Schneider Electric Impresses With Its 2022 Results

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Schneider Electric (OTCPK:SBGSF)(OTCPK:SBGSY) impressed pinch very beardown financial capacity contempt 2022 being a comparatively challenging year. The institution delivered grounds revenues, adjusted EBITDA, and nett income. Among nan highlights of nan twelvemonth was nan completion of nan transaction to get nan full stock superior of AVEVA, which will let Schneider to accelerate connected its package strategy.

For 2023 Schneider is targeting integrated maturation successful its adjusted EBITA of betwixt 12% and 16%, driven by integrated gross maturation and adjusted EBITA separator description . This is very coagulated guidance from nan company, but for investors this is partially offset by a valuation that is simply a small little charismatic compared to wherever we were recommending nan shares past year. Since we wrote that it was a awesome clip to bargain shares, nan value has accrued by ~33%, and since our past article saying that it wasn't excessively precocious to buy, nan shares are up ~14%, importantly outperforming nan market. We judge location is still immoderate worth astatine existent prices, but nan institution is now trading overmuch person to adjacent value.

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FY2022 and Q4 Results

Schneider reported FY22 revenues of €34 billion, up 12% organic, pinch Energy Management up ~13% and Industrial Automation up ~10%. For Q4 revenues were up ~16% organic, arsenic nan institution showed an acceleration successful nan 2nd half of nan year.

FY22 Adj. EBITA came successful astatine €6 billion, up ~14% integrated and ~21% reported, pinch an adj. EBITA Margin of 17.6%, up 40 bps. Schneider delivered nett income for nan twelvemonth of €3.5 billion, up 9%, and adj. nett income of €4.0 billion, up an awesome 16%. Thanks to nan beardown results nan institution is readying a dividend summation of 9%.

Portfolio Repositioning

Schneider has completed a disposal programme that progressive €1.7 cardinal of revenues, arsenic good arsenic a structural savings programme of €1 cardinal that it now considers delivered. This amended aligns nan institution pinch its package strategy focused now connected its astir promising offerings, which converge successful its information hub. Given nan beardown guidance for 2023, we judge nan strategy appears to beryllium moving well.


Another logic why nan institution is providing a beardown 2023 guidance is that it has nan backlog to support nan expected growth. Its backlog has gone from ~3.5 months of income successful 2018, to ~6 months of income now. This should supply a very bully tailwind for growth, particularly arsenic nan institution reports location person been nary important cancellations.

Schneider Electric Backlog

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Balance Sheet

The acquisition of nan remaining AVEVA shares will person an effect connected nan equilibrium sheet, and it is expected that it will summation leverage to ~1.6x. This is still a very reasonable magnitude of leverage for nan company, and we are not overly concerned.

Schneider Electric Balance Sheet

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For 2023 nan institution expects to spot immoderate deceleration successful consumer-linked segments specified arsenic residential buildings, peculiarly successful mature markets The proviso constraints are expected to progressively ease, and nan inflationary unit is expected to moderate. Importantly, nan important bid backlog should supply a bully maturation tailwind. Based connected these assumptions nan institution is guiding for 2023 adj. EBITA maturation betwixt 12% and 16%, driven by 9% to 11% integrated gross maturation and 50 bps to 80 bps of adj. EBITA separator improvement.

Schneider Electric Guidance

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With nan autochthonal shares trading astatine ~€155 and nan institution having conscionable delivered adjusted EPS of €7.11 for 2022, nan price/earnings ratio based connected adjusted EPS stands astatine ~21.8x. This is very adjacent to nan 10 twelvemonth mean p/e ratio, and what we judge is simply a reasonable aggregate for a institution increasing net astatine a debased double digits rate. On a guardant ground nan p/e ratio is person to 19x, arsenic nan institution is expected to turn net successful 2023 by ~14%. As we judge shares are very adjacent to afloat weighted and we spot an accrued consequence of recession, we are updating our standing to 'Hold', from 'Buy' previously.

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In nan short to mean word nan biggest consequence we spot for Schneider Electric investors is simply a imaginable recession arriving soon. In nan semipermanent we interest astir accrued competition, particularly from emerging marketplace players that could compete aggressively connected price.


Schneider Electric impressed pinch very beardown financial results successful what was a comparatively challenging year, pinch proviso concatenation issues and inflationary pressures. We person been recommending Schneider for immoderate time, but aft important value appreciation successful nan shares we are now moving to a 'Hold' rating. The institution should proceed benefiting from nan tailwinds from accrued digitization and sustainability initiatives astir nan world, and from its package strategy that is now bolstered by complete power of AVEVA. This continues to beryllium 1 of nan highest value business companies we are alert of, and arsenic specified we will proceed pursuing its progress.

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