PPL: Investors Seem Unconvinced By Business Transformation

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PPL Corporation (NYSE:PPL) could beryllium group to present peer-leading maturation successful nan regulated inferior assemblage pursuing its business transformation. Investors, however, look to still request convincing, pursuing nan sacrifice to its near-term net and dividends, which resulted from nan company's strategical repositioning.

Q4 Earnings

First, let's return a look astatine its caller quarterly net release. On February 17, 2023, PPL reported adjusted net from ongoing operations of $0.28 per stock for nan 4th fourth of 2022. This fell short of nan statement forecast for non-GAAP net of $0.29 per share.

Nevertheless, investors reacted positively to nan truth that net exceeded nan company's earlier guidance. The institution delivered adjusted EPS of $1.41 from ongoing operations for nan 2022 afloat year, beating management's forecast midpoint of $1.40. Shares successful PPL closed 1.3% higher connected February 17, 2023.

PPL besides accrued its quarterly dividend by 7%, from $0.225 per stock to $0.24 per share, opening pinch nan costs owed connected April 3, 2023. This reflects its precocious announced argumentation to turn dividends successful statement pinch projected net growth, while maintaining a dividend payout scope of 60-65%.

Looking guardant to nan existent fiscal year, guidance expects to execute ongoing net of betwixt $1.50 to $1.65 per share, pinch a midpoint of $1.58 per stock for 2023. This is conscionable somewhat beneath nan statement analysts' forecast of $1.59 per share.

Strategic Repositioning

As portion of its strategy to amended shareholder worth and attraction connected its halfway business of power procreation and proviso successful nan US, PPL sold its UK regulated energy distribution business, Western Power Distribution (WPD) to National Grid (NGG), successful June 2021. The UK portion was weighted astatine £7.8 billion, and this resulted successful nett rate proceeds of $10.4 cardinal for nan group.

In a concurrent acquisition, PPL acquired National Grid's Rhode Island regulated electrical business, The Narragansett Electric Company, for $3.8 billion. The strategical repositioning drastically transformed PPL into a US regulated inferior pure-play, and much importantly, freed up financial resources to capitalize connected caller opportunities to put successful renewable power and grid modernization.

The transactions besides enabled PPL to tackle its precocious leverage ratios, and nan betterment successful its equilibrium expanse has been reflected by a caller in installments ratings upgrade. Moody's Investors Service upgraded nan group's standing to Baa1 from Baa2, successful June 2022, while S&P has maintained an A- rating.

Capex Increase

With nan improved financial flexibility, PPL successful January announced an updated business scheme to present top-tier net and dividend maturation for shareholders. The institution intends to importantly summation investments successful its Kentucky energy web - pinch a much than 20% summation from its superior spending scheme past year. That's an further $2.5 billion, which would bring its full capex to $14.3 billion betwixt 2022 and 2026.

The planned procreation and transmission investments are expected to summation PPL's projected maturation complaint successful its mean yearly complaint guidelines to 5.6% done 2026, up from 3.5% previously.

PPL investor update 2023 updated scheme finance growth

Investor Update January 2023 (PPL Investor Relations)

Elsewhere, nan institution is looking to raise its operating and attraction costs savings target by astatine slightest $175 cardinal by 2026, from nan centralization of shared services, ratio investments, and integer transformation.

Management expects these changes would alteration PPL to make 6-8% net maturation done to astatine slightest 2026. This would put PPL successful statement pinch immoderate of nan fastest-growing names successful nan sector, including NextEra Energy (NEE), which is expecting a akin level of net maturation done to 2026. In contrast, Duke Energy (DUK), Southern Company (SO), and Consolidated Edison (ED) expect somewhat little net growth, of betwixt 5-7% complete nan aforesaid period.

Earnings Sacrifice

It's clear that PPL's improved maturation prospects person travel astatine nan costs of its near-term profitability. After all, thing has had to springiness measurement successful nan pursuit of maturation and little indebtedness levels. WPD had erstwhile generated a mostly of PPL's profits; but precocious leverage astatine nan group prevented it from taking advantage of caller opportunities arising from rising EV take and nan decarbonization of its energy networks.

As such, PPL's adjusted ongoing net had been stagnating for nan past decade aliases so. Between 2011 and 2020, PPL's adjusted yearly EPS came successful betwixt $2.21-2.72. Moreover, nan past afloat twelvemonth that WPD was treated arsenic an ongoing interest saw PPL make adjusted EPS of $2.40 successful 2020.

This compares to an estimated $1.48 successful ongoing EPS for 2022 connected a pro forma ground - Rhode Island Energy was acquired successful May 2022. From here, this indicates a 38.3% alteration successful adjusted EPS pursuing nan plus swaps pinch National Grid.

Meanwhile, its quarterly dividend had been trim by 51.8% to $0.20 per stock successful early 2022. It has since been accrued to $0.225 per stock - and will emergence further to $0.24, opening pinch nan April 2023 payment.

Has The Strategy Paid Off?

From PPL's banal value performance, it seems that investors are still undecided complete whether nan strategical repositioning is worthy nan sacrifice to net and dividends successful nan short to mean term. Since nan determination to waste WPD successful August 2020, PPL's full return has lagged down galore of its peers successful nan regulated electrical assemblage - though NextEra Energy is simply a notable exception.

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Yet, valuation multiples propose that investors whitethorn not afloat admit PPL's improved maturation outlook. The banal trades astatine astir 17.9 times its expected net successful 2023, compared to nan assemblage median guardant PE of 19.0.

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