Roami takes on Airbnb with creativity, grit and $14M

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It takes a typical benignant of gumption to aftermath up successful nan greeting and opportunity ‘you cognize what? I tin do amended than Airbnb,’ but that’s what Andreas King-Geovanis did pinch Roami. The institution added a $14 cardinal of equity and task debt, bringing its backing to a full of $29 million. The institution utilized to beryllium called Sextant Stays, and focuses connected short-term rentals pinch apartment-style units. The institution presently operates 500 units crossed South Florida and New Orleans.

Founded successful 2016, Roami sprung from King-Geovanis’s belief that travelers should not beryllium forced to take betwixt 2 flawed options: cramped and costly edifice rooms aliases inconsistent and unpredictable picnic rentals. By managing nan full building – not conscionable a fewer floors aliases units – Roami believes it tin create a amended experience.

“On paper, I came into nan hospitality abstraction arsenic an underdog: nary manufacture connections, nary VC funding, nary experience, and nary Wharton MBA. But I ne'er thought of myself arsenic an underdog because I knew it is easier to get those 4 things than what I, and each Roami squad member, innately have: productivity and grit,” says King-Geovanis. “Starting a institution arsenic a bootstrapped laminitis gives you a position that can’t beryllium emulated, but for illustration immoderate different squad personnel astatine Roami, your position has to beryllium earned each quarter. It is not a title for life.”

Bold words for a institution backed by $29 cardinal taking connected Airbnb and its $81 cardinal marketplace cap.

The company’s existent information was led by Vigo Capital, and nan institution is readying to usage nan caller superior to broaden its target markets. The institution says it started pinch building a sustainable business earlier it focused connected brand, hence nan rebrand from Sextant Stays to Roami.

“Roami is fun, playful, and amended reflects nan characteristic of our institution and our guests,” says King-Geovanis, earlier outlining his targets for growth.

“We’re going to spot a batch of M&A successful nan adjacent 2 years — it’s still a highly fragmented manufacture that’s ripe for consolidation. Just 1% of nan inventory connected Airbnb is branded and professionalized. When you comparison that to 72% successful accepted hotels, you statesman to recognize really nascent our conception really is,” says King-Geovanis. “A fewer edifice brands — deliberation Soho House aliases The Standard — person been wildly successful not conscionable because of nan level of service, but besides because of nan imaginable to meet other, absorbing guests while staying there. Our ngo is to animate quality relationship so, later this year, we’re introducing a world first: a floating, market-wide amenity. Through our business pinch Arkup, which is successful its 4th year, Miami-based guests will person entree to a one-of-a-kind abstraction to link pinch each other.”

The institution says it will proceed to double down connected existing markets and create moreover much density, which drives profitability. The fundraise besides gives Roami entree to larger buildings (200+ units), that were antecedently retired of reach. The institution besides says it will beryllium investing successful technology.

“This is simply a business that should beryllium funded by nan guests, and this fundraise gives america nan standard and margins needed to self-fund early growth,” King-Geovanis says.

Taking connected 3 industries

In nan agelong term, nan institution has visions of taking connected 3 trillion-dollar industries astatine once: hospitality, residential guidance and existent estate.

Guests will enactment astatine a Roami, and person their astir memorable vacation. Then, they will return location to their apartment, which Roami besides manages. Imagine, for a moment, if The Standard was not conscionable your go-to prime for travel, but besides your landlord,” King-Geovani dreams retired loud. “Traditional residential guidance has been mostly unchanged nan past fewer decades, and renters want much flexibility, mobility, and astir importantly, quality connection. And finally, we’ll statesman purchasing our astir profitable properties, giving america full imaginative power and moreover amended margins.”

The institution claims it received aggregate word sheets and yet decided to partner pinch Vigo Capital, a Miami-based VC patient that invests exclusively successful hospitality and multi-family passim nan US and Europe. The institution besides added Joe Fraiman (the erstwhile Co-Founder of Lyric) and Jordan Allen (the erstwhile Founder & CEO of Stay Alfred) to its Advisory Board. 

“We’re proud to support Roami arsenic they reimagine nan measurement nan world lives, works, and travels” said Kirill Vinogradov astatine Vigo Capital successful a connection provided by Roami. “The company’s accordant maturation since 2020 contempt volatile outer conditions proves that they genuinely understand really to fulfill nan needs of nan modern Roamer and we’re looking guardant to seeing their continued maturation and description .”

In nan agelong run, Roami is doubling down connected nan value of quality relationship – interestingly, besides nan starting constituent for Airbnb, backmost successful nan mists of clip earlier it became a commercialized platform.

“When you first commencement a company, occurrence is important to you for an evident reason: It’s your livelihood. As you statesman to grow, that equilibrium shifts to nan use and livelihood of your co-workers and partners, and their families,” King-Geovanis says. “Roami has complete 250 co-workers, vendors, and landlords who trust connected our success. In our existent stage, wherever we’ve reached comparative stability, that logic is now gravitating towards our mission: animate quality connection.”

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