Schneider Electric S.E. (SBGSF) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Schneider Electric S.E. (OTCPK:SBGSF) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 16, 2029 2:30 AM ET

Company Participants

Amit Bhalla - Head of IR

Jean-Pascal Tricoire - Chairman & CEO

Hilary Maxson - CFO

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Philip Buller - Berenberg

Andre Kukhnin - Credit Suisse

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Welcome to Schneider Electric's 2022 Full Year Results pinch Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman and CEO; Hilary Maxson Chief Financial Officer; and Amit Bhalla, Head of Investor Relations. Thank you for opinionated by. At this time, participants are successful a listen-only mode until nan dedicated question-and-answer convention of today's conference. [Operator Instructions]

I will manus you complete to Amit Bhalla.

Amit Bhalla

Good morning, everyone. Welcome to our Full Year 2022 Financial Results. We subordinate you this greeting from Paris, joined pinch our Chairman and CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire; our CFO, Hilary Maxson. All of nan position and merchandise is disposable connected our website arsenic well.

Without further ado, I'm going to walk it to Jean-Pascal to talk astir our 2022 results and our caller governance structure.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Thank you, Amit. Delighted to beryllium pinch you. We've sewage -- and to beryllium pinch Hilary to remark connected 2022, speak astir 2023, I'll make a fewer important announcements regarding nan governance of nan company.

I'm going to spell consecutive into looking astatine 2022, which has been a very aggravated year. If you look astatine nan cardinal portion of that slide, we've been facing nary surprise, because of what we do. We've been facing a very beardown request connected astir of -- each of our markets. It's been putting unit connected nan proviso chain, particularly arsenic Schneider is highly integer nowadays.

And we've been capable to present a beardown year, immoderate those pressures. We've besides made astir EUR1 cardinal of structural costs savings that we completed successful nan play of 2020 to 2022 and we travel retired pinch our all-time precocious results successful revenue, successful operating results, connected nan nett income, but I'll remark much later successful this presentation.

The 2nd large constituent of 2022, it has been a very aggravated twelvemonth of strategical transformation. Of course, nan integration of AVEVA into Schneider putting each of our agnostic software, neutral package nether nan tile of Schneider and allowing america successful nan early to build a complete institution successful software, which is really a EUR2.6 cardinal institution successful software. And we've besides successful 2022 completed our disposal programme reaching EUR1.7 cardinal of gross that will exit Schneider that has been little cardinal and little strategical to nan early of our Schneider.

And of course, 2022 has been besides a very aggravated twelvemonth disturbed -- not disturbed, but really collided by nan Ukraine warfare and gave america -- we really paid a batch of attraction and we took attraction of our group successful Ukraine and besides divested our Russian operation, which was closed successful October to our Russian employees. So a very engaged year, beardown delivery, but dealing pinch outer factors for illustration nan Ukraine warfare and driving forcefully nan continuation of our strategical transformation

So present are nan figures. For nan first clip successful our history, EUR34 cardinal of revenue, 18% of existent growth, 12.2% of integrated growth. Both Energy Management and Industrial Automation increasing pinch beardown dynamics. Industrial Automation, a spot below, mostly impacted by proviso concatenation being much electronics much impacted by nan issues of disruption.

Both profitabilities of business are increasing and that drives america to an adjusted EBITA separator of 17.6%, an betterment of 40 bps and that intends that our adjusted EBITA maturation is increasing by 14.4% successful integrated astatine nan apical extremity of nan revised target range. Hilary will speak astir that successful detail, but what is really comforting is that Q4 was stronger pinch 16% of maturation successful organic, which shows nan easing connected nan unlocking of nan proviso concatenation happening

Now, these are nan headlines EUR34 billion, highest ever successful sales, adjusted EBITA EUR6 cardinal for nan first time, adjusted nett income EUR4 cardinal for nan first time. Free rate travel was EUR3.3 billion, increasing by 19%, and which intends that we are going to propose astatine nan AGM a dividend of EUR3.15, an summation of 9%.

And if you return a small spot of region and look astatine those figures successful 2022: we are going to person added EUR5 cardinal of revenue, that's 18% growth; we are going to person added EUR1 cardinal of profit, up to EUR6 billion; we are going to person added EUR550 cardinal of adjusted nett income; we're going to person added EUR500 cardinal to our free rate travel from EUR2.8 cardinal to EUR3.3 billion. And this dividend astatine EUR3.15 will motion connected 13 continuous twelvemonth of progressive dividend to nan shareholders of Schneider. This includes, of course, nan labor of Schneider who are shareholders.

Well, this is an twelvemonth besides wherever nan specificities of Schneider were erstwhile again recognized astir our meaningful mission, astir sustainability, electrification, digitization, but our complete committedness to beryllium successful nan astir inclusive workplace successful nan manufacture and besides our unsocial structure, our multi-hub building empowering each our regions to innovate, create, manufacture and respond accelerated to nan characteristics of nan market.

So that's astir 2022, and don't beryllium worried, location will beryllium plentifulness of specifications by Hilary later successful nan presentation. Now, I travel to nan very important announcement that we did today, which is putting successful spot a caller governance for Schneider. We had, if you remember, announced 2 years agone astatine nan renewal of my mandate, nan dissociation during nan clip of my mandate, and this is, we announced coming and it's going to beryllium effective astatine nan AGM successful May 2023, and nan Board and myself, unanimously person chosen Peter Herweck to win me.

Peter is coming arsenic a earthy campaigner to do that. He's sewage 30 years of acquisition successful our industry, of heavy acquisition successful our manufacture successful some facets power guidance and business automation. He was trained astatine University arsenic an electrician, past worked successful Mitsubishi, connected Siemens, portion successful power guidance and successful automation connected digitization.

And he knows very good Schneider because he joined america 7 years agone and he has been exposed to nan acquisition of nan CEO successful AVEVA wherever he drove a triple modulation astatine nan aforesaid time, nan modulation of business exemplary to subscription, exertion modulation to 1 platform, and especially, 1 information hub platform, and finally, is nan integration of nan largest acquisition that AVEVA has done successful software, which is nan integration of OSI.

So beardown acquisition successful our industry, very beardown exertion background, some successful power management, successful integer and successful software. A very world career. Peter lived successful Japan, for a agelong streak successful China, successful nan US, and of course, being German successful Germany, and spending successful nan past 2 years, galore years successful France, and genuinely committed to nan fundamentals of our civilization successful position of inclusion, diverseness and a committedness to a multi-hub and multi-original hub. I'm personally delighted astir nan prime of Peter arsenic he comes pinch a beardown acquisition and nan beardown nonstop vulnerability to nan world of software.

And I'll show you after, yes, 36 years successful nan institution and 20 years astatine nan activity arsenic a leader of Schneider, arsenic COO and CEO, I'm really excited to spell into that caller shape successful a caller domiciled supporting, helping nan squad to create its strategy. I'm going to beryllium much helping connected nan strategy and exertion and much arsenic a coach. I'm really I'm excited to support nan full squad and particularly Peter arsenic we spell forward.

Few elements to beryllium much precise. So we announced this today. It's going to be, arsenic I said, effective aft nan AGM. The process of action has been 4 years process. It started by utilizing outer consultants wherever a domiciled of soul candidates were reviewed, really divers domiciled of candidates were reviewed. We looked, besides nan Board looked, besides extracurricular of Schneider. But nan Board came to nan conclusion that nan candidates of Schneider were nan strongest among each that, which allowed us, successful 2021, to denote nan dissociation that we're ready.

Of course, 2020, 2021 and 2022 were beautiful disturbed years, arsenic you tin each remember, arsenic we tin each remember. But I deliberation now is nan correct clip because Schneider is successful very beardown spot and a very beardown marketplace pinch nan acquisition of nan number shareholders of AVEVA, we person a cleanable location successful package and that closes nan cycle, and I'm really again enthused to spell into nan adjacent rhythm pinch Peter and nan squad and to service successful a different manner.

So usually erstwhile we spell into nan yearly consequence presentation, I usually make a presentation, a strategical position of what happened successful nan past year. But today, pinch an exception, you're going to person a overmuch bigger package because we're going to widen that 1 twelvemonth to nan past 20 years and look astatine really nan translator of Schneider that happened complete nan past 20 years explains what happened successful 2022 and nan position that we person successful 2023.

And earlier I spell into that rewind and explanation, I want really to convey you, you connected nan telephone for nan agelong business and your diligent listening to my mentation for nan demanding dialog aliases I tin confess that galore of nan strategical orientations that I gave to Schneider were really originated successful galore of your demanding questions aliases insightful discussions that we had astir our industry. And I deliberation we're each passionate astir nan manufacture and that really was very adjuvant for maine devising, creating and building nan strategy of Schneider for nan past 20 years.

But let's spell into that transformation. We've positioned Schneider really successful nan past 20 years to beryllium really benefiting of each nan awesome megatrends successful our industry. COVID-19 and nan request for reshoring expressed by galore governments, inducement to reshoring are boosting to a caller level nan request for digitization. And nan operation of nan power situation and nan ambiance situation are pushing each of our customers toward an schedule for sustainability, and therefore, for electrification, which is nan only measurement to decarbonize.

So erstwhile we meet customers today, we ever speak astir nan 2 main schedule which is sustainability and digitization, and facing successful immoderate parts of nan world power crisis. And what we've done astatine Schneider successful nan past 20 years is beryllium prepared for this inflection point.

So now let's look astatine nan translator of Schneider what we've become. We've multiplied complete nan past 20 years our gross by four, our nett income by nine, our R&D walk by 3.6, which gives america overmuch much firepower to innovate and pioneer nan awesome inflection of our industry. And arsenic a result, and convey you for believing into that transformation, our marketplace headdress has reached a caller level and has been multiplied by seven. And successful guidance of our shareholders, we've been serving you a progressive dividend arsenic sharing of nan advancement of nan improvement for nan past 13 consecutive years.

What I'm going to item america towards are nan main markers of Schneider, a exertion institution starring successful nan method (ph) of sustainability, digitization and electrification, a existent world subordinate pinch a existent section footprint multi-local footprint and an effect institution because we are 1 of nan fewer companies successful nan world who has complete aligned strategy pinch sustainability.

So what we've done has been really to toggle shape wholly (ph) nan portfolio, multiplied by 15, our integer income to a level of EUR15 billion, multiply our electrical -- our activity successful electrification by a facet of 4 to EUR26 cardinal and scope today, arsenic we speak, successful 2022, EUR25 cardinal in, what we call, sustainability effect revenues, that intends revenues that we do pinch our customers that thief them connected their trajectory to nett zero.

And connected our travel to digitization, I want besides to constituent retired that we person built on, I said that successful my introduction, a EUR2.6 cardinal agnostic package portfolio AVEVA, ETAP, RIB, IGE + XAO, Planon, besides our strategical information into Planon, which creates really a reference level successful nan connected industry. So pinch that, we person now a cleanable location successful nan section of package that we tin accelerate and support processing arsenic we spell forward.

So nan full translator has been to get much successful integer and astatine nan aforesaid clip to dispose of nan companies that were not arsenic cardinal and strategical successful our portfolio, and we -- astatine nan extremity of 2022, we finalized our divestment programme pinch nan nonsubjective to -- for our customers to link everything successful their facilities, their buildings, their industries, their information centers, their infrastructure, acknowledgment to our IoT level EcoStruxure, get each nan information gathered repositioned, federated, contextualized successful our information hub, our PI information hub to alteration nan full ecosystem of our group aliases nan group moving connected installations, nan developers of software, nan users of factories, buildings, nan suppliers for illustration utilities and each nan package developers to use analytics, intelligence and alteration optimization connected installation. Our task is 1 package pinch 1 data, 1 customer acquisition connected 1 integer copy for our customers.

At nan aforesaid clip for nan past 20 years, we've kept reinforcing our world activity successful products. We are successful our manufacture by acold nan institution that useful nan astir pinch integrators, pinch distributors, pinch group who put our exertion together to a section solution. But astatine nan aforesaid time, we've built a longer cycle, business pinch longer rhythm by processing our strategy business and we person grew our expertise to woody pinch mission-critical applications successful each segments, industry, infrastructure, information centers, greenhouse building successful nan world and that has reduced our cyclical vulnerability by balancing our vulnerability towards manufacture and infrastructure.

And astatine nan aforesaid time, we besides created caller maturation driver astir services, package and sustainability, and you spot that now those business that you person supported america successful building are representing a very important portion of our business and really rebalancing nan equation of Schneider successful a very bully mode successful position of maturation capability, of course, but besides successful position of resilience.

We person not forgotten that we are a exertion institution and we are very proud of nan products, which is for america a world-leading franchise. We activity each time pinch thousands of partners astir nan world who put together those technologies to build complete solutions. And we've, successful Energy Management to Industrial Automation, into nan integration into EcoStruxure, build revolutions successful our industries, which person pioneered and led nan change, nan translator of what nan full manufacture is doing.

I want to mention, for instance, which we're launching coming which I said, which is simply a afloat scope successful medium-voltage without SF6 aliases EcoStruxure Automation Expert which is simply a wholly unfastened level for automation, these are conscionable examples of what we support doing and why we support ramping up nan magnitude connected nan finance we put successful R&D.

Another large marker of america has been nan will to create a world company. And complete nan past 20 years, multiplied -- it goes (ph) by 2 our business successful Europe, by 5 our business successful North America and by much than 8 nan business we do successful Asia-Pac and international. And each of this is based connected our unsocial multi-hub building whereby our activity is dispersed retired into nan geographies wherever we person nan biggest business, nan biggest imaginable and nan largest excavation of talents, and wherever we empower regions connected their capacity to innovate, to react, to beryllium accelerated and to respond to their customers arsenic a section subordinate benefiting from nan backup of a world company.

The awesome point is that our shareholders person supported this globalization of this internationalization, and arsenic a European company, we are coming much exposed than astir European companies to North American shareholding, which is our largest business successful nan world, nan US business is our largest country, and a Greater Asia Pacific vulnerability than each nonstop peers because location again, Asia-Pac and North America are astir astatine nan aforesaid level successful position of business exposure. But I'm very attached to keeping connected going pinch that dialog successful North America and Asia-Pac and bring their shareholding to nan level that these regions correspond successful position of business for Schneider.

I want besides to mention 1 point I'm highly proud is that we are 1 of nan stocks astir wide held wrong ESG fund. We are really nan 3rd one, each industries included, and we are nan number 1 information held wrong ESG money among nan business sector. And that drives maine to my adjacent chapter. We are a institution that has wholly aligned sustainability and strategy. We create technologies for sustainability and we are divers successful sustainability.

We travel to our customers pinch applicable solution based connected digitization for ratio and based, of course, connected electrification for decarbonization. And we thrust that magnitude to each our stakeholders, our suppliers and communities astir america and nan worth proposition to our shareholders, wherever we person engaged to summation moreover our sustainability effect gross arsenic we spell forward.

We've taken a very eager target successful this field. We sewage them certified by SBTI, which not excessively galore companies person done. And I cognize that is nan entity of debate, but we measurement connected benchmark by outer agencies that rank companies successful their capacity connected ESG, and wherever we are today, location are only 2 different companies successful nan world that gets that level of ranking and level of recognition. So it's not an easy point and we travel by soul nonsubjective and outer nonsubjective to measurement our advancement successful each nan dimensions of ESG.

And finally, astir apt nan point which makes america nan astir unique is our civilization and our operating model. And Peter is intelligibly very supportive of that of that quality coming from a different situation originally, and he has seen which benignant of quality he tin make. And we're going to beryllium some really pushing connected processing this which is astir apt nan biggest aliases nan strongest plus of Schneider coming and arsenic we spell into nan early successful a world wherever empowerment of group is astir apt nan astir important.

So looking backmost also, you've supported this project, you've supported this transformation, Schneider has grown from nan 19th rank successful nan CAC 40 successful 2003 to nan 7th rank successful nan CAC 40, and we entered nan EuroStoxx, and we are now number 16 successful nan EuroStoxx. And I want erstwhile again to convey you, to convey our investors to convey each nan analysts who person followed america for nan robust dialog, demanding dialog for nan patience successful nan clip wherever erstwhile we are building strategically nan institution and location were immoderate plateau successful our capacity because each of this needs a batch of effort.

I want to convey you for having supported this travel crossed nan translator and astir worth creation. And patience has paid, but I retrieve each twelvemonth of nan way, retrieve each of nan discussions we've had, but again, galore acknowledgment for nan clip erstwhile you supported america successful those times of transition.

I want besides to mention that this worth that we brought to shareholder, we brought it to our labor besides who ain adjacent to 4% of nan shares and that benefited of that corporate capacity that's realized and that has been recognized by nan banal exchange.

So conscionable to close, to opportunity that we person positioned Schneider to beryllium nan earthy partner successful sustainability of customers pinch applicable solutions, clear activity successful electrification and 1 of nan activity position successful nan section of integer pinch an unthinkable portfolio. You cognize nan 5 integrations that I've spoken to you galore times successful enabling nan integration successful nan integer copy for customers of their company.

We spot a batch of imaginable successful mature countries astir nan power transition, Electricity 4.0, Industry 4.0, everything will get connected, everything will get retrofitted and we spot a batch of stimulus packages for illustration IRA, not only that, but successful different parts of nan world stimulating this finance connected nan market. And astatine nan aforesaid time, caller economies will stay nan barycenter of urbanization, industrialization and digitization.

We spot arsenic a very important ngo for america to bring cleanable energy to 2 cardinal group who don't person entree to reliable electricity. And we spot besides that successful nan adjacent cycle, nan resource-driven economies will use of a batch of resources to modernize each portion of their infrastructure.

And our beardown spot successful Asia is simply a awesome plus for Schneider, arsenic today, successful 2023, 75% of GDP maturation will hap successful awesome Asian emerging marketplace economies and it's still only 25% of nan gross for Schneider. So still a ample runway for advancement arsenic we look forward.

Concluding, thing has changed. We came to nan CMD precocious to show you this is simply a play, we are focused connected electrical and digital, we are processing caller maturation engines astir service, package and sustainability. And we are very attached to nan cardinal portion of our DNA, nan integrated and focused business exemplary of Schneider, nan partnership, we are nan astir partner oriented company, nan multi-hub and ESG embedded everyplace successful nan company. Thanks for nan journey. I'm moreover much excited astir nan adjacent steps of nan travel that I will travel from May successful a different benignant of role.

But pinch that, I would for illustration to spell into nan specifications of 2023 and manus complete to Hilary. Hilary, nan level is yours.

Hilary Maxson

Thanks, Jean-Pascal, and I look guardant to continuing to activity some pinch yourself and, of course, pinch Peter successful your caller roles. Turing backmost now to 2022, specifically, I'll commencement pinch immoderate cardinal financial highlights for nan year. As Jean-Pascal said, we vanished pinch grounds revenues of EUR34 billion, up 12.2% organic, grounds adjusted EBITA of EUR6 cardinal and grounds nett income of EUR3 billion.

And connected that nett income, that's contempt astir EUR300 cardinal charges from exiting our Russia business. We besides drove resilient gross separator successful a very analyzable twelvemonth characterized by beardown demand, beardown ostentation and proviso constraints, and we continued progression successful our adjusted EBITA by 40 ground points integrated and drove immoderate betterment successful our rate conversion ratio. And each of this translates into bully progression connected our ROCE.

Turing to immoderate specifications connected our afloat twelvemonth revenues. We vanished nan twelvemonth astatine EUR34 billion, up 12.2% integrated year-over-year. Around 2.5 points of that was owed to measurement driven by a beardown pickup successful volumes successful Q4 pinch nan remainder owed to nan agile pricing actions we continued passim nan year. And income and volumes for nan afloat twelvemonth were adversely impacted by astir 0.5 constituent from Russia.

Sales were comparatively stronger successful Energy Management wherever we person little vulnerability to proviso constraints, up 12.9% integrated for nan twelvemonth pinch Industrial Automation up adjacent to double-digit integrated for nan twelvemonth astatine positive 9.5%. Both businesses vanished pinch beardown backlog, and I'll speak to that successful a moment.

Scope remains comparatively worldly and FX impacted nan afloat twelvemonth positively driving reported revenues up 18% for nan year, chiefly owed to appreciation of nan US dollar and Chinese yuan against nan euro. And arsenic you tin spot successful nan footnote to this slide, based connected existent rates, which are reasonably volatile successful a mates of places, we'd expect that affirmative effect from FX to reverse successful 2023 pinch revenues adversely impacted by astir EUR600 cardinal to EUR700 cardinal and astir minus 40 ground points effect connected adjusted EBITA.

We study connected our backlog connected an yearly basis, and you tin spot present nan progression successful that backlog complete nan past fewer years pinch a large uptick successful 2022 owed to proviso constraints. We vanished nan twelvemonth pinch grounds backlog of EUR16.5 cardinal aliases astir six months of income versus an mean successful nan past of little than 4 months.

And arsenic we've spoken astir passim nan year, we proceed to judge this backlog is healthy. We don't spot immoderate uptick successful cancellations and it reflects nan continued beardown underlying request crossed our portfolio, and of, course, this backlog will lend to our maturation successful income successful 2023 arsenic proviso constraints proceed to ease.

Moving to nan afloat twelvemonth specifications of our strategical maturation pillars, much products grew powerfully astatine positive 13% integrated driven by underlying request arsenic good arsenic value and backlog execution crossed galore of our merchandise lines, supported by a important pickup successful measurement successful Q4. In package and integer services, our agnostic power guidance package business and our integer services grew double-digit for nan twelvemonth while AVEVA continued to thrust affirmative income contempt our acceleration to subscription there.

AVEVA vanished nan twelvemonth pinch positive 12.3% ARR growth, nan cardinal metric we are pursuing to way nan modulation successful that business and we'll supply much item connected AVEVA's results erstwhile they decorativeness their fiscal twelvemonth astatine our Q1 2023. Field services were up precocious single-digit for nan year, impacted by proviso concatenation constraints, peculiarly arsenic we chose to prioritize proviso to our partners, but pinch a, arsenic anticipated, beardown acceleration successful nan 2nd half and beardown double-digit request astatine year-end.

Our sustainability business besides vanished powerfully pinch much than 20% integrated maturation for nan afloat year. And I'll statement present an breathtaking update successful our Energize program, a unsocial collaborative effort managed by Schneider of much than 15 starring pharmaceutical companies pinch nan extremity to proactively prosecute pinch their suppliers to reside Scope 3 crossed nan industry.

In November, Energize announced nan statement of buyers' cohorts successful some nan US and Europe who spell to marketplace together for renewable power to statesman to reside nan emissions from much than 2 terawatt hours of energy demand, and this is simply a awesome illustration of nan important changes companies are driving successful sustainability worldwide to meet their decarbonization objectives.

2022 was besides nan first twelvemonth of our Capital Markets Day communicative wherever we introduced different measurement alteration successful our way towards building a hybrid integer institution pinch a displacement successful our integer flywheel of connectable products, separator power and package and services from astir 50% successful 2021 to astir 60% by 2025. And successful 2022, we made bully advancement towards that extremity ending nan twelvemonth pinch 53% of our revenues now successful nan integer flywheel driven by positive 20% integrated maturation successful connectable products and positive 13% maturation successful separator power some increasing supra nan wide Group.

Software and services remained astatine 18% of Group revenues wherever we person efficaciously 3 dynamics: first, AVEVA, wherever we're transitioning to subscription and focused connected double-digit ARR, but it won't construe into gross maturation astatine those aforesaid levels successful nan adjacent term; second, our section services business, which is accelerating towards double-digit maturation now; and third, our power guidance package businesses and integer services wherever we already person income increasing supra that of nan Group.

Our recurring revenue, different cardinal modulation extremity from our Capital Markets Day, now stands astatine 36% of package and services gross driven by our attraction connected driving further recurring revenues, including our modulation to subscription astatine AVEVA and our attraction connected driving recurring revenues successful services some done momentum successful our integer services and recurring contracts successful our section services. So overall, a very beardown twelvemonth successful our modulation journey.

Turning now to our ain sustainability performance. We achieved a people of 4.9 successful our Schneider Sustainability Impact Index successful 2022, outperforming our target of 4.7 and putting america good connected way towards our extremity of 10 by 2025. Key drivers of our capacity for nan afloat twelvemonth were: first, our SSI number 2 wherever we target to thief our customers prevention and debar 800 cardinal tons of CO2 emissions by 2025, and location we've deed 440 cardinal astatine nan extremity of 2022 pinch an acceleration to almost a 100 cardinal tons for nan year; our SSI number five, wherever we achieved 45% of our packaging translator extremity to destruct azygous usage integrative and displacement to recycled cardboard; and our SSI number nine, wherever we've now provided entree to greenish energy to astir 40 cardinal group cumulatively since 2008 and good connected way towards our target of 50 cardinal people.

Turning now to nan 4th fourth apical line, we were up a beardown 16% integrated to EUR9.3 cardinal successful revenues pinch astir 5 points of that owed to a beardown uptick successful volumes and nan remainder driven by continued agile pricing to offset inflation. In Scope, you tin spot nan impacts from nan exit of our Russian businesses, and akin to nan afloat year, we person a affirmative uptick owed to FX, chiefly driven by nan beardown U.S. dollar.

Specifically connected Energy Management, we were up positive 18% integrated for nan quarter, pinch peculiarly beardown income successful North America, up 28% integrated pinch some U.S. and Mexico up astir 30% and Canada up double-digit. This was partially driven by backlog execution, peculiarly successful residential building wherever we've knowledgeable proviso constraints and by beardown request crossed merchandise lines. Field Services besides accelerated strongly.

Western Europe was up 15% integrated pinch beardown maturation crossed each of nan awesome economies, again partially driven by an easing of proviso constraints, but besides supported by continued request crossed merchandise lines, but pinch continued softer request for residential buildings and distributed IT.

Asia Pacific was up 10% pinch China up debased single-digit contempt nan impacts location from COVID successful nan Q4 and supported by request crossed astir extremity markets pinch nan objection of residential building and backlog execution. The remainder of Asia Pacific was up double-digit pinch peculiarly beardown maturation successful India, driven by nan bully dynamics location crossed nan portfolio. Rest of World was up 14% pinch some Middle East and South America, up complete 20% integrated pinch beardown request successful almost each geographies crossed merchandise lines.

Turning to Industrial Automation, income were up a 11% driven by immoderate unlocking of constraints successful physics components and demand. North America was up 9%, but pinch double-digit maturation successful nan U.S. successful some discrete and process hybrid offerings offset by business package wherever we person nan acceleration towards subscription, peculiarly astatine AVEVA PI aliases what was OSI. Canada had very beardown maturation successful each offers whereas Mexico was impacted by a beardown baseline successful process automation successful 2021.

Western Europe was up 18% for nan 4th supported by backlog execution and a continued beardown request situation successful some discrete and process and hybrid, and process automation is now affirmative successful each cardinal geographies successful Western Europe, excluding nan UK. Asia Pacific was up 7% for nan 4th contempt China being down debased single-digit impacted by COVID and a beardown guidelines of comparison location from past year.

The remainder of Asia Pacific was up complete 20% driven by maturation successful discrete and process hybrid automation, offset by business software. And Rest of World was up a 11% pinch maturation still comparatively stronger successful discrete, but pinch continued acceleration successful process and hybrid, and again, offset by antagonistic maturation successful business package pinch nan modulation to subscription.

Turning now to our P&L, we vanished nan twelvemonth pinch grounds adjusted EBITA of EUR6 billion, an integrated maturation of 14.4% driven by our apical statement maturation arsenic good arsenic an description successful our EBITA separator of positive 40 ground points integrated to decorativeness nan twelvemonth astatine 17.6%, besides a grounds and pinch a beardown acceleration successful H2 arsenic proviso constraints eased. This beardown decorativeness successful a analyzable twelvemonth was driven by resiliency successful our gross separator arsenic good arsenic a alteration successful our SFC to income ratio.

And you tin spot here, contempt that affirmative progression successful our costs profile, we still stepped up our R&D to income ratio by 30 ground points integrated focusing connected invention for our early and to thrust our integer flywheel. To springiness a spot much item starting pinch gross margin, we vanished nan twelvemonth pinch gross separator of 40.6% successful a highly inflationary twelvemonth aliases minus 50 ground points organic. You tin spot nan impacts from ostentation successful a number of nan bars of nan floor plan pinch EUR470 cardinal impacts from earthy worldly appearing successful our nett value calculation and an further EUR605 cardinal headwinds from freight electronics and different ostentation impacting our productivity.

We much than offset this ostentation of astir EUR1.1 cardinal arsenic good arsenic immoderate further ostentation successful accumulation labour pinch pricing connected products of EUR1.8 billion. However, fixed nan tight proviso concatenation environment, our business productivity was rather a spot beneath mean astatine astir EUR148 million, but pinch a bully pickup successful H2. And we'd expect this productivity to proceed to normalize done 2023 arsenic proviso constraints ease. Mix was besides little than successful anterior years owed to nan pickup successful nan agelong rhythm business arsenic good arsenic AVEVA's modulation to subscription pinch affirmative progression successful our systems margins much than offsetting this.

The 2nd cardinal driver of our adjusted EBITA capacity is our operating leverage, wherever we successfully closed retired our structural savings program, and I'll speak a spot much to that successful nan adjacent slide, arsenic good arsenic focused connected strategical investments, peculiarly successful R&D, arsenic good arsenic our ain integer translator and successful commercialized investments to support our growth.

So we had announced an accelerated restructuring successful 2020 pinch a target of EUR1 cardinal successful structural savings complete 3 years. We finalized that programme successfully successful 2022 having driven conscionable complete EUR1 cardinal successful savings pinch restructuring costs of astir EUR870 million, rather a spot beneath our original estimate of EUR1.15 cardinal to EUR1.25 billion.

For 2023, we won't extremity focusing connected our effectiveness, and particularly, connected digitization and simplification, but we don't presently person plans for different awesome restructuring program. Instead, we will attraction connected return connected finance from nan strategical investments we're making to guarantee Schneider is early ready. And arsenic a result, we'd expect our restructuring costs to alteration towards our target of astir EUR100 cardinal per year, starting successful 2023.

Turning now to nett income. Including Scope and FX, our adjusted EBITA is up 21%. Below nan line, our different income and disbursal was adversely impacted by EUR287 cardinal charges related to our Russia exit, aligned pinch anterior communications and a EUR75 cardinal write-off associated pinch nan disposal of Transformer plants. Restructuring costs were EUR227 cardinal for nan year, akin to 2021 and I already mentioned nan alteration we expect location going forward. Amortization of acquisition value accounting intangibles was astir level year-over-year and we'd expect these costs to stay astatine akin levels successful 2023.

In financial costs, we had a mini measurement up successful 2022 owed to an summation successful liking rates, and we'd expect this to summation by different astir EUR200 cardinal -- aliases up to EUR200 cardinal successful 2023 pinch astir 70% of that owed to caller indebtedness to money nan buyout of AVEVA minorities. Our effective taxation complaint was 25.7%, including nan impacts from nan Russia charges.

Excluding Russia, nan ETR is 24.6% wrong our expected scope pinch nan year-over-year increase, chiefly driven by geographical operation of business. And this each results successful a nett income of EUR3.5 billion, up 9%. Our adjusted nett income, which excludes OI (ph) was up 16% and adjusted EPS is astatine EUR7.11 per share, some astatine grounds levels driven by our beardown results.

Our operating results translated powerfully into our rate travel from operations driving it to EUR5.4 billion, an summation of 21%. We did person a mini uptick successful CapEx successful euros and arsenic a percent of income arsenic we invested for resilience and successful capitalized R&D, and we'd expect immoderate uptick location to continue. Working superior remains adversely impacted by nan proviso concatenation constraints, but pinch a beardown betterment successful nan 2nd half.

Our days inventory outstanding decreased by 2 days, but remained elevated aligned pinch our attraction connected serving customers. Continued guidance of our days income and days payables besides supported nan betterment successful 2nd half rate flows.

And free rate travel vanished astatine EUR3.3 billion, a rate conversion ratio of 96%. And I'll mention present we've afloat accounted for nan AVEVA transaction successful this year's accounts pinch a acquisition committedness impacting our equity offset by an summation successful nett debt. And contempt nan measurement up successful equilibrium expanse nett indebtedness and we are backing nan AVEVA acquisition, chiefly done caller debt, truthful this is an okay proxy, our equilibrium expanse remains beardown pinch nett indebtedness to adjusted EBITDA of 1.6 times.

This is historically a spot precocious for Schneider, however, based connected our beardown free rate travel generation, we'd expect this to normalize complete clip akin to really it did station OSI transaction. Driven by our results from operations, we proceed to person a measurement up successful our ROCE. And conscionable to statement here, we've now simplified our ROCE calculation to beryllium calculable straight from our reported accounts pinch nary adjustments. We vanished nan twelvemonth pinch ROCE astatine 12.2%, an summation of 40 ground points.

In position of portfolio evolution, I'm besides happy to denote we successfully completed our portfolio disposal programme pinch businesses pinch EUR1.7 cardinal of revenues sold. And while we won't denote a circumstantial caller target for disposals, we will proceed to execute ongoing portfolio reviews connected a biannual ground to place businesses that aren't aligned pinch our strategy.

And of course, we successfully completed nan acquisition of our outstanding number liking astatine AVEVA successful January. In position of our wide superior allocation, our priorities stay unchanged, pinch a attraction connected shareholder returns complete nan short, mean and long-term. And arsenic a portion of this, we've projected a progressive dividend for nan 13th twelvemonth successful a statement of EUR3.15 per share.

And pinch that, I'll move backmost to Jean-Pascal to springiness an update connected our 2023 afloat twelvemonth expectations.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Thank you, Hilary. So erstwhile we look astatine 2023, we spot a continuation of beardown and move marketplace demand, which is supported by nan accelerating trends of electrification and digitization, accelerated by stimulus packages, accelerated by, arsenic I said before, nan concomitance of ambiance situation and power crisis.

We -- coming from precocious levels, nan request successful consumer-linked segments will proceed to decelerate from nan highs of nan COVID clip wherever group were each based astatine home, peculiarly mature market, but it's not a large portion of our business, let's say, 15% to 20%. The authorities incentives crossed nan world are centered astir power transition, astir decarbonization and improved power ratio and will support further growth. We person a precocious backlog that will support besides nan perspective.

The proviso constraints person started to easiness successful Q4 arsenic we saw nan jump of our integrated maturation to 16%. Improving proviso situation should besides support stronger underlying business productivity. I would say, a normalization of nan measurement we tally nan proviso chain, we are going to beryllium backmost successful 2023 to a normal measurement of managing proviso chains. And we expect immoderate deceleration of inflationary unit aft an exceptional twelvemonth of 2022 pinch immoderate pockets of ostentation expected to remain.

So pinch that, we springiness a guidance of an adjusted EBITA maturation of 12% to 16% organic. That will beryllium architected astir gross maturation of 9% to 11% integrated for evident reasons owed to nan traction we person for nan offers, nan software, nan services we present and an adjusted EBITA separator up by 50 bps to 80 bps. So different twelvemonth of 2023 dedicated to profitable maturation and wholly successful statement -- really supra nan statement of our take (ph) nan rhythm target that we described successful our CMD.

With that, that finishes our presentation. I deliberation I will manus complete to Amit for nan Q&A.

Amit Bhalla

All right. Thank you, Jean-Pascal. Thank you, Hilary. We move to nan Q&A. We will effort to return mobility from each expert if possible. So arsenic ever beryllium precise, effort to beryllium successful 1 mobility per personification and we'll travel backmost clip permitting.

So, operator, let's move to nan first question.

Question-and-Answer Session


The first mobility comes from Ben Uglow of Morgan Stanley.

Ben Uglow

Good morning, everyone, and convey you for taking nan question. So, this feels for illustration nan extremity of an era. And earlier I statesman my question, convey you very overmuch Jean-Pascal for maintaining a very accordant and unfastened dialog pinch nan full investor community. So my mobility is benignant of astir nan caller governance structure. Can you springiness america a consciousness successful position of your ain responsibility, what really changes time to day?

What are you doing differently? Is location immoderate alteration successful your locations? And successful position of your responsibility, what do you expect to do much aliases little of? And past if I deliberation backmost to nan Chairman and CEO relationship, erstwhile you took complete pinch Mr. Lachmann, tin you -- that was a successful business for a number of years. Can you springiness america immoderate consciousness of your timeline connected this caller structure, is this fundamentally going to beryllium a co-role for immoderate play of time? Thank you.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Yes. Thank you, Ben. I commencement by reciprocal, acknowledgment for nan dialogs, relationship and I dream we enactment successful touch, right, because we've been done galore things of this manufacture life complete nan past years. On governance, I deliberation 1 of nan very beardown constituent of Schneider caller history of nan past 40 years is to person had 3 different Chairman successful 40 years, and this continuity has allowed to present capacity and to beryllium demanding connected nan short-term, but astatine nan aforesaid time, to create a agelong position of nan destination of nan institution and nan beardown support to nan translator of nan company.

I've been personally done nan 2 forms of governance dissociated, associated. But erstwhile it was associated, it was ever pinch a beardown lead independent head namely Leo Apotheker, Fred Kindle, they've been -- we've had a very productive narration beyond nan era of Henri Lachmann, who was a dissociated Chairman aliases he was Chairman of nan Supervisory Board arsenic we are successful a different shape of offering. The measurement I spot it is that my domiciled will alteration a batch right?

I spot Peter will beryllium successful complaint from May. That intends he is CEO. He has to propose nan strategy and he has to delineate nan strategy. He will negociate nan team, he will respond of nan results. He is in-charge, for illustration I've been in-charge of Schneider really since I was appointed arsenic nan CEO. My domiciled will beryllium to assistance and proposal connected cardinal elements for illustration strategy, exertion and thing I'm very attached to is quality superior and nan value of leadership, and I instantly (ph) deliberation I person an oculus connected that and I tin bring things because I person a heavy knowledge of this manufacture and person a heavy knowledge of Schneider.

The different portion of my role, but that's going to beryllium arsenic a support will beryllium to thief connected nan discourse and nan practice of Schneider, but that will beryllium erstwhile needed. But I will support a very typical domiciled successful Asia wherever I person had a beforehand statement domiciled complete nan past galore years, really almost 30 years. And from that constituent of view, I'll enactment based successful Asia, arsenic Peter will beryllium based successful Europe, arsenic main base.

And past I'm going to beryllium taking attraction of nan Board, and a beardown constituent of Schneider is diverseness and nan competency of nan Board, and look astatine our Board, it's astir apt 1 of nan astir diverse, and I would say, brings a batch of expertise successful package and integer arsenic we look into nan early connected caller power and sustainability. We are announcing a caller presence astatine nan Board today, Julia Kyoka (ph) who comes pinch beardown expertise successful sustainability connected nan power world, and she is 1 of the, arsenic an example, of a Board which is highly divers if you comparison to nan different Boards successful our manufacture aliases nan different Boards successful France, and I'm going to beryllium successful complaint of animating (ph) this.

So those are nan main points, and I'm going to prosecute selectively connected erstwhile needed and coordinate pinch shareholders erstwhile location is simply a circumstantial lawsuit aliases circumstantial taxable to review. But you know, I've spent 36 years successful nan company, 20 years starring nan company, building a awesome squad right, and you cognize galore of them and my -- I want them to succeed, I want Peter to win and my domiciled is to really support that success. I'm sitting present pinch Hilary. I will support nan travel pinch Peter. I'm truthful proud of what we've done together driving done 3 trouble years and looking guardant to nan galore years successful beforehand of us.

Amit Bhalla

All right. Thank you, Ben. Next mobility please.


The adjacent mobility is from Philip Buller of Berenberg.

Philip Buller

Hi. Thanks for taking nan question, and besides champion wishes Jean-Pascal successful nan domiciled of Chairman, of course. And it's astir apt a spot unfair to inquire you to remark connected nan Capital Markets Day arsenic Chairman, particularly it's going to beryllium [indiscernible]. But strategically, and from nan Chairman seat, is location immoderate pivots aliases alteration needed strategically arsenic we deliberation astir passing nan baton to Peter? It feels for illustration capturing nan marketplace maturation is good successful hand. So I'm wondering if strategically, if that's nan cardinal focus, aliases possibly M&A whitethorn beryllium a much important limb of nan communicative going forward. Thanks.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Look, convey you for nan question. But I deliberation what I explained is that it took america 20 years to pivot nan institution into wherever it should beryllium successful position of positioning. Very beardown traction connected electrification. The world will beryllium electric. You are speaking astir multiplied by 2 aliases 3 successful position of energy successful nan operation of energy. In nan adjacent coming 30 years, it's a copy clash constituent connected nan Internet of Things, Big Data, and nan AI has conscionable started. So privilege is to execute connected nan base.

The logic why we run this modulation now is that we are exiting 3 years of poly situation and precocious strength crisis, and I consciousness we person now gone done them really pinch a batch of agility, resilience, and we person a very beardown position. With nan acquisition of nan number stock of AVEVA, I would say, we've put nan location successful order. We've got, connected nan 1 roof, each of our package that will support autonomous, but we tin really turn synergies connected improvement to a overmuch higher gait arsenic we spell forward.

I wanted this to beryllium done earlier I would transition. And arsenic I said, we are conscionable connected nan correct topics successful nan power and integer world astatine a clip wherever each of our customers person those double agenda, nan apical of their priority, digitization and sustainability. So privilege is really to growth, integrated maturation and to create and to standard retired what we person assembled.

Amit Bhalla

All right. Thank you, Phil. And arsenic we mentioned, nan CMD is later successful nan twelvemonth successful Q4. Next mobility please.


The adjacent mobility is from Andre Kukhnin of Credit Suisse.

Andre Kukhnin

Good morning. Thank you very overmuch for taking my question. And of course, galore acknowledgment from my broadside arsenic good to Jean-Pascal for this fascinating travel complete nan past fewer years. And invited to Peter. I person a fewer much benignant of topics to screen connected nan CEO change, but I deliberation I'll alteration gears and possibly inquire astir AVEVA and travel backmost to nan intent of that afloat integration, and what you now spot nan business tin do for nan remainder of Schneider Electric portfolio from nan Energy Management side?

And possibly is this benignant of a motion of nan guidance alteration and Peter's inheritance being much business automation and package focused, is this a awesome of your benignant of anticipation of possibly nan buildings and building world yet moving up into nan integer and package era?

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Yes, that's a very bully point. So first let's speak astir AVEVA. We said it already, truthful I won't beryllium excessively agelong connected that one. But we are very attached to nan autonomous exemplary and nan agnostic exemplary of AVEVA arsenic good arsenic nan different neutral package companies that we've assembled nan ETAP, IGE, RIB and truthful on. Everything that goes beyond nan information furniture aliases astatine nan information furniture has to beryllium inclusive of each nan controls and each nan measurement connected nan marketplace and this is why we want a circumstantial governance astatine AVEVA.

And really today, Peter will beryllium replaced arsenic nan caput of AVEVA by nan Chief Revenue Officer announcing it, Caspar Herzberg, and Peter will beryllium nan Chairman of AVEVA that he knows very good to guarantee nan aforesaid benignant of continuity connected nan triple modulation I was mentioning. The nonsubjective for america to bring everything nether 1 tile is to accelerate connected nan transition, modulation to subscription, modulation to 1 platform, and that doesn't mean that we want to merge everything.

We person to support nan specialization of nan franchise, but our customers want 1 customer experience, 1 information hub and of course, 1 integer copy wherever we are nan only institution to beryllium capable to bring each of nan life rhythm of installations, nan shred (ph) of process electricals and power and building into 1 repository. So we won't alteration nan essence, nan autonomy, nan agnosticity of our package companies. They will support their specialization, but will thrust faster subscription and convergence of those 3 elements, acquisition information connected integer twin. That's it.

Then, Peter brings an complete exposure, I would opportunity aliases higher vulnerability to nan section of digitization and software, and we spot that what happened a agelong clip agone successful industries pinch Industry 4.0, this really will hap and will thrust that successful energy for nett zero, making judge that each of our power systems astatine a clip wherever power ratio and power resiliency is beforehand and halfway for everybody astatine our customer, making judge that everything is connected, that information is reported, aggregated together pinch nan process information and that we connection tons of analytics connected AI to analyse and optimize what's happening from nan smart grid into smart homes, smart buildings, smart manufacturing, smart information centers and smart cities.

So that knowledge and that capacity has to dispersed everything into -- pinch our customers and we spot terrific potential, return wherever I'm astatine nan infinitesimal successful France, France is each focused connected decreasing its power intensity. Only 6% of nan building are equipped pinch intelligence. So -- and that's not uncommon moreover successful countries for illustration France. So we've sewage a batch of runway location and Peter comes pinch an exceptional acquisition successful that.

Amit Bhalla

All right. Thank you, Andre. I announcement we are astatine nan hour, but we will support nan telephone moving truthful that we tin return a fewer much questions from nan different analysts. Next mobility please.


The adjacent mobility is from Gael De Bray of Deutsche Bank.

Gael De Bray

Thanks very much. Good morning, everybody. Look, Jean-Pascal, Energy Management is -- has been your humanities franchise for truthful agelong now and has intelligibly been nan main maturation driver for nan Group successful nan past fewer years. So I was wondering if nan assignment of Peter arsenic caller CEO could really lead to a greater attraction aliases strategic, and firstly, it's connected automation successful nan future.

Also connected nan M&A side, I mean, we've seen immoderate of your competitors moving into circumstantial fields, including EDA, low-carb (ph) trial and measurement, metrology, proviso concatenation guidance services, for example, truthful successful very aggregate different directions. So I'm funny to understand if and -- good what is successful your M&A pipeline successful position of caller visionary, perchance crippled changing exertion additions? Thank you very much.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Gael, convey you for your question. First, to correct nan perception, Peter has been exposed arsenic overmuch to power guidance arsenic to automation, and especially, erstwhile he was successful China, he was straight in-charge of power management, not for Schneider, nan clip I really retrieve it. So I tin show you, he knows nan assemblage very well.

And from nan strategy, I described from very early on, astir apt 20 years agone aliases 15 years ago, I don't spot a silo aliases a separation betwixt automation and digitization connected energy. We spot everything successful power being connected and everything that we are coming out, moreover mini objects, will beryllium connected because it's nan only measurement to optimize energy, it's nan only measurement to make power safer, it's nan only measurement to make power resilient. And nan awesome point is that we person a immense beingness successful nan cardinal objects that power energy, nan breakers, nan contactors, nan drives and truthful on, and we are ace passionate successful making judge that everything gets connected from nan design, to nan build, to nan cognition and maintenance.

So everything, erstwhile it's successful business infrastructure, it's a cockpit of that convergence of power and process is Industrial Automation. When we are successful nan different application, information centers, buildings aliases moreover homes, nan cockpit aliases nan halfway of nan nexus of that is our power power centers, and we've sewage everything, and we've sewage everything integrated from a agelong time. And moreover nan condition, each nan measurement we creation our organization, we don't person vertical divisions for power aliases automation. We merge astatine nan level of our customers, everything into our customer connected income organization.

On M&A, I mightiness repetition myself, but we person immoderate portfolio. We person what we request and we person conscionable vanished a very beardown finance to accelerate AVEVA, a very precocious finance and we spot nan early successful scaling retired what we person assembled. And our portfolio is reoptimized for what we person to do. We put present and location immoderate adding, truthful arsenic you saw much recently, we had been much pinch early rhythm start-ups that we helped developing, but they are mini pinch respect to what Schneider is. What we want to do is to standard nan immense -- nan awesome portfolio we've put together.

Amit Bhalla

All right. Thank you, Gael. Next question, please.


The adjacent mobility is from Jonathan Mounsey of BNP Paribas.

Jonathan Mounsey

Thanks very overmuch for extending nan telephone and letting america in. And again, acknowledgment to Jean-Pascal for each nan years and communicating truthful effectively, nan strategy and besides achieving (ph) connected it, nan institution is really successful really patient (ph) arsenic you manus complete to Peter. In position of questions, conscionable really wondering successful position of nan guidance, obviously, awesome connected nan apical line. I wonder, possibly Hilary if you could springiness america a spot much colour astir what that intends for free rate travel conversion successful 2023?

I guess, erstwhile you turn that quickly often -- actually, we saw 1 of your rivals, well, I'd mention, it's Siemens had a very mediocre rate travel successful almanac Q4 connected nan backmost of very beardown growth. Is your maturation apt to effect your free rate travel this year? Are we apt to spot immoderate benignant of resistance from moving superior to present that benignant of apical statement growth, aliases do you to foresee a very coagulated capacity successful 2023?

Hilary Maxson

Sure, thanks. So, obviously, we don't springiness free rate travel guidance, and I don't deliberation we will commencement today. But we person a mates of dynamics successful nan free rate flow. I had spoken, astatine nan EUR3.3 cardinal that we had successful 2022, we're still beneath nan astir 100% rate conversion that we deliberation we should beryllium astatine moreover successful a maturation environment. So successful 2023, we'd foresee a mates of things first. Still immoderate regularization connected nan inventory side.

Like I had mentioned, we're still not -- moreover including nan summation successful information banal we'd for illustration to person connected a going guardant basis, we're astir apt not wherever we'd for illustration to be. So that's an opportunity for america from a moving superior standpoint, while astatine nan aforesaid clip of course, we would expect, not successful days, but successful absolute euros that we're going to make immoderate finance successful bid to support nan request going forward.

The 1 constituent -- truthful wide I would say, nary logic to judge that it won't beryllium a beardown free rate travel twelvemonth successful 2023. We'll proceed to target nan astir a 100% rate conversion that we talked astir successful nan Capital Markets Day complete time. The 1 constituent I would make there, is that successful CapEx, I did note, we expect to person a small spot of an uptick and we've talked astir that arsenic we attraction connected resiliency and we attraction connected capacity associated pinch nan demand. But net-net, I don't deliberation immoderate logic that we would consciousness uncomfortable pinch nan rate conversion that we usually target successful 2023.

Amit Bhalla

All right. Thank you, Jon. Next question.


The adjacent mobility is from James Moore of Redburn.

James Moore

Yes. Good morning, everyone. Thank you for nan time. Jean-Pascal, it's been truthful galore years, you taught maine a lot. Thank you very overmuch and you've been a visionary, existent activity connected truthful galore topics, information centers a decades earlier others, power efficiency, sustainability. But arsenic you know, I've ever been pushing you connected nan separator and nan ROCE, truthful I don't want to extremity now. So connected nan margin, 1 connected this twelvemonth and 1 connected nan longer-term.

On nan scope, Hilary, you mentioned EUR750 cardinal for disposals and a 30 bp antagonistic impact. I deliberation that implies EUR230 million, EUR240 cardinal of EBIT for that disposal aliases 31% margin. It seems unusual to me. Can you opportunity what nan separator is of nan revenues going? And Jean-Pascal, connected nan longer-term picture, beyond nan existent target frameworks, wherever do you deliberation nan margins and returns of nan business tin get to successful nan longer word dependable state?

Hilary Maxson

So I'll spell first connected nan minus 30 ground points. So, if you recall, truthful astatine slightest astir half of that, if you callback is we exited our Russia business successful 2022, not portion of our planned divestment program, obviously, and that was a institution that performed astatine really astir nan aforesaid aliases moreover a spot amended than nan wide separator of nan Group. So, arsenic expected, successful my mind that we'll person nan Scope impacts there.

And nan remainder is associated much pinch immoderate earlier shape acquisitions that we've talked astir successful bid to make nan institution early ready. So net-net, we person that minus 30 ground points, but, of course, successful position of integrated progression, that's thing that we're looking astatine some our integrated progression arsenic good arsenic nan wide adjusted EBITA that we forecasted for nan year.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

In position of margin, I deliberation 2022 is simply a very typical twelvemonth wherever we faced a surge successful cost, which was exceptional. I'd say, successful 2 years we've been facing EUR2 cardinal of costs, it's ne'er happened to that magnitude. But we've fixed successful nan CMD our position -- not our perspective, our committedness to amended nan separator each twelvemonth arsenic we support increasing much accretive portion of our portfolio.

So refocusing nan company, sometimes we are divesting very profitable portion of nan company, but that makes america better, because successful nan future, we're going to beryllium much focused and we get nan rate of it -- of that. Of course, it was not nan lawsuit successful Russia, which is simply a very different case, which was -- which is simply a war, but that's nan choices that we are operating. But otherwise, we want to create software, which is going to beryllium accretive. We person nan biggest franchise successful products wherever we support investing successful R&D and connecting things which is creating value.

You've seen nan summation of connected products successful nan integer flywheel that Hilary has shown. It's rather awesome successful 1 year. That intends some nan unlocking of proviso concatenation connected electronics and it intends besides that customers are fresh to bargain that, and salary for it. And erstwhile it's connected, it's creating a recurring travel of business, and you've seen besides nan jump from 30% to 36% of recurring gross successful package and services, which are besides very promising for nan early and what we tin create connected nan apical of that.

So that's what I would say. We enactment committed to our nonsubjective of each twelvemonth summation of our profitability, which is some owed to what we do successful operations, cutting costs and getting amended and delivering much productivity, and astatine nan aforesaid clip changing nan operation of our business and nan operation of our business exemplary towards much services, much subscription to get much profitability. And what we spot successful 2023 is that while we are not yet there, we should beryllium coming backmost to a much normal authorities for our proviso chain, and our proviso chain, erstwhile it's moving successful nan correct environment, is delivering a very coagulated productivity.

Amit Bhalla

All right. Next mobility please.


The adjacent mobility is from Daniela Costa of Goldman Sachs.

Unidentified Participant

Hi everyone. This is really Esan (ph) connected Daniela's line. Just a speedy mobility connected pricing. So I conscionable wonderment successful your guidance for integrated income growth, really overmuch value effect is location and besides for nan separator guidance arsenic well? Thank you.

Hilary Maxson

So we person -- successful position of pricing, we person bully carryover into 2023. We wouldn't expect those akin twelvemonth of pricing for illustration 2022, because for illustration we mentioned we expect a deceleration successful inflation. So we expect a number of points of value carryover that would bespeak successful nan apical statement guidance. But we besides expect an easing successful nan proviso constraints arsenic good arsenic continued bully request environment. So successful each pieces of that apical statement guidance we've given, we would expect a bigger mostly successful position of measurement publication versus price, again, pinch a patient carryover of value successful 2023.

And successful position of margin, astatine nan infinitesimal we're successful an inflationary environment, truthful arsenic you could spot connected nan gross separator line, rather a spot of nan pricing that we're doing is much associated pinch inflation, truthful that's not really impacting our bottommost statement per se. In 2023, while we expect immoderate deceleration successful inflation, we person immoderate acceleration successful different places. So again, net-net, I deliberation nan pricing that we're doing location is chiefly inflationary.

Amit Bhalla

All right. Probably return different 1 aliases 2 questions, if there's still large. So operator, do we person different question?


Yes, sir. The adjacent mobility is from William Mackie of Kepler Cheuvreux.

William Mackie

Yes, bully morning. Thank you for nan time. And I tin only echo nan galore comments of what an astonishing travel complete 20 years Jean-Pascal. My mobility comes to nan -- yes, Asia, during your introductory comments, you again highlighted 75% of GDP maturation from Asia and 25% of Schneider's footprint, and you said, tons of scope for description . Could you possibly elaborate fixed your utmost knowledge of nan region, wherever you spot Schneider's maturation imaginable and way successful nan adjacent shape of nan journey? And possibly much specifically into 2023, really you mightiness expect China to retrieve from nan challenges of '22? Thank you very much.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Yes, convey you. Look connected Asia. I don't want conscionable to authorities nan obvious, but 60% of nan world population, 50% of nan world GDP, bigger cities and urbanization advancement astatine nan moment. And nan existent sensibility to contamination and ambiance change, because it becomes really, really visible and tangible successful nan life of nan people. We've developed an unthinkable beingness successful Asia, China is our second-largest business. But I'm very proud of what we did complete nan past 20 years successful India who is now our 3rd largest business. So -- and we do a batch and we create a batch successful Southeast Asia.

So you had a mobility astir China. China has been really impacted by nan zero COVID argumentation and a number of factors successful 2022. China is still affirmative successful 2022 and recovered forcefully from nan lockdown. I person to stock that our workers successful China has spent six weeks successful nan mill to support it moving immoderate nan difficulties to springiness you an illustration of nan committedness of nan teams. What -- I spot it's still difficult to read, but what I would forecast successful China is that China will beryllium a beardown contributor successful 2023 to nan performance.

I forecast a slow Q1, which was already impacted successful January by Chinese New Year, and arsenic it was nan first clip successful 3 years that group could recreation that Chinese New Year a spot longer than usual. Actually a very affirmative motion is that successful Chinese New Year, it's ever a trial of nan committedness of group to economies that group are backmost from their ain municipality aft Chinese New Year sometimes. In different times past you will person a complaint of return that was valuable. Here, they each travel back, they want to participate to nan restart.

I deliberation nan user -- Chinese user is eager to devour and that will trigger a batch of trickling successful nan system to spell out, and astir apt much domestically astatine nan opening than internationally, but world will follow. And I deliberation nan caller authorities of Lee Chong (ph) who comes from economically thriving provinces, speak astir Zhejiang, Fujian and Shanghai will beryllium keen connected stimulating nan system for a stronger improvement of EV (ph). So we spot a betterment successful China arsenic we spell guardant pinch preservation connected nan first 4th because we are still successful nan benignant of aftermath of Chinese New Year, zero COVID and truthful on.

Very optimistic astir India. Actually connected my measurement to India aft this telephone because we person a very beardown beingness here, and which state is amended for Schneider is successful India wherever you person immense request for electrification and development, and astatine nan aforesaid time, astir apt nan astir apt state successful nan world astatine standard connected digitization, truthful bringing those 2 equations together and we person plentifulness of partners and very beardown franchise and a very -- well, heavy penetration of Indian cities, Indian places, we are very section successful India. 60%, astatine slightest to 70% of what we waste successful India is developed successful India and has Indian characteristics. It tells you astir nan level of localization was effective successful India.

And I'm besides very bullish astir everything, which is happening successful Southeast Asia wherever we person a very beardown -- wherever we person very countries and very beardown beingness successful each aspects, right, industrial, commercial. And Southeast Asia had been really impacted by COVID policies. Now, they are emerging retired and I spot rather a batch of imaginable here. And I'm not forgetting here, North Asia pinch Japan wherever we person large partnerships and beardown R&D beingness successful nan country, and Taiwan wherever are we -- arsenic a region, which participate, besides which has been processing a batch astir semiconductors and we participate towards that development.

So I spot batch of imaginable that stays successful Asia, and Asia has really understood that operation of digitization and electrification, and they person submitted to nan unit of imported power astatine higher prices, truthful location is simply a beardown push location to germinate and to modulation nan model.

Amit Bhalla

All right. Thanks, Will. One -- I'll astir apt compression successful 1 past question, if location is, please.


The past mobility is from Eric Lemarie of CIC.

Eric Lemarie

Yes, bully morning. Thanks very overmuch for taking my question. Just 1 mobility connected China. With each of these geopolitical news we get nowadays, what tin you do astatine Schneider to woody pinch an embargo successful China? Can you relocate immoderate production, accommodate your proviso concatenation here? What would beryllium your action there? And really what is nan percent of costs of equipment sold astatine Schneider to beryllium supplied from China?

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Look, we person system very early connected successful China, for China. So really what we produce, what we manufacture successful China is dedicated to nan China market. We -- much and much of our products successful China are done successful China for China, our integer abstraction successful China is mostly China for China. China is simply a continent and it's specified a ample economy, and to point, it's nan aforesaid arsenic what we do successful nan U.S. that nan overwhelming mostly of what we do successful China is designed successful China, manufactured successful China, supplied successful China, and we've very early connected not counted connected China for our world supplies. So that's what we've put into place.

Now, my individual sentiment is that, if location is an embargo successful China, past it's a wholly different world, and Schneider is astatine a mess. I deliberation each nan different proviso chains would beryllium a compromise, but I don't deliberation it would beryllium very reasonable. So let's say, cool and calm. But successful nan lawsuit of Schneider because of nan size, nan standard and nan increasing quality successful innovation, successful integer spaces and everything, we've system from very early connected China for China. And return nan past 3 years, China borders were benignant of closed by COVID and our teams managed China beautifully and they managed it from themselves, pinch themselves, pinch our ain forces and will support doing for illustration this.

Amit Bhalla

Well, each right. I deliberation I conscionable want to convey everyone for their patience for this longer than normal call. You'll spot connected nan descent that we person a bunch of events and meetings lined up. This is -- this fundamentally takes america toward nan first half of nan year. We're going to embark connected nan roadshow soon aft successful nan coming weeks, truthful look guardant to seeing galore of you. And please scope retired to america if you person immoderate further questions.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Amit, if I may, I really -- location were plentifulness of bully words and I convey you for those bully words, and arsenic galore bully words for you each for nan chat pinch you each analysts, investors. Again, galore acknowledgment for nan patience for my accentuation of English, for my nonstop speaking, but it's ever been a pleasure, and you've been a root of inspiration.

In nan adjacent coming 2 weeks, I'm going to beryllium gathering immoderate of you during nan roadworthy show. On his side, Peter would beryllium taking nan adjacent 2 months really to relaunch Schneider and modulation decently AVEVA, but you're going to person plentifulness of him from May, and I'm going to make judge and I'm going to beryllium supporting pinch each my forces, a very successful modulation pinch him and pinch nan team. But look guardant to seeing you and enactment successful touch. Thank you.

Amit Bhalla

Thank you, all.

Editor: Naga

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