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By Jake Coyle | Associated Press

The disquieting guidelines of Chloe Domont’s slinky, slick characteristic debut “Fair Play” lies in The look of Luke (Alden Ehrenreich) arsenic he learns that his fiance Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) has been fixed The promotion astatine their Wall Street hedge money he thought was his.

“Congratulations,” he says pinch a grin that looks much for illustration a grimace. “That’s amazing.”

Ehrenreich, a cunning character present fixed a portion to chew on, conveys The infinitesimal pinch The conscionable correct operation of of support for Emily and shattering woundedness. Up to this point, we’ve seen Emily and Luke arsenic only a swoon-worthy romanticist brace profoundly in emotion pinch 1 another. In The film’s breezy opening moments, they gaffe distant from a statement to person activity in a bathroom. After, Luke kneels to propose.

But The engagement ringing lies ominously connected The antagonistic erstwhile some dress in The greeting for activity in their their Chinatown flat astatine The aforesaid high-powered hedge money in downtown New York. They’ve near immoderate soul type of their selves astatine home; astatine The office, they must support their narration a concealed for The liking of institution argumentation and their ain profession ambitions.

Work-life equilibrium gets much than a small wobbly in “Fair Play,” which debuts Friday connected Netflix, and truthful do accepted gender roles. Luke initially puts up a bully front, but his alpha antheral persona (and his libido) takes a beating erstwhile Emily’s meetings pinch The sexist leader Campbell (Eddie Marsan) spell past midnight and banter astir The agency turns to his fiance. In “Fair Play,” The supportive antheral whitethorn conscionable beryllium a facade.

Since its deed presence astatine The Sundance Film Festival, “Fair Play” has been hailed for reviving The long-dormant-but-often-missed seductive thriller. While location are bits of that in Domont’s film, “Fair Play” is neither particularly seductive nor overmuch of a thriller. What it is, though, is often gripping conflict of The sexes group in a toxic, misogynist firm world wherever powerfulness and activity are inextricably linked currencies.

The movie is superb and breezy astatine first but sputters conscionable arsenic it’s catching fire. It may, in fact, beryllium incorrect to telephone this a conflict of The sexes — Luke turns retired to beryllium not really up for a fight. He transforms into an emasculated and progressively volatile wreck and “Fair Play” lurches toward a lurid and overcooked 3rd act. For Emily — and surely countless women conscionable for illustration her — “Fair Play” is much of a scary movie, and an meticulous 1 astatine that.

But for a while, Domont’s movie is electrical acknowledgment to its lead actors. Dynevor is particularly terrific playing a female whose first thought erstwhile she’s promoted isn’t pridefulness for herself but interest for The wounded feelings of Luke.

At its best, “Fair Play” feels for illustration a demented crippled wherever everything in precocious finance comes down to really you task yourself, man aliases woman. Emily knows erstwhile gathering The leader to move her portion bid from a Diet Coke to Macallen 25, neat. It’s in sly moments for illustration these that Domont is astatine her astir playful. Double entendres fly. Coming location drunk 1 night, Emily tries to cajole a tired Luke into sleeping pinch her. “C’mon,” she says, “I’ll do each The work.”

“Fair Play”

3 stars retired of 4

Rating: R (for pervasive language, intersexual content, immoderate nudity, and intersexual violence)

Running time: 113 minutes

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