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By Jake Coyle | Associated Press

There whitethorn beryllium nary holier crushed in scary than “The Exorcist.” As endlessly arsenic William Friedkin’s 1973 movie has been ripped disconnected and resurrected, its powerfulness remains unalloyed, its spot in movie history consecrated.

Why is it that, aft we’ve seen seen truthful galore heads twist around, “The Exorcist” Can still move heads? Much, surely, is owed to its patient, restrained approach, icy atmospheres and and evocative, uncluttered imagery — each conjured in The dawning dread of post-1960s America.

But The possession of young Regan MacNeil still haunts, I think, for its absolute belief in bully and evil. It’s a supernatural movie that treats The supernatural arsenic straightforwardly natural. The devil is arsenic existent and coming arsenic each those actual steps.

There were flop sequels that followed and plentifulness of spinoffs that grounded to grip. But now, conscionable 2 months aft The decease of Friedkin and a fewer months awkward of The original’s 50th anniversary, comes a sequel from head David Gordon Green.

Hollywood’s propensity for reaching backmost to aged classics whitethorn be, by now, capable to animate The benignant of projectile vomiting Friedkin made famous. “The Exorcist: Believer” was produced by Blumhouse pinch The intent of launching a caller bid of films, but it feels guided mostly by affection and respect for Friedkin’s original alternatively than much cynical motivations.

The film’s main additions are that, this time, location are 2 possessed girls (double The fun?) and The Catholic Church is nary longer The sole aliases moreover The superior demon battler. This is simply a multidenominational “Exorcist,” yet besides a little profoundly belief one.

Green, 1 of today’s astir protean filmmakers, has been astatine this before. He rebooted The “Halloween” films in a trilogy that started disconnected promisingly pinch an update to The slasher suburban nightmare earlier devolving in consequent films.

It’s easier to recycle “Halloween” than it is “The Exorcist.” Yet The first point you announcement astir “Believer” is its sure-handedness. Green, moving from a book he wrote pinch Peter Sattler from a communicative by Green, Danny McBride and Scott Teems, moves nimbly in mounting The atmosphere, refraining from The kinds of flashy camera activity aliases schlocky scares often recovered in scary films. There’s craftsmanship in really “Believer” is stitched together — astatine slightest astatine first.

Thirteen years aft The decease of his pregnant woman in an earthquake in Haiti, Victor Fielding (Leslie Odom Jr.) lives pinch his 13-year-old girl Angela (Lidya Jewett). They are adjacent and Victor is simply a small overprotective. When Angela and a friend Katherine (Olivia O’Neill) locomotion done The woods aft schoolhouse and commencement performing a seance by candlelight, it’s not difficult to conjecture wherever this mightiness beryllium going.

But “The Exorcist: Believer” initially gets its hooks into you acknowledgment to The agility of The filmmaking, The levelheaded beingness of Odom Jr. and a good capacity by newcomer Jewett. The girls spell missing for respective days and, erstwhile they return, nary longer look themselves. As things statesman to get ugly, The film’s attraction shifts to The parents — this is much a movie astir parenting than it is astir religion — including The blurrily characterized parents of Katherine (Norbert Leo Butz and Jennifer Nettles), whose enslaved pinch their girl whitethorn beryllium little than Victor’s pinch Angela.

If “The Exorcist” seemed to summon demons, The champion “The Exorcist: Believer” Can do is to conjure tropes. Fingers claw. Heads turn. Bodies levitate. Once The movie gets some possessed girls tied down in chairs, backmost to back, pinch a cobbled-together squad of belief defenders astir them, “Believer” bogs down in a prolonged torture enclosure of scary cliches.

Green, who has agelong had a keen oculus for casting, populates The movie pinch immoderate good actors. Ellen Burstyn, Oscar-nominated for “The Exorcist,” returns arsenic Chris MacNeil, though it whitethorn beryllium The film’s biggest correction to truthful quickly and gruesomely dispatch its astir potent performer. Ann Dowd, arsenic a caregiver who lives adjacent door, besides adds to The film’s melodramatic heft.

But “The Exorcist: Believer” ne'er manages thing for illustration The heavy panic of The original, and The film’s climactic scenes walk by pinch a lifeless predictability. Been there, exhumed that. It whitethorn beryllium that to get adjacent The acheronian threat of “The Exorcist” you person to climb your ain steps and conflict your ain demons.

“The Exorcist: Believer”

2 stars retired of 4

Rating: R (for immoderate convulsive content, disturbing images, connection and intersexual references)

Running time: 111 minutes

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