Reviewing 'Our Big Energy Bet' (As Spring Approaches)

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Price of energy is rising considerably worldwide owed to world crisis. High power prices successful 2022.

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After chaotic wintertime upwind enveloped overmuch of America, boosting earthy state prices, we now attack spring, erstwhile crude lipid prices typically rise, truthful I stay convinced that our “Big Energy Bet” will proceed to salary disconnected successful nan upcoming months. Due to America’s grounds earthy state accumulation arsenic good arsenic steadily rising crude lipid production, nan U.S. is reasserting its power clout and is helping nan world break distant from Russian crude oil. The U.S. exported 1.53 cardinal barrels of crude lipid a time successful January, pinch nary releases from nan Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). Interestingly, nan Energy Department has received support to merchandise different 26 cardinal barrels from nan SPR, but it whitethorn beryllium holding backmost until nan prices astatine nan pump annoy consumers capable to origin governmental problems for nan Biden Administration.

Crude lipid inventories successful nan U.S. are presently 9.7% higher than nan 5-year average, truthful West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices will apt stay comparatively unchangeable until this excess inventory is depleted. However, Europe and overmuch of nan remainder of nan world runs connected Brent ray saccharine crude oil, wherever prices stay importantly higher than those for WTI crude. The finance perspective successful this value spread is that nan wider nan dispersed betwixt WTI and Brent, nan much money our refiners thin to make.

Global crude lipid prices roseate precocious past week successful nan aftermath of affirmative economical news arsenic good arsenic caller reports that Russia’s crude lipid shipments to India were being disrupted by security complications from Western sanctions. Russia’s warfare pinch Ukraine remains nan large world chaotic card. The newest improvement is that China is abruptly calling for a ceasefire pinch bid talks betwixt Russia and Ukraine. Specifically, China’s Foreign Ministry outlined a 12-point scheme it called “China’s Position connected nan Political Settlement of nan Ukraine Crisis.” China remains very captious of Western sanctions, which person precocious expanded to see Chinese companies that do business pinch Russia. To protect its economical interests, China has emerged arsenic a bid agent and President Xi is readying to meet pinch Ukrainian President Zelensky.

China has accused nan U.S. of prolonging nan Ukrainian conflict pinch an oculus toward profiting from power prices and by letting immoderate arms shipments to Ukraine travel into neighboring 3rd world countries. Jin Canrong, a professor astatine Renmin University of China successful Beijing, said, “American subject enterprises person made a batch of money from nan warfare successful Ukraine.” Now that Vice President Harris has accused Russia of some warfare crimes and crimes against humanity, nan Biden Administration has signaled that it does not intend to discuss pinch Russia, truthful China has ironically emerged arsenic nan only world “peace broker.”

As expected, Russia’s Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, threw acold h2o connected China’s projected bid plan, saying, “We don’t spot immoderate of nan conditions that are needed to bring this full communicative towards peace.”

If Russia launches its anticipated outpouring offensive, that could person long-lasting consequences connected Russia and lipid prices. Russian crude lipid output is now down 1.5 cardinal barrels per time and is expected to steadily diminution arsenic crude lipid backs up successful pipelines and forces Russia to headdress its wellheads. Restarting immoderate capped wellheads successful nan Arctic is problematic, truthful it will beryllium difficult for Russia to revive its lipid production.

As a result, nan outpouring surge successful crude lipid prices is virtually guaranteed unless China tin miraculously get Russia to travel to bid talks aliases postpone its outpouring offensive. Worldwide crude lipid request is now astatine a grounds level and will emergence steadily successful nan upcoming months arsenic nan Northern Hemisphere warms and seasonal request picks up. Other than a atomic warfare aliases different shocking arena that stops world commerce, I stay assured that crude lipid prices will emergence steadily successful nan upcoming months arsenic request picks up.

U.S. Growth is Anemic but Positive

With nan first 4th ending past week, nan Atlanta Fed now estimates that first-quarter GDP maturation has reached a 2.3% yearly pace. There will beryllium a caller estimate coming retired this morning, Tuesday, March 7.

Last week’s different economical news began antagonistic but pinch a metallic lining. On Monday, nan Commerce Department announced that durable equipment orders plunged 4.5% successful January, but that was owed mostly to a 13.3% diminution successful proscription orders attributable to Boeing’s (BA) 54.6% driblet successful commercialized craft orders. Excluding transportation, durable equipment orders declined conscionable 0.7% successful January, and nan “green shoot” successful nan durable equipment study was that halfway superior equipment shipments, suggestive of business investment, surged 1.1%. If halfway superior equipment proceed to improve, location is dream for a manufacturing assemblage recovery.

Speaking of manufacturing, ISM announced connected Wednesday that its manufacturing scale roseate to 47.7 successful February, up from 47.4 successful January. Since immoderate reference beneath 50 signals a contraction, nan manufacturing assemblage is still successful a recession, for nan 4th consecutive month. The “new orders” constituent roseate to 47 successful February (up from 42.5 successful January), while nan accumulation constituent declined to 47.2 (down from 48 successful January). Order backlogs roseate to 45.1 successful February (up from 43.4 successful January), but since each of these awesome components stay beneath 50, nan U.S. manufacturing assemblage is still sputtering and successful a contraction.

In opposition to this downbeat report, China’s manufacturing assemblage has rebounded impressively. China’s National Bureau of Statistics announced connected Tuesday that its Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) roseate to 52.6 successful January, up from 50.1 successful December. Economists were expecting nan Chinese PMI to emergence to 50.5 successful January, truthful this was a large surprise. I should adhd that backstage economists are expecting 5.5% yearly GDP maturation for China successful 2023, which is beneath nan 6% GDP extremity of nan Chinese authorities but still robust.

U.S. maturation is concentrated successful nan work sector. ISM reported connected Friday that its non-manufacturing (service) scale remained astatine 55.1 successful February, astir level pinch its 55.2 reference successful January. Since immoderate reference supra 50 signals an description , nan work system is still very healthy. The ISM work scale has now expanded for 32 of nan past 33 months, and afloat 13 of nan 17 industries surveyed reported an description . The caller orders constituent expanded to a robust 62.6 successful February from 60.4 successful January. Also encouraging is that work PMIs are now mostly supra 50 successful Europe, truthful a broad-based economical betterment is apparently underway, contempt nan truth that immoderate manufacturing surveys are still contracting.

In nan labour market, nan Labor Department announced that play unemployment claims declined to 190,000 successful nan latest week, down from 192,000 successful nan erstwhile week. Continuing unemployment claims declined to 1.655 cardinal successful nan latest week, compared to a revised 1.660 cardinal successful nan erstwhile week.

Turning to existent estate, nan National Association of Realtors announced past Monday that pending location income surged 8.1% successful January, which was a large surprise, since economists only expected a 1% increase. Falling owe rates successful December apparently stimulated location sales, since pending location income accrued successful each region. However, now that enslaved yields person headed higher successful nan aftermath of nan latest ostentation fears, owe rates person headed importantly higher, and that whitethorn stall caller location sales.

The Wall Street Journal reported connected Tuesday that flat rents fell successful each awesome metropolitan area done January arsenic nan largest inventory of caller apartments successful astir 4 decades became available. January median rents were 3.5% little than nan balanced rents paid successful August. The stock of flat dwellers that renewed leases declined successful January to only 52%, nan lowest level for January since 2018. Suddenly, galore flat dwellers person much choices owed to caller inventory hitting nan rental market.

If these median rental costs yet commencement to decline, it will supply awesome ostentation alleviation successful a cardinal category.

The owners’ balanced rent constituent successful nan CPI has been stubbornly precocious successful caller months, truthful if it “cracks” and starts to decelerate successful nan upcoming months, ostentation should decelerate. I stay connected nan outlook for “green shoots” that will awesome little inflation, but correct now, falling flat rental costs, positive little median location prices are nan astir promising indicators that ostentation whitethorn beryllium cooling off!

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller National Home Price Index was updated connected Tuesday and revealed that location prices declined 0.8% successful December, but they roseate 5.8% successful nan past 12 months. This represented nan sixth consecutive driblet successful monthly location prices aft location prices peaked successful June 2022. Home prices successful Phoenix declined 1.9% successful December, successful a metropolis which was erstwhile nan hottest lodging marketplace successful nan U.S.

Currently, Miami and Tampa are nan hottest lodging markets successful nan state pinch 15.9% and 13.9% location value appreciation, respectively, successful nan past 12 months, owed to nan nationalist exodus to Florida. The weakest lodging marketplace is San Francisco, wherever location prices person fallen 4.2% successful nan past 12 months. As location prices moderate, hopefully that will show up successful owners’ balanced rent successful nan Consumer Price Index.

Some Investment Implications of nan Current Economic Outlook

Despite immoderate caller “green shoots” that are suggestive of affirmative economical growth, we stay successful a 15% market, wherever only nan apical 15% of stocks are starring nan wide market. The FAANG stocks person stumbled, truthful successful my opinion, Nvidia (NVDA) is now nan caller banal marketplace leader owed to its AI expertise. Specifically, Nvidia is helping Mercedes to look arsenic nan autonomous driving leader owed to its Level 3 strategy via Nvidia chips. The Mercedes strategy besides uses Lidar, truthful companies that make Lidar sensors person besides firmed up.

Tesla (TSLA) abandoned costly Lidar systems successful favour of cameras only, but correct now, Mercedes and Nvidia are starring nan title to create nan safest autonomous driving system. Other car manufacturers are besides utilizing Nvidia’s AI chips and systems, truthful its automotive business remains very promising.

Speaking of semiconductor chips, nan $39 cardinal Chips Act passed by Congress past twelvemonth prohibits U.S. companies from expanding successful China for a decade. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said, “Recipients will beryllium required to participate into an statement restricting their expertise to grow semiconductor manufacturing capacity successful overseas countries of interest for a play of 10 twelvemonth aft taking nan money.”

Raimondo added that companies receiving U.S. authorities backing must besides not “knowingly prosecute successful immoderate associated investigation aliases exertion licensing effort pinch a overseas entity of interest that involves delicate technologies aliases products.” In conclusion, Raimondo said, “Our extremity is to make judge that nan United States... is nan only state successful nan world wherever each institution tin of producing leading-edge chips will beryllium doing that successful nan United States astatine scale.” In summation to nan $39 cardinal successful nan Chips Act, different $75 cardinal successful national backing could beryllium disposable to nan U.S. semiconductor industry, according to Raimondo.

Elon Musk hosted a “Tesla Investor Day” connected Wednesday and laid retired a ngo connection called “Master Plan, Part 3” to go nan largest car shaper successful nan world pinch an output of 20 cardinal vehicles a twelvemonth by 2030, up from 1.3 cardinal now. Tesla would person to walk up to $175 cardinal to execute its 2030 accumulation goal, and that spooked immoderate investors. No matter really eager Musk whitethorn be, nan media and investors look much willing successful erstwhile nan Cybertruck will beryllium launched, since immoderate prototypes are being spotted astir Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters, and extracurricular of Cybertruck, Tesla’s exemplary lineup is getting old and investors crave breathtaking caller models. Meanwhile, electrical conveyance (EV) makers are fighting precocious lithium, nickel, and cobalt prices, and Tesla needs to earnestly reside this acute shortage, since moreover though Tesla is investing successful lithium mining, nan precocious value of batteries is constraining EV income globally.

Speaking of EVs, Ford (F) will resume accumulation of its F-150 Lightning connected March 13th. The culprit down nan accumulation shutdown is apparently attributable to SK On, which is building lithium-ion artillery packs for Ford. Specifically, a Ford spokesperson said that it will “apply each our learnings and activity pinch SK On’s squad to guarantee we proceed delivering high-quality artillery packs... down to nan artillery cells.”

In nan meantime, nan precocious made F-150 Lightning vehicles stay successful limbo, pending updates to “parts and engineering processes.” What stopped nan F-150 Lightning accumulation was that 1 conveyance awaiting a pre-delivery inspection successful a holding batch caught occurrence while charging. Ford and VW Group (OTCPK:VWAGY) are pushing accelerated AC/DC charging, and their artillery packs typically measurement much owed to other cooling to dissipate nan power that accelerated charging tin generate; so, nan root of nan problem remains elusive, whether it lies pinch nan electronics aliases pinch nan cooling associated pinch nan SK On artillery packs for nan F-150 Lightning.

Finally, I must sadly study that Rivian (RIVN) fell sharply past Wednesday. It was an ESG darling erstwhile it went public, since it was concisely worthy much than Ford. Rivian announced connected Tuesday that it mislaid $1.72 cardinal successful nan 4th quarter, down from a $2.42 cardinal nonaccomplishment successful nan aforesaid 4th a twelvemonth ago. The institution depleted $2.2 cardinal successful rate successful nan 4th fourth and had $11.6 cardinal successful rate astatine nan extremity of nan quarter.

At this “burn rate,” Rivian whitethorn beryllium connected nan verge of bankruptcy later this year. The biggest problem facing Rivian is that 1 of its erstwhile investors, namely Ford, is trading its F-150 Lighting importantly cheaper than Rivian’s R1T pickup. Furthermore, nan Tesla Cybertruck is coming, and it will besides beryllium cheaper than Rivian’s R1T pickup, truthful I do not foresee immoderate script wherever Rivian tin survive. It looks for illustration Rivian is different ESG disaster, and its IPO underwriters - Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley - should beryllium ashamed of themselves for pushing this “pump and dump” IPO to naïve ESG investors!

Navellier & Associates owns Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) successful managed accounts, a fewer accounts ain Tesla (TSLA) per customer petition successful managed accounts. We do not ain Ford Motors (F), Boeing Co. (BA), aliases Rivian Automotive (RIVN). Louis Navellier and his family ain Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) via a Navellier managed account. He does not ain Tesla (TSLA), Boeing Co. (BA), Ford Motors (F), aliases Rivian Automotive (RIVN) personally.

All contented supra represents nan sentiment of Louis Navellier of Navellier & Associates, Inc.

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