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cloud computing exertion conception transportation database to cloud. There is simply a ample unreality icon that stands retired successful nan halfway of nan absurd world supra nan polygon pinch a acheronian bluish background.


Even successful nan look of a grounds ostentation environment, precocious liking rates and constricted budgets, enterprises are actively implementing accusation information solutions, which could categorize nan cybersecurity manufacture arsenic non-cyclical. I judge nan First Trust Nasdaq CEA Cybersecurity ETF (NASDAQ:CIBR) has a favorable allocation to use from nan beardown request for cyber solutions, particularly connected nan backdrop of nan increasing exertion of large data, IoT and unreality computing. And contempt nan ETF falling short of nan S&P 500 successful 2022, CIBR shares person already gained 10.5% since nan opening of nan twelvemonth against 6.8% successful nan S&P 500.

Price return

Price return (Seeking Alpha)

I expect this outperforming shape to return clasp from this far, arsenic nan cyber manufacture is predicted to turn astatine double-digits going forward.


CIRB is chiefly exposed to cybersecurity package developers, providers of web instrumentality and infrastructure and is established to way and repetition nan dynamics of nan NASDAQ CTA Cybersecurity Index, though a spot costly pinch a 0.60% disbursal ratio.

Holding breakdown

Holding breakdown (Seeking Alpha)

The criteria for including issuers successful nan portfolio are besides a capitalization of $250+ cardinal and a free float of 20%+. Geographic-wise, nan stock of American companies accounts for 80% of nan portfolio. As of March 1, 2023, nan money has $4.7 cardinal successful assets nether management, wherever nan apical 5 positions see Broadcom (AVGO) (6.66%), Fortinet (FTNT) (6.64%), Palo Alto (PANW) (6.54%), Cisco Systems (CSCO) (5.75%) and Infosys (INFY) (5.42%), while apical 15 holdings made up 49% of nan portfolio.

Top 10 holdings

Top 10 holdings (Seeking Alpha)

Outlook for Cybersecurity

Information information has go among nan privilege areas for finance successful enterprises that person embarked connected nan way of digitalization. As caller technologies are introduced, nan risks of encountering cybercrime summation exponentially. The changing cyber threat scenery is forcing organizations to grow and deepen cybersecurity crossed wide directions.

Compared to nan IT industry, cybersecurity is simply a comparatively caller and quickly increasing direction. Despite nan slowdown successful world economical growth, I expect enterprises to stay highly willing successful cybersecurity solutions. The second area is expected to increase by 13.2% and inhabit astir 4.8% of global IT spending successful 2023, which is expected to registry a 5.1% growth. The outperforming maturation of nan cyber manufacture is broadly successful statement pinch package spending (+11.3% successful 2023), which should now return over, pursuing nan beardown maturation of information halfway systems past year.

Among nan main drivers of nan maturation successful business request for cybersecurity solutions are distant work, progressive migration to nan hybrid unreality aliases multi-cloud environment, nan wide preamble of large information and nan IoT. There will besides beryllium a attraction connected AI consequence management, pursuing nan progressive implementation of AI technologies. More than 40% of organizations look privateness and information breaches successful nan implementation of AI projects. Thus, businesses can't spend to trim information expenditures arsenic this would time off them vulnerable.

The promising conception remains Zero Trust Network Access, which is connected nan rise, replacing VPN. The erstwhile is utilized to link labor moving remotely. If successful 2021 little than 10% of caller remote entree deployments were carried retired done ZTNA, past successful 2025 their stock could scope 70%, which suggests a important growth.

In nan meantime, modern cars person package covering a assortment of systems - cruise control, doorway locks, airbags and precocious driver assistance, which makes them a spot of a gadget. Cars besides usage WiFi technologies for communication, which makes them susceptible to hacker attacks. The threats will only turn arsenic cars go much automated and autonomous, truthful this is simply a profitable area for cybersecurity providers.

Against nan backdrop of a macro downturn, galore companies successful nan manufacture were saved acknowledgment to nan subscription business exemplary and didn't acquisition an contiguous effect of a slowdown. In addition, pinch nan preamble of a ample number of technologies and devices, nan areas to beryllium secured are increasing. Thus, 1 could reasonably expect a modulation to broad solutions alternatively of heterogeneous ones. This consolidation connected nan portion of customers plays into nan hands of nan ample manufacture players, including Palo Alto (with an 8.4% share successful nan world market), Cisco (6.9%), Fortinet (6.7%), Check Point (3.8%) and CrowdStrike (3.2%).

The wide layoffs successful nan cyber manufacture could not beryllium expected against nan inclination successful tech corporations owed to nan OPEX optimization. The number of labor successful nan section of cybersecurity is not truthful large, and because of this, nan mean gross per worker should beryllium importantly higher. Thus, nan manufacture moreover has an opportunity to profit from nan unit laid disconnected from large tech.


I went for nan valuation of CIBR utilizing nan weighted mean target prices of nan apical 25 companies (out of 38), which dress up 90% of nan fund's portfolio. Based connected nan methodology, nan upside imaginable of nan fund's shares is 13%, which implies a target value of $50 and is successful statement pinch a Buy rating.


Valuation (Morningstar; Seeking Alpha; author's estimates)

Fortinet (1.1%), Palo Alto Networks (0.95%), Cisco (0.87%), Zscaler (ZS) (0.86%) CrowdStrike (CRWD) (0.83%) are nan largest contributors to nan fund's maturation imaginable and dress up astir 1/3 of nan implied upside.

CIBR besides has a dividend argumentation successful place, which provides for quarterly payments. Although nan money cannot boast a precocious dividend yield, nan mean yearly dividend output of nan money successful 2015-2022 is 0.54%.

To sum up, I judge CIBR has a favorable group up to meet nan manufacture maturation drivers. Going forward, rising package spending should supply for a sustainable request for cyber information solutions, particularly connected nan backdrop of nan increasing exertion of Big Data, IoT and unreality computing. Additionally, nan gov digitalization initiatives astir nan world, on pinch request from healthcare and manufacturing will supply for precocious utilization of cyber information solutions.

Risk factors

The main risks, highlighted successful my article connected Check Point (CHKP) align present arsenic well.

Further tightening of monetary argumentation could summation nan volatility of exertion sector, which continued to gradually get nan features of accepted industries that are highly responsive to nan changes successful nan macroeconomic situation. In addition, recession fears could restrain spending connected cybersecurity…


I spot an attractive, semipermanent finance opportunity successful CIBR owed to nan underlying sustainable maturation factors for cybersecurity demand. I judge nan cyber manufacture will proceed to outperform nan wide IT assemblage by 2x successful nan mid-term, providing a beardown maturation momentum for nan cyber players. This will let nan investors to skim nan pick of nan IT sector. To sum up, I americium bullish connected CIBR, arsenic nan valuation exemplary implies a 13% upside imaginable from nan apical 25 holdings. The remaining is connected apical of that and puts simply an upside consequence to my estimates.

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