Outsized seed rounds, neobanks and spicy M&A? Well hello, 2023

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Hello and invited backmost to Equity, a podcast astir nan business of startups, wherever we unpack nan numbers and nuance down nan headlines.

This week, Natasha Mascarenhas, Mary Ann Azevedo and Rebecca Szkutak sewage connected nan mic to talk startups, pet peeves and focaccia. What other did you expect?

Here’s what we sewage into:

  • Descope landed a $53 cardinal (!) seed round, a Phenomenal new task fund and a neobank retired to make in installments much accessible to young group successful Mexico.
  • Then we pivoted to talk astir bargain now, salary later (BNPL), which included immoderate chatter astir Affirm’s caller woes and which areas of BNPL that do look to beryllium increasing contempt questions astir whether this is nan extremity of nan BNPL boom arsenic we cognize it.
  • Tech layoffs are arsenic widespread arsenic ever truthful we talked astir what advice immoderate VCs have for those laid disconnected workers considering launching their ain startups, and what we thought of that advice.
  • Finally, we ended pinch a jump complete nan pond to talk astir EU’s tech scene. Mostly astir nan truth that it is acold much put together than nan U.S., and each that jazz.

With that, we’ll beryllium skipping nan upcoming week’s Equity Monday owed to nan vacation and backmost pinch much connected Wednesday, led by Becca!

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