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A religion doorbell that chimed each hr for 200 years has been silenced pursuing a azygous sound complaint.

The 24-hour ringing astatine Beith Parish Church in North Ayrshire has been stopped aft a resident complained to The council's biology wellness section that their slumber was being disturbed.

The Church of Scotland has now stopped The doorbell betwixt 11pm and 7am aft North Ayrshire Council suggested halting The ringing overnight.

A section petition has since been launched to reconstruct The chime in The timepiece tower.

However, The Church of Scotland said its members were "empathetic" and recognised really "low wave sound Can beryllium disturbing for some".

The rumor was said to person been discussed astatine 2 abstracted Kirk Session meetings and proposal was sought from The biology wellness section earlier an charismatic title was lodged pinch The council.

A Church of Scotland spokesperson said: "Embracing The book school 'love thy neighbour arsenic thyself', The Kirk Session took biology health's proposal connected committee and The timepiece doorbell has not sounded betwixt 11pm and 7am since 11 October.

"The doorbell continues to chime connected The hr betwixt 8am and 10pm, 7 days a week."

Beith Parish Church opened for work in August 1810.

The religion doorbell was fixed to The religion by Robert Shedden, who lived in London but was a autochthonal of Beith, in 1823.

The title was reportedly made by a caller resident.

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A petition has been launched to reconstruct The 24-hour chime and has collected almost 1,000 signatures.

Organiser Bryan McWilliams said The chiming timepiece is "more than conscionable a timekeeper".

He explained: "It serves arsenic an audible relationship to our history and practice and has been chiming for 200 years."

The long-time resident believes The nonaccomplishment of The doorbell has "disrupted" The town's consciousness of organization and identity.

He added: "Many townsfolk person shared stories astir really they've relied connected these chimes passim their lives - from knowing erstwhile it was clip to caput location arsenic children playing in The streets, to relying connected them during powerfulness outages.

"We understand that everyone's comfortableness is important. However, we judge that 1 person's discomfort should not outweigh a contented loved by galore and ingrained in our organization for generations."

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