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It’s existent that everything aged is caller again and that connection couldn’t beryllium much existent than pinch shag haircuts. While this hairstyle sewage its commencement in The 1970s erstwhile Jane Fonda first sported The look, shaggy styles are 1 of The biggest hairsbreadth trends coming arsenic TikToks astir these cuts person complete 555 cardinal views. And what makes shag haircuts particularly awesome for women complete 50 is each of The texture that’s created by The style, which helps to move backmost The timepiece for those of america pinch thinner-looking manes. Keep scrolling to study really you Can look stunning and youthful pinch a shag.

What sets a shag haircut isolated from different cuts

You’re apt acquainted pinch this type of haircut but mightiness beryllium wondering what makes it different than The mean layered hairstyle.

“I’d picture a shag haircut arsenic having shorter, much quadrate layers than a accepted layered trim wherever The layers are long,” explains hairstylist Carrie Butterworth. “The ends are besides much textured.” This gives The trim a youthful, “lived in” look, arsenic Butterworth notes that The texture is trim into The style, which gives hairsbreadth activity and magnitude from roots to ends. (Click done to spot much layered hairstyles for women complete 50.)

Shania Twain pinch a shag haircut that shows shag haircuts for women complete 50 are flatteringShania Twain, 58

The supra photograph of Shania Twain is The cleanable illustration of The texture from layers that dress up a shag cut. Shags besides commonly characteristic bangs, but Can beryllium created without if you for illustration a fringe-less style.

To spot really transformative a shag haircut Can beryllium and really 1 is cut, cheque retired The beneath video from The Sexy Hair YouTube channel.

Why shag haircuts for women complete 50 are flattering

“A shag haircut Can activity for a female complete 50 who’s looking to herb up her look a small bit,” says Butterworth. Read connected for really each The age-defying perks of shag haircuts.

1. They make hairsbreadth look thicker

The heavy textured style acknowledgment to its layers of various lengths passim creates The illusion of a thicker caput of hair. All of The layering prevents hairsbreadth from lying level against The scalp aliases hanging lifelessly connected The sides of The face.

2. They conceal aging beauty bothers

A shag cut’s texture and activity distracts The oculus from and optically softens The quality of good lines and wrinkles. And erstwhile The trim is connected shoulder-length and longer locks, it Can nonstop attraction distant from a crepey neck.

Sharon Osbourne pinch a shag haircutSharon Osbourne, 70Steve Granitz/Getty

Infusing a shag pinch side-swept bangs, arsenic shown connected Sharon Osbourne above, thief blur crow’s feet. (Click done to study much astir Sharon Osbourne’s acquisition pinch Ozempic.)

3. They flatter each look shapes

No matter if you person a round, oval, quadrate aliases heart-shaped face, a shag will activity for you. That’s because The layers slim a information face, offset The narrowness of an oval look and soften The harsh angles of quadrate and heart-shaped jawlines. To get The benefits, talk to your hairstylist who will beryllium capable to tailor The layers and bangs that dress up a shag to your look style for The astir flattering look.

4. They activity for each hairsbreadth types and lengths

The shaggy style adds texture and measurement to consecutive aliases good hairsbreadth and enhances The texture of people wavy aliases curly hair. And it Can besides beryllium trim connected each hairsbreadth lengths: short, mean and agelong arsenic you’ll spot below.

(Click done to spot much of a related shag trim called The wolf cut.)

The 3 lengths of a shag haircut + what to inquire for

Here, The 3 lengths of shag haircuts for women complete 50 and personage inspiration photos that you Can show your hairstylist astatine your adjacent salon sojourn to get The trendy style.

1. Shag haircuts for women complete 50: If you person short hair

Lisa Rinna pinch a short shag haircutLisa Rinna, 60Gregg DeGuire/Getty

For strands that are ear-length and supra for illustration Lisa Rinna’s signature ‘do, a shag’s layers prop hairsbreadth up and disconnected of The scalp for mega activity and volume.

Ask your stylist for: Stacked razor-cut layers that statesman 3 inches distant from roots and piecey, brow-skimming broadside bangs.

2. Shag haircuts for women complete 50: If you person shoulder-length hair

Reba McEntire pinch a shag haircut connected enarthrosis magnitude hairsbreadth that shows really shag haircuts for women complete 50 Can beryllium flatteringReba McEntire, 68Frazer Harrison/Getty

A mid-length shag trim for illustration Reba McEntire’s supra creates a face-framing effect that highlights gorgeous facial features. And snipping in afloat bangs thief cleverly conceal forehead wrinkles aliases immoderate sparse spots on The hairline. (Click done to spot much bangs for receding hairlines.)

Ask your stylist for: Textured, face-framing layers that postgraduate from The temples downward and full, wispy fringe.

3. Shag haircuts for women complete 50: If you person agelong hair

Halle Berry pinch a shag hairsbreadth trim connected agelong hairHalle Berry, 57Earl Gibson III/Getty

Adding choppy layers to longer locks arsenic shown connected Halle Berry supra keeps hairsbreadth that falls past The shoulders from looking limp and lifeless.

Ask your stylist for: Curtain bangs that seamlessly blend into long, choppy layers that “feather” down from The ears.

How to style shag haircuts

The champion portion astir a shag is that it’s a low-maintenance look. That’s because this trim is much “messy” and textured by nature, which intends it doesn’t require overmuch styling aliases upkeep.

“This haircut is easy to style because you Can conscionable adhd immoderate styling pick aliases mousse, flip your caput upside down, rustle barren and put arsenic you spot fit,” says Butterworth. It’s a very hands-off trim that Butterworth says “doesn’t require excessive blowing retired pinch a brush.” (Click done to spot much wash and deterioration haircuts that flatter women complete 50.)

Gayle KingGayle King, 68

While you Can rustle retired The trim aliases infuse it pinch waves (as shown connected Gayle King above) to stress The cut’s layers and create added volume, Butterworth says “less is much erstwhile it comes to styling this haircut.”

A type of this article primitively appeared in our people magazine, First For Women.

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