Oil States International: Shareholder Returns Finally Reinstated, More Is Likely Coming

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There were fewer tougher times successful surviving representation for nan lipid and state services manufacture than those resulting from nan Covid-19 pandemic, thing that Oil States International (NYSE:OIS) and their shareholders cognize each excessively good after a three-year hiatus from shareholder returns. Thanks to their financial capacity turning a area arsenic 2022 closed retired its last days, markets person rejoiced pinch their shareholder returns yet reinstated and fixed their affirmative outlook, I fishy much is apt coming arsenic 2023 progresses.

Coverage Summary & Ratings

Since galore readers are apt short connected time, nan array beneath provides a little summary and ratings for nan superior criteria assessed. If interested, this Google Document provides accusation regarding my standing strategy and importantly, links to my room of balanced analyses that stock a comparable attack to heighten cross-investment comparability.

Oil States International Ratings


Detailed Analysis

Oil States International Cash Flows


When nan Covid-19 pandemic started wreaking havoc successful early 2020, it posed never-before-seen challenges for virtually each company, government, and family alike, though fewer industries suffered arsenic immensely arsenic lipid and state services. Even though their operating rate travel of $132.8m during 2020 was almost identical to their erstwhile consequence of $137.4m during 2019, this was simply down to nan inherent lag their institution endures, arsenic 2021 saw rate travel drought pinch a consequence of only a mini $7.2m. Thankfully this useful some ways pinch 2022 turning a area pinch their operating rate travel opening to climb higher to $32.9m, contempt evidently remaining acold beneath their earlier results.

Oil States International Operating Cash Flow


Whilst not wholly nan reason, their moving superior movements did inhibit their reported operating rate travel during 2022. When looking astatine their results for each quarter, it shows nan first, 2nd and 4th quarters saw various moving superior builds. If aggregated and netted disconnected against their tie during nan 3rd quarter, it sees a moving superior build of $34.7m for nan afloat twelvemonth that is somewhat much than their reported result. Even excluded, their underlying consequence of circa $70m remains materially beneath their earlier results of circa $130m earlier nan Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst only clip will show wherever their operating rate travel lands during 2023, astatine slightest they intend connected keeping their superior expenditure modest, arsenic per nan commentary from guidance included below.

“For nan afloat twelvemonth 2023, we expect to put astir $25 cardinal successful superior expenditures.”

-Oil States International Q4 2022 Conference Call.

If looking astatine their superior expenditure guidance for 2023, they forecast circa $25m that is reasonably adjacent to their spending of $20.3m during 2022 and acold beneath nan $56.1m seen during 2019. As a result, this will thief heighten their expertise to make free rate travel and excitingly, yet helps spot their shareholder returns reinstated, arsenic per nan commentary from guidance included below.

“But nan constituent of that being nan manufacture outlook, our backlog development, our free rate travel history and our outlook for free rate travel suggests you tin now statesman much thoughtful attack to rate return to shareholders.”

-Oil States International Q4 2022 Conference Call (previously linked).

After 3 years hiatus from shareholder returns, this is yet changing pinch guidance rolling retired a $25m stock buyback program. Given their affirmative outlook and subsequently discussed coagulated financial position, I fishy much is apt coming arsenic nan twelvemonth progresses. Each investor is entitled to their ain views, though it firmly remains my position that dividends are a preferable measurement to return rate to shareholders. Apart from being much tangible successful general, they are particularly amended suited to companies operating successful cyclical industries, specified arsenic thing relating to lipid and gas. Unless very skillfully timed, they consequence conducting nan mostly of stock buybacks erstwhile their stock value is astir nan precocious extremity of its rhythm and therefore, it hinders their effectiveness and frankincense nan entreaty of their shares.

Oil States International Capital Structure


When it comes to their superior structure, their move to destruct their shareholder returns saved nan time successful nan look of nan rate travel drought. In fact, acknowledgment to moving swiftly successful 2020 earlier nan afloat effect was later felt, they were capable to shave distant much than half of their nett indebtedness that was antecedently $239.7m astatine nan extremity of 2020, whereas it now stands astatine only $110.9m astatine nan extremity of 2022. Going forwards, their affirmative outlook for free rate travel during 2023 and continued humble superior expenditure intends their nett indebtedness should stay nether control, if not perchance descend moreover lower.

Oil States International Leverage


When it comes to their leverage, shaving distant much than half of their nett indebtedness since nan extremity of 2019 useful wonders and frankincense creates a coagulated guidelines for shareholder returns. Even though their financial capacity is still not backmost to wherever it was during 2019, their nett debt-to-EBITDA astatine nan extremity of 2022 was only 1.58 and frankincense already wrong nan debased territory of betwixt 1.01 and 2.00. Whilst their accompanying nett debt-to-operating rate travel is acold higher astatine 3.37, this is simply owed to their aforementioned moving superior build that if excluded, would spot a consequence of 1.64. If their financial capacity continues improving going forwards into 2023, their leverage should beryllium pushed moreover little successful tandem, moreover without their nett indebtedness sinking lower.

Oil States International Debt Serviceability


Despite their debased leverage, disappointingly their indebtedness serviceability is not astir arsenic affirmative pinch their liking sum seeing a vulnerable consequence of only 0.28 erstwhile compared against their EBIT. Whilst nan comparison against their operating rate travel sees a capable consequence of 3.20, I for illustration to judge connected nan worse side. That said, this less-than-ideal business should beryllium rectified passim 2023 connected nan backmost of their improving financial performance, thereby easing this load and making measurement for shareholder returns.

Oil States International Liquidity


To further little risks, they athletics beardown liquidity pinch a existent ratio of 2.39 and its accompanying rate ratio of 0.22. Given their affirmative outlook for free rate flow, they should not require their in installments installation going forwards into 2023 but if required, it stands fresh pinch a further $92.1m of readiness and does not mature until February 2025. Elsewhere, nan $17.3m relating to their 2023 Notes person already been repaid frankincense acold into nan year, arsenic per their 2022 10-K and thus, they spot nary further indebtedness maturities until April 2026. Since this provides ample breathing room, it clears nan measurement for guidance to reward their shareholders successful 2023 and beyond earlier having to moreover commencement reasoning astir repaying aliases refinancing debt.

Oil States International Debt Structure

Oil States International 2022 10-K


Following a achy hold successful nan years since nan Covid-19 pandemic started wreaking havoc, it was thankfully not successful vain pinch much than half of their nett indebtedness now shaved away. In conjunction pinch their debased leverage and beardown liquidity, this provides a coagulated guidelines going forwards into 2023 to yet facilitate their shareholder returns being reinstated aft this hiatus. Whilst positive, I personally consciousness nan deficiency of dividends materially hinders their entreaty fixed nan cyclical quality of their manufacture and thus, I only judge that a clasp standing is due for OIS stock.

Notes: Unless specified otherwise, each figures successful this article were taken from Oil States International’s SEC Filings, each calculated figures were performed by nan author.

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