Roku: Back On The Cathie Wood Path

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Roku Shares Slide 25 Percent After Q4 Revenue Drop

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As antecedently pointed out, nan marketplace sewage acold excessively antagonistic connected nan communicative being developed by Roku, Inc. (NASDAQ:ROKU). The macro situation successful nan integer advertizing marketplace was clouding nan semipermanent maturation communicative presented by ARK Investment Management LLC (ARKK) and Cathie Wood. My investment thesis remains ultra-Bullish connected nan semipermanent story, pinch nan streaming video level increasing some progressive accounts and nan engagement of those viewers.

Growing Platform Is The Key

Roku sits successful an absorbing position successful nan streaming video market. The institution offers a mostly independent level pinch a location surface to assistance viewers successful uncovering applicable contented successful an expanding crowed and difficult abstraction to navigate. The institution offers nan eventual opportunity to chimney viewers to galore streaming services without being conflicted by a penchant of sending viewers to their ain app.

For Q4 2022, Roku added 4.6 cardinal progressive accounts, increasing accounts by 16% during 2022 to 70.0 cardinal now. Even successful a reliable twelvemonth for Roku stock, nan streaming level grew users during 2022 by an magnitude exceeding nan maturation levels successful some 2019 and 2021.

Roku Active accounts

Source: Roku Q4'22 presentation

The cardinal to occurrence is increasing this progressive accounts full and turning connected nan monetization instrumentality erstwhile a spectator becomes an progressive account. During Q4'22, revenues were mostly level astatine $867.1 million, arsenic instrumentality gross dipped 18% to only $135.8 cardinal successful nan emblematic beardown vacation period.

The institution saw important streaming hours up 23% during nan 4th to 23.9 cardinal hours, and nan Roku Channel continues to grow arsenic a apical FAST (Free Ad Supported TV) offering owed to Roku Originals. In addition, NBCUniversal (CMCSA), AMC (AMCX) and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) each added FAST channels to grow connected nan Roku Channel, offering since these channels request nan vulnerability of nan Roku level successful bid to succeed.

The maturation of these FAST channels further adds nan request for an independent level arsenic compared to different offerings for illustration Apple TV (AAPL) aliases Amazon Fire (AMZN) linked to a mates of nan apical streaming platforms.

Roku suggests nan U.S. advertisement marketplace was down 12% during December hiding nan immense mostly of nan marketplace displacement from bequest TV to TV streaming. Despite nan further streaming hours from much progressive accounts, nan institution wasn't capable to monetize these accounts astatine higher levels. After monolithic monetization gains successful nan anterior years, ARPU was only up 2% connected nan twelvemonth to $41.68.


Source: Roku Q4'22 presentation

The cardinal is that Roku grew progressive accounts and streaming hours astatine a beardown clip during 2022. The monetization will travel erstwhile nan integer advertisement marketplace improves arsenic nan system rebounds.

Path Back To Profits

The large logic nan banal plunged past twelvemonth was nan bottommost statement issues. Roku quickly went from a institution pinch adjusted EBITDA profits and beardown maturation prospects to 1 losing a ton of money.

Roku isn't needfully nan top-line maturation communicative anymore, pinch nan attraction connected becoming profitable and solving a batch of nan problems facing nan video streaming sector. The streaming level now needs 70 cardinal progressive accounts to beryllium profitable, while antecedently readying for a overmuch larger institution earlier turning connected nan leverage machine.

The institution doesn't request to stray excessively acold from nan targets of ARK Invest. The Cathie Wood investigation patient forecast a guidelines lawsuit wherever progressive accounts much than double by 2026 to scope 157 million.

Roku Active accounts forecast

Source: ARK Invest

Roku guided to Q1 '23 revenues of $700 million, supra expert estimates of $688 million. The problem is that nan institution has been squeezed by chaotic opex maturation while revenues person stalled.

The video streaming level forecast a $110 cardinal adjusted EBITDA nonaccomplishment successful nan March 4th alone, but nan Q4'22 EBITDA nonaccomplishment of $95 cardinal hit expert estimates. The institution now forecasts a melodramatic simplification successful opex maturation passim nan year, starring to adjusted EBITDA profits successful 2024.

As nan advertizing marketplace rebounds, Roku already has $1 cardinal successful up-front advertisement commitments to thief build retired nan profitable advertisement business. The streaming level was acold excessively reliant connected nan advertisement scatter marketplace heading into 2022, but nan occurrence of nan Roku Channel and Roku Originals has altered nan financial image and accrued nan imaginable for nan institution to monetize users astatine a higher level by funneling engagement into a much high-value monetization path.


The cardinal investor takeaway is that Roku, Inc. appears connected way to scope immoderate of nan guidelines lawsuit targets of ARK Invest. The video streaming assemblage deed immoderate velocity bumps successful 2022, but nan semipermanent communicative remains mostly intact.

Roku banal has now tally from $40 to $70 successful months, and Roku astir apt needs a region here. Regardless, nan semipermanent communicative appears intact, and Roku, Inc. banal is simply a bargain aft a consolidation period.

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