Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Incorporated (RBA) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Incorporated (NYSE:RBA) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 21, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Company Representatives

Ann Fandozzi - Chief Executive Officer

Eric Jacobs - Chief Financial Officer

Sameer Rathod - Vice President of Investor Relations and Market Intelligence

Conference Call Participants

Michael Doumet - Scotiabank

Michael Feniger - Bank of America

Larry De Maria - William Blair

Gary Prestopino - Barrington Research

Bryan Fast - Raymond James


Good morning. My sanction is Michelle, and I will beryllium your convention usability today. At this clip I would for illustration to invited everyone to nan Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Fourth Quarter Conference Call.

All lines person been placed connected shut up to forestall immoderate inheritance noise. After nan speakers' remarks, location will beryllium a question-and-answer. [Operator Instructions]. Thank you.

I would now move nan telephone complete to Mr. Sameer Rathod, Vice President of Investor Relations and Market Intelligence to unfastened nan convention call. Mr. Rathod, you whitethorn statesman your conference.

Sameer Rathod

Thanks. And hullo and bully day to everyone joining connected our telephone coming to talk our 4th fourth and afloat twelvemonth 2022 results. Joining maine connected nan telephone coming are Ann Fandozzi, Ritchie Brothers, Chief Executive Officer and Eric Jacobs, Ritchie Brothers, Chief Financial Officer.

The pursuing chat will see forward-looking statements which tin beryllium identified by words specified arsenic expect, believe, estimate, anticipate, plan, intend, opportunities and akin expressions.

Comments that are not a connection of truth including, but not constricted to projections of early earnings, revenue, gross transaction value, indebtedness and different items, business and marketplace trends and expectations regarding nan projected acquisition of IAA, including nan anticipated timing, use and costs synergies and opportunities pinch respect to nan transaction are considered forward-looking and impact risks and uncertainties.

These factors see nan restitution of nan closing conditions, including shareholder support aliases nan IAA transaction. We statement that during today’s telephone we will beryllium discussing imaginable opportunities for nan mixed institution and related information, including estimated amounts aliases ranges for specified opportunities for schematic purposes. This accusation is not intended to connote early targets, expectations aliases guidance and does not incorporated potential costs achieved for circumstantial timelines.

The risks and uncertainties that could origin existent results to disagree importantly from specified forward-looking statements are elaborate successful our news merchandise issued this afternoon, arsenic good arsenic our astir caller Quarterly Reports and Annual Report connected Form 10-K, which are disposable connected our Investor Relations website and connected EDGAR and SEDAR.

We will besides person and will make important filings pinch nan SEC and applicable Canadian Security Regulatory Authorities successful relationship pinch nan projected IAA acquisition, including registration connection connected FORM S-4 revenge pinch nan SEC. You are urged to publication those materials carefully.

On this telephone we will besides talk definite non-GAAP financial measures, including forward-looking non-GAAP financial measures. For nan recognition of non-GAAP financial measures, nan astir straight comparable GAAP financial measures and nan applicable reconciliation of nan two, spot our news release, Form 10-Q and Investor position posted connected our website.

We are incapable to coming quantitative reconciliation of forward-looking non-GAAP financial measures arsenic guidance cannot foretell each basal components of specified measures. Investors are cautioned not to spot undue reliance connected forward-looking non GAAP financial measures. All figures discussed coming are successful U.S. dollars unless different indicated.

Following nan prepared remarks we will unfastened nan telephone to questions. Now, I’d for illustration to move nan telephone to Ritchie Brothers Chief Executive Officer, Ann Fandozzi.

Ann Fandozzi

Thank you, Sameer, and bully day to everyone joining america today. I'm excited to beryllium present pinch you to talk Ritchie Brothers phenomenal 2022 performance. We delivered grounds financial results and made important advancement successful continuing to build our marketplace exertion and advancing our maturation initiative, contempt operating successful a challenging situation of continued tight supply, inflationary headwinds, fierce title and overseas speech volatility.

Speaking connected behalf of nan full activity team, I want to definitive my sincere appreciation to each of our labor who person shown clip and again their attraction and dedication to delivering best-in-class work to our customers. Without our employees, nary of this would beryllium possible.

When I was appointed CEO successful 2020, Ritchie Brothers had coagulated halfway assets and very talented employees. Was profitable and generated a batch of cash, but nan business was stagnant. Since then, we person recruited caller leaders, and done integrated initiatives, partnerships and strategical acquisitions. We person taken bold steps to redefine our operating exemplary and reinvigorate profitable growth.

As a result, we are transforming Ritchie Brothers from a accepted auction business to a trusted world marketplace for Insight Services and Transaction Solutions, and we continued our travel by taking respective important steps successful 2022.

Ritchie Brothers 2.0, our marketplace exertion platform, is successful nan process of piloting an each caller integer check-out acquisition pinch self-serve invoices and settlements. This builds connected our way grounds of invention and further expands our ecosystem of solutions that make it easier for customers to do business pinch us. We proceed to trial outer gait locations and person learned that these tin pull caller customers into our ecosystem.

We person implemented a caller income sum exemplary that has enabled GTV growth, whether done our wrong income squad moving successful tandem pinch our outer yards, to target nan agelong tail of sellers, wherever 80% of nan instrumentality sits crossed our slope verticals, aliases nan accelerated investments we are making to put much income resources successful nan section to grow our customer relationship.

SmartEquip, Rous, Ritchie Brothers Financial Services and our inventory guidance system, each proceed to turn astatine standalone solutions and person grounds performance. While we are excited astir nan capacity of these solutions truthful far, we spot moreover greater opportunities up arsenic our integer marketplace strategy scales.

And speaking of records, let's talk astir immoderate of nan ones we group complete nan past year. $6 cardinal successful yearly GTV. Over $700 cardinal transacted connected our Marketplace-E platform. Over $1 cardinal funded measurement by Ritchie Brothers Financial Services. Over $75,000 plus listings connected Ritchie Bros. Total number of organizations activated connected IMS was up an unthinkable 465% year-over-year astatine nan extremity of December. Also, adjusted net per stock accrued 24% year-over-year to a grounds $2.41. We are truthful proud of nan milestones we've achieved successful 2022.

Let maine modulation from discussing nan past to discussing what we expect for nan future. Clearly, location are a fewer things that are emerging. First, location are still a batch of projects retired location and our customers stay busy. That said, customers are opening to expect immoderate softening successful their extremity market. This is coming while they are starting to spot loosening successful caller instrumentality proviso successful immoderate verticals.

What we cognize for definite is that this is simply a captious clip for our customer, and we want to service them and thief them navigate nan astir analyzable challenges. This is 1 of nan galore reasons we are truthful excited by nan IAA acquisition, to thief america turn GTV pinch our Ritchie Brothers customers, utilizing entree IAA gait capacity to shape nan ground of importantly scaling our outer yard.

We identified IAA arsenic a imaginable operation for Ritchie Brothers backmost successful 2020, and together pinch our Board of Directors person evaluated a imaginable acquisition of IAA for much than a year. The strategical logic of this operation is clear. With IAA, we judge we tin accelerate maturation for Ritchie Brothers, thrust separator description and grow our scope into an charismatic adjacent vertical.

By adding our services and operating expertise, we person nan opportunity to fulfill IAA’s afloat imaginable arsenic well. IAA operates successful a salvaged [ph] conveyance marketplace which has beardown secular tailwinds. IAA is simply a starring subordinate successful this charismatic marketplace and has shown counter-cyclicality and resiliency passim nan economical cycles. IAA has an expansive gait footprint that complements Ritchie Brothers pinch astir 45% disposable capacity. IAAs 210 yards that are already are Ritchie Brothers customers will let america to accelerate our standalone yards strategy.

The cardinal present is that we are amended together and combining nan footprints will let america to create a web of locations that will supply america pinch nan agility to meet each our customers’ needs, and unlock higher levels of maturation and separator description . As we precocious highlighted, we spot a imaginable to unlock $350 cardinal to $900 cardinal successful EBITDA maturation opportunities, including our expected $100 cardinal to $120 cardinal aliases much of intelligibly identified and achievable costs synergies.

Investors should return comfortableness successful knowing that nan squad astatine Ritchie Brothers has extended knowledge successful nan automotive industry, and a proven way grounds of acquiring and integrating companies.

And speaking of integration, nan integration readying has already started. We person established an integration guidance agency aliases IMO, comprised of dedicated acquisition operators and leaders to guarantee this integration scheme is executed seamlessly. The IMO will beryllium supported by a starring 3rd statement consultancy patient and overseen by an soul proceeding committee that will person different charters, milestones and KPIs to thrust accountability.

As we announced conscionable a fewer weeks ago, we amended nan position of our transaction building pinch IAA to further heighten nan worth proposition for some Ritchie Brothers and IAA shareholders. We are pleased pinch nan feedback we person received from galore caller and existing shareholders who recognized nan compelling benefits of nan acquisition. We promote shareholders to ballot up of nan March 14 gathering to thief america bring this transaction to fruition and recognize nan worth inherent successful bringing our 2 companies together.

Let maine cognize manus nan telephone to Eric Jacobs to item immoderate further accusation astir our 4th fourth financial results.

Eric Jacobs

Thank you, Ann! Welcome everyone who’s joining our telephone this afternoon. Like Ann, I’m pleased pinch our grounds results, and I would for illustration to convey our full squad who did an bonzer occupation focusing connected and increasing nan business.

Turning to our existent results, successful nan 4th quarter, GTV accrued 6% year-over-year to $1.5 billion. This was driven by a continued rebound successful our batch volumes, partially offset by deflating prices, unfavorable plus operation and nan unfavorable effect of overseas exchange. When you exclude nan antagonistic effect of overseas exchange, GTV accrued 9% connected a changeless rate basis.

Breaking this down a small further, batch volumes were up 20% year-over-year, driven by grounds 4th fourth volumes from our strategical relationship customers. However, nan mean value per batch sold was down 12% versus nan 4th fourth of 2021. As overmuch of nan portion measurement summation came from rental and proscription assets. This drives an wide little worth plus operation for america and it besides comes pinch immoderate value compression from loosening usage supply.

Geographically, we saw spot successful GTV from North America, driven by coagulated execution from our Canadian team. At nan aforesaid time, our world region's awesome maturation was masked and offset by a antagonistic overseas speech effect from nan beardown U.S. dollar.

If you're reasoning astir modeling GTV, callback that nan first 4th tends to beryllium nan smallest from a seasonal perspective. We besides expect nan inclination of higher portion volumes, offset by continued unit connected mean trading prices owed to plus operation and package class pricing to proceed successful nan first quarter. In addition, it is important to statement that during nan first 4th of 2022, we were experiencing our highest mean portion trading value play post-COVID owed to debased supply.

Taking each this into account, arsenic good arsenic overseas currency, we expect GTV successful nan first 4th to turn debased to mid-single digits year-over-year, and little than our 4th fourth GTV maturation rate. Also, arsenic a wide comment, we expect to adjacent IAA successful nan second half of March. Therefore, we are recommending that analysts and investors exemplary Ritchie Brothers connected a standalone ground for nan first quarter.

Turning to revenue. Total work gross successful nan 4th fourth accrued 11%, driven by nan uplift successful purchaser fees that was implemented during nan past year. As good arsenic continued maturation successful our marketplace service. We besides benefited from a afloat 4th publication from SmartEquip compared to nan past year. Excluding nan effect of SmartEquip from some periods, full work gross accrued 10% year-over-year.

With regards to our earnings, adjusted EBITDA accrued 24%, a beardown travel done from nan apical line. Also, adjusted net per stock accrued 36% to $0.68. And anticipated summation successful batch volumes successful 2023 will apt require added resources successful our operations and backmost agency support, arsenic we are still navigating done somewhat manual processes. Therefore, we whitethorn acquisition a headwind to our travel done and adjusted EBITDA separator during nan twelvemonth arsenic we process these volumes.

Regarding taxes, successful nan 4th fourth nan effective taxation complaint excluding nan impacts of adjusted items was astir 23.6%, somewhat little than nan 23.7% successful nan aforesaid 4th past year. Tax complaint was little than we expected successful nan 4th fourth owed to changes successful nan estimate of nan effect of US taxation reform.

We expect nan effective taxation rate, excluding nan effect of adjusted items and nan IAA transaction to beryllium betwixt 24% and 27% for nan first quarter. Our GAAP taxation complaint could beryllium overmuch different from nan effective taxation complaint owed to nan effect of acquisition cost.

Turning to our Auctions & Marketplace Segment, A&M services gross accrued 11% and our A&M return complaint aliases A&M work gross arsenic a percent of full GTV came successful astatine a robust 14.4% for nan quarter, up astir 70 ground points compared to nan anterior twelvemonth period.

This summation is chiefly driven by an uplift successful purchaser free. Note that our commission's gross arsenic a percent of GTV declined this 4th owed to nan higher level of GTV originated from strategical accounts, which typically realized little committee levels compared to our location business. We expect this inclination of somewhat little committee return complaint to proceed into nan first 4th arsenic our strategical relationship group momentum continues.

Moving to A&M inventory sales. As a reminder, inventory income thin to beryllium lumpy and are driven by consignor preferences. In nan 4th quarter, inventory income accrued 50% year-over-year pinch beardown maturation contributed from each regions, peculiarly nan United States. For nan quarter, nan inventory complaint came successful astatine 10.4%, which reflects fantabulous capacity successful a move pricing situation by our at-risk teams. This inventory complaint is astatine nan higher extremity of humanities ranges. As we attraction connected accelerating GTV, we will proceed structuring our at-risk deals to triumph wherever it makes sense.

Turning to expenses. Our costs of services positive selling, wide and administrative expenses were up 7%. Selling, wide and administrative expenses, exclusive of share-based payments and different non-recurring charges were up astir 7% arsenic well. This is astatine nan debased extremity of nan scope fixed past 4th and little than full work gross growth, which helped thrust our flow through.

For nan first quarter, we expect selling, wide and administrative expenses to beryllium betwixt $125 cardinal and $130 cardinal connected a Ritchie Brothers standalone basis, exclusive of share-based payments and different non-recurring charges.

Turning to rate flow and liquidity, our rate flow remains very robust pinch trailing 12 period operating free rate flow of $556 million, which is 206% of our non-GAAP adjusted nett income aliases 145% if you exclude nan Bolton spot income proceeds. Our adjusted nett indebtedness magnitude was $116 million. At nan extremity of nan 4th quarter, our nett indebtedness to trailing 12 period non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA ratio was 0.3x.

In relationship pinch nan IAA transaction, we presently scheme connected trading and closing further caller financings. We estimate these financings will adhd an incremental $11 cardinal to $12 cardinal successful liking disbursal to our first quarter, assuming a mid to precocious March adjacent for nan financings. As a result, we expect liking disbursal successful nan first 4th to beryllium betwixt $20 cardinal and $21 million, inclusive of nan contemplated financings to money nan IAA acquisition.

Also for modeling purposes, we expect quarterly liking disbursal to beryllium betwixt $62 cardinal and $66 cardinal starting successful nan 2nd 4th of 2023, taxable to nan expected closing of IAA, and based connected an anticipated full indebtedness magnitude of $3.3 cardinal and a blended liking complaint of betwixt 7.3% and 7.8%. As I've stated previously, we will beryllium focusing connected delevering quickly post-closing.

I wanted to extremity my comments by explaining really we expect to relationship for nan convertible preferred equity that was precocious issued to Starboard, and nan effect it will person connected calculating our net per share, some reported and adjusted. I will not spell done each nan numbers and calculations connected nan slide. However, US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles require america to compute net per stock utilizing either nan two-class method aliases nan if-converted method, whichever is much dilutive and produces nan little net per stock amount.

Currently, we are expecting nan two-class method, which is elaborate connected this slide, to beryllium much dilutive. It's important to statement that nan two-class method will not person an effect connected our adjusted EBITDA. It will only effect our net per stock owed to nan specific GAAP reporting requirements. While we do not supply adjusted EPS guidance, nan preferred dividend successful nan two-class method could effect adjusted EPS by astatine slightest an estimated $0.04 to $0.05 per stock per 4th connected a afloat 4th ground going forward.

I will extremity my remarks here. Thank you each again for your clip today, and now backmost to Ann.

Ann Fandozzi

Thank you, Eric. Overall, 2022 was a move twelvemonth arsenic we supported our customers done nan continued fallout from nan pandemic. A fluid geopolitical environment, and continued economical uncertainty, sloppy of nan macroeconomic situation we look successful 2023. I cognize that Ritchie Brothers strategical imagination for maturation and our committedness of customers to thief them make nan very champion decision, will let america to proceed our translator journey.

We vanished this twelvemonth pinch beardown momentum and nan squad that’s present successful Orlando kicking disconnected our auction colander for 2023. Recall that contempt Orlando being our largest arena of nan year, arsenic we toggle shape into a marketplace, immoderate 1 specific event, moreover Orlando does not dictate capacity for nan full quarter. I want to adjacent by saying that we are excited by nan expected adjacent of nan IAA acquisition and its expected benefits to Ritchie Brothers for years and decades to come.

With that, let’s unfastened nan telephone for questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


Thank you [Operator Instructions]. Your first mobility comes from Michael Doumet of Scotiabank. Please spell ahead.

Michael Doumet

Hey! Good evening, Ann and Eric. First off, you cognize congrats connected these awesome results. First question, I wanted to inquire connected GTV, different really bully number. You cognize I conjecture going forward, nan anticipation arsenic nan system slows is that we’ll spot transactions measurement rise. So for Q4 you talked astir volumes being up 20%. Is location a measurement that you tin thief america quantify nan upside to batch volumes arsenic proviso conditions normalize? And I conjecture Eric, why would you expect slower GTV maturation successful Q1 contempt nan measurement inclination that we're seeing?

Ann Fandozzi

Hi, Michael. Let maine start, Anne here, and past I'll move it complete to Eric. So fto maine conscionable group nan stage.

When we deliberation astir our GTV and obviously, we are – convey you for your benignant words astir nan quarter, you cognize we're exceptionally proud of nan squad and really they performed. When you deliberation astir GTV, there's really 3 things to support successful mind. So I'm conscionable going to return a measurement backmost for a second. There's evidently volumes, right, we talk astir them arsenic lot. There is evidently pricing, but there's besides mix. And truthful it is important for america arsenic we see modeling and erstwhile we talk astir our business to really see each three.

And past erstwhile we talk astir mix, there's moreover 2 flavors of mix. There is nan customer operation Eric said astir successful nan remarks that preceded nan Q&A. Meaning, evidently if they're ample strategical accounts, you cognize they person very different seller interest structures than benignant of our location business and past location is nan operation of nan merchandise itself. Even there, it's what nan merchandise is operation and past besides nan property of nan product. So it's not conscionable measurement and price. It's conscionable thing that I inquire everybody to caution.

And pinch that, fto maine move it complete to Eric to speak specifically connected your question.

Eric Jacobs

Thanks, Ann. So Michael, a mates of things. So nan strategical accounts, those assets that we talked about, you cognize proscription successful peculiar and immoderate rental, nan value being little for those assets, you cognize that's going to effect GTV.

You besides person past year, and arsenic I mentioned value was really precocious and we had immoderate unsocial lots, we had immoderate real-estate deals successful Canada, immoderate agriculture that was you cognize – that's not expected to repetition successful nan first 4th of 2023, and past international. You still person immoderate flimsy headwinds connected overseas currency, and those regions are performing a small otherwise than they did past twelvemonth arsenic well. So that's why we deliberation that overall, GTV will beryllium still comparatively strong, but down a small spot from what we saw successful Q4.

Michael Doumet

Thanks arsenic helpful. And possibly nan 2nd question, pinch IAA's consequence retired coming arsenic well, you cognize nan mixed EBITDA for 2022 looks – for illustration it's person to $1 cardinal versus I deliberation nan $950 cardinal successful nan S-4, and astir of nan outperformance comes from nan Ritchie side. IAA besides did outperform. Can you possibly conscionable speak to nan outperformance and possibly what we deliberation aliases what we should deliberation connected a spell guardant basis?

Ann Fandozzi

Yes. So I deliberation nan headline, and Michael, yes convey you. We're evidently very proud of our squad and proud of nan IAA squad for delivering. I deliberation nan header present is execution and commitments, right? So I deliberation 1 point you've seen from nan Ritchie Brothers squad surely successful nan 3 years that I've been present is that we group objectives, we stretch, we test, we study you cognize and we evidently negociate nan things that are power very, very fiercely. You saw that from america successful 2022. We saw it successful '21 and exceptionally proud of nan activity we did, nan squad has done and benignant of group ourselves up for success.

IAA, you surely saw it successful Q4 and you cognize tuning themselves to a very akin bar. Obviously, we've been moving together for rather immoderate clip connected some connected this acquisition and getting to cognize each other's cultures and we're very proud of really they've done. They're driving nan things successful their control, and we're confident that erstwhile we travel together, we're only going to make each of that better. Here's Eric to add.

Eric Jacobs

So comparatively simply stated, I cognize we had beardown apical statement capacity owed to nan purchaser up flip fees and inventory rates. So that beardown apical statement capacity helped flow done to nan bottommost line, arsenic good arsenic nan beardown costs containment that we had successful nan quarter. So we were capable to process immoderate of that significant measurement connected an efficient basis. That said, we do expect much volumes and conscionable want to be aware that that's pinch our manual processes, that's thing that we still person to woody with.

Michael Doumet

Amazing! Really helpful, and champion of luck for nan woody close!

Ann Fandozzi

Thank you.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Michael Feniger of Bank of America. Please spell ahead.

Michael Feniger

Yes, acknowledgment for talking my question. Just to travel up connected that, I mean nan flow done successful nan 4th was really impressive. I admit a batch of maturation is coming up and there's much labour there, but you're besides much virtual than you've been successful nan past. So, I deliberation your costs of service, that summation would beryllium lower.

So conscionable trying to unpack nan comments astir nan flow done for adjacent twelvemonth Eric. Like, if work gross is up 10%, tin we expect EBITDA to beryllium up 10% arsenic good aliases 20%. Just trying to get nan model connected really operating leverage should activity adjacent twelvemonth fixed nan pickup connected volumes.

Ann Fandozzi

Yes Michael, truthful fto maine commencement astatine [inaudible]. So there's been immoderate benignant of news retired location astir this, you cognize you're much virtual, truthful you're redeeming costs. I punctual america that connected each net telephone we talk SG&A and why it's continuing to increase, truthful let's beryllium clear.

When we went afloat virtual, we stopped ramping. But we added rather a spot of exertion to offset that, truthful that nan customer acquisition is moreover better. We now person afloat 360 video. So if you return a look astatine nan costs successful nan SG&A to process nan equipment, they really person not travel down. So I cognize there's this benignant of – you cognize Ritchie Brothers are redeeming a ton of money.

During COVID wherever nan savings came was really nan recreation and those benignant of things, wherever evidently we promote our salespeople to get backmost retired there, because we're happy to walk nan SG&A dollars connected salespeople successful recreation and intermezo arsenic agelong arsenic those consequence successful GTV.

So if you conscionable look benignant breadth [ph] tax, you cognize nan yards person stayed nan same. We've really added immoderate from a outer basis. The only costs that was trim was really nan costs of ramping, which has been much than offset by each of nan benignant of purchaser facing incremental value-added services we put successful place, astir notable nan 360 technology, which requires rather a spot of labour to benignant of bring that to fruition for each cheque in. It conscionable benignant of a move from 1 bucket to different if you will. Those are nan facts.

But fto maine move it complete to Eric to talk astir benignant of flow done and nan mobility you're asking.

Eric Jacobs

Yes. Thanks, Michael. So look, we don't springiness general guidance quarter-to-quarter. So immoderate of nan requests that yes – nan portion of nan petition you had is simply a small difficult for us. But fto maine conscionable talk astir longer word and we do expect that we'll person much flow through, and you'll commencement seeing much efficiency gains. But that will travel erstwhile nan marketplace exertion is launched successful a measurement that we tin reduce, rather frankly successful immoderate of nan backmost office, immoderate of nan manual processes that we have.

Also, you cognize Ann's talked astir this rather a bit. When we talked to analysts, investors astir nan IAA acquisition and that their investments successful nan gait exertion and you return our investments successful nan marketplace technology, that those spell hand-in-hand, and will let america to standard connected each of our businesses overmuch much efficiently than we tin guidelines alone. So that's a significant benefit for america that we spot coming down nan pipe.

Michael Feniger

Great. And Ann this is much conscionable a large image mobility for you. Simply nan halfway business is performing incredibly well. You conscionable grew EBITDA 24% pinch each indications that maturation is really going to accelerate successful ’23. So Ritchie's outlook is agleam and it's executing astatine clip erstwhile nan macro is very uncertain for a mostly of different companies. So, I guess, why not put much superior down nan playbook that is definitely working, aliases why do you consciousness this is simply a clip to do a large integration correct now? Thanks everyone.

Ann Fandozzi

Yes, convey you for asking that question. So Michael, it's virtually nan lawsuit of, it makes some businesses stronger. This is not – I cognize early connected group were saying, hey, mobility people astir why is this woody happening? Is location immoderate weakness successful nan halfway business of Ritchie Brothers. Nothing tin beryllium further from nan truth. The reply is, this makes Ritchie Brothers better. It makes it stronger. Let maine springiness conscionable a fewer examples, right.

So again, precisely what Eric conscionable said to, which intends our ain efficiency. We've spoken astatine length, our processes are manual. We person not invested specifically successful immoderate of that gait aliases back-office technology. Again, painfully a mates of years ago, those that person been successful nan communicative for a while, we really had a worldly accounting weakness because of really manual our processes are.

IAA does 10 times nan number of transactions that we do pinch a fraction of nan workforce. So not only are you going to get much efficiency, you're going to get amended flow done benignant of from that side. We've been spending our money and our resources connected marketplace technology, truthful we tin connect services and thrust maturation rates, thing that IAA has not done. We're excited to beryllium capable to unleash them.

So we're buying a business that is likewise countercyclical to ours. We tin unlock a immense strategical advantage for america successful position of benignant of costs absorption and efficiency. We unlock a awesome maturation lever successful nan shape of our outer yards. Please understand there's immoderate disorder retired location about, if personification has a crane aliases an excavator, that's not what's coming to nan outer yards. That's not what's being driven successful nan outer gait strategy. If you person a crane aliases an excavator, you person nary rumor trucking it hundreds of miles to 1 of Ritchie’s sites, that's great.

What's coming to our outer yards is mostly proscription and very, very mini equipment. Those are nan things wherever nan proscription is conscionable – you cognize is precluded for sellers to return it to 1 of nan halfway Ritchie Brothers yards. Overnight, we get 10x nan footprint successful bid to return that equipment, arsenic you say, erstwhile we expect those very tons to unlock. So, we're incredibly excited.

And past connected nan IAA side, we get a countercyclical profitable business that we tin make moreover amended and unlock their potential. So this is simply a ‘and.’ It is not an ‘or’ strategy.

Michael Feniger

Thank you.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Larry De Maria of William Blair. Please spell ahead.

Larry De Maria

Hi! Thank you and bully day everybody. Quick questions, first off, for Ann we noted aggravated title connected your intro pinch nan comments. Just springiness america immoderate much colour connected that. We’ve seen immoderate auctions that are doing [inaudible] that you are referring to? And secondly, connected nan IMS we person 465%. If that leads caller business, tin you talk astir conversion complaint and what that really needs?

Ann Fandozzi

Yeah Larry, truthful if you could conscionable – there’s a batch of inheritance noise. If you tin conscionable restate your first question. I understand nan 2nd 1 was astir IMS and 465%, but if you tin conscionable restate nan first.

Larry De Maria

Sure, sorry. The aggravated title you noted successful nan first comment, tin you conscionable springiness immoderate clarity to what you're talking astir location successful position of nan competitory environment. Thank you.

Ann Fandozzi

Yeah correct, convey you for restating it. So nan aggravated title is really a usability of what I stated, is simply a usability of benignant of nan debased proviso that still exists retired there. So each azygous benignant of at-risk woody that Ritchie Brothers – you cognize those are not gimies. Those are met pinch rather a spot of competition, which is why you heard Eric speak astir nan benignant of depressed. You cognize arsenic we benignant of thin much into those, those travel astatine a little separator evidently than benignant of that halfway consignment location business, truthful that's what that title refers to.

And again similarly, much inventory deals, they are competitory little separator and past likewise much strategical relationship business evidently comes astatine little separator arsenic well. But you cognize nan measurement much than counteracts it, that's why we for illustration it, but that’s an mentation for what's happening there.

Under IMS, nan 465%, truthful nan measurement to deliberation astir IMS is we're still successful that first phase, right. It is nan gateway into nan ecosystem for nan marketplace, overmuch for illustration nan listings business that we launched. It is simply a gateway, because we want to bring customers in. So coming IMS is really – if a customer wants to consign pinch Ritchie Brothers, they are brought successful done nan IMS. So you're seeing nan 465% maturation complaint really reflected successful our team's expertise to onboard each of these customers into nan system, truthful that we tin past transact for them.

The adjacent shape is really arsenic nan adjacent shape of nan marketplace exertion clicks. The adjacent shape is really to benignant of propulsion done their non-transaction inventory into nan system, and that will beryllium nan adjacent group of KPIs that we put forward, and past nan shape aft that is evidently nan monetization of those assets. So really, nan measurement to deliberation astir nan 465% is nan onboarding of customers, that benignant of captious first measurement into nan gateway is going incredibly well.

Larry De Maria

Okay. Thank you.


Thank you. [Operator Instructions]. The adjacent mobility comes from Gary Prestopino from Barrington Research. Please spell ahead.

Gary Prestopino

Hi Ann and Eric, a mates of questions. Just successful nan bequest business, arsenic you're looking astatine 2023, I would presume that you're not really looking astatine immoderate betterment of proviso connected nan GMV broadside aliases are you looking for conscionable gradual betterment arsenic nan twelvemonth goes on?

Ann Fandozzi

Yeah Gary, Hello! So, it’s interesting. So you are seeing nan past click-off, but your seeing – what you feline don’t spot is that nan operation flexed down, truthful that’s why it’s going to beryllium gradual. I for illustration nan world that you utilized and why Eric cautioned that you cognize Q1 successful position of a maturation complaint will beryllium benignant of beneath Q4, because again, location is this intra-relationship betwixt nan price, which is starting to travel down; nan lots, which are starting to increase, but past nan mix, which benignant of much than offsets nan two. That's why gradual is nan sanction of nan game. We're successful this crossover play wherever nan volumes are starting to click, but it's chiefly nan little extremity worldly and nan pricing has

So that's why we're optimistic, but cautiously truthful and benignant of seeing nan build done nan year.

Gary Prestopino

So erstwhile you're talking astir nan bigger summons items are not arsenic plentiful and much for illustration proscription items for illustration trucks, things for illustration that, vans? Is that fair?

Ann Fandozzi

Very good said, and nan debased extremity – benignant of nan debased extremity you know, scissor lifts, those kinds of things that transact for overmuch smaller numbers, you said it beautifully.

Gary Prestopino

Okay! And then, could you springiness america an thought of really galore outer yards you now person worldwide and successful nan United States?

Ann Fandozzi

We person 25 worldwide and successful nan United States we have, I don't want to misspeak, but I want to opportunity astir a twelve are successful nan U.S. Yes, truthful we are mostly wherever we were past quarter. In that we closed a fewer this past 4th and past opened a few. So net-net we're correct astir astatine nan aforesaid level we were at.

Gary Prestopino

The scheme going guardant pinch nan acquisition of IAA, is that going to suffice for what you whitethorn person done arsenic acold arsenic adding outer yards successful nan U.S. pre nan acquisition aliases nan scheme is to still proceed to adhd outer yards?

Ann Fandozzi

Gary, not only will it suffice. It is virtually almost a decade’s worthy of acceleration for that initiative. Again what is coming to outer yards are things for which, you cognize trucking them to a halfway Ritchie Brothers gait is you cognize a immense deterrent, because of nan percent of nan final transaction value is conscionable excessively much.

So chiefly transportation. Again, a reminder for everybody, our number 1 trading SKU is really a Ford F150 pickup truck. Nobody is going to return their Ford F150, you cognize 10-year-old motortruck and motortruck astatine 300 miles, that's not going to happen. These things are coming to our outer yard. These low-end scissor assistance that are $1,000, $2,000, those are nan transaction items, we virtually - that's why nan acreage required is truthful small, right? We're talking astir 5 acres are these outer yards.

The sanction of nan crippled is arsenic adjacent arsenic you tin put them to nan sellers, they will go. And nan thought of nan IAA gait is that they already exist, they already person capacity, they are already stacked. So literally, each portion that goes to those yards is conscionable incremental obviously, gross and past nan flow-through. It's an unthinkable exemplary and which is simply a decade's worthy of acceleration.

Gary Prestopino

Thank you.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Bryan Fast of Raymond James. Please spell ahead.

Bryan Fast

Yeah, thanks. Good afternoon. Just connected different services revenue, tin you talk what were immoderate of nan cardinal drivers for that year-over- twelvemonth maturation aliases was it benignant of wide based crossed those various services?

Eric Jacobs

Hello! It's Eric. So we're seeing maturation crossed each nan different areas, you cognize whether it's RBFS, Rouse, SmartEquip, each doing good arsenic stand-alone businesses. And complete time, we built a much – you cognize nan extremity is to tightly merge those into nan marketplace, truthful that they tin standard moreover much effectively, but connected a stand-alone basis, each doing well.

Ann Fandozzi

And conscionable a follow-up to that is then, and past being capable to unleash that aforesaid exertion and offering connected nan further assets that travel from IAA, which is conscionable axenic separator of that.

Bryan Fast

And past possibly could you talk a spot astir nan margins realized connected inventory sales? I guess, now that it's astatine nan apical extremity of nan range, possibly conscionable nan sustainability of those levels.

Eric Jacobs

So, look we conscionable want to be aware that, you cognize if you look astatine thin complete clip we are astatine nan precocious extremity of nan scope and it’s not – it’s immoderate of those benignant of mixed blessing from my perspective. You cognize it’s awesome to spot higher margins there. But we besides want to make judge that we are competing aggressively for business and not losing deals, because we're trying to get that past mates of ground points.

So you cognize we deliberation there's a immense opportunity arsenic nan volumes come, that we want to spell aft it. That's portion of nan be aware and past location is simply a batch of title retired there. So we want to make judge that we're doing everything we can. So it's much of a cautionary communicative conscionable to say, look, conscionable don't – you cognize if you're reasoning of modeling, you whitethorn not want to exemplary astatine that benignant of level successful nan short-term future, because we're looking astatine that arsenic a measurement conscionable to say, look, let's, yes we do person awesome information to compete effectively, but we don't deliberation that's thing that is going to enactment astatine that level for astatine slightest nan short-term future.

Bryan Fast

Great! That’s it from me, thanks.


Thank you. There are nary further questions astatine this time. Please proceed pinch closing remarks.

Ann Fandozzi

Wonderful! Thank you truthful overmuch and I'll return it from here. As always, I'm going to extremity pinch thanking everybody connected nan telephone for joining us, but really a heartfelt convey you to nan unthinkable Ritchie Brothers team, galore of whom are presently astatine our Orlando auction, you cognize knee heavy successful each things customer-related. So a immense convey you to each of you and fto maine conscionable opportunity that, we're very, very proud of nan squad and everything that has been accomplished and we are very excited astir nan upcoming IAA acquisition and virtually nan worth that it tin unlock for Ritchie Brothers halfway and acceleration and putting america successful a very, very different footing for years and decades to come. So convey you all.


Ladies and gentlemen, this does reason nan convention telephone for today. We convey you for your information and inquire that you please disconnect your lines.

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