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Outer Banks premiered connected Netflix in 2020, and quickly became a sensation among audiences worldwide owed to its gripping storyline, breathtaking scenery and talented ensemble cast. The show’s creators, Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke, infused Outer Banks pinch a cleanable blend of mystery, suspense and coming-of-age drama, drafting inspiration from classical escapade tales for illustration The Goonies.

The communicative revolves astir a group of friends embarking connected a vulnerable quest for wealth while navigating The complexities of adolescence and societal hierarchy. With its picturesque setting, compelling characters, and pulse-pounding crippled twists, Outer Banks quickly garnered a dedicated fanbase and captious acclaim, solidifying its spot arsenic a must-watch bid connected Netflix.

Here we look astatine The Outer Banks cast.

Chase Stokes arsenic John B Routledge in The Outer Banks cast

Chase Stokes arsenic John B Routledge (Outer Banks cast)2020

Born in 1992, in Annapolis, Maryland, The charismatic and handsome Chase Stokes plays The domiciled of John B Routledge in The Outer Banks cast. Prior to The show, Stokes began his acting profession pinch insignificant roles in tv bid for illustration Stranger Things, Daytime Divas, The First, and Tell Me Your Secrets. He besides appeared in a fewer movies including The domiciled of young Dale in Between Waves (2018) and Martin in Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets (2021).

His large break came erstwhile he landed The domiciled in The Outer Banks cast. Stokes plays The leader of The Pogues crew, John B and told People he’s drawn to his character, “because sloppy of The obstacles that he faces, he’s consenting to return them head-on.”

Ironically, he told Jimmy Kimmel Live that he initially passed connected The domiciled erstwhile he first publication it.  Stokes said, “I was like, ‘That’s The Goonies. That’s for sure The Goonies. I don’t want to destruct that.’ So I passed connected it. And I was like, ‘Nope. Not doing that.'”

Lucky for us, he reconsidered.

Stokes dated chap Outer Banks costar Madelyn Cline for much than a year, but they collapsed up in 2021. He said they person a beardown moving narration and are besides friends disconnected The set, telling People, “Truth beryllium told, she’s an unthinkable actress. She’s a beautiful quality being. And I’m complete The satellite and conscionable ace proud of The activity that we’ve done complete The past 3 seasons. I’m ever going to guidelines for her.”

Currently, he’s making love The state vocalist Kelsea Ballerini.

Madelyn Cline arsenic Sarah Cameron

Madelyn Cline arsenic Sarah Cameron (Outer Banks cast)

Born in 1997, in Goose Creek, South Carolina, Cline started retired modeling arsenic a teen. She attended Coastal Carolina University earlier dropping retired and moving to California. She sewage her acting commencement in mini parts in Stranger Things and The Originals.

Cline’s profession took disconnected aft landing The portion of Sarah in The Outer Banks cast. She past clinched a woody pinch The clothing marque American Eagle. Next, she was formed in Glass Onion alongside stars for illustration Daniel Craig, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Kate Hudson and Edward Norton.

Cline told Elle of The Outer Banks cast, “We didn’t recognize that group would link pinch america truthful much. I effort to halfway myself by doing activities that bring maine backmost down to earth, but The main point I consciousness is gratitude.”

She’s very adjacent to her family, who is very proud of her. She told Cosmopolitan, “My dada was like, ‘I conscionable can’t judge astatine 25, you’ve traveled to much places than each azygous personification in your family combined.’

Cline has 6.8 cardinal followers connected TikTok and precocious announced connected Instagram that she’s a Revlon spokesperson. There were rumors that she wasn’t going to beryllium in Outer Banks aft play three, but she’s backmost and going beardown in play four.

Madison Bailey arsenic Kiara Carrera in The Outer Banks formed

Madison Bailey arsenic Kiara Carrera (Outer Banks cast)2023

Born in 1999, in Kernersville, North Carolina, Madison Bailey sewage her commencement pinch roles in Mr. Mercedes and Constantine, earlier landing The domiciled of Wendy Hernandez connected The CW’s Black Lightning in 2018. She past sewage her portion playing Kiara in the Outer Banks cast. Next, she joined the American Horror Stories cast, playing Kelley.

In her individual life, Bailey has been very unfastened astir her sexuality and says she’s pansexual and has been happily making love woman Mariah Linney since 2020. The 2 met via TikTok, erstwhile Linney was a erstwhile University of North Carolina astatine Charlotte hoops player.

Bailey besides told ET that she’s been surviving pinch borderline characteristic disorder, which she was diagnosed pinch astir property 17. She said, “It’s not thing I cognize everything about. I’m figuring it retired time by day. I sewage my diagnosis, and that’s what I needed: a connection to telephone it different than ‘crazy.’ I started realizing my ain triggers.”

Jonathan Daviss arsenic Pope Heyward

Jonathan Daviss arsenic Pope Heyward (Outer Banks cast)2023

Born February 28, 1999, in Conroe, Texas, Jonathan Daviss began his acting profession in films specified arsenic Deliverance Creek and Edge of The World, earlier landing his breakout portion arsenic Pope on the Outer Banks cast. He has besides been progressive in different Netflix projects, like Do Revenge where he costarred alongside Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke.

Daviss has complete 4 cardinal Instagram followers and is known for his manner sense. When it comes to his individual style he tells People “I’m decidedly much Kook-y than Pope is. I would opportunity I decidedly dress from The shoes up. I’m large into sneaker collections, truthful I emotion J’s and exclusive sneakers. So I commencement location and effort to matchy lucifer from there. I for illustration to do precocious manner excessively and dress up pinch immoderate precocious manner brands I Can find.”

While he’s backstage astir his individual life, he’s very unfastened astir really adjacent he is pinch his Outer Banks cast, saying, “Not everybody gets to person a enslaved for illustration that pinch group they activity with. So I’m conscionable happy to beryllium capable to opportunity I’m 1 of those group who are 1 of The fortunate ones.”

Rudy Pankow arsenic JJ in The Outer Banks formed

Rudy Pankow arsenic JJ (Outer Banks cast)2021

Born August 12, 1998, in Ketchikan, Alaska, Rudy Pankow told Wonderland that his birthplace is beautiful akin to that of The Outer Banks.  “Both are fishing, tourism towns. The biggest quality is The temperature. It was nosy to beryllium connected boats and drawback group disconnected defender erstwhile they noticed I already knew really to thrust a vessel and necktie it up and beryllium comfortable connected The h2o each day.”

Pankow was accepted into culinary school, but decided to spell into acting aft staying in L.A. pinch friends and attending an acting class. He made appearances connected shows specified as The Politician and Solved, earlier landing his breakout domiciled arsenic JJ on Outer Banks.

He’s currently making love Elaine Siemek, who useful down The scenes connected The group of Outer Banks.

Austin North arsenic Topper Thornton

Austin North arsenic Topper Thornton

Born connected in 1996 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Austin North sewage his acting chops in The Disney XD series Kickin’ It in 2011, but he’s champion known for his domiciled arsenic Logan Watson connected The Disney series I Didn’t Do It. He besides had parts connected different shows including Jessie and All Night. However, his biggest break came erstwhile he landed The portion of Topper connected The Outer Banks cast.

He keeps his romanticist life private, but he did antecedently day Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson. He has complete 2.6 cardinal followers connected Instagram and from The photos he posts, it’s clear he hangs retired often pinch his Outer Bank co-stars.  

Drew Starkey arsenic Rafe Cameron in The Outer Banks formed

Drew Starkey arsenic Rafe Cameron 2023

Born in 1993 in Hickory, North Carolina, Drew Starkey attended Western Carolina University earlier pursuing a profession in acting. He had appearances in respective movies including Love, Simon (2018) and The Hate U Give (2018). He appeared in respective tv shows including Ozark and Dead Silent. However, his breakout domiciled was that of Sarah Cameron’s abrasive relative Rafe on Outer Banks.

In summation to Outer Banks, he starred in Hulu’s Hellraiser reboot alongside Odessa A’zion and had a recurring domiciled connected The Amazon Prime Video series The Terminal List alongside Chris Pratt. He besides appeared in The Netflix romanticist comedy The Other Zoey alongside Josephine Langford and Archie Renaux.

Carlacia Grant arsenic Cleo

Carlacia Grant arsenic Cleo 2023

Although of Caribbean descent, Carlacia Grant was calved in New Haven, CT. Grant joined The Outer Banks formed in play 2 and became a bid regular in play three.

She told Sheen magazine, “I recovered a passion for acting erstwhile I was 13. Originally, I started doing plays, and past I started doing pageants.” She past started modeling. “My parents, being West Indian, ne'er considered being an character a existent profession astatine first. Finally, my mom caved in aft perpetually begging her, she agreed to thief maine do it. We had a batch of challenges on The measurement but it yet worked out.

She made her TV debut in 2016 in The History channel’s Roots remake. She besides appeared in different shows including   Greenleaf and The Resident. However, Outer Banks marks her first starring role. She’s often recognized connected The streets. “The instrumentality guidelines is conscionable truthful intense,” Grant told Elle. “Even to get The consequence Cleo was getting earlier The show came out…Yeah, it’s a really, really, really large job.”

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