SpaceX faces a $175,000 fine for not submitting info ahead of a recent launch

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SpaceX is looking astatine a proposed good of $175,000 from nan U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aft nan motorboat institution grounded to taxable nan basal info astir nan spacecraft’s trajectory and imaginable collision study information wrong nan requisite period. The FAA said it requires SpaceX to supply that information astatine slightest a week earlier a motorboat occurs.

The motorboat successful mobility was specifically a formation of 53 of SpaceX’s ain Starlink net satellites loaded onto a Falcon 9 rocket, which took disconnected connected August 19, 2022 from Cape Canaveral successful Florida.

The dollar magnitude of nan good is awkward of nan max civilian punishment for this benignant of infraction, which tops retired astatine $262,666. The little magnitude sought by nan agency is owed what it wished was nan quality of nan incident aft investigating nan specifics.

SpaceX now has 30 days to respond to nan notice, which is nan adjacent measurement successful nan process erstwhile a projected good has been issued and nan max imaginable punishment has been set. Note that astatine this stag, SpaceX technically doesn’t beryllium nan FAA thing – that comes aft SpaceX makes its lawsuit and nan FAA evaluates its good connection successful ray of immoderate info they share, and find a last existent good to issue.

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