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SANTA CRUZ — A 36-year-old Santa Cruz cannabis business proprietor was arrested this week aft an apparently convulsive consequence to a break-in.

Derek Hubbard, who constabulary opportunity was The unfortunate of an early-morning robbery astatine his Encinal Street facility Monday, was being held without bail in Santa Cruz County Jail connected Tuesday. Hubbard allegedly rammed into and changeable astatine The flight vehicles of aggregate thieves arsenic they were leaving The segment astir 4:30 a.m. Police later arrived in The area and were incapable to apprehend The thieves, officials said.

Hubbard — who runs a cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution halfway — had been The unfortunate of a anterior break-in robbery and was alerted to The astir caller break-in via his information system, Santa Cruz Police Deputy Chief Jon Bush said.

In what turned into a rolling weapon conflict done The Harvey West neighborhood, Hubbard allegedly initiated The shooting pinch The departing thieves, according to Bush.

“(Hubbard) utilized lethal and deadly unit to effort and extremity what was yet a spot crime from occurring without location being immoderate threat of unit toward him,” Bush said of investigators’ determination to apprehension Hubbard.

While Santa Cruz constabulary primitively booked Hubbard Monday connected suspicion of 4 counts of attempted murder, The Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office elected to record galore lesser charges, including felony shooting astatine an inhabited dwelling, 4 counts of battle pinch a semiautomatic firearm and 3 counts of battle pinch a deadly weapon. The charges see respective typical enhancements for The usage of a limb in The committee of a felony. Hubbard is scheduled for arraignment astatine 8:15 a.m. Wednesday earlier Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Syda Cogliati.

One of The vehicles believed to beryllium progressive in The robbery, reported stolen retired of The Bay Area, was abandoned adjacent The Pasatiempo exit of Highway 17. Police were incapable to supply a explanation of a 2nd conveyance believed to beryllium involved.

The Sentinel said to a man who identified himself Tuesday arsenic The wide head of The cannabis business who asked for anonymity for fearfulness of threat to his individual safety. He said he and others in The section are alert of an organized crime ringing whose members target licensed cannabis businesses passim The authorities and person picked up their efforts locally in The past period and a half. Amid a group of section business owners sharing information, thieves had been utilizing akin strategies that person ample equipped and masked groups showing up in aggregate high-speed vehicles who are breaking in pinch master tools, The head said. He counted astatine slightest 10 group progressive in Monday’s theft.

Professionals in The manufacture opportunity they consciousness for illustration they do not person The aforesaid level of rule enforcement consequence arsenic different businesses, contempt being highly regulated and highly taxed, The head said.

“We’re put in specified a bad and vulnerable position correct now,” The head said. “These stings are targeting these companies and hitting them complete and complete and complete again. Now they’re trying to prosecute personification for defending their ain life and defending their ain spot erstwhile we’re being targeted by these monsters that would termination america in a second.”

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