Puzzle is building a modern accounting package for today’s API-enabled startups

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A institution starting from scratch coming is astir apt going to usage a stack of financial package pinch nan astir modern fintech tools. These could beryllium things for illustration Stripe for payments, Brex for firm in installments cards and Gusto for payroll and benefits, among others that erstwhile mixed tin supply a unsocial position into a company’s financial health.

Puzzle, an early shape startup, is building an accounting package aimed astatine taking advantage of nan information streaming from these tools. Today, nan institution is making its nationalist debut, while announcing a $15 cardinal Series A.

Sasha Orloff, CEO and co-founder of Puzzle calls his institution “the first smart accounting software,” which combines a streaming financial information level that’s connected to a wide accounting ledger.

“By combining these 2 things, we tin create a full caller group of capabilities for an statement crossed fundraising, taxes and knowing nan complete image of financial wellness [at a startup], Orloff told TechCrunch.

The streaming portion is imaginable because of nan expertise to link to things for illustration costs and payroll information successful existent clip and update nan ledger pinch nan astir caller information. Instead of compiling this information connected a monthly basis, nan institution tin person nan astir existent accusation astatine its fingertips astatine each times, and that tin beryllium a existent advantage, according to Orloff.

“We propulsion natively disconnected of that modern stack to create this azygous spot wherever a institution tin spot each of their information and really these things benignant of fresh together to past create a image of your financial health. So it’s for illustration a complement to each of nan modern invention that has been happening,” he said.

Ultimately, Orloff wants to beryllium much than an accounting package work for startups, but he calls that a starting constituent for nan company. He says that nan extremity is yet to switch accepted ERP (enterprise assets planning) package pinch this “API-enabled information level that’s connected to each of nan champion solutions successful nan market, not conscionable what happens to beryllium bundled together successful nan [vendor’s] API.”

The institution launched astatine nan extremity of 2019, and has been moving pinch much than 500 startups complete nan years to build and refine nan caller software. Today nan institution is emerging from beta pinch a work that is mostly disposable to immoderate willing customer.

Puzzle presently has 30 labor and plans to prosecute pinch nan money. Among his unit are respective group pinch nan unsocial operation of accounting and engineering knowledge, but he says that he will request group crossed nan committee arsenic he scales nan startup.

The $15 cardinal finance was led by General Catalyst pinch information from much than 100 manufacture angels including CFOs astatine venture-backed startups. Today’s information closed astatine nan extremity of past year, and nan institution has now raised $20 million, including a $5 cardinal seed besides led by GC, according to Orloff.

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