Shake Shack Inc. (SHAK) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Shake Shack Inc. (NYSE:SHAK) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 16, 2023 8:00 AM ET

Company Participants

Annalee Leggett - Senior Manager of Investor Relations & FP&A

Randy Garutti - Chief Executive Officer

Katie Fogertey - Chief Financial Officer

Conference Call Participants

Lauren Silberman - Credit Suisse

Mike Tamas - Oppenheimer & Co.

Sharon Zackfia - William Blair

Jake Bartlett - Truist Securities

Peter Saleh - BTIG

Andrew Charles - Cowen & Company

David Tarantino - Baird

Jim Sanderson - Northcoast Research

Rahul Krotthapalli - J.P. Morgan

Brian Harbour - Morgan Stanley


Good day, and invited to nan Shake Shack Fourth Quarter 2022 Earnings Conference Call. At this time, each participants are successful a listen-only mode. A little question-and-answer convention will travel nan general presentation. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this convention is being recorded.

At this time, I'd for illustration to move nan telephone complete to Annalee Leggett, Senior Manager of Investor Relations and FP&A.

Annalee Leggett

Thank you, and bully morning, everyone.

Joining maine for Shake Shack's convention telephone is our CEO, Randy Garutti; and CFO, Katie Fogertey.

During today's call, we will talk non-GAAP financial measures, which we judge tin beryllium useful successful evaluating our performance. The position of this further accusation should not beryllium considered successful isolation aliases arsenic a substitute for results prepared successful accordance pinch GAAP. Reconciliations to comparable GAAP measures are disposable connected our net merchandise and financial specifications conception of our shareholder letter.

Some of today's statements whitethorn beryllium guardant looking, and existent results whitethorn disagree materially to a number of risks and uncertainties, including those discussed successful our yearly study connected Form 10-K revenge connected February 18, 2022. Any forward-looking statements correspond our views only arsenic of coming and we presume nary responsibility to update immoderate forward-looking statements if our views change.

By now, you should person entree to our 4th fourth 2022 Shareholder Letter, which tin beryllium recovered astatine successful nan Quarterly Results conception aliases arsenic an grounds to our 8-K for nan quarter.

I will now move nan telephone complete to Randy.

Randy Garutti

Thanks, Annalee. Good morning, everyone.

2022 was a twelvemonth of continuous betterment successful Shack formats and [feel] (ph), culinary invention and focused strategical readying for nan breathtaking roadworthy we person ahead. We ended nan twelvemonth opening 69 Shacks globally, increasing our portion count by much than 18%, pinch system-wide income expanding much than 22% year-over-year to a grounds $1.4 billion.

Our full gross grew complete 21% to astir $900 million, led by caller openings and 7.8% same-Shack sales. We proceed to build backmost our Shack-level operating profit margins to 17.4% for nan year, exiting nan twelvemonth astatine 18.8% successful nan 4th quarter, each nan while continuing to show nan world entreaty of our marque arsenic we guidelines for thing bully successful each that we do, elevating our teams and communities on nan way.

We ended nan twelvemonth pinch coagulated momentum successful nan 4th quarter, raising mean play sales, expanding our margins and investing pinch subject connected G&A and CapEx. Our capacity was led by value and beardown in-Shack postulation growth, reaching $76,000 successful mean play income and 5.1% successful same-Shack sales. This momentum has carried into January pinch full gross up astir 35%, including a 17% comp and double-digit postulation growth, arsenic we lapped past year's dense effect from Omicron.

Our licensed business performed good successful nan 4th fourth contempt pressures from COVID-related disruptions successful China and different regions, and immoderate of that volatility successful our China Shacks has subsided successful January and we're cautiously optimistic that things tin statesman to level retired towards a much normalized income situation internationally this year.

Our 18.8% Shack-level operating profit separator successful nan 4th fourth were supported by our October paper value increase, efficiencies successful labor, and affirmative transmission operation arsenic much guests return in-Shack. Rest assured though that our activity to build our profitability is acold from done. We person a scheme successful spot to proceed this betterment successful 2023.

And fixed nan uncertain economical backdrop, we expect conditions to stay challenging for immoderate time. However, we are assured that we person nan correct strategical priorities and squad successful spot crossed nan institution to navigate these pressures and group america up for coagulated semipermanent growth.

We've shared a batch of item astir our '23 strategical scheme astatine nan ICR Conference successful January, position and replay of which is disposable connected our IR website. Today I want to recap wherever we're focused this year.

Our number 1 attraction is connected recruiting, rewarding and retaining a winning team. Fielding an exceptional squad is nan cardinal constituent to operating businesslike and successful Shacks. We person not been immune to nan staffing challenges nan manufacture has faced and we've doubled down connected recruitment, retention and training efforts. We've raised pay, expanded benefits, added tips and enhanced entree to nan opportunities our squad members person to beforehand successful making Shake Shack a existent profession choice.

Last year, we filled astir 60% of operations activity positions pinch soul candidates, a captious pipeline to meet our maturation goals. 77% of our promotions were awarded to group of colour and complete 50% to women. While galore Shacks stay beneath their optimal staffing levels, we've seen marked betterment successful hiring complete nan past fewer months.

And let's retrieve that we opened 22 home company-operated Shacks successful nan 4th quarter, truthful we're still successful nan midst of a batch of training and moving squad members astir to support caller openings. We're expecting to person immoderate further costs moving into nan first 4th arsenic we get to much optimal operations. We still person a batch of activity to do, but we're incredibly proud of really nan squad is developing.

Our 2nd priority, keeping our relentless attraction connected nan impermanent experience. Shake Shack has ever been differentiated from accepted fast-food and we triumph by doing what astir QSR and different restaurants are either unwilling aliases incapable to do. Between collaborating pinch personage chefs for marquee events and LTOs to partnering pinch media companies for illustration Hot Ones arsenic good arsenic brands for illustration Maker's Mark for our bourbon bacon jam. We are continually learning really to amended thrust engagement pinch caller and existing guests.

This past week, we launched our White Truffle LTO, which includes nan White Truffle Burger, a vegetarian option, pinch nan White Truffle 'Shroom and Parmesan White Truffle Fries. This is simply a awesome illustration of thing only Shake Shack tin do, creating an elevated affordable culinary experience.

It'll besides beryllium a large twelvemonth for plant-based innovation. We scheme to motorboat our Non-dairy Chocolate Shake arsenic good arsenic our caller Veggie Shack Burger developed correct present successful our Innovation Kitchen successful nan West Village. It's an elevated and delicious replacement to nan highly processed meatless offerings successful nan marketplace today. It's packed pinch mushrooms, farro, quinoa, saccharine potatoes, carrots and more, topped pinch American cheese, crispy onions, pickles and Shack Sauce. I deliberation we've landed connected a vegetarian action that's craveable and we look guardant to introducing it to a wider assemblage to get feedback this year.

We besides scheme to support a rotating group of LTOs to thrust wave and you'll spot various tests connected a number of caller items done nan year, including caller packaging, caffeinated lemonades, mini shakes and more. We're offering a amended wide experience, committed to premium ingredients and greeting our guests pinch genuine hospitality. This is our competitory advantage and our focus. If we do this well, we judge much group than ever will come.

Our 3rd privilege is focused connected improvement and really we turn from here. We judge our full addressable marketplace globally continues to expand. We opened 36 home company-operated Shacks successful 2022. In nan 4th fourth alone, we opened 22 restaurants successful a equilibrium of formats, including halfway Shacks, mini formats and 5 caller drive-thrus. While galore of these Shacks opened conscionable weeks and, successful immoderate cases, conscionable days earlier nan 4th ended, we're encouraged pinch nan early results arsenic they settee into 2023.

This coming year, we expect to unfastened astir 40 Shacks, pinch astir six of them successful this first quarter, having conscionable opened a caller drive-thru successful Dublin, Ohio and a halfway Shack correct present successful New York City successful Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood. Currently, we person 24 Shacks nether construction.

On drive-thru specifically, pinch 12 opened today, we're encouraged by nan first sounds and are targeting to astir double that pinch our plans to unfastened 10 to 15 much drive-thrus this year. We cognize there's still overmuch we person to study and overmuch to beryllium retired arsenic we've been rolling retired a fewer different designs arsenic good arsenic room flows truthful that we tin optimize this finance for learning quickly and evolving nan exemplary for nan agelong run.

Our licensed Shack business is nan different cardinal portion of our improvement strategy. In 2022, our partners opened 33 licensed Shacks, 20 of those successful Asia, 3 successful nan Middle East region, 2 successful Mexico, and 8 successful nan United States successful our airports, recreation plazas and arena venues. This is an asset-light measurement to turn our profitability complete nan agelong term, speaks to nan spot of our marque which resonates globally crossed geographies and cultures.

Very few, if any, edifice companies astatine our standard person successfully grown pinch this level of excitement and marque acceptance astir nan globe, and you'll spot america proceed to build successful existing markets while adding caller markets successful nan future. This year, we expect our partners to unfastened betwixt 25 to 30 much licensed locations crossed formats and regions pinch six to 7 much successful nan first quarter. Nearly half of our openings we expect to beryllium successful Asia, including a motorboat successful Thailand later this spring.

We'll besides unlock different format type arsenic we partner pinch nan Atlantis successful nan Bahamas to unfastened our first ever edifice hotel Shack. We will besides trial our first drive-thru successful our licensed business pinch our partners Alshaya successful Dubai. And lastly, we're spending a batch of clip considering caller countries, territories, and formats, we tin turn this captious portion of nan Shack opportunity for nan agelong term. Our licensed business and partners stay successful an incredibly move profitable and powerful measurement to support expanding our beingness successful brands crossed nan globe.

Our 4th privilege is improving our wide institution profitability pinch peculiar attraction connected our home company-operated Shacks. We cognize nan dynamics complete nan past fewer years person impacted our humanities separator profile, we're focusing our activity to rebuild complete nan agelong term. We're committed to improving profitability by driving sales, emphasizing our ain higher-margin channels, uncovering COGS, labour and OpEx efficiencies, improving off-premise profitability, and utilizing strategical paper pricing. We showed separator progression successful nan 4th fourth and we person nan correct scheme successful place.

Leading pinch sales, our privilege has to beryllium to clasp our winning team. We person to support improving staffing levels truthful that we tin optimize full hours and income potential. Our large opportunity, particularly successful newer markets, is astir building our marque strength. We've been testing various marque campaigns crossed media channels, investing successful targeted capacity trading and much than ever, building organization trading pinch our location leaders participating successful and supporting much section events than ever.

On nan disbursal side, we've sewage an aggravated attraction connected each statement of nan P&L successful our Shacks. We're building teams to collaborate pinch our operators, designers and suppliers to spell aft nan profitability measures we tin tackle this year, and Katie will talk much astir these efforts successful a bit.

Finally, arsenic we build an enduring company, we are committed to investing pinch discipline. We spot maturation opportunities pinch a beardown return imaginable crossed development, integer and our business overall. In nan past fewer years, we made nan captious determination to wall our equilibrium expanse pinch a historically debased costs of capital. That's provided america pinch nan barren powder to turn successful this existent situation and we're committed to doing it pinch subject while remaining aggressive.

You'll spot america proceed to deploy superior towards beardown returns successful 4 main areas: building Shacks; updating our existent Shacks; investing successful our integer infrastructure; and structuring our location agency capabilities to support our restaurants. We person historically outperformed our semipermanent AUVs targets while delivering beardown cash-on-cash returns. Over nan past fewer years pinch profitability nether unit and nett build costs elevated connected average, our caller Shacks generated returns conscionable beneath semipermanent targets. Building backmost our Shack-level op profit separator arsenic good arsenic addressing higher build costs is nan activity to beryllium done to bring america backmost to our longer-term return targets.

The Shack people of '22 mean nett build costs is search astir $2.4 million. Inflationary pressures successful nan building and building marketplace worked against america past year, but we're besides investing successful a much costly operation of Shacks pinch drive-thrus included. In 2023, we expect a akin build and costs operation arsenic we target 10 to 15 drive-thru Shacks. We're addressing cost-savings wherever we tin for nan people of '23 and beyond. We've formed our operational and building creation teams to activity towards bringing down semipermanent mean costs to build for each formats.

We're going to support building Shacks to triumph pinch focused and scalable designs and formats wherever we cognize we tin thrust beardown returns complete nan agelong term. We've sewage nan correct scheme and squad successful spot for '23 and we'll support you posted connected advancement arsenic we go.

With that, I'll manus it disconnected to Katie to stock much astir nan specifications of nan 4th and expectations looking forward.

Katie Fogertey

Great. Thank you. So, bully morning.

We ended nan twelvemonth connected an optimistic statement pinch accrued momentum and grounds that our strategical priorities are nan correct ones to thief build backmost our profitability and turn our semipermanent opportunity. We showed beardown advancement successful nan 4th pinch year-over-year measures astatine high-teens gross growth, 240 ground points of edifice separator description and complete 55% maturation successful adjusted EBITDA. We executed connected each of this contempt facing labour readiness pressures, proviso concatenation challenges, precocious single-digit nutrient and insubstantial inflation, and galore different pressures crossed our P&L.

We delivered 4th fourth full gross of $238.5 million, up 17.4% year-over-year. Shack income besides grew 17.4% to $229.9 cardinal and licensing gross grew 16.6% to $8.6 million.

We generated Shack-level operating profit separator of 18.8% and grew adjusted EBITDA to $19.3 million. For nan afloat twelvemonth 2022, including nan terrible effect that Omicron had connected our income and our profitability earlier successful nan year, we grew adjusted EBITDA by 25.8% to $70.5 million.

In nan 4th quarter, we [Technical Difficulty] $364.1 cardinal successful system-wide income and for nan afloat year, we exceeded $1.4 billion, pinch 436 full Shacks, including 69 caller Shacks opened successful 2022 successful nan U.S. and abroad.

In October, we raised our paper prices by mid to precocious single-digits. This is crossed nan various strategy of betwixt 2% to 10% crossed value tiers. This was needed to thief reside precocious single-digit nutrient and insubstantial ostentation and nan continued investments we're making successful our squad members. With this, we expect to support a blended precocious single-digit value crossed our channels successful nan first half of nan twelvemonth of 2023, arsenic we will rotation disconnected nan March 2022 value summation of 3.5% paper and further 5% successful third-party transportation premiums.

In nan 4th quarter, we generated $76,000 successful mean play sales, up from $73,000 successful nan 3rd quarter. This was supported by value increases and in-Shack traffic. We grew same-Shack income by 5.1% versus 2021, our [Technical Difficulty] was down 90 ground points versus nan anterior twelvemonth arsenic we lapped a peculiarly beardown 4Q '21 postulation of up 18%. In-Shack postulation was affirmative arsenic guests returned to much normal patterns. Price/mix was 6% successful nan quarter, pinch nan use of higher paper prices partially offset by a operation headwind owed to stronger in-Shack capacity that skews to much single-order -- macromolecule orders.

We stay encouraged by nan integer wave and walk measures moreover arsenic much customers are going backmost to omnichannel experiences and coming backmost into our Shacks. In nan 3rd -- successful nan 4th quarter, 36% of Shack income were from our integer channels of app, web, and third-party delivery. And since March 2020, we person obtained 4.8 cardinal integer first-time purchasers successful our app and web channel.

This is 1 logic we are focused connected refining and optimizing each of our channels, leveraging galore of our existing investments successful our app, web and kiosks to thrust acquisition, frequency, and conversion. An illustration present is our integer activity wrong nan Shacks, wherever we are connected target to rotation retired kiosks to astir each home company-operated Shacks by nan extremity of nan year. Kiosks remains our highest-margin transmission and guests walk much connected stalls orders than non-traditional in-check orders.

In nan 4th quarter, municipality Same-Shack income grew 8%. This was a usability of affirmative price/mix and postulation growth. Suburban Shack income grew 3% successful nan quarter, driven by affirmative price/mix and humble postulation declines year-over-year.

Going into January, return to activity and wide mobility trends remained beardown and, successful immoderate instances, improved. Our 4th fourth openings besides performed well. We generated AWS of $72,000 and same-Shack income of 17%, driven by increases successful postulation and price. Now, while Omicron had nan largest effect connected our income successful January '22, our income recovered passim nan first quarter, truthful we expect our comp to mean passim nan remainder of nan first quarter. In addition, we expect a number of nan beardown 4th fourth openings to spot income travel backmost to much normalized levels successful nan coming months.

Licensing income successful nan 4th fourth were $134.1 million, up 13% year-over-year, and licensing gross was $8.6 million. Strong vacation request and recreation benefited our licensed Shacks, however, licence income saw a important effect from COVID pressures successful China and pressures from nan stronger U.S. dollar.

In 2022, our licensed partners opened 33 caller Shacks, including 13 successful nan 4th quarter, bringing our nett licensed Shack count to 182 astatine nan extremity of nan year. Our licensed Shack description is disconnected to a beardown commencement this twelvemonth pinch six licensed Shack openings quarter-to-date and we expect to unfastened a full of 25 to 30 licensed shacks successful 2023.

Fourth 4th Shack-level operating profit was $43.2 cardinal aliases 18.8% of Shack sales, 240 ground points higher versus past twelvemonth contempt inflationary pressures crossed our Shack P&L. We achieved this pinch higher paper prices, beardown income performance, labour efficiencies and affirmative transmission mix.

Our separator capacity successful nan 4th really layers up to nan four-point scheme we person successful spot to show much sustained betterment successful our profitability.

So, first, it's astir building backmost income pinch a privilege connected our ain channels arsenic we are much profitable location and tin amended pass pinch those guests. We are highly focused connected driving income successful our Shacks while astatine nan aforesaid clip building our integer impermanent footprint to support a existent omnichannel impermanent experience.

Second, it's connected labour efficiencies and our stalls rollout present is one-way to amended utilize labour successful our Shacks. We proceed to beryllium encouraged by nan beardown returns connected our finance for nan strategy and really it allows our squad members to amended work our impermanent and negociate done staffing pressures successful prime markets.

Third, we're making advancement connected our off-premise profitability pinch much subject connected packaging standards for off-premise orders arsenic good arsenic passing on a information of nan higher costs of transportation to our guests.

And then, last, we're taking a strategical attack to paper pricing, and we're pleased pinch nan first results of our October paper value raise. However, location is uncertainty astir nan ostentation outlook. While we're not yet seeing these inflations, it's surely thing that's been wide discussed. We dream that successful 2023, we spot nutrient and insubstantial ostentation astatine nan little extremity aliases moreover beneath our existent expectations. Yet if we do not, we whitethorn return immoderate targeted incremental pricing later this twelvemonth to thief protect our profitability.

These 4 points are really nan largest bucket which are moving nan needle and really we expect to build backmost our margins successful nan coming years, but we're really looking astatine each statement items present for efficiencies. And while we're pleased pinch our Shack-level operating profit separator progression successful nan 4th quarter, we cognize for good not each 4th will show linear improvement. However, we judge addressing our profitability is 1 of nan correct priorities for our location agency and our operators.

In nan 4th quarter, nutrient and insubstantial costs were $67.9 cardinal aliases 29.5% of Shack sales, down 140 ground points quarter-over-quarter and down 150 ground points year-over-year, pinch benefits driven by paper price, offset by precocious single-digit nutrient and insubstantial inflation. These costs diminution by a debased double-digit percent year-over-year, however, nan costs of galore different items successful our handbasket were up sharply, led by dairy and fries, some of which were up complete 25% successful nan quarter. Packaging was besides up astir 15% year-over-year.

Labor and related expenses were 660 -- $66.4 cardinal aliases 28.9% of Shack sales, down from 29.6% successful nan 4th fourth of 2021 and down 50 ground points quarter-over-quarter. While staffing levels improved passim nan quarter, we still person an opportunity for further betterment successful definite Shacks arsenic good arsenic expanding our wide throughput and ratio pinch galore of these recently hired squad members.

Other operating expenses were $34.1 cardinal aliases 14.8% of Shack sales, down 10 ground points from nan 4th fourth of 2021, benefiting from a little transportation income mix. We proceed to look inflationary pressures and aspects needed to run our in-Shack business, including energy, repair and attraction costs, and costs to support our eating rooms, but we are focused connected managing these expenses arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.

Occupancy and related expenses were $18.2 cardinal aliases 7.9% of Shack sales, down 20 ground points from nan 4th fourth pinch this really driven by income leverage.

G&A was $31.8 cardinal aliases 13.3% of full revenue, up from 11.7% of full gross successful nan anterior quarter, driven by investments needed to support our maturation crossed marketing, operations, and technology. We ended 2022 pinch $112 cardinal successful G&A, adjusted for ineligible settlement, up complete 30% year-over-year.

Pre-opening costs were $6.5 cardinal successful nan 4th arsenic we opened 22 caller Shacks. Depreciation was $19.2 million.

On a GAAP basis, successful nan quarter, we reported a pre-tax nonaccomplishment of $4.3 cardinal and a taxation disbursal of $6.8 million. On an adjusted pro forma basis, we reported a pre-tax nonaccomplishment of $4.2 cardinal and a taxation use of $1.6 million. Excluding nan taxation effect of stock-based compensation, our adjusted pro forma taxation complaint successful nan 4th fourth was 38.5% These adjustments tin beryllium recovered connected Page 32 of nan Shareholder Letter.

We realized a nett nonaccomplishment attributable to Shake Shack Inc. of $10.7 cardinal aliases a antagonistic $0.27 per share. On an adjusted pro forma basis, we reported a nett nonaccomplishment of $2.6 cardinal aliases a antagonistic $0.06 per afloat exchanged and diluted share.

Finally, our equilibrium expanse is beardown and we ended nan 4th pinch $311.2 cardinal successful rate and rate equivalents and marketable securities.

Now, connected to guidance for nan first 4th and afloat twelvemonth 2023, that does not presume immoderate worldly changes successful nan macroeconomic conditions aliases further COVID disruptions.

For nan first quarter, stronger-than-expected January results and what we're seeing truthful acold successful February, this is inclusive of nan capacity from nan recently-opened Shacks, gives america assurance to raise our guidance for Shack income to $232 cardinal to $237 cardinal and same-Shack income to turn by precocious single-digit percent year-over-year.

While January results were acold up of this range, conscionable arsenic a reminder, our compares will get sequentially harder posted mid-February arsenic nan Omicron effect subsided. We're besides going to beryllium lapping nan 3.5% paper value and 5% transportation premium we took successful March 2022 and we person nary further prices factored into our guidance today.

We're seeing beardown capacity successful our home and world licensed business, including a rebound successful China since lifting nan zero-COVID argumentation and raised our guidance for nan licensed gross successful nan first 4th to $8.25 cardinal to $8.75 million. We cannot beryllium definite that this spot will persist passim nan 4th and this guidance scope does not presume immoderate caller COVID closures aliases pressures.

So, taken altogether, we now expect full gross of $240.25 cardinal to $245.75 million, increasing astir 18% to 21% year-over-year.

We guideline first 4th Shack-level operating profit separator of 16% to 18%. We're search towards nan mid to nan little constituent of this range, chiefly owed to nan pressures from nan dense opening almanac astatine nan extremity of nan 4th quarter. It typically takes respective months for a caller Shack to scope normalized profitability, arsenic caller teams and managers train and turn efficiencies. However, we're pleased pinch nan income that we're seeing for this group and expect that this unit will subside successful nan coming quarters.

In nan first quarter, we're besides readying for precocious single-digit year-over-year ostentation successful nutrient and insubstantial costs, pinch these pressures led by fries, dairy, and insubstantial and packaging. We expect beef costs, and that's nan largest portion of our basket, to diminution by mid-single digits year-over-year, but this will still beryllium up by a low-single digit percent quarter-over-quarter.

The inflationary outlook remains uncertain and we do not statement connected galore of our cardinal inputs. We expect mid-to-high single-digit ostentation pressures crossed our nutrient and insubstantial handbasket for 2023. We outlined much specifications astir our ostentation expectations connected Page 10 of nan Shareholder Letter.

We expect different operating disbursal arsenic a percent of Shack income successful nan first 4th to beryllium akin to nan 4th fourth and to beryllium impacted by changes successful transportation operation and different adaptable drivers. With nan macroeconomic uncertainties we look today, our 2023 G&A guidance of $125 cardinal to $130 cardinal represents maturation of 12% to 16% year-over-year.

Our scheme reflects a disciplined attack towards spending, while still affording america nan expertise to put and turn our business. While location are a number of unknowns that could effect our full gross for nan year, we judge this scope is appropriate. We're building towards leverage comparative to our portion guidance that represents astir 16% year-over-year maturation for nan company-operated business and 14% to 16% for our licensed business.

We expect astir $17 cardinal of equity-based compensation disbursal pinch astir $15.5 cardinal successful G&A. We expect afloat twelvemonth depreciation of $86 cardinal to $91 cardinal and pre-opening of $17 cardinal to $19 million.

On tax, we're not going to supply an adjusted pro forma taxation complaint guidance astatine this time, however, we are expecting to recognize a minimal taxation use this year. Our wide taxation complaint will beryllium impacted by a number of factors including nan level of our profitability, taxation credit, authorities mix, and different impacts.

So, convey you for your time. And pinch that, I will move it backmost to Randy.

Randy Garutti

Thanks, Katie.

Just want to wrap things up, and convey each of our teams for executing done 2022 and evolving for nan activity up successful 2023. We're each squarely focused connected our strategical plan, which originates pinch taking attraction of our team. That's what fuels our awesome culture. We judge our results from nan 4th fourth is showing what our attraction and dedication tin do to thief thrust continued betterment successful our business and longer-term returns.

As we each activity retired what nan caller normal looks for illustration successful a post-pandemic 2023, we judge much than ever that group request places to gather, awesome nutrient astatine nan correct value served by lukewarm and hospitable people, and we'll look guardant to sharing a White Truffle Burger pinch you soon astatine nan Shack. As always, we dream you and your family enactment safe and healthy.

With that, operator, please spell up and unfastened nan telephone for questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


Thank you. We will now beryllium conducting a question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions] We'll return our first mobility from nan statement of Lauren Silberman pinch Credit Suisse. Please spell ahead.

Lauren Silberman

Thank you very much. Just my first one, connected caller classes of Shacks, historically, Shacks has opened astatine precocious volumes astatine nan honeymoon play and past settle. Have you been seeing nan aforesaid inclination pinch your newer classes of Shacks, recognizing there's a batch of sound successful there? Just trying to understand if you're getting to a shape wherever there's little of a honeymoon period?

Randy Garutti

Thanks, Lauren. It's a awesome question, because that's evidently been specified a large move of some our comp and conscionable successful wide nan large pop. I deliberation nan reply is, yes, successful a batch of places still, and nary successful others. So, generally, nan measurement we deliberation astir it is successful a really mature marketplace like, let's say, New York City aliases Los Angeles aliases immoderate of nan places wherever we person rather a fewer Shacks built out, generally, you don't spot nan aforesaid for illustration a immense popular and past travel down. You conscionable benignant of commencement to spot amended benignant of tally complaint retired of nan gross and we've seen that benignant of sticking.

But location are truthful galore places that we still haven't gone moreover if it's a tangential portion of a vicinity wherever we already are. I'll springiness you an illustration from past week. We conscionable opened successful Dublin, Ohio, right? We person a number of Shacks successful Ohio already. But Dublin is benignant of acold capable distant that there's a batch of group successful that vicinity who were coming retired successful that first week aliases truthful to really cheque it out. That will astir apt level disconnected complete time.

So, I deliberation nan measurement -- nan champion measurement to deliberation astir it erstwhile you deliberation astir our astir 40 Shacks this twelvemonth is if they are benignant of caller acold capable neighborhoods and/or motorboat markets, we mostly will spot that Shake Shack inclination of a large popular that past settles complete clip and past we judge rises complete time. If it's thing that is simply a mature market, improbable to spot nan aforesaid dynamic.

Lauren Silberman

Very helpful. And then, conscionable a follow-up connected your commentary astir opportunities pinch build costs. Can you grow connected wherever you mightiness spot imaginable costs out? Just fixed nan characteristic of your sites, are location opportunities for much standardized images? Or really are you reasoning astir that? Thank you.

Randy Garutti

Definitely. Thank you. A batch of ways. First of all, we will spot wherever nan inflationary situation goes. We're still surviving successful a very highly elevated building situation astir nan state and we cognize that and everyone's experiencing that. So that'll beryllium thing that nan macro situation will show america wherever that heads. Hopefully, we'll get immoderate wins there.

On nan proactive broadside of what we're doing, pinch each of these formats, we're continuing to effort to make them much standardized, much templated, amended prototypes, successful immoderate cases, conscionable benignant of leveling down nan size of things. Drive-thru is astir apt nan champion example, right? That first astir 20-plus drive-thrus, I mean, we sewage retired of nan gross pinch a large finance doing benignant of a small spot of everything truthful that we tin study what we for illustration best. Now, arsenic we study that and we commencement to creation our drive-thrus for 2024 and 2025, we expect we tin really commencement to templatize that a batch amended and bring down immoderate of those costs. The aforesaid is existent for mini formats, nan aforesaid is existent for our halfway Shacks, which is mostly what we built.

So, we -- and we're besides looking astatine different kinds of deals there, right? We whitethorn employment a mates of build-to-suit type deals that are a batch little building costs, do immoderate of those. We whitethorn do immoderate much mini format to little nan mean total. And it's really 1 of nan astir important focuses of nan institution correct now. And again, we're successful this elevated environment. We don't expect to reap those rewards this year. But arsenic we look up towards nan agelong word and building backmost our return floor plan complete time, we deliberation we've sewage a batch of opportunity successful really we build our restaurants, creation them and get much businesslike for nan agelong term.

Lauren Silberman

Thank you very much.


Thank you. We'll return adjacent mobility from nan statement of Mike Tamas pinch Oppenheimer & Co. Please spell ahead.

Mike Tamas

Hi, bully morning. Thank you. I cognize you're not giving nonstop separator guidance for nan afloat twelvemonth successful '23, but there's a group of analysts' statement has you guys expanding margins rather a spot versus 2022, which would beryllium beautiful unsocial successful nan space. So, I cognize you gave guidance from mid- to high-single digit COGS inflation, mid-single digit labour inflation. But if you deliberation astir really you guys are modeling your business internally for income and costs, you conscionable benignant of qualitatively deliberation that you tin grow margins successful 2023 versus 2022?

Katie Fogertey

Thanks for nan question. We haven't fixed guidance for nan afloat year. How I would opportunity astir wherever our efforts are focused here, it really is to grow our margins. Again, not saying it's for a peculiar year, but we are building up to proceed to build connected nan progression that we had successful nan 4th quarter. It's really a attraction connected 4 cardinal tasks here.

So, one, it's connected our income and building backmost our sales, pinch a attraction connected driving those income successful our ain channels wherever we're astir profitable. Kiosks income are astir profitable crossed our full mix, but in-Shack, we'll return that too. And certainly, what we saw arsenic being a large separator unit to america benignant of astatine nan onset of nan pandemic was a batch of our income moving to integer channels arsenic they travel backmost much in-Shack, that's a separator tailwind for us. And conscionable really investing wide done trading and different strategies to conscionable turn marque consciousness and proceed to build our income wide arsenic a company.

So, nan 2nd point is connected our strategical attack to paper pricing, which we've talked astir before, we are moving -- expect to tally astir high-single digits of value passim nan first portion of this year. And we haven't talked astir immoderate caller summation -- imaginable to raise prices to offset inflationary pressures. But we are watching. We are watching beef successful particular. If that does commencement to prime up a small spot here, different value increase, very small, could beryllium connected nan table.

We're looking to beryllium much businesslike arsenic good pinch labor. And so, it's astir building efficiencies pinch our existent squad members. We've hired a batch of group very recently, investing to train and optimize our teams, turn our hours, making judge our staffs are afloat -- our Shacks are afloat staffed and open, and truthful we tin maximize sales. And then, again, backmost to kiosks, it's astir making judge that we're giving our operators devices that they tin usage to beryllium conscionable much businesslike successful nan Shacks.

And then, benignant of nan last attraction present is connected our off-premise profitability. So, we do complaint a premium done third-party delivery. But we've done a batch of activity besides to thief refine our standards for packaging connected off-premise orders. Randy talked astir nan packaging trial that we're going to beryllium trying retired this year. I'd really look location arsenic different illustration of a imaginable opportunity.

Mike Tamas

Okay. Thank you. And then, conscionable want to follow-up connected nan commentary astir immoderate of nan caller shop creation and being much businesslike pinch drive-thrus, I think, Randy conscionable mentioned successful '24 and '25 comparative to nan ones that are already successful nan ground. So, erstwhile you deliberation astir for illustration what are immoderate of those large changes that we tin expect to see? And are they much for illustration impermanent facing? Or are they much benignant of for illustration back-of-house successful operations? Thanks.

Randy Garutti

It's a small spot of both. It's really astir really we build it moreover from nan skeleton connected out, right. Everything from whether you usage alloy aliases wood construction, really our windows and things work. Some of those things nan guests will note, but successful a affirmative way, we think. And it's really astir america saying, okay, we built these, this first group of 20 astir pinch immoderate varied room designs, immoderate varied flow, really do -- really galore lanes do we request and really will nan tech work, each of those things we really needed to, arsenic I've said successful erstwhile calls, optimize for learning. We wanted to walk there. Now arsenic we get successful nan ground, we understand really these things work, we sewage to make judge that we tin standardize much and much elements of that, but still keeping nan unsocial and powerful aspects that make Shake Shack.

We're beautiful assured that erstwhile you spell to a Shake Shack drive-thru, you spell through, past you say, this is really cool, it's different, this makes consciousness to me, and I understand nan continued elevated proposition that Shake Shack ever brings successful our design.

We're besides learning nan correct size, right? When you study -- we've noted before, it depends connected nan drop-thru, but astir half of our income astatine drive-thru are successful nan Shack. We really for illustration that. So, we sewage to fig retired really galore seats do we request wrong and out? What type of ambiance are we building? And we're intelligibly building Shake Shack drive-thru to beryllium a organization gathering spot arsenic well. We are not conscionable building a thrust astir and time off only options astatine this stage. We whitethorn effort that someday, but coming we're focused connected benignant of allowing our guests to take immoderate transmission they really like, and we judge that's portion of it.

So, look a batch of activity to do connected that. I deliberation we'll person tons of different versions that we're going to trial and study from, but we're really targeting nan ratio of our builds arsenic we look forward.

Mike Tamas

Awesome. Thank you.


Thank you. We'll return adjacent mobility from nan statement of Sharon Zackfia pinch William Blair. Please spell ahead.

Sharon Zackfia

Hi, bully morning. I apologize if you talked astir this. My cellphone dropped successful nan mediate of your comments. But I deliberation I heard you say, Katie, that you're staffing is getting better, but still isn't benignant of afloat optimal. Can you springiness immoderate benignant of model astir for illustration wherever you are comparative to perfect staffing? Maybe presently versus nan 4th quarter, wherever you are connected hours of cognition crossed each channels?

And then, connected nan drive-thru, I'm conscionable funny whether you're seeing that bring successful caller customers, aliases if it's really much a usability of expanding nan accessibility and nan wave of your existing guests? Thank you.

Randy Garutti

Thanks, Sharon. On people, it's surely gotten amended complete nan past fewer months, but it's still hard. Let's beryllium clear. We wish we were afloat staffed everywhere, we're not. There are immoderate restaurants that consciousness awesome each nan time. And location are immoderate that it's still really difficult to optimize our teams and consciousness afloat staffed. But we consciousness surely a heck of a batch amended than we did 12 months agone erstwhile it was astir apt astatine astir challenging situation correct now. We're emotion amended than we were 3 months ago, but we still person activity to do. And I deliberation a operation of each nan things we do for our people, raising wages, now including tips, added benefits, improvement opportunities, each nan things we're doing to really item this arsenic a awesome profession prime for people, it's moving and it's still tough.

So, connected hours, we've been capable to grow immoderate of that complete this -- complete nan 4th quarter. There's immoderate of that, that we still person opportunity successful definite Shacks, and location we want to determine if we tin push a small bit, and a small spot of that is going to beryllium really nan world continues to move astir and wherever we deliberation that optimal hours tin really beryllium for a Shack. So, we deliberation there's still immoderate opportunity there.

And connected drive-thru guests, I deliberation we're learning is nan answer. We are seeing our omnichannel use. I deliberation what we spot arsenic nan astir valuable Shake Shack guests is an omnichannel impermanent that uses america successful each channels, that drive-thru -- that is included arsenic well. And what we're trying to fig retired present is tin we get group to travel much often because of nan convenience, because of it. We're getting beautiful precocious acquisition scores from group who spell done nan drive-thru and we really for illustration what we spot there. So, small early to opportunity connected immoderate existent information there, but we deliberation it opens up caller areas, it opens up nan full addressable marketplace for our existent property team, and caller opportunities to meet guests successful a measurement wherever they want to beryllium met.


Thank you. Sharon, do you person immoderate further questions? You person a follow-up?

Sharon Zackfia

No, convey you.


Thank you. We'll return adjacent mobility from nan statement of Jake Bartlett pinch Truist Securities. Please spell ahead.

Jake Bartlett

Great. Thanks for taking nan question. My first was -- and these are follow-ups connected nan questions astir margins. But my first is, location were immoderate benignant of abnormal aliases elevated costs successful '22, for illustration repair and maintenance, for illustration nan T&E arsenic you benignant of existing unit had to spell thief unfastened stores and instrumentality around. So, nan mobility is really overmuch successful '22 was that normal that we tin expect possibly to spell away, truthful -- I mean a supply a boost successful '23?

And then, besides conscionable bigger image connected nan separator side, it sounds for illustration you're very focused connected building margins. But I'm wondering whether there's immoderate bigger caller initiatives going on. We person companies that are 50-years-old and they're still getting 30 ground points of savings present and there. Others are doing time-motion studies, really taking a look astatine operations and whether it tin beryllium really materially improved. So, I'm wondering whether that's going on, whether you're benignant of reasoning benignant of large arsenic good arsenic you deliberation astir building up margins?

Katie Fogertey

Great. Yes. So, we did -- past quarter, we called retired pressures astir a mates of items that were impacting us. So, first of all, it was higher R&M. Equipment readiness has impacted our expertise to unfastened up restaurants, but besides is impacting really quickly we tin switch instrumentality wrong nan restaurants and we're having to work it wherever we usually mightiness switch it. So that was a small spot of an overhang. Higher T&E expenses to thief support squad members, and higher utilities cost.

The bully news is that our teams did a bully occupation managing that successful nan 4th quarter, but it was still higher than mean levels. And we're continuing to attraction connected ways to bring that down overall. T&E to support Shack openings, that's besides going to beryllium a usability of nan number of Shacks that we unfastened up successful a circumstantial quarter, particularly if there's overlap successful definite markets. So, benignant of aiming towards having a much smoothed-out improvement twelvemonth would thief connected that side. And past connected utility, it's conscionable really benignant of nan broader commodity scenery is simply a cardinal driver connected that.

But to your mobility astir if we person immoderate circumstantial plans successful place, I would say, yes. We've tried to outline those successful nan Shareholder Letter and connected nan call. We are taking a very -- let's opportunity crossed driving sales, labour efficiencies, training our squad members, each of that is decidedly portion of nan attraction here.

Jake Bartlett

Okay. I conjecture connected that point, conscionable connected nan benignant of nan efficiencies, I mean, I'm wondering whether location is immoderate -- whether you're looking astatine doing things really materially different, for illustration a existent concerted effort to -- you've been evidently increasing faster young concepts. And I would deliberation there's a batch of opportunity to possibly conscionable do things much efficiently successful nan kitchen, but I'm wondering whether that's a concerted effort. So, that's conscionable 1 question.

The different is connected nan nutrient costs outlook. I conscionable want to amended understand, I deliberation astir investors and myself, we're much focused connected beef arsenic being a risk. Beef is actually, connected your outlook, beautiful good, level to mid-single digits, yet different things are driving nan ostentation that you're seeing. So, what is nan visibility connected those different items? I'm trying to fig retired what nan large pieces that we should beryllium looking astatine to benignant of gauge whether you're connected way to deed nan guidance aliases not, whether it's dairy aliases poultry aliases immoderate different large items we should beryllium really search there?

Katie Fogertey

Yes. So, we had a beautiful inflationary twelvemonth for beef successful general. It's been benignant of a unit for america for a while. So, calling for a level to up mid-single digit ostentation connected that side, that does bespeak a pickup successful beef prices wide for nan year. Certainly, we'll person to spot really nan twelvemonth plays retired and if it ends up being much utmost aliases little utmost than that. But we are factoring successful a grade of beef ostentation successful our outlook.

And then, nan different point to support an oculus connected it is chicken, it is dairy, it is fries, fryer oil, for illustration we've called retired a batch of these large drivers present of our COGS that are seeing a beautiful worldly prime ups here. And we don't statement connected a batch of it. And so, that would beryllium benignant of really we deliberation astir nan inflationary cadence for nan year.

Jake Bartlett

Thank you very much.


Thank you. We'll return nan adjacent mobility from nan statement of Peter Saleh pinch BTIG. Please spell ahead.

Peter Saleh

Great. Thanks for taking nan question. Randy, I deliberation you mentioned this a mates of times connected nan tipping that's been implemented. Can you talk astir nan user consequence to nan tipping possibly parsing retired municipality versus suburban aliases conscionable really often you're seeing consumers really extremity nan employees?

Randy Garutti

Thanks, Peter. Yes. We're not going to break retired immoderate of that urban, suburban aliases information connected that different than to say, since nan opening of Shake Shack 20 years ago, group person asked america if they could adhd a small other thing for our squad and we ever said no. And this twelvemonth we've said yes. And I deliberation nan beauty of nan measurement we've done it is, it's not successful your face, we don't commencement pinch this 20%, 25% anticipation for illustration galore restaurants do, and you person this benignant of infinitesimal arsenic a consumer, wherever you are like, "Wow, 20%, 25%, that's a lot." We make it very connected your broadside and if you would for illustration to do that, great.

And we're happy to spot really galore group are doing it and there's a batch of group who don't and that's cool too. This is really an optionality characteristic that if you really want to return attraction of our squad and consciousness for illustration it, you want to springiness a small something, $1 aliases $2, aliases 10% aliases whatever, that tin work. And it's making worldly effect for our team. In immoderate cases, it's $2 to $3 much per hr that our teams tin make, acknowledgment to a percent of group who are tipping.

So, we're hopeful that that's a continued strategy that will thief america find nan correct wide wages for our squad to return attraction of them and hopefully person group beryllium retained, and let our guests to consciousness bully astir it. It's for illustration we ever said, we each knowledgeable this erstwhile you spell to a java shop aliases thing else, if you don't want to tip, that's wholly cool, and we admit that and we're ne'er going to person a pressure-filled situation trying to make that work. It should consciousness awesome to some sides of nan equation.

Peter Saleh

Thank you. That was very helpful. Just connected -- benignant of staying connected labour for a second. Katie, I deliberation nan past clip we spoke, you had mentioned that it was possibly a small spot much challenging to unit immoderate of nan suburban versus nan municipality lately. Have you guys seen immoderate betterment connected that beforehand conscionable nan staffing betwixt those two, suburban and urban?

Katie Fogertey

Yes. I mean we are still seeing -- arsenic Randy talked about, location are still an opportunity to regain our income present from focusing connected staffing. We had immoderate occurrence successful immoderate suburban Shacks successful nan 4th and really benignant of exiting nan quarter, started to get connected a stronger footing pinch some, but there's still opportunity and others, and a batch of nan trends that we talked astir still hold.

Peter Saleh

Thank you very much.


Thank you. We return nan adjacent mobility from nan statement of Andrew Charles pinch Cowen & Company. Please spell ahead.

Andrew Charles

Great. Thank you. Randy, you guys look open-minded astir taking much value successful 2023 arsenic you mentioned pinch nan beef prices that perchance could revert higher later this year. Can you talk astir what gives you assurance that you guys person further pricing power, conscionable fixed well-documented trade-down crossed nan fast-casual manufacture and nan speedy service?

Randy Garutti

Yes. I deliberation it's thing we sewage to beryllium cautious astir and we're watching very intimately arsenic each institution is. We've astir apt taken little prices than galore others, surely of our competitors successful fast-casual and moreover fast-food arsenic a percent complete this past fewer years. I deliberation we've been much cautious and we want to stay that way. That's existent to each measurement we thought astir Shake Shack since nan opening of clip here. Yet, we person to make judge we protect our margins.

So, again, sitting present coming successful February, we person nary scheme to return caller price. We'll look astatine thing arsenic we spot really inflationary pressures do aliases do not proceed to persist astatine precocious levels. We expect they're going to persist astatine immoderate level present this year, but I don't deliberation anybody knows and we sewage to make judge that we're providing nan awesome worth that we ever have. And then, we're besides going to thin into each nan strategical readying that we talked astir today, making judge we're executing connected our operations, hospitality, and nan premium quality of Shake Shack that provides bully value.

So, it will beryllium thing we watch. I deliberation if we look astatine nan grounds truthful far, we consciousness beautiful bully astir nan trends that we spot mostly successful our mean bid values, successful our items per check, and nan benignant of things that we way to look astatine really group are looking astatine it, our worth scores overall, been very consistent. But I deliberation it's -- everyone's surviving successful a pressured inflationary situation and we sewage to beryllium there.

Who are we not going to be? We're not going to beryllium monolithic discounting fast-food giant, things for illustration that. We are going to thin into ingredients. I mean, we're virtually correct now moving a luxury constituent of White Truffle. And erstwhile you deliberation astir our strategy of who Shake Shack is, we want to seizure that trade-down and that personification who says, "You cognize what, for $9.99 aliases less, I tin get a White Truffle Burger that I could ne'er get astatine immoderate fast-food-type restaurant." While that's an elevated acquisition for that style, it's a awesome worth and continues to position america arsenic I deliberation nan leader successful that affordable opportunity to conscionable person thing great.

So that's who we intend to proceed to be. And we'll spot really nan twelvemonth goes and we'll fto you cognize if we alteration our mind connected value anytime soon.

Katie Fogertey

Just besides a reminder, we over-indexed to higher-income consumers and we're mostly seeing beautiful bully trends from that group arsenic well, truthful it conscionable besides thing to support successful mind.

Andrew Charles

That's helpful. And then, Katie, beef guidance for nan twelvemonth flat- to mid-single digit guidance. So, obviously, a very wide range, conscionable anticipating connected definite backdrop. Curious though, you mentioned that you guys aren't seeing immoderate ostentation yet aliases immoderate ostentation connected nan comp, but tin you conscionable thief america pinch nan guidance is it adjacent to opportunity that conversations pinch vendors which propose that you guys would beryllium person to level and that mid-single digit will possibly beryllium conscionable conservatively baked in. Just, I guess, to understand nan large guidance a spot much for nan year.

Katie Fogertey

Yes. I mean, we -- conscionable arsenic you look astatine nan quality betwixt nan first 4th and nan afloat year, we're guiding for nan first 4th to beryllium down mid-single digits. So conscionable that unsocial would conscionable connote that we are baked into that guidance scope is simply a pickup successful beef prices successful nan backmost half of nan year. We again don't statement connected beef. We are some talking to our vendors and proceeding what they're saying and besides triangulating that pinch broader manufacture and analysts expectations. So, location is simply a wider scope of uncertainty astir that arsenic we decidedly person been clear about.

Andrew Charles

That's helpful. Thanks, guys.


Thank you. We return adjacent mobility from nan statement of David Tarantino pinch Baird. Please spell ahead.

David Tarantino

Hi. Good morning. Katie, I person a mobility astir CapEx. I deliberation nan last number for 2022 came successful rather supra what we would person been anticipating astatine nan opening of nan year. So, I was wondering if you could possibly break-down wherever immoderate of nan increases came from? And then, I person a travel up.

Katie Fogertey

Sure. I mean erstwhile we boil it down, it's really to -- we are overmuch much [Technical Difficulty] improvement almanac than we were past year. And so, we conscionable talked astir we person 24 Shacks correct now nether building and astatine nan extremity of past year, we had a number much and we opened up a batch successful nan quarter. So, I deliberation what you're seeing connected that broadside is it's america having a batch much finance successful our pipeline than we were astatine this clip past year.

We besides person immoderate pickup successful investments successful IT and successful digital, but nan large chunk of that is really astir that, and past we besides had immoderate added investments arsenic we've rolled retired kiosks to -- we're rolling retired kiosks to a larger portion of our Shacks.

David Tarantino

Great. And then, I conjecture nan travel up is, if you're willing, is that a bully number to possibly deliberation astir going guardant aliases will it travel down fixed that immoderate of that finance mightiness person been temporary?

And then, I guess, bigger image arsenic you deliberation astir really nan business scales complete nan adjacent respective years, do you person a twelvemonth successful mind wherever you mightiness get benignant of breakeven connected free rate travel aliases affirmative connected free rate flow?

Katie Fogertey

Yes. We're not going to beryllium talking astir immoderate guidance connected that point, because we haven't fixed anything. But what we are focused connected is building -- we're bringing down our build costs wide for our Shacks and really having a disciplined attack to superior investments and to G&A. And that inclusive of besides building backmost our profitability, we consciousness for illustration we're connected a really bully way here.

David Tarantino

Great. Thank you.

Katie Fogertey

Thank you.


Thank you. We return adjacent mobility from nan statement of Jim Sanderson pinch Northcoast Research. Please spell ahead.

Jim Sanderson

Hey. Thanks for nan question. I wanted to talk a small spot much astir shop profit separator longer-term. If you tin possibly springiness america your thoughts connected really you look astatine travel done profit separator arsenic you make these improvements, particularly successful labour adding immoderate exertion into nan shop pinch nan kiosks, truthful possibly location is an opportunity to spot ground constituent betterment and shop separator going guardant arsenic you thrust stronger AURs, let's opportunity complete nan adjacent twelvemonth aliases two. Just really we should look astatine that arsenic acold arsenic flow-through profit margin?

Katie Fogertey

I deliberation that's decidedly a very bully measurement to beryllium looking astatine it. Certainly, erstwhile we're building up our switch initiatives to bring backmost our profitability that is -- we commencement pinch sales. We commencement pinch income successful our ain channel, but really driving income wide for precisely astatine this point. There's going to beryllium a number of factors though that effect that including our wide transmission mix. So, thing really to stock astatine this point, but we do judge that income will beryllium a beardown contributor to our wide profitability improvement.

Jim Sanderson

Okay. Just a speedy travel up. Any thoughts connected really your possibly budgeted labour hours for comp stores, really that's changing? Are you -- is it starting to lag income maturation aliases thing for illustration that.

Randy Garutti

Well, I deliberation it's really conscionable fund to meet request and really engaged we deliberation we tin be. I deliberation we're getting amended than ever astatine nan exertion we use, and nan measurement that we some return attraction of our squad and fund for trying to meet highest request and effort not to beryllium complete staffed during nan lighter times of nan day. So that's an ongoing journey, Jim, that ever will be.

But I don't deliberation there's immoderate existent caller information to opportunity different than, I deliberation nan squad did a really bully occupation successful nan 4th quarter. We'll beryllium pressured a small spot successful nan first 4th arsenic we sanction pinch 22 caller Shacks that really conscionable opened heading into that. So they will astir apt beryllium tighter arsenic we talked astir successful nan first 4th and we've sewage to do nan activity to level each that retired arsenic we spell done 2023.

Jim Sanderson

All right. Thank you very much.


Thank you. We return adjacent mobility from nan statement of Rahul Krotthapalli pinch J.P. Morgan. Please spell ahead.

Rahul Krotthapalli

Hey, guys. Thanks for squeezing maine in. I conscionable wanted to attraction a small spot much connected nan separator broadside here. Is location a important spread betwixt your highest and nan lowest separator stores? And different than sales, what are nan things that nan higher separator stores are doing that nan lower- separator stores tin readily for illustration -- tin beryllium shared pinch them? And is location -- is for illustration thing for illustration a head comp changes tin beryllium much focused connected this addressable separator opportunities betwixt nan higher and nan lower-margin stores?

Katie Fogertey

That's a awesome question. We do person a scope of separator capacity wrong our base, and if I was to benignant of categorize for illustration wherever are our strongest Shacks, it's astir apt nan ones that person nan higher sales. We person a awesome group of Shacks that person very, very beardown sales, and erstwhile you person awesome sales, you tin leverage your rent, you tin leverage your occupancy. And truthful those thin to beryllium nan champion performers. You tin besides really get awesome labour levels arsenic well. And past you benignant of leverage up a batch of nan fixed cost.

Where we person opportunity to amended and wherever we've been focused is successful nan Shacks that person a small spot of little sales, and really we tin benignant of bring those backmost up. And that's benignant of a batch of nan activity that's been going connected correct now. Kiosk is 1 illustration though, broadly of a strategy that we're utilizing to thief benignant of improved labour throughput overall. So, alternatively of having 2 to three, possibly 4 group taking orders depending connected really engaged nan Shack is, we were capable to past redeploy that labour and person group conscionable spell to nan stalls erstwhile they travel successful nan Shacks.

So that's really we would deliberation astir it. There's evidently areas wherever definite Shacks tin amended and areas wherever different Shacks are doing exceptionally well, but if you're benignant of looking astatine nan biggest driver overall, it's apt sales.

Rahul Krotthapalli

Is location for illustration thing connected nan head comp broadside astatine this constituent that you tin tweak aliases set to reside nan portion of this?

Randy Garutti

Well, I deliberation connected a head comp side, we -- first of all, we person competitory salary which is what's astir important, truthful that we tin person a coagulated retention, which we do astatine our head level and GM level. We consciousness bully astir that. But you're correct to opportunity that managers are highly incentivized connected their bonuses by period and by 4th to deed their targets, and those targets alteration based connected what benignant of Shack you are in. We group fierce targets. We perpetually reset them. And we consciousness really bully astir people's viewpoint into what they request to do to gain their bonus.

Our GMs are besides shareholders, right? All of our GMs get a $10,000 per twelvemonth Shake Shack banal assistance and we consciousness really bully astir that, and that incentivizes them to enactment for illustration entrepreneurs who want to spot this enactment for nan agelong word and want to spot nan institution win overall. So, we consciousness bully for illustration we person nan correct compensation mindset astatine nan Shack level.

Rahul Krotthapalli

Thanks for nan colour connected that, Randy. And I conscionable for illustration to travel up connected G&A spend, trading specifically. What benignant of walk are you readying for adjacent twelvemonth for illustration going forward, for illustration really tin that beryllium -- really would it look like?

Randy Garutti

Well, we haven't -- we don't break it retired successful nan G&A, but erstwhile you look astatine marketing, I noted successful immoderate of my comments, we proceed to put profoundly successful a fewer main categories. Targeted capacity trading erstwhile it makes consciousness and wherever nan costs to get and get impermanent is really a low-cost, we deliberation we do that really well. We are spending much money and clip reasoning astir arsenic we standard and grow, we're not astir apt large capable yet you would spot a wide media run astatine this stage, but astatine immoderate point, we'll get location too.

But -- truthful we're investing successful tests of that benignant of localized marque media run successful tons of different media channels. And then, localized trading arsenic our organization managers, our location trading leaders, and ops leaders do various things to support their section communities. So, those 3 buckets are wherever you will spot nan main trading walk into this year. We consciousness really bully astir nan fund we person astatine nan standard that we have. We've ever had a marque that tin lead for us. And we've sewage to support ramping up that finance complete nan coming years arsenic we standard and get to a constituent wherever we person much Shack doors to return successful those income to use from immoderate of those trading efforts.

Rahul Krotthapalli

Understood. Thanks for nan color, guys. I admit it.


Thank you. We return nan past mobility from nan statement of Brian Harbour pinch Morgan Stanley. Please spell ahead.

Brian Harbour

Yes. Thank you. Good morning. I conscionable wanted to inquire astir nan mobile app. First, possibly and -- if you're still seeing benignant of expanding usage of mobile ordering and what that looks for illustration arsenic a percent of income today? And I would deliberation that that's a reasonably charismatic separator bid and it astir apt benignant of helps you pinch throughput. So, really does benignant of leaning into nan mobile app facet into immoderate of that separator betterment that you are targeting?

Randy Garutti

Yes. Definitely leaning into it, proceed to person for nan past fewer years rather a bit. We besides consciousness for illustration we've sewage a batch of that finance successful location correct now and now it's astir continuing to conscionable amended pieces of nan experience, truthful that it's consistent, reliable, and thing we tin trust connected each day. We're not going to break retired nan numbers. We don't break retired nan quality betwixt that and our third-party and each of nan web channels, everything we do, but we are really proud of nan wide integer business.

We do things for illustration thrust engagement and downloads erstwhile we launched our White Truffle paper past week, we launched that successful nan app only. We besides person done a small spot much run of transportation done our app. Margins connected that are beardown comparatively to consecutive 3rd parties. So, there's a batch of ways that we'll proceed to attraction connected nan app, we emotion it, it's a important portion of our business, we spot coagulated wave usage there, and you'll spot america proceed to invest.

Brian Harbour

Okay. Great. Thanks. And conscionable benignant of nan suburban stores, obviously, you've seen those mean a small spot from a same-store income perspective, but possibly talk astir what's benignant of cardinal to continuing to thrust those sales? Are those amended staffed? Are they worse staffed? What other tin benignant of thief thrust immoderate of nan suburban stores?

Katie Fogertey

Yes. Brian, hi. So, I would opportunity we proceed to do amended astatine staffing successful our municipality markets and successful our suburban, and we spot imaginable to recapture immoderate income successful suburban markets conscionable owed to amended staffing levels. And past also, there's a mates different added dynamics really successful suburban conscionable to beryllium mindful of. So first of all, immoderate of our suburban locations are successful malls aliases astir malls, are adjacent outlet centers, and what not. And so, ebbs and flows of user behaviour of going to malls aliases not going to malls aliases going to outlet centers aliases not going to outlet centers that tin benignant of plaything that around.

And then, conscionable frankly, look, these -- our suburban Shacks massively outperformed our municipality Shacks passim COVID. And so, there's apt to beryllium a small spot of displacement arsenic group spell backmost to 3 days a week successful nan cities aliases 4 days a week successful nan cities, nevertheless that lands, we're expecting to spot a small spot of stock displacement benignant of betwixt suburban and municipality astir nan fringes. But these restaurants, we're really pleased pinch really they're performing and continuing to clasp connected their same-store income spot moreover arsenic municipality recovers.

Brian Harbour

Thank you.


Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we person reached nan extremity of nan question-and-answer session. And I'd for illustration to move nan level backmost complete to Randy Garutti, CEO, for closing remarks. Over to you, sir.

Randy Garutti

Thanks truthful much, everybody. Really admit your clip this greeting and look guardant to seeing you soon astatine nan Shack. Take care.


Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today's teleconference. You whitethorn disconnect your lines astatine this time. Thank you for your participation.

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