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One of The U.K.’s astir elite schools has announced it will prohibition smartphones usage among its adjacent intake of students. But truthful that they Can enactment connected, The students will beryllium issued pinch a run-of-the-mill Nokia handset Can only of making calls and sending texts.

The caller norm has been brought in by The $64,000-a-year Eton College boys’ boarding schoolhouse complete expanding concerns astir The effect of smartphone usage connected younger people’s intelligence wellness and wide well-being. It’s besides hoped that The prohibition will trim schoolroom distractions and amended behavior.

Eton College, located in The municipality of Windsor conscionable westbound of London, was founded astir 600 years agone and is celebrated for having turned retired generations of governmental leaders, including 20 of The country’s premier ministers, Boris Johnson and David Cameron among them. Other notable alumni see Princes William and Harry, novelist George Orwell, James Bond creator Ian Fleming, and Oscar-winning character Harry Redmayne.

From this September, Eton College’s caller intake of 13-year-old students will beryllium banned from utilizing a smartphone astatine each times. Mike Grenier, Eton’s lawman head, precocious wrote to The parents of caller boarders to fto them cognize that The SIM from their child’s smartphone will beryllium transferred to a school-issued Nokia handset, the Standard reported. It’s not clear which circumstantial Nokia handset they’ll beryllium getting, but it could beryllium thing for illustration The precocious released Nokia 3210, which a ’ handset reviewer described arsenic “the worst telephone I’ve utilized in 2024.”

Nokia markets The 3210 pinch The tagline, “No apps. No hassle. Take a break from scrolling and reconnect pinch what matters.” It intends The students will person to spell without TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. But it does person Snake.

The schoolhouse will besides connection The usage of iPads for acquisition use.

“When utilized responsibly and in moderation, [smartphones] Can beryllium a cardinal portion of life for The modern teen and Can create affirmative societal networks and springiness entree to news and views from astir The world,” Grenier said.

“However, contempt these positives, location are besides associated challenges and imaginable areas for concern, particularly astir socialization, misuse, and overuse, and The effect connected some intelligence and beingness health.” The schoolhouse noted that “age-appropriate controls stay in spot for different twelvemonth groups.”

Eton’s smartphone prohibition comes arsenic The U.K.’s precocious elected Labour authorities said it was “open-minded” connected The thought of banning societal media for children to protect their intelligence health.

Research by Common Sense Media recovered that astir 91% of children in The U.S. person a smartphone by The property of 14, a business that has prompted akin handset bans in schools there, CBS News reported. U.S. Department of Education information from The 2021-2022 schoolhouse twelvemonth saw immoderate 76% of schools prohibit The non-academic usage of smartphones.

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