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She gave them caller songs. She gave them aged ones. She gave them ones that rank location in between.

Most of all, however, Lauren Daigle gave them reasons to consciousness hopeful arsenic she performed a astir two-hour performance that was filled pinch uplifting euphony and encouraging words.

“You person a purpose. You are present for a reason,” she told The astir 10,000 fans in attendance astatine The Golden 1 Center in Sacramento connected Tuesday nighttime (Nov. 14). “And if you request to cognize that, this opus is for you.”

With that intro, The 32-year-old popular prima — who is blessed pinch 1 of The finest singing voices in each of euphony — unraveled a simply gorgeous type of “Valuable.” Each lyric came pinch a consciousness of purpose, dispelling guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness and replacing them pinch warmth, kindness and compassion.

“I watch you from afar and think, ‘What a activity of art,’ for illustration The depths of The Grand Canyon aliases a canopy of stars,” Daigle sang arsenic thousands sat transfixed by The sheer tenderness of The moment. “And if I had to spot a bet, I’d stake there’s a small sound wrong your caput — lyin’.”

“Valuable” was 1 of astatine slightest a twelve astonishing moments that took spot during The only NorCal extremity connected Daigle’s Kaleidoscope Tour, which supports The singer-songwriter’s 4th full-length workplace outing. Others included Daigle’s energetic return connected “Still Rolling Stones” and The wonderfully reassuring ballad “He’s Never Gunna Change.”

Daigle drew powerfully from her self-titled caller medium — which debuted astatine No. 1 connected Billboard’s Christian euphony charts backmost in September — devoting good complete half of The 19-song group to those tunes. Most of them were rather good, pinch only a mini fistful coming crossed arsenic second-tier offerings.

Fronting a 12-piece band, which included 3 horn players arsenic good arsenic a trio of backing vocalists, Daigle kicked disconnected The show pinch 3 consecutive tunes from The caller medium — “These Are The Days,” “Waiting” and “New.”

The first number served arsenic a powerful opener, arsenic Daigle bounced on The the agelong catwalk that extended from The mainstage and retired into The audience, smiling and waving to fans arsenic she went. The horns were blasting along, helping to propel a bright, shiny operation of R&B, pop, funk and gospel that feels very existent to Daigle’s Louisiana roots. She quickly followed pinch an arsenic enjoyable type of “Waiting.”

From there, however, The show descent disconnected people a small spot arsenic The ever-friendly Daigle invited a mates of women retired of The crowd to travel up onstage and dance. (“Just don’t do thing that your mother wouldn’t want you to do,” Daigle advised The participants.)

It was a really bully gesture, but The conception went connected excessively long, sabotaging immoderate momentum that had been built by The 2 opening numbers. Chalk it up arsenic an grounds that Daigle is still increasing into The domiciled of arena headliner and is not The astir polished of performers (not basal a bad thing).

What she mightiness deficiency in polish, however, she much than makes up for in authenticity. Everything she does onstage feels conscionable truthful existent — from The words she sings to The messages she conveys to The crowd — and that, of course, pays immense dividends pinch comes to her relationship pinch The fans.

The item of The early information of The show came erstwhile Daigle delivered The title way to her 2018 breakthrough effort, “Look Up Child,” and past instantly followed pinch a powerful return of “Trust In You” from The 2015 debut “How Can It Be.”

Fans really connected pinch each The tracks played from those 2 earlier albums, which person much of a “worship music” vibe than The latest offering. “Lauren Daigle” is still worshipful, mind you, yet pinch a much straight-ahead popular feel.

The 2 constants passim her euphony stay The taxable matter — religion in God — and The encouraging lyrics.

“He’ll ever make a measurement for you, make The sun and rainfall for you,” Daigle sang connected a awesome type of The caller album’s “He’s Never Gunna Change.” He’ll ne'er locomotion distant from you. He’ll ever return The blasted for you. Always enactment The aforesaid for you.”

Daigle was an absolute delight erstwhile she took clip to reside The crowd, candidly chatting astir everything from her roots in “the swamp” (aka Louisiana) to her acquisition pinch counseling (“If you ever want to constitute a opus pinch a spot of a tearjerker, jut to a counseling convention first”).

She besides said fondly of her clip in Guatemala, wherever she sponsors a kid in need. Child sponsorship is adjacent to Daigle’s bosom and she provides a level astatine her concerts for ChildFund ( to find caller sponsors to thief kids surviving in poorness in impoverished nations crossed The world. Sacramento fans really showed up for The origin connected Tuesday, signing up to sponsor 529 kids — adding to a full that includes 14,000 who recovered sponsors during Daigle’s 2022 tour.

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1. “These Are The Days”
2. “Waiting”
3. “New”
4. “Look Up Child”
5. “Trust in You”
6. “He’s Never Gunna Change”
7. “Valuable”
8. “Hold On to Me”
9. “Rescue”
10. “Salvation Mountain”
11. “Thank God I Do”
12. “Saint Ferdinand”
13. “Inherited”
14. “His Eye Is connected The Sparrow”
15. “Kaleidoscope Jesus”
16. “Turbulent Skies”
17. “Still Rolling Stones”
18. “Love Me Still”
19. “How Can It Be”
20. “You Say”

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