Shoe Carnival: Its Run Isn't Over Yet

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More often than not, bully investments return a while to salary off. Fortunately, however, location are immoderate scenarios wherever returns travel faster than expected. A awesome illustration of this tin beryllium seen by looking astatine caller capacity achieved by Shoe Carnival (NASDAQ:SCVL), a business that's dedicated to nan waste of footwear done some accepted unit outlets and online channels. Despite a weakening successful financial information arsenic of late, nan patient is still performing reasonably well, each things considered. In summation to that, shares look rather affordable, indicating that further upside could very good beryllium connected nan table. But because of changing marketplace conditions, I do deliberation that nan institution deserves a humble downgrade from nan ‘strong buy’ I had it astatine antecedently to a ‘buy’ today.

Mixed capacity comes into focus

Back successful early September of 2022, I wrote an article that took a very bullish stance connected Shoe Carnival. In that article, I talked astir really nan institution had knowledgeable a alternatively mixed operating history. Even though it was mixed, nan capacity complete nan past fewer years had been rather positive. Of course, each bully things must travel to an end, and that became abundantly clear erstwhile nan business reported immoderate weakness during its 2022 fiscal year. But fixed really inexpensive nan banal was, I could not thief but to complaint it a ‘strong buy’ to bespeak my position that shares should outperform nan broader marketplace to a important grade for nan foreseeable future. Since nan publication of that article, nan institution has genuinely delivered. While nan S&P 500 is up only 3.8%, shares of Shoe Carnival person seen upside of 22.8%.


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Interestingly, nan stock value capacity achieved by Shoe Carnival has travel astir contempt mixed and mostly declining results. Consider really nan institution performed during nan third quarter of its 2022 fiscal year. Sales for that clip came successful astatine $341.7 million. That's 4.1% little than nan $356.3 cardinal reported nan aforesaid clip 1 twelvemonth earlier. This diminution came astir contempt nan truth that nan business saw nan number of stores it had successful cognition turn from 377 to 395. The symptom for nan business was driven alternatively by a driblet successful comparable shop sales. The existent unfortunate was a plunge successful comparable shop income totaling 9.9%. Although bad, it is amended than what nan institution reported for its first and 2nd quarters, pinch declines totaling 10.6% and 13.8%, respectively. This diminution seems to beryllium related to a gradual return to normalcy pursuing nan COVID-19 pandemic.

This driblet successful gross brought pinch it a diminution successful profitability arsenic well. Net income for nan business, for instance, managed to driblet from $46.8 cardinal to $32.4 million. However, location were different factors successful this diminution arsenic well. The company's gross profit margin, for instance, shrank from 40.4% to 38.3%. This decline, guidance said, was owed chiefly to buying, distribution, and occupancy costs rising, arsenic good arsenic merchandise margins declining, pinch astir of these changes attributable to higher ostentation crossed nan board. In summation to this, selling, general, and administrative costs, roseate from 22.9% of income to 25.5%. This rise, guidance asserted, was mostly nan consequence of its Shoe Station operations, arsenic good arsenic accrued depreciation disbursal resulting from investments successful spot and instrumentality aimed astatine modernizing nan company's stores. Other profitability metrics followed nan aforesaid trajectory. Operating rate flow, for instance, plunged from $40.7 cardinal to $10 million. If we set for changes successful moving capital, nan metric would person fallen much modestly from $64.7 cardinal to $56.2 million. And finally, EBITDA for nan business dipped from $67.2 cardinal to $49.8 million.


Author - SEC EDGAR Data

The results knowledgeable during nan 3rd 4th of nan twelvemonth aided successful pushing results for nan first 9 months of nan twelvemonth comparative to nan aforesaid 9 months 1 twelvemonth earlier, down. Revenue of $1.02 cardinal dropped to $971.5 million. Net income dropped from $134.3 cardinal to $88.5 million. The diminution successful operating rate travel was moreover greater, pinch nan metric plunging from $120.5 cardinal to $18.9 million. But connected an adjusted basis, nan metric fell from $189.4 cardinal to $156.3 million. And finally, we person EBITDA. It yet dropped from $194.4 cardinal to $134.4 million. Despite these troubles, Shoe Carnival was happy to proceed rewarding shareholders directly. The data revealed by guidance shows a operation of dividends and stock buybacks amounting to complete $40 cardinal passim nan year. That brings full returns to investors complete nan past decade to $275 million. Even though nan institution has been allocating a batch of rate toward rewarding shareholders directly, this doesn't mean that they aren't focused connected growth. In their 3rd 4th net release, they said that they would unfastened 3 further locations by nan extremity of 2022, taking their shop count to 398. Their eventual extremity is to surpass nan 500-store count successful nan adjacent 3 to 5 years.

For 2022 successful its entirety, guidance said that gross should extremity up coming successful astatine betwixt $1.27 cardinal and $1.30 billion. Although this would correspond a alteration compared to what nan patient generated successful 2021, it would still beryllium betwixt 23% and 25% higher than what nan institution generated backmost successful 2019 earlier nan pandemic. Adjusted net per stock should beryllium betwixt $3.95 and $4.10. That should construe to nett income, astatine nan midpoint, of $111.5 million. No guidance was fixed erstwhile it came to different profitability metrics. But if we presume that nan information reported for nan first 9 months of nan twelvemonth is suggestive of what nan image will look for illustration for nan last quarter, past we should expect adjusted operating rate travel of $190.7 cardinal and EBITDA of $160.4 million.

Trading Multiples

Author - SEC EDGAR Data

Based connected these information points, Shoe Carnival is trading astatine a price-to-earnings aggregate of 6.8. The value to adjusted operating rate travel multiples should beryllium 4, while nan EV to EBITDA aggregate should travel successful astatine 4.5. As you tin spot from nan floor plan above, this is simply a spot loftier than nan multiples utilizing information from 2021. But shares are still meaningfully cheaper than if we were to revert backmost to levels seen successful 2019. Even a return to those levels, however, would apt consequence successful immoderate upside imaginable for investors. As portion of my analysis, I besides compared Shoe Carnival to 5 akin firms. On a price-to-earnings basis, these companies ranged from a debased of 5.7 to a precocious of 70. Only 1 of nan 5 companies was cheaper than our target. Using nan value to operating rate travel approach, nan scope was betwixt 6.7 and 19.1. In this case, our imaginable was nan cheapest of nan group. And finally, utilizing nan EV to EBITDA approach, we get a scope of betwixt 2.9 and 6.5. Three of nan 5 companies successful this lawsuit were cheaper than our target.

Company Price / Earnings Price / Operating Cash Flow EV / EBITDA
Shoe Carnival 6.8 4.0 4.5
Torrid Holdings (CURV) 10.2 6.7 3.3
The Children's Place (PLCE) 7.2 12.8 5.0
Chico's FAS (CHS) 5.7 11.0 2.9
Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) 70.0 N/A 6.5
Zumiez (ZUMZ) 11.5 19.1 4.0


Based connected each nan information provided, I tin only opportunity that I americium very pleased pinch nan upside acquisition by Shoe Carnival since I past wrote astir it. Even though I rated nan institution a ‘strong buy’, I had nary thought that shares would move up that overmuch that quickly. Shareholders surely deserved nan upside. The banal is still inexpensive today, but weakness does continue. Given really overmuch upside shareholders person experienced, however, and fixed nan weakness issues involved, I would make nan lawsuit that a amended standing astatine this clip would beryllium a ‘buy’, suggestive of a institution that should outperform nan broader marketplace without generating returns that are vastly superior to it.

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