Salesforce Ventures targets new $250M fund at generative AI startups

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The endeavor is astir to get deed by nan generative AI hype train, arsenic Salesforce prepares to put successful startups processing what it calls “responsible generative AI.”

The unreality package giant, via its Salesforce Ventures VC off-shoot, today announced a $250 cardinal generative AI finance fund, which it said has already invested successful 4 startups: search motor upstart, which introduced generative AI smarts a fewer months back; Anthropic, a heavily VC-backed AI startup from erstwhile labor of OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT; Cohere, a earthy connection processing (NLP) startup that recently collaborated pinch Google; and a stealthy startup called Hearth.AI.

In truth, Salesforce has had a engaged time astatine its yearly TrailheadDX developer conference, announcing a generative AI pilot they’re calling Einstein GPT,’ which brings ChatGPT-like features to nan broader Salesforce platform. This includes a caller ChatGPT app for Slack, promising speech summaries and penning assistance straight wrong nan endeavor communications app.

ChatGPT, for nan uninitiated, is a chatbot-like exertion trained connected ample connection models (LLMs) that tin make essays, poems, lyrics, articles, and much from elemental natural-language instructions.

Salesforce Ventures has launched a bunch of vertical-specific finance costs done nan years, including costs aimed astatine peculiar geographies such arsenic Japan aliases Canada. It has besides antecedently launched a dedicated AI fund, targeting startups building AI smarts connected apical of Salesforce.

So it possibly should travel arsenic small astonishment that Salesforce Ventures is now looking to put successful companies moving connected what is 1 of nan buzziest tech trends successful caller times.

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