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Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) continues to disappoint from a gross maturation perspective, but this is chiefly nan consequence of marketplace conditions, arsenic evidenced by nan capacity of peers. User maturation issues are now down Pinterest and continued investments successful adtech and shopping should lead to gross maturation successful time. This, on pinch a displacement successful attraction to profitability, points towards beardown free rate travel generation, though this whitethorn not beryllium afloat evident until 2024.

Pinterest presently has 4 strategical priorities:

  • Growing monetization and engagement per user
  • Integrating shopping into nan halfway of nan merchandise experience
  • Improving operational rigor and successful move improving margins
  • Strengthening their position arsenic a affirmative and brand-safe platform

The institution is slow making advancement successful these areas, though this is somewhat difficult to spot fixed macro headwinds.


Pinterest continues to activity connected their ad tech and measurement solutions successful bid to amended return connected advertisement walk for advertisers. Pinterest launched a conversion API successful Q4 and precocious integrated this API pinch Shopify (SHOP) truthful that merchants tin usage nan conversion measurement tool. While Pinterest's integration efforts pinch Shopify are an important portion of making nan level much shoppable, it is absorbing to statement that erstwhile Shopify discusses societal media partners, Pinterest is seldom mentioned.

In January, Pinterest announced a privateness safe cleanable room solution successful conjunction pinch LiveRamp and Albertsons (ACI). This provides a abstraction wherever brands tin harvester first-party information pinch Pinterest's information successful a privateness safe environment. LiveRamp offers a information enablement level that is focused connected privacy. Their solutions make information safe and easy for customers to use, and see information onboarding and information transfer. Albertsons is simply a market retailer and is nan first advertiser trialing nan caller solution.

Pinterest besides launched advertisement load guidance pinch full page optimization successful Q4. This varies advertisement loads based connected context, expanding full advertisement load erstwhile nan personification demonstrates commercialized intent truthful that nan personification acquisition is not negatively impacted. Based connected first testing, this improved hunt advertisement relevance while reducing CPAs for advertisers. Pinterest expects these types of innovations to let monetizable inventory maturation to outpace wide engagement gains.

Pinterest is besides trying to amended advertizing sum crossed nan acquisition funnel. In nan past Pinterest has chiefly been a apical of chimney advertizing tool, but gross is now astir evenly divided crossed nan chimney (brand, information and conversion). Pinterest believes that advertisers who are taking a afloat chimney attack are seeing much occurrence than those who attraction connected only 1 run objective. In 2022, advertisers adopting a multi-objective media strategy saw up to a 50% improvement successful income assistance compared to those who usage 1 objective.

As a consequence of immoderate of these efforts, Pinterest believes they are gaining stock of advertisers' wallets, peculiarly larger and much blase advertisers. Third-party request besides continues to beryllium an underutilized lever, peculiarly successful comparison to different platforms. Demand could beryllium brought successful by unit media networks, DSPs and different 3rd parties to supplement nonstop sales. Pinterest has already done activity astir unit media networks and judge location are still much opportunities there.


Engagement continues to beryllium a attraction area for Pinterest, and nan institution is making advancement successful this area. Much of this effort is focused connected serving users pinch contented that is much personalized, applicable and engaging. Sessions are increasing importantly faster than users, which should amended per personification monetization successful time. The ratio of play progressive to monthly progressive Pinterest users is now astatine 61%, nan highest ever.

Part of this summation successful engagement is owed to nan emergence of video content. Pinterest continues to turn their proviso of videos from aggregate sources, including creators, brands and publishers, pinch nan proviso of video contented expanding 30% sequentially successful Q4. It is hoped that nan summation of value inspirational contented will deepen engagement amongst Gen Z successful particular.

Pinterest has stated that complete 10% of personification engagement is connected video and that much than 30% of gross is generated by short-form video. This is somewhat astonishing arsenic guidance suggested successful 2021 that videos were a lightly monetized aboveground that was detracting from growth.


One of nan astir promising aspects of Pinterest's level is nan commercialized intent of users, though this is thing that Pinterest is still trying to capitalize on. 50% of users position Pinterest arsenic a spot to shop and yet shoppable contented has not been integrated into halfway experiences.

Pinterest yet wants to make each pin shoppable. Part of this effort involves utilizing machine imagination exertion to make video contented much shoppable, successful a akin mode to what Pinterest has done pinch fixed images. For example, Pinterest's caller machine imagination exemplary has complete 1 cardinal parameters and has led to an 8% increase successful ocular hunt shopping relevance.

Pinterest is besides trying to trim clash during nan purchasing process. One inaugural successful this area is taking users straight to nan merchandise item page connected nan merchant's app. Pinterest continues to deploy their mobile heavy linking format connected shopping ads. During nan vacation period, MDL accounted for 40% of Pinterest's shopping advertisement revenue.

Financial Analysis

Pinterest's gross accrued by 4% YoY successful nan 4th quarter, astir successful statement pinch guidance. International markets and ample unit advertisers successful nan US were areas of spot successful nan 4th quarter. There were besides immoderate emerging verticals, including automotive, recreation and financial services, that posted beardown gross growth. CPG advertisers and mini and mid-market advertisers successful nan US contributed to comparatively anemic growth.

Revenue maturation successful nan first 4th of 2023 is expected to beryllium successful nan debased single-digit percent scope YoY. So far, gross maturation successful nan first 4th of 2023 is trending successful statement pinch Q4. SMBs successful nan US are expected to supply an ongoing headwind owed to nan macro environment. Pinterest has made advancement successful expanding advertisement inventory and reducing CPAs, but these advertisers stay price-sensitive.

Pinterest Revenue Growth

Figure 1: Pinterest Revenue Growth (source: Created by writer utilizing information from institution reports)

While Pinterest's anemic maturation is apt disappointing investors, it must beryllium viewed successful nan ray of Apple's (AAPL) ATT initiative, an uncertain macro situation and highly difficult comparable periods successful 2021. Relative to peers, Pinterest's gross maturation really continues to beryllium rather strong, and this is chiefly owed to nan truth that Pinterest is still successful nan process of monetizing their personification guidelines and improving their advertisement tech. Meta (META) has a acold much optimized business, leaving acold less easy maturation levers to offset macro headwinds.

Digital Advertising Platform Revenue

Figure 2: Digital Advertising Platform Revenue (source: Created by writer utilizing information from institution reports)

While Pinterest's days of accelerated personification maturation look to beryllium down them, their personification guidelines continues to turn and location is simply a ample opportunity to summation engagement. MAUs accrued astir 4% YoY successful nan 4th fourth to 450 million. Mobile app users accrued 14% complete nan aforesaid period, which is important fixed that 80% of impressions and gross travel from this personification group.

Gen Z is Pinterest's fastest increasing cohort, expanding by double digits successful nan 4th quarter. Gen Z sessions besides grew overmuch faster than sessions from different demographics. This is important arsenic penetration of younger personification groups has been a perceived weakness for Pinterest. Pinterest believes they are gaining traction mostly connected nan backmost of video content. Nearly half of each caller videos pinned successful Q4 were from Gen Z users.

In summation to Pinterest's 450 cardinal MAUs, location are hundreds of millions of logged successful users who sojourn Pinterest episodically. Pinterest are moving connected bringing these users to nan level connected a much regular ground utilizing instrumentality learning driven recommendations and by building caller experiences.

Pinterest Monthly Active Users

Figure 3: Pinterest Monthly Active Users (source: Created by writer utilizing information from Pinterest)

Both net hunt liking and website postulation bespeak that Pinterest's post-pandemic hangover and problems related to changes successful Google's hunt algorithm are successful nan past. While indicators of usage extracurricular of nan app are mostly irrelevant to near-term revenue, it is perchance important to apical of nan chimney personification acquisition.

Pinterest Search Interest and Website Traffic

Figure 4: Pinterest Search Interest and Website Traffic (source: Created by writer utilizing information from Google Trends and similarweb)

2022 apt saw improvements successful engagement and increases successful advertisement inventory offset by declining advertiser request and willingness to salary for actions. ARPU has been steadily expanding crossed geographies, though Europe has faced headwinds complete nan past 12 months. In nan RoW group, accelerated increases successful personification monetization are being offset to immoderate grade by maturation successful unmonetized and low-value users.

 Pinterest ARPU

Figure 5: Pinterest ARPU (source: Created by writer utilizing information from Pinterest)

Pinterest's gross margins ticked up successful nan 4th fourth owed to a simplification successful infrastructure costs and optimization efforts. It is not really clear really Pinterest's gross margins will germinate going forward. Machine learning initiatives aimed astatine improving nan personification acquisition are apt to measurement connected margins, arsenic are contented costs arsenic Pinterest continues to attraction connected high-quality video content. This will beryllium offset by optimization efforts and improved monetization of nan personification base.

Pinterest Gross Profit Margins

Figure 6: Pinterest Gross Profit Margins (source: Created by writer utilizing information from institution reports)

Pinterest is taking actions to power costs, including:

  • Reduction successful nan gait of hiring
  • Reduction successful nan number of recruiting staff
  • Reduced infrastructure spend
  • Rationalization of their existent property portfolio

As a consequence of these types of actions, Pinterest expects EBITDA margins to grow successful 2023, contempt comparatively anemic growth. The load of R&D expenses will people diminution complete clip arsenic Pinterest's level matures. The institution needs to trim nan load of income and trading expenses though. Some of this will travel people erstwhile nan macro situation improves, but Pinterest besides needs to amended income productivity, which whitethorn travel from greater utilization of third-party demand.

Pinterest Operating Expenses

Figure 7: Pinterest Operating Expenses (source: Created by writer utilizing information from Pinterest)


Pinterest ended nan 4th fourth of 2022 pinch astir 2.7 cardinal USD successful cash, rate equivalents and marketable securities. Management plans connected utilizing immoderate of this rate equilibrium to execute a banal buyback programme of up to 500 cardinal USD, to thief mitigate dilution from stock-based compensation.

Based connected an estimated normalized profit margin, Pinterest's PE ratio is broadly successful statement pinch nan S&P500, which doesn't make consciousness fixed that galore companies are presently overearning and that Pinterest has acold amended maturation prospects than astir companies. Based connected a discounted rate travel analysis, I estimate that Pinterest's banal is activity astir 50 USD per share.

Social media platforms proceed to beryllium retired of favour pinch investors and this is apt to proceed successful 2023. With greater financial subject and a return to much robust maturation successful nan adjacent 1-2 years, Pinterest's banal should do good complete a 5+ twelvemonth period.

Pinterest Relative Valuation

Figure 8: Pinterest Relative Valuation (source: Created by writer utilizing information from Seeking Alpha)

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