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Alright, let's reside nan elephant successful nan room. Alight, Inc. (NYSE:ALIT) IPO'd in 2021, pursuing its merger pinch a patient supported by nan SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) heavyweight, Bill Foley. We each cognize that SPACs person taken a deed successful nan US markets, and nan plummeting worth of stocks backed by SPAC "Kings" for illustration Chamath Palihapitiya person wounded galore investors. So, it's only earthy that immoderate whitethorn consciousness apprehensive astir Alight's prospects. Then location is nan world economical situation that looks beautiful challenging, and it decidedly poses a consequence for investors. However, I deliberation you should springiness this institution a chance. In my opinion, Alight could still travel done and execute double-digit gross and net maturation successful 2023.

Two Strengths

Alight offers cloud-based quality resources and benefits management services, including payroll, well-being, wealth, status benefits, integrated health, and each kinds of HR management solutions to immoderate of nan starring companies astir nan world. The Illinois-based company's flagship merchandise is Alight Worklife which, arsenic per nan company, is "a high-tech worker engagement level pinch a quality touch - that brings together our mission-critical wellbeing solutions to our clients to thrust amended outcomes for organizations and individuals."

What I find peculiarly awesome astir Alight is that it's not conscionable different caller kid connected nan block. With over 25 years of acquisition nether its belt, Alight is simply a well-established institution pinch a rock-solid customer guidelines that spans complete 100 countries. It holds a dominating position successful its niche and boasts an awesome database of clients, which includes 70% of nan Fortune 100 companies.

Alight continues to pull immoderate of nan apical companies successful nan industry. In nan erstwhile 4th (4Q22), it added Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), General Electric (GE), Cintas Corp. (CTAS), and an unnamed Fortune 10 institution to its customer list. I deliberation this is simply a testament to nan value of work that Alight provides, and why it's 1 of nan astir respected names successful nan HR and benefits management services industry.

Alight seems to person mastered nan creation of customer acquisition, which has been a cardinal driver of nan company's awesome growth. In 2021, it developed a caller logo team, dedicated to delivering BPaaS bookings, and nan results person been good. Over nan past 2 years, nan institution has won complete 700 caller logos, including large names for illustration Shell (SHEL) and PwC. Alight initially group a goal of achieving BPaaS TCV bookings of betwixt $900 cardinal and $1 cardinal by 2023, but they've already made important progress, ending past twelvemonth pinch $871 million. This puts nan institution successful a premier position to transcend its target, highlighting nan spot of its merchandise offerings and nan effectiveness of its logo squad successful driving growth.

The 2nd awesome point that I for illustration astir Alight is its recurring gross model. In 2022, 84% of Alight's revenues came from recurring gross streams, pinch a singular 98% mean gross retention rate. The institution typically offers its services to clients done contracts that span from 3 to 5 years, which provides a much-needed consciousness of stableness to Alight's earnings. I judge this is particularly valuable successful today's turbulent and unpredictable economical landscape, wherever investors crave dependable returns.

Financial Performance

While Alight doesn't person a lengthy financial history to tie from, nan institution has shown promising results truthful far. From what we've seen, Alight's financial capacity has been decent, pinch noticeable improvements successful its revenues, earnings, and rate flows. In my view, nan institution appears to beryllium headed successful nan correct direction.

Last month, Alight delivered its yearly results for 2022 (first afloat twelvemonth of operations since nan IPO - nexus provided earlier) successful which it reported a 7% summation successful revenues to $3.1 cardinal connected nan backmost of 9% maturation successful recurring revenues and a 6% summation successful adjusted EBITDA to $659 million. 87% of nan revenues were related to nan Employer Solutions segment, which includes net from its Alight Worklife platform, while 12% of nan revenues came from nan Professional Services conception which features project-based work.

The institution ended nan twelvemonth pinch a GAAP nett nonaccomplishment of $0.14 per stock arsenic opposed to a nett nonaccomplishment of $0.08 per stock a twelvemonth earlier, but excluding nan effects of one-off charges, nan institution earned an adjusted profit of $0.57 per share, up from $0.31 per stock a twelvemonth earlier. It generated $286 cardinal successful operated rate flows successful 2022 versus $115 cardinal a twelvemonth before. The company's rate travel conversion complaint (percentage of adjusted EBITDA converted into operating rate flows) was 43% successful 2022.

Guidance Recap

Alight's guidance expects things to get overmuch amended successful 2023 and has forecasted an betterment successful each cardinal metrics, including revenues, earnings, and rate flows. The institution is expecting 11% to 12% maturation successful revenues successful 2023 successful nan scope of $3.47 cardinal to $3.51 billion. This double-digit maturation complaint for 2023 implies that nan company's gross maturation will accelerate successful 2023.

Moreover, net and profit margins are besides forecasted to improve. The guidance expects nan company's Adjusted EBITDA to emergence by 12% to 14%, pinch separator description of 15 to 50 bps, to $735 cardinal to $750 million. Adjusted net are predicted to turn by 9% to 18% to astir $0.62 to $0.67 per share. Meanwhile, nan operating rate travel conversion complaint could climb to nan scope of 45% to 55%, pinch nan maturation successful adjusted EBITDA and higher complaint implying meaningfully higher levels of operating rate flows.

Looking Ahead

Despite Alight's promising maturation prospects, there's nary denying that nan reliable macroeconomic situation has emerged arsenic a important situation for nan company. This will surely put its merchandise offerings and maturation capabilities to nan test. It's important that investors cautiously see this consequence facet earlier jumping successful and buying Alight's shares.

The economical outlook is uncertain, pinch conflicting signals from different indicators. On 1 hand, nan Commerce Department's caller report suggests that nan US system expanded astatine a slower gait than initially estimated successful 4Q22, perchance indicating that nan Federal Reserve's liking complaint hikes are having a much important effect than expected. On nan different hand, ostentation is proving to beryllium stickier than anticipated, putting nan Fed successful a difficult position. Additional liking complaint hikes to curb ostentation will besides further slow nan system and apt wounded firm earnings.

Cost-cutting measures, specified arsenic wide layoffs, are already being implemented by companies successful nan US, peculiarly successful nan tech industry, and thousands of workers person mislaid their jobs. This is simply a concerning inclination that raises questions astir Alight's expertise to turn its apical and bottommost statement successful nan existent economical climate.

If nan system does acquisition a slowdown aliases moreover enters into a method recession successful nan coming quarters, it's unclear really severely this will effect some consumers and businesses. It's worthy noting that ostentation is simply a situation faced by galore countries globally, and cardinal banks person taken action by tightening monetary policy. To bring down aggregate demand, cardinal banks astir nan world are expanding liking rates, and this could person an effect connected world economical maturation which mightiness slow down successful 2023 compared to erstwhile years.

This could airs a batch of problems for Alight. In nan difficult world macroeconomic environment, nan institution mightiness struggle to triumph caller clients aliases waste caller solutions to existing customers. This could perchance make it challenging for Alight to proceed increasing revenues, earnings, and rate flows. Alight's expertise to make recurring revenues, which has been 1 of its biggest strengths, whitethorn look challenges successful 2023.

That being said, successful my opinion, Alight appears to beryllium well-positioned to upwind this challenge. One point to see is that nan company's maturation has been driven, successful part, by cost-cutting measures taken by its clients who outsourced their HR functions aliases wanted to get much bang for their subordinate connected group investment. In nan existent economical climate, companies are going to beryllium moreover much laser-focused connected cutting costs and optimizing their returns connected investments. This could springiness Alight a limb up and it mightiness pull moreover much clients. So while location are decidedly immoderate challenges ahead, location is logic to beryllium optimistic.

A person look astatine immoderate of Alight's achievements and its recurring revenues business exemplary should instill much assurance among investors. To commencement with, nan institution entered this twelvemonth from a position of strength, considering that it had $2.9 cardinal successful revenues nether statement for 2023. So it already has a coagulated instauration for growth.

Additionally, nan institution inked caller deals past year, including nan Alight Worklife BPaaS contracts, which should thrust gross maturation successful 2023. It's worthy noting that Alight onboarded Federal Thrift past year, and 2023 will showcase nan first afloat twelvemonth of its services to its largest customer ever, pinch much than six cardinal participants. Plus, nan precocious closed acquisition of ReedGroup, an absence guidance provider, should thief thrust Alight's maturation moreover further.


In my view, Alight seems to person a promising early up contempt nan challenging and uncertain economical environment. Its contracted revenues and nan company's expertise to pull top-tier clients supply a consciousness of stableness successful today's turbulent landscape.

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Wall Street seems optimistic astir nan company's prospects, arsenic evidenced by its shares rising almost 22% successful nan past six months, bucking nan broader inclination successful nan marketplace wherever nan S&P-500 has mostly remained flat.

According to information from Seeking Alpha, nan institution presently appears reasonably valued, trading astatine 17.2x trailing 12 months net and 15.2x guardant net estimates, arsenic opposed to nan assemblage median of astir 17x. At this price, I would complaint nan banal arsenic a hold, but propose investors see buying connected weakness, peculiarly if location is grounds of nan institution continuing connected its maturation trajectory and winning caller clients.

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