twelvemonth is bigger than it had been ending nan year. So we're continuing to spot really bully momentum successful nan conversations that we're having pinch nan Social Studio customers.

There's still a decent magnitude of clip near connected nan process for Social Studio. So we deliberation that those will hap complete time. But we're surely moving successful business present pinch Salesforce and nan Salesforce relationship teams to get successful beforehand of these accounts. So we consciousness really bully astir nan momentum heading into this year. We deliberation that there's plentifulness of upside.

We're going to proceed to look for further merchandise opportunities to adhd moreover much worth to Social Studio customers, but besides Salesforce customers successful general. So we haven't really surgery retired that number specifically, but I would opportunity that nan pipeline looks really healthy, and nan opportunity continues to look really bully for america for this twelvemonth and nan twelvemonth after.

Clarke Jeffries

Great. And past conscionable a mobility possibly for Joe. Maybe conscionable to information retired this full speech astir nan attraction upmarket and nan cancellations successful nan debased end. Was nan gross additions number connected a logo ground successful nan benignant of cohort beneath 10,000 accordant pinch anterior quarters and really they don't only alteration present aliases cancellations?

Joseph Del Preto

No. We've talked astir this before. As we sewage into nan pricing changes connected nan website, Clark, towards nan extremity of November and December, we talked astir this for -- we're going to onshore measurement much mid-market endeavor customers. So overall, we're going to spot little nett caller moreover gross because we're conscionable not bringing successful that low-end SMB. We bring a batch of those customers successful connected nan debased value constituent plan.

You're decidedly going to spot little gross caller logos arsenic good fixed nan pricing changes connected nan website. But that's by design. I mean nan ARR that we're generating from those customers is dwarfing nan number of customers successful nan ARR we would person gotten from that debased extremity of nan market, truthful that was a conscious change, and we consciousness really bully astir that trade-off that we've been seeing truthful far.

Justyn Howard

And I'll possibly adhd to that and conscionable usage this arsenic an opportunity to benignant of proceed nan speech we've been having for nan past mates of years, which is astir nan attraction connected nan gross from nan caller customer adds and whitethorn for illustration nan cleanest measurement to exemplify this. If you look backmost early 2021 erstwhile we had immoderate of nan precocious watermark quarters from a nett adds position versus Q4 wherever we added astir doubly arsenic overmuch gross from a substantially smaller nett adds number.

And this is accordant pinch wherever we want to make judge that we were pointing each of you that nan gross yield, peculiarly pinch nan value changes and nan move to nan mid-market enterprise, is going to beryllium nan attraction for us, proceed to beryllium nan attraction for america since you're going to spot that proceed to play out.

We'll commencement to person much visibility to found baselines, but nan nett ARR, particularly arsenic we're contemplating those overmuch smaller customers cycling retired to nan business complete time, is going to beryllium nan point we want to proceed to attraction on.


We'll return our adjacent mobility from DJ Hynes pinch Canaccord Genuity.

David Hynes

One for Ryan to commencement and past a follow-up for you, Joe. So Ryan, does nan ray touch trial-led go-to-market exemplary resonate arsenic good astatine nan precocious extremity of nan market? Or do you request immoderate refinement location arsenic you attraction much connected nan enterprise? And possibly that bridges into a speech astir benignant of really you scheme to put successful nan income org successful '23?

Ryan Barretto

Yes. DJ, it is nan aforesaid motion, and we are incredibly excited astir that proceedings motion, particularly successful nan enterprise, because it is incredibly differentiated. Most endeavor solutions, surely successful our space, but I deliberation successful galore package categories, don't lead pinch a merchandise successful nan enterprise. They usually lead pinch really heavy customized demos and really agelong income rhythm times and dense services and that's nan other of nan measurement that we attack nan market.

And we've seen awesome excitement and advancement successful having these conversations pinch customers. Even erstwhile we get RFPs from endeavor customers, we surely capable those retired for them, but we make it incredibly important for them to really get their hands connected nan keyboard and get into nan product, to get into nan proceedings to beryllium that Sprout is going to fresh them perfectly for what they request earlier they motion a contract.

So it's really been, I'd telephone it, a concealed limb for america successful nan enterprise. It's thing that we effort and person each customer prosecute pinch nan merchandise because we're truthful proud of nan merchandise itself, and we cognize that it useful really good for our endeavor customers.

And past successful position of finance from a capacity perspective, we've been adding to a assortment of our teams surely outsized finance going into our mid-market and endeavor teams and nan teams that are supporting them crossed solution engineering and outbound BDRs and customer occurrence arsenic well, but that continues -- nan mid-market and endeavor proceed to beryllium nan largest portion of our business and fastest-growing.

David Hynes

Yes. Perfect. Good to hear. Joe, and nan follow-up for you is conscionable pinch nan attraction connected nan enterprise, what's your anticipation for nan operation of business that will travel successful pinch yearly billing position versus month-to-month?

Joseph Del Preto

Yes. So DJ, we expect that to proceed to beryllium heavy weighted towards annual. I deliberation historically, our wide customer guidelines is astir apt much person to -- for illustration we've talked astir this connected an yearly paying broadside astir apt much 60-40. But I tin show you correct now, nan caller business coming successful is substantially higher than that ratio. And truthful I do deliberation you'll proceed to spot that benignant of inclination statement proceed done 2023, 2024.

We've sewage a agelong measurement to spell to make that mix. I'd emotion to get that operation to 85%, 90% yearly versus month-to-month. And I deliberation we tin get location complete time, but you're decidedly going to spot -- nan caller business coming successful connected an ARR ground is decidedly much heavy weighted towards nan annual.

David Hynes

So does that mean we should spot much rate operating leverage than non-GAAP operating separator leverage?

Joseph Del Preto

Yes. So what we've talked astir is, yes, we expect -- and we talked astir this, we're very consistent. We expect a mates of 100 ground points of betterment complete operating separator for free rate flow. Free rate travel should beryllium a mates of 100 ground points operating leverage DJ. So we expect that inclination to continue. .


We'll return our adjacent mobility from Matt VanVliet pinch BTIG.

Matthew VanVliet

Hopefully, it's moving this time. Can you perceive maine each right?

Justyn Howard

You're there. We tin perceive you Matt.

Matthew VanVliet

All right. Sorry astir that. I had to move phones. Okay. So I conjecture erstwhile looking astatine nan Salesforce partnership, a mates of clarifying questions. I cognize you benignant of touched connected a small spot of this earlier, but funny really overmuch of nan benignant of 250-plus customers you signed this twelvemonth were, successful fact, Social Studio customers.

So should we deliberation astir about of what's travel successful truthful acold arsenic being that first constituent of nan business and nan much caller portion has expanded beyond that. And past besides wrong that, connected nan mean ACV that you're getting from those Salesforce partnerships, customers, knowing it's very early, but are they consistently successful benignant of nan 10,000 aliases moreover nan 50,000 bucket? Any benignant of directionality connected nan size of nan customers that you're getting would besides beryllium helpful.

Ryan Barretto

Yes. Happy to reply some of those, Matt. Yes, successful position of nan logos coming over, a mostly of them are nan Social Studio customers, not Service Cloud. And we launched that integration. We talked astir it astatine Dreamforce successful Q3, but it didn't spell unrecorded until Q4. So conscionable really precocious and truthful for us, we spot tremendous opportunity pinch nan remainder of nan Service Cloud customers that mightiness not beryllium Social Studio customers today, but certainly, nan worth of what we do is going to beryllium incredibly important for them arsenic they deliberation astir nan 3 60 customer record.

So we spot a batch of upside, but what you're seeing correct now is really nan Social Studio customers. There's immoderate overlap, but I would opportunity it's mini successful comparison to what was conscionable halfway Social Studio for us.

And past from an ACV perspective, you're spot on. Those customers mostly fresh wrong that 10,000 and 50,000. So they're a cleanable fresh for our area of attraction and wherever we're already supporting customers today. So we're really excited astir really they conscionable mostly fresh into our strategy.

Matthew VanVliet

Okay. Great. And past erstwhile you look astatine nan world markets, I cognize you've benignant of had immoderate further investments, particularly successful Europe of late. But funny connected what you're seeing trends there. Is nan macro seemingly impacting immoderate of those customers to a greater extent?

The warfare successful Ukraine is benignant of much apical of mind and correct successful beforehand of them. And thing from benignant of an ACV position that you're seeing there? Are you getting arsenic overmuch uplift aliases is that benignant of yet to travel arsenic nan value increases rotation done complete -- crossed nan pond?

Ryan Barretto

Yes. From an world perspective, we proceed to beryllium really excited astir nan opportunity and really excited astir nan execution that we're seeing from nan team, particularly successful EMEA. EMEA continues to beryllium nan fastest-growing portion of our business.

Certainly, there's things that are happening successful nan macro successful those markets, but our squad successful Europe has conscionable been executing incredibly well. We've seen really bully ACV uplifts from that group arsenic well, some from our existent customer and a caller business perspective. We spot a batch of headroom successful position of nan full addressable marketplace successful EMEA.

And past certainly, erstwhile we deliberation astir nan remainder of nan world arsenic good wherever we person smaller investments, but we'll proceed to put complete time. There's a tremendous magnitude of TAM that we haven't sewage to yet that we're excited about. So we consciousness really bully astir nan trends that we're seeing. It's operating very likewise to North America coming and performing good pinch immoderate upside.


[Operator Instructions] We'll return our adjacent mobility from Brett Knoblauch pinch Cantor Fitzgerald.

Brett Knoblauch

Just want to make judge I heard you correctly. Did you opportunity full churn successful December was 200 customers? Or was that conscionable a reference constituent for nan mean ACV of nan smallest 200 customers? And past disconnected nan backmost of that, I conjecture what percent of your customer guidelines person you rolled retired nan value increases to? And do you expect benignant of akin levels of churn passim nan year? Or is location a 4th aliases 2 wherever there's a bigger renewal rhythm and you would expect benignant of bigger churn?

Joseph Del Preto

Yes. So what we talked astir was that -- we had, connected average, nan December -- we had 200 logo churn higher successful December than we had complete nan trailing average. So that wasn't nan full debased return. That was conscionable nan summation we saw successful December.

And past we talked astir nan mean ACV of nan smallest 200 is astir $1,000 of nan logos that churn. And truthful overall, we're not ace worried astir that churn. That's really debased extremity of nan market, and that's what we benignant of expected. Actually, it was astir apt -- we had little turnover from an ARR standpoint.

As you know, Brett, we're not really focused truthful overmuch connected nan logo churn astatine Sprout. We're much focused connected nan ARR maturation and retaining our highest value customers. That remained really strong. I deliberation we talked astir it connected nan telephone we had our highest NDR successful December connected nan gross side. So consciousness really bully astir nan momentum there.

As acold arsenic nan value increases, we've talked astir this before. They benignant of travel evenly through, like, December of this twelvemonth done -- of past twelvemonth done December of adjacent year, truthful it was astir apt evenly complete 12 months. And for illustration we talked astir this earlier, we saw -- from an ARR standpoint, we saw very debased pushback and very debased churn.

We mightiness person saw a higher logo churn, but connected an ARR standpoint, we didn't get a batch of pushback overall, and we don't expect a batch of pushback going forward, either conscionable based connected nan customers we've already talked to. So nary existent impact. We don't judge materially connected our ARR. But you mightiness see, for illustration we talked about, a small spot of effect connected our little churn.


We'll return our adjacent mobility from Andrew DeGasperi from Berenberg Capital Markets.


This is Stephanie connected for Andrew. I'm wondering connected erstwhile you move up marketplace and summation these much blase customers, if you spot -- really we should deliberation astir imaginable merchandise investments aliases R&D investments going forward?

Justyn Howard

Yes. Great question. Thank you. This is Justyn. So I deliberation generally, you've seen from america complete nan past astir apt 3 and 4 years our merchandise roadworthy map, R&D investments, nan measurement that we've organized nan merchandise squad and nan products that we've been putting retired successful nan market. benignant of we're up of nan advancement that we've seen successful nan mid-market and enterprise.

I deliberation successful anticipation of that, right, arsenic our customers were getting much blase arsenic we're being pulled higher up into nan market. So we've been building against those problems and really focused -- our roadworthy representation has been biased for nan blase successful nan mid-market endeavor for rather immoderate time. So you should expect that to proceed certainly.

But it's besides existent that arsenic we spot larger deals, much blase customers crossed ample organizations that we are being -- we're exploring really we tin beryllium a amended level for those customers pinch a much aggravated lens. And truthful figuring retired really we tin beryllium building nan devices that nan largest of our customers request to beryllium successful, that comes successful nan measurement of areas for illustration collaboration crossed nan team, compliance, etcetera.

You're going to spot much finance and a batch of nan things pinch nan ample organizations and nan larger endeavor request possibly biased much successful 2023 than you've seen from america historically. But nan short reply is we've been building for that abstraction for rather immoderate time.

You're not going to spot worldly strategical shifts successful nan R&D attraction and investment. You're going to spot incremental -- continued investments to meet nan needs of our largest customers.


We'll return our last mobility from Patrick Schultz pinch Baird.

Patrick Schultz

Just connected nan precocious announced Repustate acquisition, I judge you noted that nan financial effect should beryllium immaterial to near-term financial goals, but could you conscionable talk a small spot much astir nan rationale down nan acquisition? And really does precocious exertion specified arsenic instrumentality learning, AI, et cetera, amended positions Sprout competitively complete nan longer word and perchance thrust immoderate operating leverage?

Justyn Howard

Yes. Sure. So yes, that squad -- nan exertion down it are -- that statement is 1 that we've been acquainted pinch for immoderate clip and nan truth that they've been building. I deliberation reasoning astir really we're capable to leverage that adjacent word successful things for illustration our listening products and our customer attraction devices and nan engagement broadside and moreover into things for illustration publishing and different areas of application, I think, are going to beryllium -- accelerate roadworthy representation successful ways successful areas that we wanted to get to very quickly successful 2023.

I deliberation we mentioned successful nan prepared remarks besides we spot immoderate opportunities to summation monetization successful immoderate areas pinch that addition, specifically applying and layering their technologies connected apical of what we person today.

What's moreover much interesting, though, I think, is pinch nan area that, that squad has been focused connected for arsenic agelong arsenic they person and reasoning astir really AI, ML and immoderate of nan related technologies tin beforehand our customers' pursuits successful social, make them much effective and springiness them greater reach, greater horsepower successful their societal efforts is wherever we commencement to get really excited.

So reasoning astir not only really we tin furniture their technologies, their existing technologies arsenic good arsenic ones that they've been moving on, but besides embedding that squad crossed our level to commencement reasoning astir caller ways and innovative ways that we tin commencement to leverage things for illustration generative AI and instrumentality learning into different parts of nan platform, I deliberation that's wherever we commencement to deliberation astir retired into 2024 and beyond wherever we're going to spot a batch of really breathtaking opportunity, leveraging, again, immoderate of nan things that squad has built, but much specifically, their expertise and nan things that they've been focused connected and applying that to our R&D work.


And that concludes nan position for today. I'd for illustration to move nan telephone backmost complete to Justyn Howard for immoderate further aliases closing remarks.

Justyn Howard

Great. Thank you truthful much. Yes. I'll make a closing brief. Just admit everyone's clip today. We'll look guardant to spending clip pinch everyone successful nan coming days and weeks. And person a awesome day. Thank you all.


Thank you. That does reason today's presentation. Thank you for your information and you whitethorn now disconnect.

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