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A Metropolitan constabulary main superintendent is nether investigation aft allegedly utilizing taxpayer's money to book hotels to person activity pinch female colleagues.

Simon Crick, police lead in Newham, London, has been put connected table duties, a root has told .

The main superintendent allegedly slept pinch 3 female colleagues and utilized a firm paper to book edifice rooms to meet up pinch them.

He was placed nether investigation past month, and an acting serviceman has stepped into his role, understands.

A root besides revealed that Mr Crick had fixed The greenish ray to expenses payments for immoderate of The women pinch whom he had slept contempt not having The authority to do so.

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A spokesperson for The Met Police told that Mr Crick had faced nary criminal charges, aliases been arrested.

They added: "A main superintendent is presently taxable to a behaviour investigation. The serviceman is presently connected restricted duties whilst The investigation is ongoing."

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