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Investment thesis

We deliberation Signet's (NYSE:SIG) guidance has some short- and semipermanent plans and a clear customer floor plan and well-positioned nan institution for some title and macro headwinds. The existent valuation for SIG banal is very pessimistic successful our position and provides a awesome consequence and return floor plan for a worth investor to enter.

Company profile

"Signet is 1 of nan world's largest retailers of gem jewelry. Through a bid of acquisitions, nan Company owned Kay, Zales, Jared, Diamonds Direct, and and operated 2,854 stores and kiosks arsenic of January 29, 2022, which erstwhile mixed pinch nan Company's integer capabilities nether its Connected Commerce strategy, provides customers nan opportunity to usage some online and in-store experiences arsenic portion of their shopping journey. Signet operates 2506, 94, and 348 locations successful US, Canada, and UK, respectively." - Source: Company

Market projects comparatively antagonistic early than guidance does

The institution provided its FY2023 (ended successful Jan 2023) outlook arsenic follows.

Company outlook

Company outlook (Company's filing )

We presume nan median of nan past 5 years' free rate travel separator arsenic our semipermanent presumption for nan company. Additionally, we presume early maturation would beryllium constricted to conscionable 3%.

Company financials

Company financials (Company filing)

Along pinch nan pursuing assumptions:

  1. WACC: 18%
  2. Terminal maturation rate: 3%
  3. Net debt:-180 million(Q32023 data)
  4. Shares outstanding: 48.1 cardinal (Q32023 data)

Through nan DCF model, we arrived astatine 7.8 cardinal equity worth ($163.5 per share), which is 111% supra nan existent price.

Based connected nan sensitivity trial below, nan banal is apt undervalued and offers a awesome separator of information arsenic agelong arsenic nan company's semipermanent free rate travel separator does not driblet beneath nan preceding 5-year debased (6.8%) aliases support maturation complaint supra nan ostentation complaint (2%).

Sensitivity study for Free rate travel separator and WACC

Sensitivity study for Free rate travel separator and WACC (LEL Investment)

Sensitivity study for terminal maturation and WACC

Sensitivity study for terminal maturation and WACC (LEL Investment)


The company's privilege successful this challenging environment, according to its Q3 2023 transcript, are work (such arsenic jewelry repairs) and marketplace stock growth. We deliberation nan marketplace is uncertain of Signet's semipermanent prospects owed to factors for illustration maturation outlook, nan fame of its work offering, nan sector's semipermanent outlook, e-commerce competition, and nan displacement successful user spending to non-discretionary categories, which we will talk successful nan consequence sections that follow.

We judge that this upcoming net report, which is anticipated to beryllium released astir mid-March 2023, will enactment arsenic a catalyst to revalue nan banal erstwhile nan institution shows either (1) separator betterment aliases (2) continued income growth.


Jewelry request is apt to highest semipermanent fixed nan diminution successful nan matrimony rate

Markets whitethorn person a interest astir nan semipermanent imaginable for nan jewelry sector. The pursuing floor plan shows that nan matrimony complaint has declined to a grounds debased since 1900 per CDC/NCHS data.

US matrimony complaint 1900-2018

US matrimony complaint 1900-2018 (CDC/NCHS)

The institution states successful its ngo connection is arsenic follows:

"Signet Jewelers Limited's intent is "Inspiring Love" and its ngo is to alteration each group to "Celebrate Life and Express Love." The Company's imagination is to beryllium nan world's premier jeweler by engaging customers pinch superior shopping and ownership experiences, connecting pinch them seamlessly crossed channels, earning their trust, and providing superior expertise, value, products, and services to meet their life jewelry needs and desires."

We deliberation Signet positions itself good successful nan market. It is simply a business that markets emotion and admiration, 2 things that are consistently successful request and weighted successful modern society.

The 2 sets of income information listed beneath backmost up nan company's proposition. According to Statista, Valentine's Day income successful nan US person accrued complete nan years contempt a autumn successful matrimony rates successful nan US.

US Valentine's time sales

US Valentine's time income (Statista)

The Fed's information connected jewelry income besides shows a semipermanent rising inclination successful nan past 30 years.

Retail sales, jewelry stores

Retail sales, Jewelry stores (Fed)

Brick and mortar stores apt to suffer to e-commerce business

People whitethorn now acquisition diamonds online and astatine a little costs owed to nan improvement of synthetic gem technologies and nan comparatively debased operational costs building of e-commerce platforms. Thus, it appears that Signet, which runs 2,800 beingness stores, look a costs disadvantage compared to an e-commerce pure-play.

The institution adopted nan omni-channel strategy done acquisition of e-commerce level arsenic a consequence to nan challengers. The guidance believes that ordering online and picking up in-stores could differentiate nan institution from e-commerce pure-plays owed to amended customer experience. We concur pinch nan institution because jewelry is 1 of nan industries wherever customers for illustration to person items successful personification and because besides erstwhile customers request to acquisition a gift astatine nan past minute, beingness businesses connection convenience.

In addition, nan institution precocious reduced its footprint successful nan low-traffic mall. In FY2022, Signet has successfully accrued its inventory turnover ratio to 2.3x from that of 1.7x pre-pandemic.

Signet's inventory turnover ratio

Signet's inventory turnover ratio (Company's filing)

Macro interest for discretionary spending

As ostentation persists, location whitethorn beryllium interest astir spending connected discretionary items. However, we deliberation guidance is good prepared for nan headwinds. With nan acquisition, they person built a much elastic operating exemplary to take sides against nan imaginable volatile market. According to nan management, their inventory was down 2% successful nan quarter, excluding acquisition, and pinch promotion astatine nan lowest level successful caller history. They were besides good staffed to take sides nan labour inflation, and its unit turnover is 17% little than it was past year.

Also, they mentioned successful their Q32023 net transcript compared to seasonal manner specified arsenic apparel, jewelry is comparatively unchangeable successful worth and frankincense makes it little concerning astir nan excess inventory.


In conclusion, we deliberation Signet's guidance has some short and semipermanent plans and a clear customer floor plan and well-positioned nan institution for some title and macro headwinds. The existent valuation is very pessimistic successful our position and provides a awesome consequence and return floor plan for a worth investor to enter.

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