Plus One raises $50M for its parcel robotics vision systems

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Another business automation patient is bucking VC slowdown, arsenic Plus One Robotics this greeting announces a $50 cardinal raise. The Series C brings nan San Antonio-based firm’s full backing up to $94 cardinal to day (including a $33 cardinal Series B backmost successful 2021). Scale Venture Partners led nan round, which besides features information from Top Tier Capital Partners, Tyche Partners and ROBO Global Ventures.

The bulk of nan backing is slated for income description ,” laminitis and CEO Erik Nieves tells TechCrunch. “Since our inception, we person punched supra our weight erstwhile it comes to sales; our squad is mini but has managed to triumph nan awesome accounts successful this space. This rate infusion intends we tin double down connected our occurrence and person much relationship managers onboarding caller customers. As always, a information of nan rate is earmarked for merchandise development.”

The continued liking is due, successful part, to nan vertical. Warehouse/logistics remains nan biggest class for automation description . Interest successful automation that was spurred connected by nan opening of nan pandemic has arguably only grown successful nan look of an ongoing labour crunch and proviso concatenation constraints.

Plus One specifically operates connected nan logistics broadside of nan equation — an manufacture that ne'er had an opportunity to slow down. If anything, shipping and package transportation became a benignant of lifeline for group who abruptly recovered themselves isolated from nan remainder of nan world. Nieves points to nan basal quality of nan clients it serves arsenic a cardinal to a comparatively speedy raise during a world economical downturn.

Image Credits: Plus One Robotics

“The world needs what we do, and our financial capacity supported that premise,” he says. “Once Scale Ventures leaned in, nan information came together quickly and we closed successful six weeks from word expanse to wires.”

Partners surely help. The patient has signed up immoderate world giants arsenic clients, including logistics heavyweights FedEx and DHL. Today’s announcement besides finds them adding e-commerce patient Pitney Bowes (best known by galore for their mailing equipment) to that list.

“Our business pinch an automation leader, for illustration Plus One, reinforces our goals to thrust profitability and sustainability of our beingness operations,” Pitney Bowes SVP Stephanie Cannon says successful a release. “The continued summation successful request we’ve seen successful nan ecommerce abstraction makes modernizing nan measurement we attack ecommerce logistics imperative.”

Nieves won’t disclose really galore units nan Pitney Bowes woody includes, only noting, “we person complete 130 robots deployed globally utilizing our imagination systems, positive galore different licenses of our package being utilized independent of robot arms.” For its part, Plus One remains a thin team, 7 years aft its founding.

“We are presently astatine 83 full-time employees, nan bulk of which are based astatine our office successful Texas,” Nieves says. “We besides person accommodation successful Boulder and Pittsburgh, on pinch a subsidiary successful nan Netherlands (given nan world scope of our users, we person a batch of systems deployed successful Europe).”

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