Snapchat announces 750 million monthly active users

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At its Investor Day arena connected Thursday, Snap shared a fistful of caller metrics astir its business and teased its prospects. Notably, it said its societal media app Snapchat has now grown to complete 750 cardinal monthly progressive users. While nan number falls acold short of nan astir 2.96 billion monthly progressive users Facebook reported earlier this month, it’s up of others, including Pinterest, which recently said it reached 450 million monthly users.

It’s unclear, however, wherever Snap stands against Twitter, which is nary longer a publically traded institution pursuing Elon Musk’s acquisition. Plus, Twitter’s nationalist numbers from anterior to nan deal’s adjacent had utilized a different metric — Twitter’s ain invented metric called mDAUs, aliases monetizable monthly progressive users. This was meant to bespeak nan number of users connected Twitter who would really spot its ads, Twitter had said. That number was 237.8 million arsenic of nan last nationalist net successful July 2022, which was smaller than Snapchat’s now 375 cardinal regular users.

TikTok, meanwhile, announced its 1 cardinal monthly progressive users milestone successful 2021 and was forecast to scope 1.8 cardinal by year-end 2022.

Snap besides teased its newer offerings successful position of products, including its 3D Snap Map and a precocious launched characteristic called Communities. The second is targeted towards backstage groups wherever members tin adhd friends and station to a shared field story. The characteristic has launched pinch colleges and precocious schools and will rotation retired to much communities successful time. So far, location are complete 1,400 colleges successful nan U.S. pinch entree to Communities, nan institution said.

It besides touted nan occurrence of its $3.99/month paid subscription, Snapchat+, which now reaches 2.5 cardinal subscribers — a much nonstop fig than nan 2+ cardinal announced during earnings.

Of course, what investors want to perceive is really Snap is managing pinch respect to nan competitory landscape, including nan threat from TikTok, really its investments successful its ads business will thief thrust growth, and if it tin connection immoderate guidance towards nan future. That whitethorn travel later successful nan day.

In nan first portion of nan event, Snap besides shared a ample number of different metrics pinch investors, including respective that were precocious announced during earnings.

These included:

  • Snap’s organization extracurricular North America and Europe grew much than 80% since Q4 2020
  • 95% YoY summation successful regular caller users that person 3 aliases much friends
  • Snapchat users who talk to astatine slightest 3 friends complete nan people of a period clasp astatine complete 90% successful nan pursuing month, connected average
  • Snapchat users stock memories pinch friends 280 cardinal times per day, connected average
  • For nan 5 years aft a user’s first twelvemonth connected nan service, annualized retention is astir 90%, connected average
  • U.S. users unfastened Snapchat astir 40x per time connected average; Over 60% of users who unfastened Snapchat each time create Snaps
  • Over 5 cardinal Snaps created each day, connected average
  • 88% of users who Snap aliases chat pinch a friend will usage nan app each time for nan adjacent 7 days
  • Snapchat’s representation is utilized by complete 300 cardinal users per month; Daily representation users unfastened nan representation 6x per time connected average
  • In Q4, full clip spent watching Spotlight much than doubled from nan twelvemonth prior, and Spotlight submissions are up astir 20% complete nan aforesaid clip frame
  • 2 retired of 3 users prosecute pinch AR daily; Over 70% of users who download nan app prosecute pinch AR during their first time connected nan app
  • Number of users pinch astatine slightest 1 friend Story to position has accrued 15% YoY
  • U.S. clip spent per position for some creator Stories and Spotlight grew by “large” double-digit percentages successful Q4 compared pinch past year
  • Snapchatters subscribing to caller creators via Spotlight accrued by 225%, and nan number of full regular subscriptions accrued by 240%
  • Media partners successful complete 20 countries, 10 languages, including NBCU, Disney/ESPN, Channel 4 and MBC, sports leagues for illustration nan NFL and NBA, integer natives for illustration Team Whistle and Jellysmack and news brands including The Washington Post, Axios, and Axel Springer.
  • Spotlight reaches complete 300 cardinal users per month


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