Sanmina: At Less Than 15x P/E, This Stock Is A Buy

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Sanmina Corporation (NASDAQ:SANM) is simply a starring electronics manufacturing services supplier headquartered successful San Jose, California. The institution specializes successful serving original instrumentality manufacturers successful nan communications and machine hardware fields, focusing connected printed circuit boards and backplanes.

As companies worldwide modify their proviso chains location will beryllium winners, and location will beryllium losers. Let's return a look to spot really Sanmina is positioned and if they build connected anterior success.

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During nan Dotcom bubble, Sanmina saw its banal value soar to an awesome tallness of complete $300 per share! Unfortunately for shareholders, this surge was short-lived arsenic nan bubble yet burst and nan inflated valuations of tech stocks crashed.

The Great Financial Crisis saw Sanmina's banal value plummet to little than $2 per stock and nan prices stayed debased for several years aft nan crash. However, lately, nan shares person been connected nan rebound and person knowledgeable a 64% summation complete nan past year.

Within this article, I’ll supply an update connected their Q1 financial performance, analyse their financial performance, and supply a commentary arsenic to wherever shares could spell from here.

Q1 Update

Sanmina Corporation precocious reported its Q1 2023 financial results and outlook for Q2 2023. The institution had gross of $2.36 billion, a GAAP operating separator of 5.2% and GAAP diluted EPS of $1.48. On a non-GAAP basis, nan operating separator was 5.8% and diluted EPS was $1.64. The CEO attributes nan beardown capacity to request and coagulated execution. For 2023, nan institution forecasts gross betwixt $2.2-$2.3 billion, pinch GAAP diluted net per stock betwixt $1.30-$1.40 and non-GAAP diluted net per stock betwixt $1.50-$1.60.

Despite nan affirmative guidance, nan institution cautions that existent results could beryllium impacted by ongoing proviso concatenation constraints, geopolitical uncertainty, and nan COVID-19 pandemic.

Supply Chain Challenges

Due to caller events specified arsenic Russia's penetration of Ukraine, sanctions imposed connected Russia, and pandemic-related shutdowns successful China, physics manufacturers for illustration Sanmina are facing difficulties pinch nan localization of their world proviso chains.

These events, on pinch nan China-U.S. waste and acquisition warfare and different disruptions caused by pandemics and ambiance change, are driving Western companies to trim their reliance connected China for components and vanished equipment and connected Russia for proscription and earthy materials and to adopt much section aliases location sourcing strategies.

The effect of nan Ukraine warfare has further revealed nan risks associated pinch nan existent world proviso chain, starring companies to reconsider nan risks associated pinch world suppliers and to see purchasing much locally, moreover if it comes astatine a higher cost.

It whitethorn return a batch of effort and clip for companies to unafraid their proviso chains truthful ongoing disruptions are still apt successful my view. Such changes whitethorn make forecasting request much difficult for Sanmina making it important for investors to support an oculus connected nan company’s inventory levels until things stabilize. All things considered, truthful far, it’s my position they’ve managed nan crises rather well.

Focusing connected Growth

Last year, to proceed connected its way of maturation Sanmina made inroads successful nan lucrative Indian marketplace by partnering pinch Ambani’s Reliance Industries.

The associated task intends to create a world-class physics manufacturing hub successful India and will prioritize high-tech infrastructure hardware crossed various industries. RSBVL (Reliance) will clasp a 50.1% equity liking successful nan associated task and Sanmina will clasp nan remaining 49.9%. The associated task will beryllium capitalized pinch complete $200 cardinal and will beryllium managed by Sanmina's existing guidance squad successful Chennai.

India is 1 of nan fastest-growing markets for IT and this business is simply a strategical move that should thief them capitalize connected this growth. The Indian authorities has been promoting nan "Make successful India" initiative and this associated task aligns pinch that imagination by partnering pinch a beardown section player.

By leveraging Sanmina's expertise successful precocious manufacturing and Reliance's activity successful nan Indian business ecosystem, nan associated task will support nan merchandise improvement and hardware start-up ecosystem successful India, arsenic good arsenic beforehand investigation and invention of leading-edge technologies.


Revenue and Earnings Growth

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Over nan past decade, Sanmina has seen important maturation successful some gross and earnings. The institution has recorded an summation successful gross by complete 40%, while net per stock person doubled! Seeing EBITDA maturation outpace gross maturation is simply a bully awesome that nan institution whitethorn beryllium shifting to a much profitable merchandise mix.


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The company's gross margins person remained stable, ranging betwixt 7% to 8%, however, its EBITDA margins person grown importantly from nan mid 3% scope to astir 6%. This description has had a important effect connected nan company's operational efficiency, boosting margins and returns for shareholders.


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Sanmina’s returns connected invested superior person remained unchangeable astatine a debased double-digit rate, pinch a caller reference of 11.57% successful nan past twelvemonth according to YCharts. These metrics, while considered mean compared to nan banal market's mean return of 10% successful nan agelong term, are affirmative nonetheless.

You could do a batch worse than an 11% return batting average.


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Shares presently waste and acquisition astir a 14x PE ratio which is comparatively successful statement pinch wherever they traded 3 years ago. Compared to astir of its peers Sanmina trades astatine 1 of nan lowest guardant PE ratios astatine conscionable 7.3x FY 3 earnings. That's a 13.6% net yield!







P/E Non-GAAP (FY1) P/E Non-GAAP (FY2) P/E Non-GAAP (FY3)



















Source: Seeking Alpha


Sanmina has been successfully navigating nan challenges posed by caller geopolitical events and nan COVID-19 pandemic. The institution is taking measures to unafraid its proviso concatenation and is seeking further maturation opportunities done its associated task pinch Reliance Industries successful India. Over nan past decade, Sanmina achieved awe-inspiring maturation successful gross and earnings, while increasing its margins and maintaining moderately beardown returns connected invested capital.

Despite ongoing disruptions, nan institution has demonstrated resilience and remains well-positioned for early growth. With shares trading astatine a P/E ratio of little than 15, they whitethorn connection bully worth for investors looking to accumulate shares astatine these levels moreover aft nan caller stock value run-up.

I complaint Sanmina a “Buy”.

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