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SAN FRANCISCO — Just a fewer weeks ago, Giants president Greg Johnson took a large plaything by giving The club’s apical brass his endorsement to tally it backmost in 2024. Given an opportunity Thursday to backmost head Gabe Kapler in The aforesaid way, The Giants’ apical shot boss, Farhan Zaidi, fto The transportation go.

During his regular quality connected The club’s flagship network, KNBR, Zaidi was asked by big Adam Copeland if Johnson’s connection to The San Francisco Chronicle 2 weeks earlier, that Zaidi and Kapler “will some beryllium present adjacent year,” still held true.

At The time, The Giants had survived a prolonged violative funk and a rocky commencement to September and still held their postseason destiny in their ain hands. They person since mislaid 10 of 13 games, fallen from 4 games supra .500 (75-71) to 3 games beneath (78-81) and from The odds-on favourite for The last National League chaotic paper to eliminated earlier The last play of The season.

“Yeah, I mean, obviously, for illustration I said astatine The time, really admit The support from ownership and The scheme to person america some back,” Zaidi responded. “Right now our attraction is benignant of conscionable getting done these past 3 games and finishing strong, finishing astatine .500. I deliberation we each conscionable person to look astatine really we Can amended crossed The board. That’s The unit connected The roster, that’s our civilization in The clubhouse …”

That’s not a ringing endorsement of The head overseeing The sinking ship.

Like Zaidi, Kapler has 1 twelvemonth remaining connected his contract.

“I conscionable deliberation we person to look astatine everything,” Zaidi said.

When Logan Webb called for “big changes” this week, he joined a increasing chorus of clubhouse leaders to admit changes needed to beryllium made. Mike Yastrzemski said they lacked “edge.” Infielder Wilmer Flores said they “lost focus.”

Zaidi said he agreed pinch Webb’s comments.

“I felt bully astir it because you want to consciousness for illustration you person standards,” he said. “We haven’t met The standards of The San Francisco Giants The past 2 seasons. He’s calling group out. People should consciousness called out. I should consciousness called out.

“I deliberation erstwhile he says ‘big changes,’ that Can travel in a batch of different forms. We request to rethink really we’re reasoning astir players, really we’re putting together The roster, our players request to deliberation astir The civilization that they’re fostering, our head and coaching unit request to deliberation astir The civilization we person in our clubhouse. I deliberation we request to rethink everything. So I’m gladsome he said that.”

Webb, who signed a five-year hold in April, is The Giants’ only subordinate signed beyond 2025.

Among The alteration in accuracy this offseason, Zaidi said, is simply a attraction connected “guys who person a chance to beryllium present for a agelong clip … and not conscionable guys that are going to beryllium present for a twelvemonth aliases two.”

Zaidi besides called retired The Giants’ “athleticism connected The bases and, in particular, The outfield,” arsenic good arsenic “the managing of The pitching unit and The usage of The opener – The ‘O’ connection – and connected The position subordinate side, The platooning and immoderate of pinch-hitting that we do.”

The Giants rank a distant past spot in stolen bases amid a league-wide uptick — “a smoking gun,” Zaidi said — and The opposition in athleticism was ne'er much evident than in their two-game expanse in Arizona that efficaciously ended their season.

“That was really a do-or-die bid for us, truthful to spot that benignant of opposition astatine a constituent in clip wherever you’re conscionable in must-win situations … it becomes really glaring,” Zaidi said. “I’ve been talking to a fewer group astir really 162 games is simply a grind and we want our players to beryllium comfortable and beryllium capable to lavation disconnected immoderate of The reliable losses. But erstwhile you’re in do aliases dice games for illustration those games in Arizona, you want them to consciousness different. I deliberation we’re really going to person to inquire ourselves if we were prepared to elevate our level of attraction and play for those games that really mattered down The stretch.”

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